Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for March 13, 2019

Show Highlights:

  • Hollywood’s perversion exposed!
  • Why did Prince and Jackson die young? Did this song and statement cause their early demise?
  • Why do Cher, Brando and Pryor still get promoted?
  • Why do so many stars die young?
  • The impeachment mind game continues.
  • Hawk 30 five G at 60,000 ft.. is a Weaponized drone.
  • Why are Podesta and Paltrow buddies?
  • Ivanka gets 100 million for liberal causes. I didn’t vote for this. Did you?
  • The planned cultural degradation of the USA!
  • Why does Hollywood hate Christians?
  • Consumerism is programmed.
  • b12 for anxiety and depression? Beats electroconvulsive shock therapy.
  • Excellent green show!