Austin's Intra-Workout Stack

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This kit is what Austin has personally found to be the best combination of nutrients to drink while he exercises.

This is a Intra workout mix, which means its deigned to be used throughout your entire workout.

This stack is designed to give you sustained energy without the use of any stimulants.

Also provides the body with a large amount of pure amino-acids and magnesium in order to maximize strength, muscle performance, increase endurance, maintain heealthy blood pressure and start early muscle recovery.


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24oz of water in shaker (you can add or substract water depending on your needs)

1- scoop hgh stimulate

1- scoop of magneisum brain food ( 2 scoops if workouts are extremely intense)

1- scoop of muscle blast ( 2 scoops if workouts are extremely intense)

Shake up till mixed, then pop lid for a few seconds and allow hgh stimulate to oxygenate, then close back up.

Sip thru entire workout.