How sleeping pills can kill you!!

Sadly, folks don't realize how dangerous sleeping pills really are! In this email I will tell you the truth about their death rates and how to sleep like a baby without them. Quite frankly, I have never been a fan of games of chance. Russian roulette has never nor never will it be something that could possibly interest me. The problem is, many folks are playing that game at night when they take a sleeping pill. One night you may not wake up again. Isn't that special?

New numbers show that sleeping pills swallowed by millions every night could be linked to up to 500,000 deaths a year. This number is so insanely high that it would actually be the number three cause of death in the entire country, right behind heart disease and cancer . Here are some of the statistics: 35,000 people were actually tracked for 2.5 years. Here is what was learned. If you take 132 sleeping pills a year, you are 5.3 times as likely to die as non-users. But, that is only the beginning!

Some pills actually pack even more of a deadly punch. The heaviest users of Zolpidem (aka Ambien) boosts the risk up to 5.7 times death and temazepam (aka Restoril) raises the risk to 6.6 times death. By the way, these statistics come from the British Medical Journal. And since I seem to be the bearer of unpleasant info today, I might as well give you another interesting tidbit: heavy sleeping pill users also have a 35% greater chance of cancer. Let me tell you why I think this cancer rate increases.

Remember when many of you first heard me tell you that 3 hot-dogs a week eaten by a child increased the rate of leukemia by 12 times...I have a news flash for you: it not just the's the lifestyle that many children have due to their parents. Okay, don't get mad at me over this one, but I have never seen a two year old drive to the store to buy junk food. So the reality is, if you are drinking and smoking and eating junk food all day and sucking down coffee you aren't going to sleep well at night..and if you indoctrinate your children into this lifestyle, they have a very high probability of getting cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

So, please eat right and please teach your kids to do the same. Sorry about the segway, but I really believe this info is critical but get back to sleeping pills. The reality is if you take the sleeping pills to sleep you are simply masking the symptoms of why you cant sleep. Does that make sense to you???? You don't have a defiency of sleeping pills! {C}{C}{C}Well, it does make sense to me...and I sleep great at night and I am 56 years young! But I will tell you what Sharon and I do in a minute. Don't think you can rest easy if you're not a big-time sleeping pill popper. The same study finds that people who took just 18 pills or fewer a year more than tripled their death risk... and more than 18 a year more than quadrupled it. Now that one even surprised me. But the reality is many of these statistics are caused again by the lifestyle choices we all make.

Finally, there is one more topic I want to point out which deals with the lack of mental acuity and behavioral changes that occurs with sleeping pills. But this time I want you involved in this research, so I want you to google the deadly side effects, loss of mental acuity, death rates, suicide and bizarre behavior of Ambien and Restoril... Then make you own decision about these products..

So, let's get to the answer on how to sleep like a baby every night. One of the primary causes of sleepless nights can be as simple as a calcium deficiency! Remember what your grandmother used to say: a glass of warm milk before bed. But make sure the milk is organic and NON Homogenized...that's really important. Don't ever drink homogenized milk. If your over 50, you can remember how the milk used to separate? The milk fat would literally, after a few days, float to the top of the glass container. Well, that is what milk is supposed to do. If you live in a state that you can still buy raw certified organic milk, that's the best. Women, the easiest way to get calcium if you don't like milk, is to eat organic yogurt as an alternative for calcium or you can take one of our incredible calcium supplements. Either way women need more calcium than men.

Men, I don't take calcium supplements nor do I recommend you do unless you are trying to correct a pH imbalance. I use a cup of the organic non homogenized milk every morning for my calcium needs which I mix with the Fit Food. Secondly, one hour before bedtime I also take our Enhanced Sleep Support along with a Melatonin Sublingual. I swallow the sleep support and chew the Melatonin and let it dissolve under my tongue. The Enhanced Sleep Support helps to reduce cortisol which keeps you awake while the Melotonin is a natural product produced by the pineal gland...which by the way, decreases past the age of 40. This combination lets me sleep like a baby every night. This is the best natural approach to a great night's sleep my wife and I have found. Call my office with any questions. 1-800-726-1834 TB