A Super Easy Way to Burn Body Fat


Quick and Easy Way to Drop 5 Pounds of Fat in Two Weeks

Dan dropped 20 pounds and now has perfect blood sugar levels
Austin dropped 3 pounds of fat in two weeks
Katherine has dropped 14 pounds of fat in 4 weeks
Ken dropped 14 pounds of fat in 4 weeks
And I have dropped 5 pounds of fat in 2 weeks
Here’s The Secret.
I have learned a long time ago, if you don’t stop weight gain when it starts it gets a lot harder to lose it. Well when I returned from vacation, my workout partner, Ken May had lost almost 15 pounds of fat in a month. My 28 year old son Austin, who’s in great shape, had also lost fat. My neighbor Dan, who was type 2 diabetic, had dropped 20 pounds and his blood sugar was perfect. Ok, that got my attention. Well I was curious because what they had done was so simple. So I decided to try the same easy protocol. Guess what I dropped 5 pounds of fat in 2 weeks. Now remember I did not change my diet or my exercise program. Here’s what I did……
First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach 
Take the vitamins first with a large glass of water then take the HGH Stimulate 20-30 min before you work out or do cardio. Always take your vitamins first before you take the HGH Stimulate. Below is an article promoting these 3 products for weight loss, plus four more that help, but reality is these three worked great by themselves.
Here’s the article. Text me with any questions. I am here for you. Ted

Increase Muscle Mass


The reason that it's important to increase lean muscle mass is as we get older we lose around 10% of our lean muscle every 10 years. That's bad because each pound of muscle burns 50 calories per day. Last week I met an old classmate who ten years ago worked out with me 5 days a week. While training with me he weighed 180 pounds. Had a 32-inch waistline. Could do 45 dips in one set, huge shoulders, great V-shape. His business grew and he used this as an excuse to stop working out. It was shocking to see his physical deterioration. He weighs over 200 pounds. I would guess around 210 pounds. He is shaped like an apple. Let's do the math. (I'm estimating lean muscle mass because we didn't use a fat caliper.) You figure he probably had 120 pounds of lean muscle mass. Remember you can't count the bones. 120 x .10 = 12 pounds of muscle loss plus his weight went up 30 pounds with 12 pounds of muscle replaced by fat. Basically he gained 42 pounds of fat. No wonder he feels and looks horrible. That's a lot of fat!

But it made me realize that taking care of yourself is worth the effort. By the way, 12 pounds of muscle times 50 calories a day, that's 600 fewer calories that he can consume and not gain weight. So he also lowered his metabolic rate by 600 calories a day. This plus hormonal changes, (lower human growth hormones, lower testosterone in men,) makes it increasingly more difficult to lose weight as we age. That's why it is so important to remain consistent and to try to increase HGH production. That is why last week I went into so much detail on Health Masters HGH Stimulate.

Americans are the fattest people on earth. No nation on earth is more preoccupied with dieting than the United States. Even so, there are no people on earth that are as fat as we are. A third of us are at least 20% overweight and about 3 quarters of us are heavier than our optimal weight.

Here's a little more detail on the 5 ways to burn body fat. I know I have already shared this before, but I feel it is so important I am doing it again!

1. Do cardiovascular exercises combined with resistance training 5 -6 days a week. I work out six days a week. If you don't know how to work out or just want a change, get a copy of my workout videos. Try and work out on an empty stomach. That way your body will release a hormone called glucagon to release stored body fat. If you want detailed information on this topic get a copy of my report "Maintaining muscle mass and increasing your metabolism while lowering body fat".

2. Eat six small meals a day. Take your ideal body weight multiply it by 10 and divide it by 6. Example; if you are a woman and you want to weigh 120 pounds, 120 x 10 = 1200, divide by 6 = 200 calorie meals. After it has used the calories that it needs the body stores the extra calories as fat. Eating one large meal a day is extremely unhealthy and fattening.

3. Drink half your body weight in fluid ounces of purified water per day. If you weigh 200 pounds drink 100 ounces or 10, ten ounce glasses per day. Don't drink diet sodas. I use reverse osmosis or distilled water stored in a stainless steel tank or glass. I have used distilled water for 25 years. We carry both distillers and reverse osmosis units at my office. Just drinking more water will make you feel better. It's amazing most people run around in a chronic state of dehydration. Sip on the water throughout the day.

4. Don't eat white sugar, potatoes, dried fruit or fruit juices. These types of foods spike your blood sugar, which then spikes your insulin levels. Insulin is a storage hormone. Guess what the extra calories from these high glycemic foods are stored as, FAT!

5. Don't eat fat free meals. Fat helps to keep you full by slowing down the digestive process. Good fat is necessary to help you burn fat. Plus, the body in many of the metabolic processes uses fat. I take cod liver oil and CLA as a fat supplement daily.

6. A good meal for fat loss would be a 4 oz. broiled or baked fish or skinless chicken breast and 2 servings of vegetables.

These are the supplements I use and recommend for fat burning, you can order online or call my office and we can ship them to you by UPS within 72 hours



A Health Masters Fit Food Protein
B Health Masters Berberine Ultimate
C Health Masters Cinnamon Extract Fuel Burners
D Health Masters Ultimate Multiple
E Health Masters HGH Stimulate
F Super Potent E
G Co-Q 10 

Let me cover with you how some of these products work. That way you will understand why I chose them. I already covered HGH Stimulate in a previous newsletter which can also be found here for anyone that didn't read it.

A. Fit Food

Health Masters first objective was to find a pure source of quality whey protein. There are growing concerns about the use of genetically-engineered hormones in the U.S. dairy industry and the effect these hormones have on IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor) and early puberty in children. As a result of the widespread domestic use of synthetic hormones in the U.S. dairy industry, a thorough review was conducted. It was determined the stringent standards imposed by New Zealand's MAF (ministry of agriculture and fisheries) upon New Zealand dairy farmers results in the purist and most bio-active whey protein in the world. In addition to prohibiting the use of synthetic hormones in New Zealand's dairy industry, MAF mandated feeding, climate and calf birthing practices further contribute to the superior quality of New Zealand whey protein. While importing New Zealand whey protein into the U.S. is more costly, it was determined Fit Food must contain 100% New Zealand whey protein. Fit Food promotes optimal fat burning and improved lean body mass.
This is our breakfast protein. It must be taken first thing in the morning. It helps to reduce cortisol, which is a stress hormone, which stores fat. This protein powder is designed to slowly deliver a sustained release of energy to the brain the heart and the muscles. Using it first thing in the morning prevents a blood sugar or glucose spike. This helps prevent insulin from spiking. When your insulin spikes your blood sugar plummets. When this happens you begin an insulin roller coaster with your energy going up and down. You feel terrible most of the day. Plus you store fat like crazy. I use this product every morning before or after my workout. By the way, it has a glycemic index of 23 and it is low temperature processed maximizing bio-availability. In other words, it builds muscle and speeds up the metabolism.

B. Berberine Ultimate

Modern clinical use and published in vivo, in vitro, and animal research studies demonstrate that the berberine metabolite dihydroberberine (DHB) is more bioavailable than berberine and offers enhanced support for healthy blood glucose metabolism. Results from animal and in vitro studies suggest that berberine moderates glucose and lipid metabolism through a multi-pathway mechanism, including the adenosine monophosphate–activated protein kinase (AMPK), c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK), and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)-alpha pathways. Separate research on AMPK reports activating the AMPK pathway stimulates glucose uptake and fat oxidation while suppressing lipogenesis and gluconeogenesis. Berberine is also believed to be involved in the regulation of pancreatic beta cell function, and it has been observed to inhibit the expression of disaccharidases in the duodenum, resulting in less glucose formation from carbohydrate digestion. Berberine Ultimate contains DHB originating from berberine sourced from Berberis aristata and naturally extracted through an enzymatic process similar to that which occurs in the human gut. 

C. Health Masters Cinnamon Extract Fuel Burner

This product is nothing short of phenomenal. Richard Anderson of the USDA did research and discovered a patented extract of cinnamon. The extract, which was named cinnaline it improves fat and carbohydrate use in the cell. It literally helps the food or fuel to enter into the cell. By doing so it burns more fat and carbohydrates at the cell level. The whole key to optimal body weight is to burn more calories, which then produces heat and ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) as energy. If you want to feel more energetic you must burn the necessary calories at the cell level. But the fuel or food or calories has to be used by being delivered into the cell. If this food or fuel is not delivered and burned by the cell, it is stored as fat. Basically what I am saying is that in order to increase your energy and burn fat you must create energy from your food. Cinnuline does just that. It opens the door of the cell to convert food into energy. So you feel better and have more energy and burn more calories. Our Cinnamon Extract uses the patented Cinnuline, which works extremely well. Gymnema is also included in our formula and it is used as a standard extract. It is a botanical that is synergistic with the Cinnuline to help burn calories. It also helps insulin dependent diabetics to use less insulin and control cholesterol and triglycerides. Green tea polyphenols are used to help control blood sugar and lower storage of fat and are also potent anti-oxidants. Chromium is added because it is also synergistic with Cinnuline in helping to convert food to energy, not to fat. Alpha Lipoic Acid is added to work with the Polyphenols to help prevent oxidation of fat which can cause; joint problems, Parkinson's, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The therapeutic dosage for this formula is 2 twice daily. I take it every day.

D. Health Masters Ultimate Multiple

I always try to provide you with the best products possible. They are the same products that my family and I use every day. Remember these facts, never use tablet vitamins if at all possible. There is so much glue and heat used in producing these products it is literally impossible for your body to break them down. They go right through your body unused. Secondly don't use gelatin capsules use only cellulose fiber capsules.
Gelatin capsules are probably a pork by product. Less than 1% of all products use cellulose fiber capsules because of the cost. They are much more expensive than tablets or gelatin capsules. All of my Health Masters products use only cellulose capsules. Plus my multiple uses only activated B vitamins. Most cheap vitamins use cyancobil amine this is a cyanide B-12 vitamin and is very toxic. The body cannot use it. It is poison. Our B-12 is methyl cobal amine, which is highly absorbable. A lot of times cheap products will list their B-12 as cobal amine. They won't tell you whether it's methyl cobal amine, or cyancobil amine, guess why? It's because they use the cheap cyancobil amine and they don't want you to know their product is toxic. Our B-12 is 10 times more expensive than the poisonous one. But our product works. We carry the best products period. Our multiple also has 200 iu of natural E. 99% of all grocery store vitamins use useless synthetic E. Our multiple is also patented to release energy by containing Vanadium, Chromium, and Biotin which are critical ingredients for energy production and fat burning. Our product really helps you to feel better. I take it every day. The dosing is to take 2 twice a day.

E. HGH Stimulate (see here for more info)

F. Super Potent E

This product helps to keep your blood oxygenated and flowing properly. The Super Potent E represents a breakthrough in vitamin E supplementation. Long term vitamin E is best addressed by providing a blend of all tocopherols including high gamma, beta and delta tocopherols rather than just the high alpha isomer found in most supplements. It is formulated based upon the clinical research currently available on vitamin E that has demonstrated beneficial antioxidant effects in numerous organ systems. Most prevalent among these systems are cardiovascular, ocular, neurological and prostate gland.

G. Co-Q 10

This product helps to keep your heart healthy. It supports healthy Co-Q 10 serum levels that can be reduced by Statin drugs, aging, cancer and genetic mutation. It is also a great support for cardiovascular conditions like hypertension, CHF, Angina Pectoris, and Acute Myocardial Infarction. It will get needed oxygen to your muscles to improve performance.

H. Fermented COD LIVER OIL

The cod liver oil will stop mood swings and help to keep you motivated while losing body fat. It is better than Prozac to help overcome mild to moderate depression. This cod liver oil is unique in the industry offering a premium quality high vitamin cod liver oil without the addition of synthetic or soy based antioxidants. This cod liver oil is produced in Norway. It is seasonally fished and harvested from the icy blue Arctic Ocean to ensure a premium quality. This cod liver oil is guaranteed free of heavy metals and solvents.

If you want to try the 4 fat burning products that I covered today, the costs and servings are as follows.

  1. Fit Food Protein 14 servings, use one serving per day $55.99
  2. Berberine Ultimate 60 ct., take 2 per day $49.99
  3. Cinnamon Extract Fuel Burner 120 ct, take 4 per day $49.99
  4. Ultimate Multiple 120 ct, take 4 per day $29.99

Call 1-800-726-1834, Monday through Friday 9 - 5 EST to ask questions or place an order for these products.