Lean Muscle Gain Stack

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This cycle is designed with the serious male athlete in mind.

It is designed to massively raise Libido/Testosterone, along with increasing muscle mass and strength while creating a solid physique.

This cycle should only be used by serious athletes who train and do cardio regularly, as well as eating at least 4-7 lean meals per day.

This great muscle gain cycle consists of:

1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract: 3 spaced throughout the day

Dimension Estrogen Blocker: 1 at beakfast/1 at bedtime or take depending on needs

Zinc Glycinate: 2 at bedtime

Digestive Enzyme Blend- Take 1-2 with each high protein meal. Aids in better protein absorbtion.

HGH stimulate: 1 scoop upon waking (optional) / 1 scoop 30 min before training

Acai energy blend: 1/2 -1 packet 30 min before training

Fit Food and Superfood complete- Post workout shake: 2-3 scoops of each(depending on size and goals),  blended in 10oz of cold water with 1 cup of ice with 2 bananas frozen or chilled.( If additional calories are needed, add 2 TBSP. of organic almond or peanut butter to shake.) This can also be used as your breakfast shake. Take at least 2-3 digestive enzymes with your post workout shake

NOTE: The Tongkat Ali  at this dosage should be used for 8-10 weeks max, followed by a 3 week completely off period. After the 3 weeks you can resume for 8-10 weeks again. This ensures that your system and receptors stay as responsive as possible.

All other products can be taken consistently without breaks.

Also the additon of the Ultimate Estrogen Blocker can be added if the individual is extremely estrogen sensitive.

This kit will be enough for a 4 week cycle with the exception of the Fit Food and Superfood, since those are dose dependent on your shake size.

We use the Vitamix blender VS to make all of our shakes, simply becuase it WILL NOT break no matter what you put in it.

If additonal strength and weight gains are needed add our Pure German Creatine to this stack.

Forever Fit Whey Protein
Super Food Complete