Colonics 7-Day Cleanse Kit for 1 Person

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We do not make any curative or therapeutic claims or any health claims whatsoever concerning this program.   If you are ill we advise you to seek the aid of a licensed medical doctor in your area.

Due to sanitation, this product has a no refund policy.


  • The following is a step-by-step, detailed information on the procedure and operation of our 7-day program.
  • We strive to learn the ways to reinstate the natural, God-given gifts of health, vitality and longevity to those who seek them in these days of unprecedented toxic pollution.
  • During the years of helping people correct poor bowel conditions, it has become very obvious that most people are not capable of taking good care of themselves
  • There is no reason to be afraid of this program because it is safe, gentle, and comfortable on the body. 
  • There is nothing mysterious about its workings, and anyone who can read and follow simple instructions can do this work for himself.
  • We feel this program makes nutrients available to the body faster than any other system we know of, because the bowel is cleaner, and the colon muscle tone is stronger. 
  • When the bowel is toxic laden, it becomes lazy, loses its ability to function in all capacities and soon loses its muscle tone.
  • It takes an internal manipulation to restore good bowel function once it is lost. 
  • The colema program does this work because it is an internal massage which develops muscular tone in the bowel. 
  • It takes a year to build good tone by this method.  We don’t know of any other system that can give you these results any quicker. Compared to other programs, this program is exceptionally cost effective, making it within reach for a great many people.

With this system, we’re going to take the buildup of mucus and catarrin which has become sticky, congested and hardened, and liquefy it so that is will run out of the body.  This is the beginning of the program. The real work in cleaning the body is going to come later when there is a transformation in the tissue integrity, resulting in a higher quality body; this process may take up to 6 months.  This will result in a cleaner, purer body that is able to accept and handle the good, vital foods you’re feeding it.

This program is not just a colonic, it is much more.  We call it a colema because it’s a combination of an enema and a colonic.

This program involves more than just taking care of the bowel.  We must prepare the body’s elimination channels for the housecleaning that is on the way.  If we build the body up causing a cleansing to occur, then we must open up the elimination systems to handle this discarded material.  It is common for old, toxic substances to flow not only from the bowel, but also from all channels: lungs, mouth, nose, ears, skin, kidneys, lymph, vagina; all possible channels must be ready and capable of handling the elimination.

One of the usual occurrences for those who have experienced this system is the extreme elimination of feces.  One person explains that she could have a complete bowel movement and then take a colema and have still another bowel movement and, after an hour or so, have another complete bowel movement.

Many people think that they are cleaned out when they have one movement.  Unfortunately, most people may be as many as 10 meals behind in their eliminations!  They are holding many meals in the ballooning, pocketed portions of their bowel.

The colema treatment will loosen up this material and make it flow.  It will also restore tone activity to that part of the bowel that is distorted and underactive.

We’ve had some people who are afraid that they are losing part of the bowel because the material coming through is so unbelievable in its shape, color, consistency and odor.  They can’t imagine the heavy mucus lining being so foul, thick and stringy.

This is not a desirable thing to retain in the bowel because it is carrying the seed of disease and illness.  It is the favored environment for the disease-producing bacillus coli.

As the body rises up from the old, we must work with it, support it and encourage the process.  We work with less food, more broth, more rest.

If diarrhea comes along, don’t stop it.  Let it go, as it is a cleaning process.  Drink plenty of liquids to avoid being dehydrated.  During this, do not eat very much; nothing at all is best.  Over eating during this time will possibly shut down the process and thereby delay that which you have worked so hard to make occur.

Go instead to the vegetable juices, vegetable broth and light liquids.  If there is any fever, do not use any fruit juices, especially citrus juices.  Potato peeling broth is the best thing to use at this time.  A fever indicates that the body is hard at work burning up toxic substances.  Let’s not interfere with it by forcing the body to divert needed energy into having to process food.

The bowel is like a vacuum cleaner bag.  It filters and filters, until it is all clogged up and doesn’t do its job anymore.  In fact, a clogged up bag causes damage to the motor by allowing debris to pass by where it finds its way into the delicate machinery.  It also places a very heavy load upon the motor, which is trying to draw air through the dirty bag.  The colema treatment unplugs the filter, so to speak.

This program will be relatively new to a lot of people.  It can be used by young and old alike, as well as so-called healthy people.


In diverticulitis we find that there can be severe reactions resulting from the painful condition that already exists in the patient.  There may be abscesses forming.  We might have a perforation of the bowel, and we must be very careful in taking care of this.  It is best to have a doctor’s counsel and to see just what is going on.  We find that if we can cleanse the bowel without any distention, even though using large amounts of water in the enema, we will be helping these sensitive problems.

We feel that the colema, which is one of the most natural ways of putting water into the bowel and eliminating it without any heavy distention, is probably the best way to take care of these things.  However, we must make sure that we don’t have any symptoms that are really grievous to the patient, mentally or physically.  We must also watch that the white cell count does not become very high because we find that this will be a sign of infection and possible conditions developing other than the diverticulitis that could be of a serious nature.

Furthermore, we have to consider that there could be obstructions in the bowel from a growth, and that to expect anything to happen immediately from the colema and from the program may be unrealistic.  It is best to have a doctor check over these conditions to make sure this treatment can be used in combination with his suggestions and with his diagnosis.



The following ingredients are used in the treatment for specific reasons.  So that you may more fully appreciate the usefulness of these items, a brief explanation of their properties is included.

APPLE JUICE-Very good for the bowel because it is high in pectin, which is a moisture -holding substance.

COFFEE-Stimulates peristaltic action in the bowel, driving out feces and stimulating bile production in the liver.


Eat NOTHING for the full seven days, other than as specified, during the program.  If you experience a feeling of extreme hunger, you may drink herbal teas, clear vegetable or potato peeling broth or diluted fresh vegetable and fruit juices.  Plenty of liquid is essential to the success for the cleansing program.  If you are concerned about excessive weight loss, drink large amounts of fresh vegetable and fruit juice.


Your daily regimen should begin with skin brushing, 3 to 5 minutes.  This takes off dead cells.  Do a total body brushing.

CLEANSING DRINK (colon cleanser):

The cleansing drink is to be mixed separately and drunk immediately.  This drink will be taken five times daily.


  • 10 oz. Apple juice
  • 4 oz. Water
  • 1 heaping teaspoon #19 Intestinal Cleanser



It is easiest to prepare the whole day’s supplements at the beginning of each day.  The supplements are to be taken four times a day.  Separate them into 4 containers, one for each interval.  See schedule for appropriate times.  Day One through Seven will be the same.



  • Greenlife Tablets  - 10 tablets, each time you take supplements
  • Beet juice - 1/4 scoop, with each cleansing drink
  • Cod Liver Oil - 1 teaspoon at bedtime
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine - 1 capsule, each time you take supplements
  • Probiotic DF - 1 capsule morning and night
  • Ossomag - 4 capsules at bedtime
  • Excellent C - 2 capsules each time you take supplements


  • 7:00 A.M.      Cleansing drink (see preceding page)
  • 8:30 A.M.      Supplements
  • 10:00 A.M.      Cleansing Drink
  • 11:30 A.M.      Supplements with Tea or diluted juice
  • 1:00 P.M.      Cleansing Drink
  • 2:30 P.M.      Supplements with Tea
  • 4:oo P.M.      Cleansing Drink
  • 5:30 P.M.      Supplements
  • 7:00 P.M.      Cleansing Drink

As you can see, your supplements are taken 1 and 1/2 hours after the cleansing drink.

Please remember that you can drink as much fruit and vegetable juice as you want during your seven-day cleanse. This is also a good practice if you are not trying to lose weight during your cleanse. This will help you maintain your weight,

The evening of your first day on the program, you will have the first colema at 7:30 P.M.  Thereafter, you are to have two per day-one at 7:30 A.M. and the other at 7:30 P.M.   Rest one half hour after each colema.


The secret of this cleansing program is to take a special kind of enema called a “colema” twice a day.  A piece of equipment called a colema board is used which permits the user to comfortably lie down during the programs.  It has a hole in one end that is placed over the toilet. The other end of the board is supported by a chair. There is a 5 gallon container that holds the water solution that should be elevated above the board by hanging on a shower rod or resting above the board so that gravity will feed the water from the bucket, and at the base of the bucket is a tube which allows water to pass down the rubber tubing through a small flexible plastic tube which is inserted into the rectum. The tubing has a valve on it to open and close for the flow of the water to go into the tube in the rectum. The flexible plastic tube is smaller than your little finger, and we find that material goes right by it and elimination can take place without having to remove the tube.  The water goes in and the waste material comes out and into the toilet.

The program involves taking two colemas a day.  We first thought this would perhaps weaken the bowel, but I found that as the water went into the bowel, elimination was easier and a better tone developed in the bowel.  It is not a matter of how harshly you let water into the bowel, how ballooned you make the bowel or even how much you can hold.  You eliminate as you need to, and that is what develops a bowel wall.

The colema board and associated parts represent a major advance for those interested in getting involved in their own health program.  Not only does it make this possible at home, but it also makes for easier planning of one’s routine, saves time and puts you in control of the process.


The colema board has been designed to provide a safe and easy way to take a high enema.  Once you are in the correct position, it is possible to relax and virtually enjoy the rest of the procedure.  Both hands are free so you may massage the abdomen and colon.  For best results, massaging is most important.

  1. Place body-temperature water in a four or five gallon plastic bucket; do not fill completely.
  2. Place the working end of the colema board over the toilet.  The top of the board, where the head rests, may be placed on a chair or the side of the tub for convenience.   Check to make sure the water can run freely through the tube, which goes to the rectum.
  3. Place a folded towel or foam pad on the board so that it will be comfortable to lie on.  Before inserting the colema tip into the tube on the board, rinse well.  Apply a small amount of lubricant on the rectal tube so the flexible colema tip will be easily inserted, being careful not to clog the holes.  Position your body on colema board in order to easily insert the colema tip into the rectum.  Slide body down until the buttocks touch the edge of the splash guard support.
  4. Open clamp to allow the solution to flow into the colon. Allow the water to flow into the colon until you feel you can not hold anymore in the colon without releasing it, close off the water clamp, hold the water in your bowel and begin the massage to the abdomen. You do not have to remove the rectal tip in order to evacuate.  The fecal matter will by pass the tip, allowing normal bowel action.  The colema board encourages normal peristalsis without producing bowel dissension. Start massaging upward on your left side.  If you find any tender or sore areas, be careful and continue to massage until the tenderness is gone.  Continue up to the ribs on the left, then across the abdomen and down the right side.  This begins the solution to the ascending colon.  When cramping or the desire to evacuate occurs, simply relieve the bowel.  The small, pencil-like tip will allow free elimination without being removed.
  5. Continue this procedure until you have eliminated the bulk of fecal mass or until you have exhausted the water contents in the bucket.  This will normally take about 30 to 45 minutes.  Be sure to clamp off the tube before all the water is used.
  6. Upon completion of the colema, clean the board and tubes with a germicidal solution.  It is suggested that the tip be immersed in a germicidal solution and stored until the next colema.  Hydrogen peroxide full strength works well. When you complete the seven-day cleanse you should clean the tips, let them air dry and store them in a zip lock bag with your name on the bag.


Add 1 quart of coffee to 5 gallons of water.  (To prepare coffee, allow 10 tablespoons of coffee to 1 quart of water; bring to a rolling boil; strain and let stand 15 minutes before using. Also add 1/4 cup Detoxificant #16 in each 5 gallons of water. You may want to make a 2-day supply of coffee each time.  DO NOT USE INSTANT COFFEE!  Massage abdomen in rolling motion on colon, working from left side to transverse colon, across abdomen left to right, down ascending colon the right side.


In order to reintroduce the bowel to regular meals, it is suggested that the following program be implemented.  The mini diet will prepare the digestive organs for normal function and make the transition from the program to regular meals very smooth.


  • BREAKFAST: Shredded carrots, slightly wilted
  • LUNCH:  Large salad, raw yogurt
  • DINNER:  Large salad, one steamed vegetable


  • BREAKFAST: Fresh fruit (2-3 pieces)
  • LUNCH: Large salad, natural raw yogurt, one steamed vegetable
  • DINNER: Large salad, two steamed vegetables


  • BREAKFAST: Fresh fruit or fruit protein shake.
  • LUNCH: Start regular diet and supplements
  • DINNER:  Repeat regular diet and supplements         

Eat lightly, slowly and chew well (at least 25 times).  Teas and juices are allowed between meals if followed on your diet form.

Remember, your health is up to you.  You have begun the ultimate health program.  It’s up to you whether to continue to progress or slip back into your old lifestyle.  Remember God wants you to be healthy and so do we.

Remember, you should repeat your seven day cleanse every six to twelve months.

Please call the office if you have any questions: 1-800-726-1834



Ted Broer





  1. With the toilet seat up, place the unit on the toilet and the flat end on a kitchen chair or something about the same height.  Be sure that what you use is high enough to cause the water on the unit to run into the toilet. (Detail #2)
  2. Slide the sleeve on the end of the clear tube away from the pail until it is about ½ inch from the end of the tube.  Be sure not to slide it off the end.  It is very difficult to put it back on.  Push the open end of the tip into the tube about ½ inch.  The rounded end of the tip will be easy to insert into your rectum.  Push the tip and tube into the hole in the top of the catch basin until the sleeve fits tight. (Detail #4)  This device is to hold the tube in you when you expel and to stop the tip from going too far into you.  Lubricate yourself and the tip to make it easy to do this.  Close the clamp on the tube and fill the pail with warm water.
  3. The tip should not be allowed to penetrate your bottom more than 2 ½ inches to 3 inches, using tape wrapped around the tip to let you know how far into you the tip is.  Feel if the tip is too long and cut it off to the proper length.
  4. With your bottom next to the scoop, lying face up, insert the tip.  Open the clamp and allow the water to enter into you. (see Detail #2)
  5. You do not have to remove the tip or close the clamp to expel.  Just lie there and relax and let the water cleanse your colon.  This is the simplest, least expensive, most comfortable way to cleanse your colon.  As you expel, notice the water glances off the catch basin away from you and into the commode.

Due to sanitation, the colema board, bucket and tips in this Cleanse Kit have a no refund policy.