Is Your Mult Vitamin Poisoning You? 3 Things To Look For!

Millions of Americans are taking the "wrong" multivitamin daily, or they are taking a multivitamin in the wrong way.

Are you one of them?

Two main questions are related to the issue of multivitamins. Let’s deal with those first.

Question #1 Why do I need a multivitamin?

This question is usually asked by those who first claim, "I eat a balanced diet. I eat healthful foods. I feel good. Why should I take a multivitamin?" We need to come to an understanding of what it means to eat a "balanced" diet of "healthful" foods. It would be great if we all could eat 95% unprocessed non GMO organic foods, grass-fed meats, raw milk (which is now priced at about $13 a gallon!), but not everybody has access to or can afford that lifestyle 100% of the time. People who travel a great deal often face major hurdles in eating an optimal, balanced, and healthful diet. A "balanced" health-producing diet plan includes at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day-preferably more and preferably in whole-food form. It includes a minimal amount of meat. It includes healthful fats, but virtually no polyunsaturated fats, and no Trans fats, no shellfish, no pork products. Very few people have such a dietary regimen.

The bottom line is this: Although many people think they are eating a healthful diet, the vast majorities are not. The problem also lies partly in the soil of our nation, which was once rich in minerals but has been depleted of many vital nutrients over the years. For example, many parts of our country do not have selenium in the soil. Foods from soil rich in selenium have been directly correlated with a lower incidence of cancer in many parts of the world-actually, areas where the selenium content of soil, and therefore foods grown in that soil, is highest, have the lowest incidence of cancer.

In addition, almost all foods are produced using heavy applications of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These fertilizers and pesticides compromise or negate the nutritional value of many fresh fruits and vegetables. Plus, people are often unwise in the way they prepare foods. Boiling vegetables, for example, can cause up to 50% of the nutrients to be leeched out into the water. Battering a food with processed flour and then deep-frying the food in hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil creates a nutritional cancer causing disaster!

Part of the answer also lies in the ways we process foods in our nation, and especially fruit juices. People often drink juice thinking they are getting sufficient vitamins from their beverage. Juice drinks, in many cases, are greatly diluted with water and have sugar added. The sugar, of course, works directly against the antioxidant vitamins that may be in the fruit or vegetable that has been juiced. In some cases, artificial or "synthetic" vitamins have been added to a beverage, with little to no benefit. When choosing fruits and vegetables, always choose the freshest whole fruit or whole vegetable you can find, and if at all possible, eat it raw or very lightly steamed. Doing this gives you not only the maximum amount of nutrients, but also a significant amount of fiber-which juice cannot provide.

A good multivitamin (Health Masters Ultimate Multiple Vitamin) will have a wide spectrum of Albion chelated minerals and a complete set of vitamins. Most people, no matter how varied their diet and healthful their food sources, do not take in the complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals required by the body on a daily basis.

Question #2 Which multivitamin is best?

That is the key question we will address, because the answer lies not only in which multivitamin to take, but how to take it for maximum health benefits. What to Avoid! Let’s begin with what you should avoid when taking a multivitamin. No Cheap Synthetic Products! If you are buying supplements at a discount store, you likely are buying cheap synthetic isolates. Such synthetic vitamins may very well cause more harm than taking no vitamins. Many are coated with toxic dyes and shellacs and can actually be toxic or cause an allergic reaction          

Certainly some "synthesis" is necessary. Virtually all B vitamins, for example, are synthesized, but are valuable nonetheless if the nutrients are maintained in an active form. Let’s look at Biotin a b vitamin approximately 33% of the population cannot synthesize biotin there system simply can’t digest the form. Our activated biotin avoids that problem and in easily assimilated. In most cases, synthetic coal tar vitamins have little value. A person needs to know the difference and in general, the key to knowing the difference means knowing who is selling you a multivitamin product. Purchase products only from people you know and trust to give you the highest quality product available.

When taking vitamins-you must be taking a product that has the "active" form of nutrients, rather than inactive forms. Active nutrients are those ready for the body to use, absorption is key. Most minerals are poorly absorbed. Cheap multivitamins use a mineral salt, vegetable protein, and dry blend, and call is an "amino acid chelate." But, it is not one. A true Albion amino acid chelate has two amino acids with one mineral. Such chelates are easy to absorb and the minerals in the supplement do not compete for absorption. More than a dozen years ago, a friend of mine went with her father to see his cardiologist. The physician recommended that her father take 400 IU of vitamin E a day. My friend said, "Dad already takes that. And of course, he takes d-tocopherol vitamin E, not dl-tocopherol E." The doctor looked a bit puzzled and said with an air of great authority, "There’s no difference." My friend persisted, "Oh, but there is a difference-a big difference. D-tocopherol vitamin E is made from vegetable products; dl-tocopherols are from petroleum based sources.

All of the research showing benefit of vitamin E on heart health is based on d-tocopherol supplements." The physician responded with a huff, "Follow me." Leaving her father in the examining room, they trotted down to his private office and he thrust a copy of a research-journal article at her. She took it, calmly turned to the last page, and then pointed to the legal-size type just under the last line of the article. The sentence read, "The vitamin E used in this study was a d-tocopherol supplement." {C}He read those words, and to his credit, immediately announced, "I need to have my assistant call all my patients and let them know they can’t get by with the cheap drugstore vitamin E." Make sure your vitamin E is natural. (Health Masters Super Potent E) It may cost a little more but then, genuine quality also does cost more! A Mix of Carotenoids- Through the years, synthetic beta-carotene supplements have also posed a problem for a significant percentage of people. A rumor has circulated for some time now that preformed vitamin A can cause cancer. The study that indicated that was badly flawed. The subjects were a high-risk group of smokers and drinkers. There is a problem, however, with conversion of beta carotene into vitamin A for people with diabetes, thyroid or pancreatic problems, celiac or sprue disease, and for infants and children. Those who take certain prescription drugs and have too high a consumption of polyunsaturated oils or a low-fat diet can also have a problem. (A person needs bile salts and certain enzymes for the conversion to vitamin A to take place, and a low fat diet often does not release enough bile to do the conversion.)

Also, stress can interfere with beta carotene conversion to vitamin A. Always take our digestive enzyme with your meals and supplements. Most supplements should never be taken on an empty stomach. Make doubly sure your beta-carotene is also a natural product, and that it has a mix of beta carotenoids plus cis-retinaol palmitate. The multivitamin we sell has 75 percent mixed carotenoids (not just beta carotene) and 25 percent cis-retinaol palmitate.

Sufficient Quantity and Balance Are Key!- One of the main problems with many multivitamin products is this: they commonly give massive quantities of some nutrients-usually the most inexpensive ones, of course-and insufficient quantities of others. They do not provide ALL vitamins and minerals necessary, and what they do provide is rarely in balance. Furthermore, many multivitamins have additives and are coated with chemicals that can produce negative side effects. In some cases, the coating of the pills makes them virtually impossible for the digestive system to dissolve. The result is that people "eliminate" the vitamin pills in virtually the same form as they ingested the vitamins. I once read a story where a septic tank worker said that he had once cleaned out a septic tank that had more than a foot of undissolved vitamin pills at the base of it. That was a case of money truly going to WASTE.

In general, people do not like tablets. The product we sell is a vegetable-based capsule. And because it is a capsule, we can use a powdered supplement, easy to swallow and easier to absorb. Avoid Low-Grade Isolates-Isolated vitamins are PARTIAL vitamins, combined with other chemicals and fillers. They are an extremely low-end alternative to whole, real, complete foods or top-quality supplements. Never use products containing wheat gluten, corn, yeast, dairy, artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. 

We must never lose sight of the fact that God intended for us to consume foods in their WHOLE form. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and fiber in whole foods work together as one package. They actually work in a synergistic way-which means that you get more from taking the whole at one eating, such as a whole apple, a whole carrot, a whole orange, than you would by taking the individual nutrients in those foods one at time over the course of a day. The best bioavailability comes in whole-food form. When you take an isolate, you are taken a "fractionated" piece of the whole. Your body will only absorb a small percentage of an isolate form of vitamins and minerals, and it uses even less. Vitamin supplements must be taken in "combinations" that allow nutrients to work together.

Don’t produce "collateral health damage" by taking BAD multivitamins! Not Enough Quantity to Make a Difference By the way, a person deludes himself if he thinks one small tablet can compensate for a day of junk food. When I was in college, I thought that by eating a bowl of Total cereal that I would get all the vitamins I needed. That’s what the manufacture wants you to believe. But, it is a lie. One of the major reasons to take a multivitamin is this: To get a base amount of specific nutrients. No one pill can include ALL of the nutrients in sufficient amounts to give you what all your body needs. As an associate of mine says, "You’d have to take a pill as big as a fat cigar." Multivitamins have been advertised for decades, now, as "one a day." One pill, once a day can never include all of the vitamins and minerals that are essential at a level that is effective. That is why the Ultimate Multiple is taken 2-2 times a day. 

Remember three key words when purchasing ANY supplements: ESSENTIAL, EFFECTIVE, and ACTIVE

One-a-day manufacturers rarely bother to include essential minerals such as potassium or magnesium. Rarely does any multivitamin manufacturer think to include bioflavonoids or what we have discovered to be "trace essential elements." The sad fact is that many vitamin manufacturers are in the pill-selling business, not the health-promoting business. The Case for Taking Good Multivitamins So why take a multivitamin at all? The reason to take a high-quality multivitamin is very simple. Multivitamins help promote optimal health and a strong immune system.

They are ESPECIALLY effective if a person is already following a smart lifestyle, getting adequate exercise, adequate sunshine, adequate sleep, and eating a balance of highly nutritious whole foods. In essence, a good multivitamin/mineral formula can fill in the nutrient "gaps" in a person’s diet. Here are several musts: • In selecting a multivitamin, you MUST choose a highly reputable company that has the highest quality-control manufacturing practices. Look for NSF labeling. NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit organization and it is the recognized body of audit and inspection in the nutrition industry.

Here are a number of other certifications that you might consider and Health Masters products carry: 

1) A certificate of analysis (COA) from a FDA registered facility

2) Vender Certification Program

3) ISO 9001 certification

4) USP30 specifications (United States Pharmacopeia)

5) Make sure they are produced in FDA registered drug facility. not is someone’s garage.

Some manufactures weigh the whole bottle at one time to see if meets their standards. At Health Masters we have each individual capsule weighed. Now that’s quality. Remember if I could have a better product made I would do so, these are the same products I take and that I give to my family. Enough said. Make sure you are checking out the manufacturer of the product, not just the distributor. Or, get reassurance from your distributor that they have checked out the manufacturer fully.

(That is a guarantee we give to all of our customers!) • You MUST make sure the product does not have additives. • You MUST go beyond the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) and the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) guidelines. The RDA numbers define the lowest limit of acceptable daily intake. • Choose a multivitamin that also has Albion MULTI- MINERAL nutrients. Especially look for these minerals: 1)Calcium Malate. (This mineral is vital for healthy bones.) No calcium citrate, phosphate or carbonate) 2)Magnesium Malate. (This mineral is vital to lung health, and is also very important for the maintenance of muscular and nervous systems. It supports a healthy heart and overall energy levels.) 3)Potassium Glycinate. (This mineral is very important for the circulatory system and for bone density health.) Continue to eat a healthful diet of unprocessed organically grown foods, and especially choose to eat a balance of WHOLE foods. What Should Be in Your Multivitamin A good multivitamin/mineral formula should have these nutrients in its formulation: • Vitamin C as ascorbate-promotes tissue growth and repair • Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol (75 % Carotenoids, 25 %   retinal)-supports health, bone, vascular, and immune system   health • Vitamin A-supports health vision and the immune system • Vitamin E as d-alpha tocopherol succinate -helps support the   Muscular system and heart • Selenium Glycinate-bolsters the immune system   Health Masters Ultimate Multiple Vitamin also includes therapeutic doses of vanadium, chromium, and biotin to aid in blood sugar control. Diseases tied to blood sugar are a huge problem with an increasing percentage of our population. These conditions are usually linked directly to obesity, so weight control is a must. Keep in mind, of course, that a "vitamin" by itself of any kind does not help a person lose weight. Rather, it helps a person become healthier. A good multivitamin formula will include L-Cysteine-that supports respiratory and immune systems; Lutein -that supports vision; and Lycopene -that supports the immune system. In addition, a good multivitamin/mineral formula will have nutrients that have been proven in medical and scientific research to contribute to good health. Below are just some of the nutrients you may find in a multivitamin/mineral product and the primary physical system(s) supported by that nutrient. Below is our Health Masters Ultimate Multiple Vitamin label. 

Health Masters Ultimate Multiple is a hypoallergenic proprietary blend of activated vitamin factors and patented mineral complexes. This formulation is specifically designed to maximize energy and optimize body composition. Health Masters Ultimate Multiple Vitamin provides the following benefits:  Therapeutic levels of insulin-supporting nutrients for optimal energy production:

-Vanadium [750 mcg]          

-Chromium [200 mcg]          

-Biotin [1000 mcg] Healthy Heart/Homocysteine Nutrients:          

-Natural Vitamin E [200 IU]          

-Folic Acid [400 mcg 5-FTHF and Folic Acid]          

-B-12 [500 mcg methylcobalamin]          

-B-6 [20 mg pyridoxal 5'phosphate] Advanced Nutrient Delivery System.

Ultimate Multiple without Iron incorporates advanced vitamin co-factors:          

-Riboflavin 5' Phosphate-Activated B2          

-Pyridoxal 5' Phosphate-Activated B6          

-5-formyl tetrahydrofolate-Methylated Folic Acid (B4)          

-Methylocobalmin-Methylated B-12 Patented Albion Chelated Minerals.

Ultimate Multiple Without Iron provides all minerals as Albion chelates and complexes: -Di-Magnesium Malate [100 mg Magnesium] -DimaCal Di-Calcium Malate [100 mg Calcium]

Health Masters Ultimate Multiple Vitamin has ALL of these nutrients. This list can be helpful, however, in informing you about what each nutrient is intended to accomplish in your body. When it comes to whole-food concentrates, scientists are still discovering what the individual micro nutrients provide in the way of health benefits, but we do know that these micro nutrients collectively are very beneficial. Five Key Concepts - Dozens of other nutrients derived from foods and herbs may be included in a multivitamin/mineral formula. Look for evidence related to these five concepts:

1. Absorbability-your body must be able to absorb as much of the nutrient as possible. (Powder in capsule)

2. Allergy-neutral-you must make sure all potential allergy issues have been addressed. (No wheat gluten or artificial colors)

3. Balance-too little of a nutrient gives you no real health benefit-too much can be potentially harmful. (At least 1000 mcg of Biotin as and example)

4. Cooperative synergy-enough research must have been done to support the conclusion that the nutrients work well together in the proportions of the formula. 5. Safety-make sure there are no potential toxic build-up issues. Where can you find this evidence? First, read any supporting inserts and publications available from the manufacturer. If these are not readily available, write or call to ask the manufacturer for information-a reputable manufacturer will be happy to supply it! Or, ask your personal nutrition educator or product supplier for information. At Health Masters we gladly provide this information. If our product could be better I would make is so. This is again what I use and give to my family.   Tips for Maximum Benefit It is important to use multivitamins/minerals in specific ways if you want the most absorption and bioavailability:

• Take multivitamin/mineral supplements with food. (Very important: if over 40 use digestive enzyme)

• Choose a product that has high-potency amounts of as many vital nutrients as possible. Especially look for a variety of anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants work together, and serve to replenish one another as they work.

• Most high-quality formulas call for a person to take more than one pill a day. Health Masters are 4 a day.  • Mineral supplements need to be in Albion Chelate form. Capsules are easier to swallow and release the product much more efficiently.

A Note about Cost  "But these high-quality supplements are so expensive!"  That’s a complaint I’ve heard through the years. My response: "Trying to overcome or cure a long-term degenerative disease is far more expensive, no matter what type of insurance you may have." High-quality supplements are an investment in health. They are one means of circumventing disease and degeneration. Your overall vitality, and especially your vitality as you age, is at the heart of your need for good health practices, including the taking of the best supplements. Curing sickness always costs much more than preventing sickness. If you have a high-quality purpose for living, you should pursue high-quality supplements! {C}Remember: Folks will eat out every week and buy things they don’t need. Health Masters Multiple Vitamin is $25.99 a month which is less than a dollar a day. My health insurance, which I have now cancelled, was $500 a month with a $6000 deductable. My multiple vitamin, which is $25.99 a month, helps to keep us healthy so we do not have to use my health insurance and pay the $6000 deductible. It’s a strange world we live in, but it’s easier and cheaper to have nutritional insurance. 

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I remain sincerely,

Ted Broer