Weed Killers and GMO Food: Do they cause cancer? You decide!

Please pay extra special attention to the following "cutting edge" email you are about to read.  I implore you to please read this very carefully, even if you have never read any emails I have written to you in the past.

Years ago, I told you about and I am still warning you about the dangers of the herbicide, Round Up. A ways back a story broke that I wanted to shed light on again, that  Roundup, glyphosate,  multiplies the growth or proliferation of breast cancer cells by a staggering 500 to 1300 %, occurring at even minuscule amounts in the parts per trillion.
The study published in the  Food and  Chemical Toxicology  is titled "Glyphosate Iinduces Human Breast Cancer Cells Growth Via Estrogen Receptors."
Read the article here
Some additional research also links it to an increased risk of testicular cancer.
Here's the problem:  With the uber evil corporation Monsanto, bringing us roundup- ready corn, soybeans and canola, Roundup has proliferated the eco system.  It is now in our  food ... in our water.. and,  if you are in a farming community, it is in the air!   Quite frankly,  this is insane!
There are so many crops that are now Round -up ready, that we are  having a massive devastation to our water ways due to agricultural run off into the streams and lakes.
In fact,  due to the lies and lobbying of Monsanto, California just set limits for Roundup in the drinking water to 1,000 parts per billion;  that's  1000 times higher than the amount shown to increase breast cancer  growth by up to 1300%. By the way, even the EPA has set its safe limits at 700 ppb on roundup in the water.
We all know the country is in trouble.  Look at all the mess going on in the media.  But... Why won't the media report on this study?  I will tell you why again. The media is owned by the same banks that own Monsanto.  I know that sounds nuts, but alternative health experts, including myself, have all but been banned on main stream media.
Years ago I appeared on what was then CBS Channel 13 in Tampa.  It is now  a Fox affiliate.  I appeared at that time on The Kathy Fountain Show.  The show received a 37% market share. one of the highest market shares the station ever obtained.
Six months later I was asked to come back on, but I was told I could not mention Aspartame...at all...period!  The owners of Aspartame, Monsanto, had told the station that it would pull all their advertising if I spoke about Aspartame again.  So, I was muzzled and so was the host.

 Several years later, this same station, which is  now a Fox station,  produced  another program called "The Investigators".  They did an extensive show on Bovine growth hormone.  That show was also never allowed to air, due to the manufacturers of the hormone , which again, is Monsanto.  In fact, here is a link to the hosts fussing about what happened.
You all should know me well enough by to know that I don't make this stuff up.  I don't need to make anything up.  The truth is already bizarre enough.
Last year when the California consumers overwhelmingly wanted GMOS labeled and the ballot initiative failed, when the big boys like Monsanto spent tens of millions on lobbying against the initiative, it made me wonder at the time...now, I know why it failed.

Let me put it more bluntly if I can:  Monsanto, GMO , Roundup and chemical assault on the USA is killing us by contributing to breast Cancer, Testicular Cancer, brain cancer...and,I am sure as we become more aware of the harmful effect it has on us, the list will probably go on and on.

Last year I wrote and showed you the tumors from mice who were fed Roundup -ready GMO corn.(I even told you that as far as I was concerned, the weeds had won.  But I have concocted a new weed killer made of Vinegar and salt.   It works great!  A friend of mine uses diesel fuel.)

Also released a few weeks ago was another study which was done on swine  being fed GMO corn.  The results showed massive inflammation in the stomach and gut.


GMO feed destroys pig stomachs.  They become an inflammatory mush.Photos reveal severe damage caused by GM soy and corn. This is one of the reasons so many people are having Gastrointestinal Disorders.

The mice picture below are covered in tumors. Which were caused by them being fed a diet of Monsanto roundup ready GMO corn.

Friends, at the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist,  let me tell you Margaret Sanger's  Eugenics program is alive and well.

Now that I have given you the facts and the truth, please  stay with me for some healthy alternatives:

#1  Never eat corn, soy beans (estrogen) or canola oil or their by-products. ( with the exception of vitamin e from a natural soy source)
#2  Try and eat organically raised foods.
#3  Take Healthmasters  GHI Cleanse.  Take two scoops daily  for gastrointestinal inflammation.
#4   Use one of our
water distillers.  It's simple:  the ground and municipal water contain Roundup plus a lot more poison.. The plastic jugs you are using from the grocery store for water probably contain BPA.  If they don't contain BPA they contain plastic residue.  All of this poison is terrible for your kidneys and liver.
#5  Eat  organic beets  two  to three times a week..They  flush the liver. Healthmasters is now carrying
organic beet juice powder. I use it every day!
#6  Take additional antioxidants: 
Ultimate Mutiple, Excellent C, E-400 with Selenium  and Ultimate D3 to stop free radical destruction of  your cells. 
#7  Eat Sauerkraut.   It is also a great intestinal cleanser, and goes great with the beets.

Get serious!   Act as if what you eat and the supplements you take are either going to kill you or give you a great life with tremendous energy!
I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for your financial support of Healthmasters.  For those of you who use our products,  you already know that we produce the finest highest quality supplements in the world.  Remember my family and I use these products.  If I could make a better product I would. They are the best in the world...  Period!

I appreciate all of you