The BIGGEST Medical Mistake in the Past 50 Years

The health changes that I’ve seen from speaking to you personally over the past months have been nothing short of miraculous. It has been Sharon and mine privilege to have spoken and prayed with so many of you concerning not only your health concerns, but so many other areas of your life. I love helping people. I love what I do. So when I speak to you and you tell me how you felt horrible with no energy and how now you feel great with boundless energy. It makes me realize how important what I do is and continuously proves to me how God answers prayer and how healthy life style choices and proper supplementation can totally change a person’s life and health perspective. Now let’s get started!

Many of you have seen me on TV with pastor Rod Parsley. If you haven’t, let me share you the results with the Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy! Program. When I met pastor Parsley at a daystar TV show, his cholesterol was over 600 and his triglycerides were through the roof at over 1000! Well these two are dangerously high cholesterol and triglyceride numbers. At that level, those levels are deadly. He is blessed that he followed my EDBH program and reduced his cholesterol to under 200 and normalized his triglycerides. You see when the blood fats get that high, the blood viscosity increases because the blood gets too thick. This makes it very difficult for the heart to pump. An analogy would be, it is easier to pump water than axle grease. Once he increased his water consumption (helps to thin the blood, one half of your body weight of fluid ounces per day, if you weigh 200


pounds, then one hundred ounces per day), reduced certain animal protein, his blood thinned, and his cholesterol and triglycerides were normalized. Six medical doctors had told him that it would be impossible to reduce his cholesterol without a lifetime dependence on Statin drugs.

Well first of all, let’s talk about cholesterol. Rod’s was ridiculously high and it had to come down. But always remember that the liver produces large amounts of cholesterol; you can’t live without cholesterol. It used to be total cholesterol of around 250 was considered normal. Then suddenly overnight, the pharmaceutical (big drug) companies decided that 200 was the proper number. Now, it’s 160. There is no research to substantiate these numbers. I personally believe it is simply pulled out of thin air so that another 100,000,000 people can be told they were ill and needed to be on drugs for life to control their cholesterol.

Let me share with you some interesting facts. Cholesterol has never been proven to cause heart disease! I personally believe cholesterol under 250 should be considered a normal range. The food that you eat only has a moderate effect upon cholesterol. Statistics prove that your body needs it and your liver continues to make it. Statistics prove that people with cholesterol above 160 actually live longer. Low cholesterol under 160 actually increases death rates. Plus men, you can’t produce much testosterone with low cholesterol. You lose muscle mass and increase body fat. Plus many men can’t think clearly and many men feel terrible taking Statin drugs. Cholesterol (Statin) drugs put you at greater risk of cancer, depression, memory loss, nerve damage, skeletal muscle damage (necrosis), and kidney damage. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association in the May 2003 issue, if you take Statin drugs for thirty years, you only live six months longer. That’s probably because other death rates are increased from the drugs themselves.

What I’m going to reveal to you in this newsletter, in my opinion, it is the biggest medical mistake of the past fifty years. Cholesterol, of 250 or lower, is not the culprit in heart disease. The problem is that standard medical procedure won’t admit to being wrong. I mean after all, the use of cholesterol drugs is a $16,000,000,000 a year enterprise. In 1983, The National Institutes of Health, a completely pro-big pharmaceutical company, which feels everyone is sick and needs to be on drugs, decide that high cholesterol was the culprit in heart disease. By the way, a pioneer, Dr. McCulley, told us the truth about heart disease, homosystene levels and inflammation in the seventies and was eviscerated by the standard medical establishment. The biggest problem the NIH had in the eighties was that they were having a difficult time convincing medical doctors that cholesterol was bad. Remember, doctors know that the liver manufactures huge amounts of cholesterol, unless it is drugged by Statin's not to do so. It’s amazing in 1900, we had no Statin drugs and had one of the healthiest populations on earth with almost no heart disease and no Statin drugs. Consumers, on the other hand, had already been brainwashed in the seventies by bogus studies, media, and research misinformation. Back in the fifties, studies showed that powdered egg yolks caused heart disease, the truth is powdered eggs do cause heart disease because they are oxidized, they cause inflammation. That’s why I tell you to never to use powdered eggs, Egg Beaters, or anything artificial. Use real organic eggs. They don’t cause heart disease. And always cook the eggs soft scrambled, or over easy in real organic butter, and don’t throw the yolks away. They are healthy and they’re good for you. They are loaded with sulfur and the sulfur helps to maintain good healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Cholesterol is so important that every cell in your body contains it. The human body will die without it. And guess what organ has the highest concentration of cholesterol? Your brain! You can’t think clearly or remember without it. That’s why when you artificially lower it, it many cases, you don’t think clearly and your memory goes to pot then your liver makes extra cholesterol to make up for you don’t get in your diet. That’s why it is difficult to lower cholesterol using diet alone. The drugs stop the liver from producing this essential nutrient. That’s because your liver fights back on a low cholesterol diet to keep you healthy. Remember, cholesterol is used as a blood lubricant by the body to keep the blood flowing properly.

The reality is that statistically that people with high 160-250 cholesterol live the longest. Remember, the government’s own Framingham study shows that older people with the lowest cholesterol had some of the highest death rates. Yale University Dr. Harlan Krumholz found elderly people with low cholesterol die more often from heart attacks than those with high cholesterol. His findings are even published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Here are the facts:

  • People of all ages with low cholesterol have higher death rates from gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases (19 studies using 16,000 people).

  • Low cholesterol increases rates of infection.

  • Below 160 is twice as likely to die than 160-250 cholesterol.

  • Low or high cholesterol deaths from heart disease are about the same, but low cholesterol has a much higher cancer rate.

That’s probably because cholesterol of under 160 is normally obtained from the use of Statin drugs. Statin drugs all have one common side effect: they all cause cancer. A French study revealed that cancer rates climb steadily as cholesterol levels fall below 200.

The reality is that the heart researchers know the truth but they are too arrogant to give us the facts. I mean, after all, fifty years of entrenched dogma is hard to change or at least admit to. Plus, much of the cholesterol research is paid by the drug companies and their data is secret.

Always remember this cholesterol lie was started by a bunch of (no eggs), tree hugger doctors, drug companies, and researchers who refused to admit the truth about the major cause of heart disease.

I remember it was 1973, I was a senior in high school, and Richard (foul-mouthed) Nixon was president. He decided to declare war on cancer. What a joke that has been. The big shots of main stream medicine decided that they could, if given enough money (around a trillion to date) could cure cancer. In the process, they decided to do a seven year study using 13,000 men. More than half had high blood pressure and were smokers. The other half had maximum medical supervision, don’t eat this, don’t eat that, no eggs, no red meat. Guess what happened after seven years of deprivation? The boys who ate normal lived longer. Wow, imagine that. How any times have you heard me say organic beef, organic eggs, organic butter are not on my top ten list of foods not to eat.

Researchers even found that the blood pressure medication of the control group may have caused the death of the healthy participants (remember according to the May 2003 Journal of the American Medical Association, thirty years of High Blood Pressure medicine only increases life expectancy by nine days. Again, the medicine has so many bad side effects.). These findings, by the way, were revealed in 1982. However, the medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies hushed it up. Way too much money was and is being made selling drugs. Even the British Medical Journal Lancet wrote 200 men without any prior heart disease have to swallow 357,700 (Statin) tablets over five years to save one of them from dying of coronary heart disease. This is due from the fact that no exact knowledge exists as to which of these 200 will benefit from the treatment.

I personally believe that one in two hundred is high. Remember, the toxic side effects and cancer-causing abilities of Statin drugs. Chances are more than one in two hundred will die or be adversely affected from the Statin drugs themselves.

At one point, TV ads even said that Lipitor has not been shown to prevent heart disease, cardiac disease, or heart attacks. It’s amazing to me that we are spending $16,000,000,000 on these drugs that are, in my opinion, not necessary and are probably causing a lot more health problems because of their consumption.

By the way, don’t blame your doctor for prescribing you cholesterol-lowering drugs. He’s following the standard medical procedures, he has too if he wants to keep his license. Also remember, almost all of the continuing education provided to doctors after medical school is provided to them free of charge, by guess who? The drug companies. Imagine that. Do I hear a collective conflict of interest by anyone except from me? What a horrible not funny joke.

Now there are several other real causes of heart disease. C reactive protein, trans-fat consumption, excitotoxin consumption (MSG, NutraSweet, Aspartame, diet soda, Equal) that are linked and are the true cause of heart disease. They will be the topic of another newsletter coming ASAP.

So I know your next question, Should I be concerned about my cholesterol? The answer is a very loud YES! I like to keep mine around 200. Your body needs it, but it needs to be watched. Also, the Lipid Profile is important. It’s important to keep the HDL cholesterol high and the LDL low. Here is my recommended supplements for my Healthy Cholesterol and Heart Program KIT. All of these products help maintain healthy blood chemistry. I take them every day!

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Dr Ted Broer

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