Collagen Hydrolysate 16 oz.

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Applications for Health Improvement


  • High protein content

  • Maintains flexible and healthy joints

  • 19 specific amino acids

  • Glossy hair and healthy fingernails

  • Promotes feeling of alertness

  • Improves concentration

  • Creates calmness

  • Increased sense of well-being

  • Unique amino acid spectrum

  • Increases athletic performance


16 oz Unflavored, kosher gelatin. Mixes up very easy, will not gel.

Great Lakes Gelatin’s collagen and gelatin products are sourced from cattle in Argentina and Brazil. They are pasture-raised and  grass-fed based on the standards of the American Grassfed Association and animal welfare guidelines. Being forage based eliminates the potential use of growth hormones, antibiotics, and steroids, which follows the Food and Agricultural Legislation in Argentina and Brazil.