New study In Geneva Once Again Proves That Aluminum Antiperspirant Deodorants Can Trigger Breast Cancer.

A new study out of Geneva claims that aluminum salts in antiperspirants and deodorants can trigger the growth of breast cancer-causing tumors.

The toxic compound essentially lodges itself inside the skin in order to accomplish this, and over time builds up in breast tissue. Mimicking the effects of estrogen, aluminum chloride in the long term acts as fuel for the formation of cancer tumors, helping them to form and spread throughout the body.

The University of Geneva study replicated isolated human mammary cells in mice and found that long-term exposure to aluminum salts (the active ingredient in antiperspirant that plugs the sweat glands) caused cells to form tumours and spread. Andre-Pascal Sappino, an oncology professor at the university and co-author of the study, compared the use of aluminum salts to asbestos.

“Asbestos is cheap, has very attractive industrial potential, and it took 50 years to ban it,” he said to European news outle The Local “We hope it doesn’t take so long to ban aluminum salts.”

Study co-author Dr. Andre-Pascal Sappino, Ph.D., and his colleagues evaluated the effects of aluminum chloride both on isolated human mammary cells and in test mice to come to this conclusion. They observed that long-term exposure to the chemical not only spurred on cancer tumors but also the metastization.

Dr. Sappino, who serves as both a professor and oncologist, advises women and men alike to immediately stop using antiperspirant deodorant products that contain aluminum for their own safety. Because of how aggressively the chemical was shown to provoke cancer tumors in mice, Dr. Sappino and his colleagues see the issue as prudent.

"I think we should avoid all deodorants containing aluminum salts," Dr. Sappino told the media, admitting that his recommendations will likely trigger major industry backlash. "Now the fight will begin. They will act like the tobacco industry and say that proof in human beings is lacking."

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