Living Fuel Super Greens

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Living Fuel Super Greens
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SuperGreens is an all-natural, greens-based, whole meal superfood that provides all of your daily nutritional requirements and more in one delicious super smoothie. SuperGreens is a whole, raw, complete, foundational superfood in a nutrient-dense, calorie-restricted format made from a blend of organic, wild crafted, and all natural foods that have been optimized with the most bio-available and usable nutrients in existence.


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Bought a container of this last time. Have been taking it every day (just 3/4 scoop in water in the morning-can take up to 2 scoops) and I feel great! I'm not even using as much as I could. It tastes great even in water. I live in Australia and I have been using a product called Vital Greens made by 2 Sydney neuropaths for 5 years. It's the top super green product in Oz, but I have to tell you - when I started taking this product, I felt the difference immediately. Honest to goodness good-ness is in this stuff. I'm ordering 4 of them this time! :-)

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now I don't have to cook my greens or vegetables anymore... a great, better tasting alternative to Amazing grass