Say NO to Prostate and Urine Flow Problems Today.


Dear Friends, Are you one of the millions of men concerned enough about your prostate health, that you’re actually doing something about it? Are you taking a prostate supplement because you need to? And are following the manufacturers’ direction and taking so many at one time, you find yourself gagging before the sixth, seventh and eighth pill is finally down? And have you ever wondered why these health supplements are always ‘horse pills’? You know the ones . . . they’re available in just two sizes – Shetland and Clydesdale!

Six Natural Alternatives to Viagra

Even if it is for comical reasons, Viagra is one of the most well-known pharmaceuticals in the United States. Prescriptions for the drug have nearly tripled in the last decade, as the ingredients become cheaper, and its stigma fades [1]. However, numerous, severe side-effects come with using the drug, such as priapism, sudden vision and hearing loss, nausea, and muscle pain, to name a few [2].