Maximum Health Kits

Learning Supplementation

Product assortment to help reduce learning disabilities. Naturally decrease learning problems.

Bone Density Support

Product Kit designed to increase bone health strength and overall density. Can prevent Osteoporosis.


Children Age 6-12


Essential nutrients for children ages 6-12


Children Age 2-5


Essential nutrients for Children age 2 to 5.


Fat Burn Program


Product kit designed to enhance your body's fat burning ability. Most effective in conjunction with exercise and healthy diet.


Healthy Immune System Support


Product kit designed to enhance your immune system, and help prevent sickness and infection. Great for Flu prevention.


Healthy Libido


Product Kit Description goes here. Product description goes here




This kit is designed to provide nutrients that will promote healthy blood pressure.


Healthy  Blood


Products designed to promote healthy cholesterol levels, lipid profile and overall healthy blood pressure.



Healthy Menopause Support Addition


Key hormone support product kit designed to provide aid and comfort during the menopause process.


Libido Support Kit


Products designed to enhance libido and provide increased sexual function. Increase energy, mood and overall drive.


Healthy Brain Support


Key product assortment designed to promote healthy cognitive functioning. Helps increases memory, mental acuity, and overall cerebral health.


Muscle Gain


Products designed to enhance healthy muscular weight gain. Pack on lean muscle mass with this product kit.


Healthy Heart Support


Product kit designed to protect and support healthier cardiac functions. Promotes healthier circulation and vascular health.


Anti-stress Kit


Essential everyday nutrients for maximum health and energy. Complete system will increase endurance and vitality.


Anti-Stress Kit


Essential everyday nutrients for maximum health and energy. Complete system will increase endurance and vitality.


Men's Health Kit


Basic key supplements to support men's specific health needs. Key nutrients provide basic nutritional support.


Healthy Blood Sugar


This combination of products works to greatly stabilize blood sugar. When used with a low glycemic diet, this kit can greatly reduce blood sugar related diseases.


Maximum Age Reversal


This product kit provides a group of products that are all designed to slow the aging process. Look and feel younger with this kit.


Sleep Support


Specific products designed to aid in positive rest, healthy sleep and relaxation.


Healthy Joint Support


Products designed to help provide improved flexibility and strength, and reduced inflammation and pain.


Mood Support


Product group designed to prevent and combat depression symptoms and generate a better overall sense of well-being.


Flu Prevention


Flu prevention kit designed to provide nutrients to assist your immune system in combatting the flu virus.


Healthy Skin Support


Products designed for the enhancement of skin health. Decrease wrinkles and increase your overall skin quality with this kit.