Your heart depends on this nutrient. Dont use the cheap, maybe toxic Chinese version!

Several weeks ago I received an email asking about the different types of Co- Enzyme Q10 on the market. The email was about pricing and the best type of Q10 available on the market today. Well, this is an interesting yet complicated topic. There have been great strides made in the formulation of Q10 in the past ten years.

Ten years ago Q10 was a very unstable difficult product to produce and keep stable...The only type was a crystal source that was very difficult to digest and absorb. So today we are going to discuss this topic giving you the pros and cons of the different types of Co Q10, the sources available, which one is better, and why there is such a large price variation from different manufacturers. Let's first get to the source. When I mean the source, I literally mean the raw materials used in the manufacturing of this product. This will reveal to you the good, the bad, and the ugly of the supplement industry. It will explain the difference between the cheap sources of Q 10 and the best sources.

But first, for those of you who are new to my emails, let me tell you a little about The supplements that we produce are the same supplements that I and my family use. If I could make a better more excellent product I would. Our supplements are simply the best most effective supplements sold in the world today.. We ship globally. There's a reason for that! Once folks try our products they immediately feel a difference. My workout partner, Ken May, told me when he first started working out with me that he had tried supplements before with absolutely no results.. After he began on our supplements he said he felt a huge increase in energy in days. For years he has used and continues to use Healthmasters products.

Another example: Fifteen years ago soy protein was the rage... Around ten years ago after I had done extensive research on this estrogen hormone food, I stopped selling it immediately. I called my then office manager, Donna, and told her to ship all soy protein back to our suppliers. She replied we sell a lot of soy protein... My response was still get rid of it. I refuse to sell soy protein. The only time I will allow a tiny amount is when it is used in encapsulation of supplements or as a source for vitamin E. In these small concentrations it isn't a problem. Plus, as a source for vitamin E it is one of the best. Well, let's get started with the supplements' industry dirty little secret concerning Q10. Most folks think that all Q10 is the same. Wrong! 

So here's what the folks at Walmart and Sams and the big discounters do not want you to know: The research supporting the benefits of Q10 have been, to my knowledge, conducted with natural Q10. But almost ALL Q10 supplements sold are synthetically synthesized from Q9, then chemically converted to Q10. Now....Here's the secret! Where does the Q9 come from? It comes from tobacco leaves! This is where the chemical conversion begins...with tobacco leaves..This is why there is such a huge price difference in product. The Japanese state of the art proper conversion technique uses yeast fermentation with sugar cane or beets to make natural q10.

So, here is how to figure out which is which. Look on your label and it will say " transform Co Q10" if it is from the proper source. (Unless the manufacturer, usually from China, is lying) The transform Q10 is identical to the body's own Q10. Again, yeast fermentation through beets or sugar cane is the proper source, not the Q9 derived from tobacco leaves and then chemically concocted to make synthetic Q10. Healthmasters, since its development has always used the transform Q10 from sugar cane and beets. So, to make sure that everyone knows that, we have started putting "transform" on our label.

The following information is super important for you to remember: Your heart is an engine that contains cardiac muscle. It is the only place in the body that contains this type of muscle fiber. It's a biochemical engine that requires the proper fuel. It beats around 100,000 times a day. It must have Q10 to function properly. It will beat over a billion times in your lifetime. Q10 is found throughout the body, but the majority is located in the cardiac muscle. Up to the age of thirty, the body, if supplied with sufficient raw materials, can make sufficient Q10..That is how important this nutrient is! God literally gave us the ability to manufacture it in abundance when we are young. After 30 this ability begins to decline. After 50 the levels may be too low to allow proper heart function. Now, let's talk about one of my favorite topics, which is the use of statin drugs to lower cholesterol.

Using Statin drugs actually lowers Q10 production. The same pathway that is interfered with to lower cholesterol production is the same pathway used by the body to make Q10. If you have read any of my emails concerning this topic, you already know that I loath statin drugs. To me it is so simple to maintain healthy cholesterol without drugs. Read my blog on how to maintain a healthy cholesterol level. These statin drugs are awful, and I feel they should never be used unless the physician prescribing them requires the use of supplemental Q10. But again, in the vast majority of cases, normal cholesterol is easy to maintain.

We certainly don't need tens of millions of folks taking this dangerous drug. Many of you remember the story of Pastor Ron Parsley, who I met on a TV show in 2003 in Dallas. After the show he asked me if I could help him. His cholesterol was over 600. I laughed and said, "cholesterol? That's easy!..Here's a book I wrote called Maximum Energy. Read this and you should be fine." Several months later he contacted me and told me cholesterol was under 200. Let me say this again.. healthy blood chemistry is easy to maintain in the vast majority of cases through proper lifestyle choices and proper supplementation. Now, let's talk about the latest breakthrough on Q10. The latest, greatest breakthrough, according to researchers is the ubiquinol.

Since the breakthrough of non crystalline Q10, this is supposed to be the best. The non- crystal form is already excellent, but since this product has received so much acclaim, I have decided to carry it along with the non crystal form. Apparently the ubiquinol form has a further energy increasing effect. But again unless it is the transform ubiquinol Co Q10, don't touch it. The biggest problem with developing ubiquinol was its instability compared to non crystal Q10 when exposed to light. It literally converts to regular Q10 within seconds. Healthmasters has found a transform that is stable..The initial research suggests that this form may be up to 8 times more effective than other forms as far as assimilation. Therefore, I am making a suggestion to you. I have actually lowered the price of the transform of ubiquinol to match the price of the crystal free. I am personally going to rotate the bottles. One month I will use transform crystal free and then the next month, the transform ubiquinol. I feel that being 57 years young, until I read additional research and see what this product does to me personally, I will keep using both. I will keep you, my readers, posted. If you are having to watch cost or have a hard time swallowing, use the new transform ubiqinol. The reason being it's twice the concentration as the crystal free. So if you are taking 4, you can take two for the same dosing. Cost again is the same....I want you to know that I consider both products excellent. Other benefits of CoQ10 ubiquinol include the following: normalized blood pressure normalized blood sugar levels restoration of healthy gums DNA repair weight control younger looking skin Well, I hope this has cleared up this confusing topic and product. Several years ago I wrote another article on Co-enzyme q10. Please be advised that this article supersedes that prior article. If you have any questions please fell free to call my office..TB

9/2/14 UPDATE: I have found that the Ubiquinol provides me with much higher energy due to a better absorbtion rate. I have discontinued taking the standard Coq10 and now only take the Co10Q Ubiquinol only. This is also the only one I carry now.