Maximum Energy Health & Fitness Program 8 CD program

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Maximum Energy Health & Fitness Program 8 CD Program with Maximum Memory book

This programwill show you how you can literally double your energy in only a few short weeks and turn back the hands of time. 

CD series: Maximum energy health and fitness Program 8 cds


CD1 What is happening to the health in our country? / Dead cooked Parasites

CD2 Many medical professionals have no nutritional training / The destruction of our food supply / Top 10 foods never to eat

CD3 Shower Filter, Use a Filter or be a filter / How to increase libido in men

CD4 Homocystine theory of heart disease / Toxic Personal care products

CD5 Cardiovascular Health / Diabetes / Stress management

CD6 Trace minerals / Hair analysis

CD7 Warning! Contains poison, Read the label

CD8 How to easily break food addictions

And much more….