For some reason this is a very controversial topic among Americans today.  This is strange to me since it deals with basic necessities.  So, before we get started. let me say a few things which may resonate  with a few of you.

    I am a man of faith.  I believe as the Bible teaches that without Faith it is impossible to please God, so looking at the world through a prism of realism is often times difficult at best. The concept of a global financial meltdown, a government shut down,  WWIII happening,  or  of the opening of the book of Revelation  are topics that are not super positive to me. But I feel it should be addressed.

    However, the current economic and world events have lead me to write about this topic in quasi detail.  I will briefly discuss the possible scenarios which I consider to be relevant and important.  But before I get started, I must put one caveat into place: This article is not being written to instill or to impose fear in anyone.    

    The Bible tells us that  "perfect love casts out fear and that we are not born of a spirit of fear."  Remember fear is  the killer of spirit and mind, and is a tool of evil,  not of God.

     This article is about facts.  Any decision that is made concerning food storage after this article is read, should be made  from a realistic objective, not from a fear-based mind set...always keeping foremost in your mind, as said earlier...Fear is not from God!

     There are several reasons that I feel so strongly concerning these matters.  The items I am going to discuss today can have a direct impact on your ability to buy food and water.  Topics is this discussion will include natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes and snow storms and earthquakes, etc.  Plus, I will also discuss wars, our United States  Congress, Federal Reserve monetary Policies and several other issues including my upbringing,  and why I  believe what I believe.  I will do my best not to intrude into  your political beliefs.  But, what I will do is to reveal some historical facts that you may or may not agree with, which if repeated, may affect your ability to feed your family.  You be the judge on whether you agree or not.   All I can do is to present you with what I know to be facts and my opinion.

1) I live in Florida, the sunshine and hurricane state.  I was born here in 1955 and have lived here all of my life.  While living here I have experienced multiple weather related disasters.  My first one was in 1960  when hurricane Donna came through central Florida.  I was five years of age. Experiencing this hurricane was awful. Power was out for days, grocery store shelves were empty, and there was no fuel for anything.  . I still have vivid memories of sitting up and hearing the wind whistle though the screens and feel the entire frame house shaking on its foundation. The next day the power lines were down, flooding was everywhere, no food at the store and no gasoline for weeks.  The destruction was horrific.  Had we not had our bathtubs full of water and our pantry full of canned goods  we would have been shelter bound!

2) My dad was born in Iowa from German parents in 1901. He was raised on a farm in Hardin County, Iowa.  When the depression hit  (due to the Federal Reserve fiscal policies, a contraction of the M1 as admitted by Ben Bernake) folks in the cities were starving.  Soup and bread lines everywhere in the large cities.  Because Dad lived on a farm  in 1929 they had plenty of food but little money.

3) My mom was born in 1916 during WWI in Germany. After the war the Weimar Republic came into being with hyperinflation and  food shortages.  Hundreds of thousands of Germans and Europeans starved to death during and after WWI.  My mom and her family were fine because they kept a large garden in their yard.
Again the Weimar Republic hyperinflation was caused by the same European banking institutions that brought us the Great Depression in 1929 and the  financial collapse of 2008.
    Then came Hitler  and with him  WWII.  By the way, WWII was simply a continuation of WWI.  Again, after and during the war millions of Europeans starved to death.  Please remember  these are the parents who raised me, so obviously their verbal and parental input has affected me in many areas.

Why am I  telling you all this?  Quite frankly you need to know where I am coming from in my beliefs concerning this topic of storing food.

4) In  2004 three  hurricanes hit Polk County, Florida, where I live.  This occurred within a six week period.  The effects were much worse that Hurricane Donna in 1960.  Central Florida was crippled. This time it was horrendous because the Florida population had grown to close to 20 million.  Plus we had three  hurricanes, not just one.  Our power was out for a week, our area had no water, no electricity, no food and no fuel in many places.  But, because of my upbringing and a preparation mind set, I had purchased a propane generator years earlier.  Because of that, while the power was out in my neighborhood for a week  we still had electricity  and a deep well that worked, and freezers stocked with food.  We, fortunately, weren't really affected.
My family did not have to move out as several neighbors did to local hotels  or to the homes  of relatives who still had power and food.

5) 2008
   The world was on the precipitous of a total banking collapse. Had it not been for the immediate increase of the money in circulation (M1), the banking system would have ceased.  This was brought on by the Clinton administration with the Banking reform act of 2000 which did away with Glass Steagall.    Several years later I had the chance to discuss fiscal policy with former president George W. Bush.  I told him thanks for increasing the M1 money supply and averting a global disaster. I actually think that he was surprised that I brought up the issue. 
    But, I want to make one point clear:  Stopping the 2008 meltdown with banker bailouts, while good for the short run,  did nothing for the long run.  All it did was put the USA much, much deeper into a debt cycle that   the current congress has not  been unable to correct.  This country is in deep trouble fiscally.

    Our president has said concerning the debt ceiling:  "that just because we raise the debt ceiling doesn't mean we have more debt.  " Okay, I don't even know what to say about that, except that he should have stayed on his teleprompter.
Once we as consumers max out our credit cards, and we get another credit card, does that mean that we don't increase our debt??  I feel like I am living in the twilight zone.

    The problem is eight years after the 2008 mess,  Glass Steagall isn't restored, derivatives are higher than ever before in history,  and the same corrupt banking system
that was responsible for the Wiemar Republic, The Crash of 1929, and the crash on 2008 hasn't changed its money printing ways.

    In my opinion, until we repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and restore sound money this problem cannot be fixed.  If the USA dollar was not the reserve currency of the world and Petro dollars  were not used for all oil transactions,  the USA would have already collapsed due to debt, as did the USSR.  Ironically, the principle purchaser of our debt is now the Federal Reserve bank, who issues the debt. Sounds like a banana republic to me.

     Our country is in deep trouble due to the corrupt banking system and corrupt politicians.  Political Correctness is now in charge and it operates without a thimble of common sense.
     Even many of our non profit institutions, being a government 501c3 corporation, refuse to discuss real issues with their supporters on almost any of these topics.
Always remember, it was the pastors in their pulpits who were one of the  the primary catalysts for the Revolutionary War against the British tyranny in 1776.

    The media as it is today was  pretty much state controlled  even back then. Then it was King George who controlled the media. But many of the church leaders in 1776 stood firm in their belief against tyranny.


    Thus, now to the topic of food storage.  Do I think its a good idea?

 Yes, I do, but only from a reality point of view, not fear. 

    The USA is headed towards a financial cliff.  Our prayer for this country should be that the corrupt politicians are exposed and the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave can survive this "Bankster assault."  Plus, it seems that our leadership cannot get enough of wars.  I guess they are bound and determined to start WWIII.

    Years ago, during a seminar in which I was a participant, I was sitting down having a private chat with the late General Norman Schwarzkoph... Stormin' Norman as his troops called him.  I asked him about the Gulf War in depth and why we didn't invade Iraq when we had a chance in 1991.  His response was, "I call it the pottery rule - if we break it we bought it."  He went on to tell me " the UN and the Bush administration thought an invasion of Iraq would destabilize the Middle East, and that these people never had a democracy - all they have ever known was rule by force".

     Now it seems we want  to start yet another war with Syria.  This is all very strange to me.  I personally prefer peace.  Plus, in case anyone hasn't checked lately the USA is broke and deeply in debt.  Can we really afford another war on more borrowed money? Enough said!
    Lets talk about what would happen if we had an ebola pandemic and you are quarintined in your house for weeks? Or something similar to the flu pandemic that killed millions during WWI...or the broken health care system... or the mess that is Obamacare.  This just goes on and on.  But before we start dismissing these issues, we have to look at the facts.  We must remain reality conscious and focused.  We must try and be led by the Spirit of the Living God.  We must stay Christ centered.
     In looking at the Spiritual side,  let's look at the Rapture:  Many of my friends believe that we will be raptured before anything bad happens.  OK ?  But I am NOT talking about the book of Revelation, I am talking about a financial collapse.
I hope and pray when the seals start breaking in the Book of Revelation that we get to go up in the first load.
    But, lets look just at the last century:   Why weren't the Germans or Russians raptured  before or during WWI OR WWII.   Remember, over a hundred million died.?
    Let's go back  500 years:   Why wasn't Europe raptured during the Bubonic Plaque when a third  and some say up to half of the population died?
Not clear enough yet?   Why weren't the Christians raptured before they were fed to the Lions in Rome?
    Or better yet, why weren't the Twelve Disciples raptured?
I could ask questions like these all day.  The point is, we don't know when the  Seals of Revelation are broken and the tribulation begins.

    I promise you, when my Opa and my mother saw the B17's flying over Germany, they probably thought  it can't get much worse than this.
    This  email is not on the Book of Revelation or the end times or the rapture, but it is  about the reality of the current economic conditions.
    What I am simply discussing today is feeding your family in times of global and economic uncertainty. 
That's it!
Please, don't read more into this article than those issues.
So the next question I ask is how much food should one store,  and what kind?
    I recommend our, 20 year shelf life, freeze dried storable food in a bucket.  How much?  I suggest a minimum of 30 days per person in  the family. And as of right now we are doing FREE shipping on all food buckets. If you can't buy a bucket now at least slowly stack up canned foods for the time being.
    The retired Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napaliano, said before retiring that it was 100% certain that we would be hit by a solar flare which would disrupt power supplies.  Okay, that's clear enough.
    Remember I have already gone a week on a generator.  What would happen if we had a solar flare that caused an EMP which took out the power grid for several months.  For the past 2 years the Federal Government has been having   "drills" across several states for that exact scenario.


Here are the questions I want to ask you:
    1.  To Whom am I listening? 
    2.  What is that doing to me?   

    3.  Is that OK?
Now,  let's answer these questions:

Here  is the reality:
     If I suggest to you to store a little food and nothing happens you can eat your food.  Is that OK?  Yes, that is Okay.    To me, having a preparation mind set combined with peace of mind is  worth that scenario.

Let's look at the other side:
    If I ignore the facts and tell you not to store a little food and something bad happens like an EMP and you don't have anything to eat. Is that OK?  NO, its not okay.
    Here is the problem I have with folks who don't prepare, and tell you not to prepare.  What are you supposed to do in times of an emergency? Beg for food?  Go hungry?  Go to a shelter? Go to your local Christian  food bank with everyone else ? News flash: Food banks will also be over run. The down side is so bad and the upside is so minimal that not keeping a little food stored doesn't even make sense.

    The entire scenario resembles my telling you to take vitamins and why, and you stay healthy.  It's great.   Whereas, if I tell you not to take vitamins and you get cancer, then as far as I am concerned,  I gave you some really bad advice.  If you get cancer, then you have to deal with the problem.  This is the challenge of leadership. When leaders give advice, they have consequences,  whether good or bad or indifferent.
    By the way, here's a sidebar:  Our corrupt congress leadership has exempted themselves from Obamacare..   Imagine that.  More awful leadership!  Are any of you surprised?

All of what I have told you in this email, leads to my telling you, yes, store some food,
at least go to your grocery and get some extra cans. 

    Or, you can call us we  carry the  freeze dried 20 year shelf life food.
    But regardless of whether you get a few buckets of food from me or anyone else, do it with calm mind set, not from fear. It just makes sense to do so. Look at it like you do car insurance.... Just is case you need it.

    This email has been a long time in coming.  I hope and pray you realize that is was written for my deep concern for you and your family.

    I pray that you are Blessed in all the areas of your life, and that you and your family walk under the protection Of God Almighty!