Dynamic Duo Glucose Buster

I Have Exciting News for Diabetics or Anyone Concerned About Unhealthy Blood Sugar Levels It's never been easier to be in charge of your own blood sugar ever.

Introducing the Glucose Buster Kit!

And it's all because of the most fantastic metabolic discovery in nearly a century! That's why people are already calling it, The "21st Century Glucose Buster" of our lifetime. And I can't wait to tell you about. Hi Friends: You've had it up to here. It's annoying. It's demeaning. Its worse than having to choke down bowls of 'twigs and stick' health cereal. Every time you reach for something to eat or even mention that you want a sweet, you end up hearing: “Don't eat this . . . don't eat that . . . that's not good for you . . . What about your numbers?” And frankly, you're tired of it. Tired of the looks. Tired of having your hand slapped. Tired of being made to feel like a four-year-old who's being sent to his room. You just want it to stop!!

Now it can. Now it will. Because I'm going to introduce you to a way that can help you master your blood sugar . . . and stop being made to feel like a child. There hasn't been a metabolic discovery like this in nearly a 100 years! Get ready for the 21st Century Glucose Buster of our lifetime! Controlling your sugar shouldn't be hard or challenging or irritating. So why do all the so-called experts make it seem that way?

Okay, so you can't gorge yourself on a bowl of nachos loaded with cheese, an armful of cookies and then sit glued to the TV watching eight hours of baseball, but . . . Here's some good news . . . Almost everything you were lead to believe about glucose is WRONG! I know, because I'm a research scientist and a chemist committed to helping improve the quality of people's lives through knowledge, truth and science. And the thing about truth is . . . sometimes you really have to dig deep to find it. That's what I – and a small handful of doctors – have done (though not nearly enough). What I'm about to tell you is life-altering, so hold on.

Elevated glucose, while not healthy, may not be the REAL problem. Clearly that goes against conventional wisdom. So let's talk about that. You're not always going to say no to fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or sweet drinks over the holidays. You will indulge. That's human nature. That being said, it would be great if there were a way to keep our blood sugar healthy, consistently, reliable and naturally. THERE IS.

And you know what that means. FREEDOM. Freedom to choose what you eat on your own terms. Freedom from the ugly looks from across a room. Freedom from being made to feel like a thief . . . like a child who just did something bad. This is big. This is special. And this is a new day for you. For all of us. This is the most fantastic metabolic discovery in nearly a century! It is the "21st Century Glucose Buster" of our lifetime. For years, doctors and researchers have been stymied by the mystery of blood sugar and metabolism. But now that they realize that the glucose isn't the only problem, they're finally unlocking doors which hold the answers we've been searching for. And those doors are opening wide. Now, finally, they're thinking about glucose differently and looking at it with a fresh set of eyes. The excitement in the medical community is apparent and taking everybody by storm. This is HUGE. So, what is the big discovery? What is changing the way we look at sugar now and for the next 100 years? What is it that's going let us feel 'normal' again and not like a food outsider? What's the secret that will allow or cells to properly utilize sugar, the way it should? What is the secret?

This secret lies in a "Glucose-Guiding" enzyme. But why was modern science and the doctors we trusted . . . so wrong about blood sugar? Wrong about the effect of diets, exercise and restraint as the only way to control blood sugar? The truth – We already have a natural secret that plays a vital role in blood sugar balance. It just needs to be boosted and supported). Wrong about Insulin as the ONLY thing you need for blood sugar control. The truth – we already have something inside us which should utilize glucose the way it was intended. Wrong about the lack of new natural solutions for maintaining healthy blood sugar. The truth – There are three – and one is the glucose buster I'm going to tell you about. In 1922, before he won the Nobel Peace Prize in medicine, Dr. Frederick Banting studied, researched and tested the pancreatic secretion today called insulin. But he and his team were so focused on insulin, they missed another critically important element to glucose. He missed transketolase – the naturally occurring enzyme found in our cells that transforms glucose into a safe form that your body can easily handle. Transketolase is absolutely critical to blood sugar metabolism.

Here's what happens with natural insulin: it pushes glucose through cell membranes then transketolase takes over and transforms that glucose into a safe form your body uses and stores. Now that scientists had identified transketolase, they wondered if they could find a more efficient way to achieve healthy blood sugar. And they did. In Japan in the early 1960's. This alternative not only helps maintain healthy glucose metabolism, but it also helps to protect your kidneys, retinas of your eyes and small blood vessels.

And . . . it inhibits the creation of the bad glucose. BENFOTIAMINE (Health Masters’ B Complex)- it's a blood sugar game changer I'll say it again: Benfotiamine(Health Masters’ B Complex) is a blood sugar game changer. Its potential is unheard of. It is the most important metabolic breakthrough in the last 100 years for anyone looking to reign supreme over their blood sugar. Benfotiamine(Health Masters’ B Complex) is a fat-soluble form of vitamin B1 (thiamine) and is the most effective metabolic precursor of active thiamine, or vitamin B1, available. It also supports healthy blood sugar metabolism. Thiamine is water-soluble, which makes it less available to the interior of the cell. The difference here is that benfotiamine can easily penetrate into the inside of cells and is more bioavailable than the water-soluble thiamine. In a landmark study, benfotiamine effectively increased transketolase activity in cell cultures by an astounding 300%, compared to a mere 20% for thiamine. Your body absorbs benfotiamine almost 15 times better than conventional thiamine! This robust activation was sufficient to block three of the four major metabolic pathways leading to blood vessel damage.

But . . . Attempts were made by a Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer to market benfotiamine in the U.S. decades ago and there was little interest in it until recently. Since that time, interest in benfotiamine has increased dramatically. Rumor has it that since the patent on benfotiamine expired years ago, no large company is interested in investing in its promotion. (Remember, pharmaceutical companies won't touch anything if they can't make a profit off of it) . . . and here's things get complicated: The medical community was too embarrassed to admit they were wrong about glucose all along.

So for years this incredibly beneficial compound has languished in obscurity in the U.S. Until now. Oh, and researchers have confirmed that people facing blood sugar issues often displayed LOW LEVELS of thiamine. That certainly is something to think about. Benfotiamine(Health Masters’ B Complex) – the link everyone was searching for – is finally discovered! And it only took the better part of a century!! Everyone talks about a pill or a nutrient that turns the body into a sugar burning factory. They talk and talk. Time for talk is over, people. Benfotiamine DELIVERS. I know I said it already, but this is HUGE. With benfotiamine your body is now a glucose furnace. Glucose is no longer the guy in charge here. Glucose is made to work in tandem with everything else that's going on in your body. That's called balance. Also known as homeostasis. That's called efficient. And it's what you want. Mission accomplished. The benefits? Complications from out of control sugar . . . reduced. Healthy kidney cells . . . maintained. Retina cells . . . helped to repair while creating create new blood vessels. Free radicals . . . squashed. This is it -- An Awesome, New and Reliable Nutrient for Healthy Blood Sugar Imagine if we had had this 100 years ago. So many lives could have been different. The point is, we have it now. Your life can be different. And because I have access to one of our country's only sources, I am proud to offer you the newest addition to the Health Masters family of high quality products.

B complex made with benfotiamine. (Health Masters’ B Complex) Benfotiamine (Health Masters’ B Complex)was available in Germany for years with a prescription, but now it's here, available to you and for you. With 80mg. of benfotiamine packed in every dose of just 4 capsules in the morning. (Always take it in the morning because it really increases your energy when these activated B vitamins hit your blood stream.) Here, finally, is the first major – powerful – amazing – sugar metabolism breakthrough in nearly a century. It's time to help reclaim your freedom from being told what you can or cannot eat. Freedom from the ugly looks from across a room. Freedom from demeaning attitudes toward you about the snack you're just looking at. A Powerhouse Unlike Anything You Currently Know!

Healthmasters also adds another supplement to the the blood sugar buster protocol – it's called (Cinnamon Extract Fuel Burner). Cinnamon Extract Fuel Burner adds a 'supercharged' extract of 100% safe and effective therapeutic blend of 20:1 ratio of cinnamon and other powerhouse nutrients to reduce blood glucose, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes. Cinnamon has long been recognized for it's ability to help the body's conversion of sugar (glucose) into energy. Studies show including cinnamon in the diet of type 2 diabetics will reduce risk factors associated with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. That's not just me saying it . . . research proves it! The most often-cited study on the effects of cinnamon and diabetes was published in the journal Diabetes Care in 2003. This study evaluated 60 people with stage 2 diabetes around the age of 50. They were divided into six groups of 10 patients each. Groups 1 through 3 were treated with 1, 3, or 6 grams of cinnamon daily, respectively. Groups 4 through 6 received a placebo.


Treatment with cinnamon or placebo lasted for 40 days. Researchers analyzed both groups’ fasting glucose, LDL cholesterol,, triglycerides and total cholesterol. No changes in the placebo group were observed over the 40-day period. However, in the cinnamon groups reductions in fasting glucose (down18 percent to 29 percent), triglycerides (down 23 percent to 30 percent), LDL cholesterol (down 7 percent to 27 percent) and total cholesterol (down 12 percent to 26 percent) were reported. Our (Cinnamon Extract Fuel Burner) formulation is for anyone who is insulin resistant, diabetic, or hypertensive due to high body fat levels and contains the bio-active, water-soluble polyphenol polymers (“Type-A polymers”) that inhibit PTP-1, preventing inactivation of insulin receptors. They affect protein phosphorylation - dephosphorylation reactions regulating glucose metabolism signal transduction pathways. These polymers are antioxidants and increase insulin-dependent glucose metabolism by roughly 20 times. After 40 days of consuming either one, three or six grams of cinnamon per day, subjects had significant reductions in blood glucose (18-29%) and blood lipids (7-30%). And you thought cinnamon just made apple pie taste better! And it also helps your body maintain strong, natural insulin levels.

Let me explain what that means in seven words. Glucose control is easier than ever before! You can have better blood sugar control, healthier systolic blood pressure levels and less body fat. You're now doing something amazing for yourself – you're fulfilling your promise to yourself to be healthy and . . . You're taking COMPLETE CONTROL over your health But I wanted to make our dynamic duo more complete, more effective. I challenged myself to ultra supercharge the potency of this 21st century glucose buster by a key supplement in our battle against out of control and elevated blood glucose levels.

It is chromium and it's an incredibly important part of (Cinnamon Extract Fuel Burner). This supplement is the ace in the hole . . the joker in the deck of sugar control. It's the pitbull of sugar control minerals because it has been proven to: . Improve glucose tolerance . Lower fasting glucose levels . Decrease insulin levels . Cut cholesterol and triglyceride levels . Increase HDL-cholesterol levels. The New Breakthrough in Healthy Blood Sugar Control – 100 years in the making! One thing I haven't mentioned are the complications caused by diabetes. Diabetes is awful enough, but the neuropathy resulting from consistently high and out of control blood sugars are very serious. Specifically, · Diabetic Retinopathy – the leading cause of blindness in the U.S. · Diabetic Nephropathy – damage to the kidneys, which can lead to kidney failure. · Diabetic Neuropathy – amputation of legs and feet from gangrene caused by a decreased blood flow to the extremities. Which is another reason I'm so excited about the Antihistamine contained in our (Health Masters’ B Complex)combined with our (Cinnamon Extract Fuel Burner) or Glucose buster kit. It helps prevent diabetic complications by inhibiting the build-up of glucose in the vessels.

The occurrence of diabetic complications might be slowed or prevented. And while we're on the subject, Benfotiamine is not just for diabetics:I take 4 tablets each morning with breakfast. Any condition that is the result of a thiamine deficiency will likely respond quite well to benfotiamine. There is an expectation among those studying this compound that its beneficial effects may be far more wide-ranging, to include: sciatica, vascular health, general nerve health, improved blood pressure, general cellular protection, anti-aging, fibromyalgia, prevention of lactic acidosis, and even treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. So what's in Healthmasters Dynamic Duo? Health Masters’ Cinnamon Extract Fuel Burner 2-2x a day Chromium (as dinicotinate glycinate chelate) 400 mcg Alpha Lipoic Acid 400 mg this incredible ingredient aids in glucose transport and makes you more insulin sensitive to help regulate blood sugar Green Tea Polyphenois (camellia sinesis) 400 mg. Potent antioxidant helps to reduce inflamation and improve bone health. Gymnema Leaf Extract (Gymnema sylvestre) 400 mg Helps to support healthy blood sugar levels (standardized 25% extract) Cinnamon (Cinnamonmi cassia) 400mg Health Masters’ B Complex 4 in the Morning Vitamin B1 (thiamine HCL) 80 mg Vitamin B2 (riboflavin 5’ phosphate) 80 mg

Vitamin B3 (as niacin) 40 mg Vitamin B3 (as niacinamide) 520 mg Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal 5’ phosphate) 80mg Folate (as folinic acid) 3200 mcg Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) 1600 mcg Biotin 1600 mcg Vitamin B5 (as pantothenic acid 600 mg Choline (as citrate) 120 mg Benfotiamine 80 mg That's easy – the best nutrients and supplements has to offer: All the new thinking for effective blood sugar control is contained here – 80 mg of the glucose buster 400 mg of the cinnamon powerhouse And the 400 mcg of the metabolism mineral – chromium All packed into eight small capsules, taken daily. I even used easy to swallow cellulose gel caps with easily digested powered ingredients for Maximum absorbtion Nothing complicated, foul-tasting or unpleasant. Just the easiest, most dramatic and revolutionary way to manage your blood sugar. Period. Order Here Now! Peerless blood sugar control. Fast results. It's all here.


These two products are offered to you in the combination of our Glucose BUster Kit so you can finally be the master of your own good health. And when you start looking at your blood sugar health a new way . . . when you start giving your body everything it needs to prevent and control blood sugar spikes . . . when learn to avoid both high-fat, high carb foods, your results will come quickly. Take (Cinnamon Extract Fuel Burner) combined with our (Health Masters’ B Complex) for just 6 weeks . . . 6 weeks! And you'll notice a new found freedom. Freedom to enjoy your own success at taking control of your health . . . to be the best you can be and not feel like a food outsider or a child being disciplined. Freedom that comes from being the master of your own health which is what we teach you through my health emails and our line trusted Healthmasters products.

Our 'dynamic duo' of (Cinnamon Extract Fuel Burner) and (Health Masters’ B Complex) is the solution you've be craving. You've been waiting for something like this for a long time. And the wait is over. All the disproving looks . . . the figurative hand slaps. The irritating reprimands . . . OVER. FINI. DONE. But you need to make the decision of improved health and order this duo today. Control of your health is just around the corner . . . nearly 100 years in the making. And, if you want to be certain you'll never run out of (Cinnamon Extract Fuel Burner) and (Health Masters’ B Complex), order a discounted case lot (Please call for complete pricing).  It's time to deliver on the promise of good health. If you want the best out of life – for your life – then be good to your body with Health Masters' Dynamic Duo for complete blood sugar control. Are you ready to be the master of your own health? Are you ready to take charge of your blood sugar?

Are you ready to be part of a healthy revolution . . . the most exciting development in years? Then you're truly ready for the Healthmasters 21st century glucose buster. It's here and it will change your life. And with the Healthmasters Ultimate Guarantee, you've got nothing to lose and good health to gain. Don't delay. Supplies are limited. Order Here Now! Thank you for you business and your support. Yours in good health, Ted Broer P.S. People have asked for a Healthmasters sugar support for a long time. And only now do I finally have a product combination good enough . . . effective enough . . . trusted enough to bear the Health Masters label. Order your Glucose Buster Kit today!

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