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The Regenerative Power of Nutrients


You know those big budget science-fiction movies where the doctors talk about cells restoring themselves? Well, guess what? It's not science fiction. The human body is constantly regenerating itself at the cellular level. It has to: if it didn't, that wonderfully complex biomachinery we call the human body could not survive.


Here's how it works. Old cells die off and new ones replace them. And, reports the NYTimes (August 2, 2005), each kind of tissue has its own turnover time depending on what they do and how hard they work. The cells lining the stomach switch out every five days; red blood cells, last 120 days or so, skin is recycled every two weeks and the liver – our internal detoxifier – turnovers every 300 to 500 days. 


Numerous studies point to other amazing examples of regeneration, along with foods, herbs, nutrients and substances (notice I didn't say medications – more on that later!) which have been proven to ease the body back into health.  Here are a few results of those studies:


Nerve Regeneration –There are many natural, readily available substances that have been verified to be effective in encouraging nerve regeneration. As reported in the 2010 Rejuvenation Research medical journal, a mixture of green tea, carnosine and blueberries promoted neuritogenesis, the regeneration of nerve tissues. Other Supplements include:

Turmeric Force

Memory Support

Resveratrol Plus


GHI Cleanse

Lion's Mane mushroom

L-Theanine found in tea




Liver Regeneration – An injection of glycyrrhizin , the main sweet-tasting compound from liquorice root, has been reported as significantly enhancing the regeneration of liver mass and recovery of liver function, as well as recovery from liver damage induced by surgical resection. 

Among the other helpful substances are:

GHI Cleanse


Organic Beet juice powder

Liver Support

Sulphurous foods

Beta-Cell Regeneration – To date, mainstream medicine has not yet embraced the use of natural substances to treat and reverse diabetes. Instead, billions of dollars are spent annually on stem cell technology, cellular transplants and developing pharmaceutical drugs. Hope, few type-1 diabetics realize, lies in their pantries and gardens. The compounds now known to regenerate the beta cells that produce insulin are found in: 

Cinnamon Extract

Tumeric Force

Ultimate D3-5000



Avocado seed extract

Hormone Regeneration – Hormones are like messengers in your body: they control the specific actions of cells such as adjust mood and metabolism, and regulate essential instincts. When hormones are compromised or damaged, they can change into a form that increases cancer risk. Substances such as Excellent C, prevent this by taking these hormones and returning them to their normal state. 5-HTP, B-complex and Pomegranate also possesses this ability. 


Cardiac Cell Regeneration – Doctors have long been convinced that regenerating the cardiac muscle was impossible. But the new thinking – and latest experimental research – puts that idea to bed. Substances known as neocardiogenics are capable of stimulating regeneration cardiac cells which ultimately grows into healthy cardiac muscle. Other substances that do this are:

Coq10 Ubiquinol

Resveratrol Plus

Magnesium and Malate acid

Geum japonicum


The well-recognized phenomenon of transferring of fetal cells into mothers through the placenta  and their organ specific integration (called fetomaternal trafficking), is yet another example of cardiac cell regeneration. Remarkably, the healthy stem cells from the fetus are capable of renewing the mother's damaged heart cells.


Cartilage/Joint/Spine Regeneration –  Curcumin (the principle active ingredient of the spice turmeric found in our GHI Cleanse) and resveratrol plus (a plant-based antioxidant found in red wine), have been shown to significantly improve recovery following spinal cord injury. Surprised to hear about this wonderful alternative to expensive allopathic medications? Of course you are. The big pharmacy companies (and the doctors in their pockets) won't tell you about them. And the reason is simple: If you knew about a low-cost alternative to expensive meds, that's what you would take and then they wouldn't make billions of dollars off the useless medications they manufacture – which only suppress  your symptoms but do nothing for the condition itself.

Other supplements that help with regeneration are:

Proprietary Joint rebuilding formula

Fermented Cod liver oil



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