Tribulus Fuel: A Review of Benefits

Healthmasters’ Tribulus Fuel supplement is one of the highest quality Tribulus Terrestris supplements on the market. What makes this supplement different is the rawness of the ingredient source, which has allowed Healthmasters’ Tribulus Fuel to have a minimum of 95% protodioscin. Protodioscin could be considered the main, active ingredient in Tribulus since it has directly been linked to increased androgen production [1].

This article will be a scientific review of Tribulus Terrestris and its research-supported benefits.*


Information regarding whether Tribulus truly affects testosterone levels in humans is conflicting, and it truly depends on the research.

In animal studies, primarily using rats and cats, Tribulus has been repeatedly shown to increase androgen activity, thus, increasing testosterone levels [2] [3] [4].

However, in 2016, researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 12 major studies investigating Tribulus’ effects on men and women aged 14-60. The studies lasted from two to ninety days and included a wide range of people. While studies have shown Tribulus to increase testosterone levels on animals, the review of these studies did not show Tribulus to raise testosterone levels in humans [5].

Though Tribulus may not increase testosterone levels, research has supported increased libido effects of the plant.


Research has shown that Tribulus can increase and boost libido.

In some studies, researchers found that when men with lowered sex drives consumed 750-1,500mg of Tribulus daily for two months, their sex drives increased by 79% [5] [6], and in those studies, the researchers found that 67% of women who took 750-1,500mg for 90 days experienced an increase in sex drive [5].

In a 2014 study, researchers found supplements that contained Tribulus enhanced sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction in women who took 7.5mg of Tribulus when compared to the placebo group [7].

Regarding man and erectile dysfunction (ED), however, much larger doses were required for results.

While a 2014 study found that 800mg/day of Tribulus may not effectively treat ED [8], a 2017 study found that 1,500mg/day of Tribulus to dramatically increase sexual desire and satisfaction and improve erections [9].

Studies have shown Tribulus to increase libido in men and women with lower than average libidos. Likewise, as higher doses, Tribulus supplementation has been shown to reduce cases of erectile dysfunction.


While Tribulus Terrestris may not necessarily increase testosterone production in humans, studies have attested and confirmed the plant’s aphrodisiac qualities. In both men and women, Tribulus has been shown to increase sexual drive, and at higher doses, Tribulus has been shown to increase sexual desire and satisfaction and improve erections dramatically.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in a Tribulus supplement, Healthmasters’ Tribulus Fuel is perhaps the highest quality Tribulus supplements on the market because of its minimum of 95% protodioscin levels.

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