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Monday, September 14, 2020

Who are the Illuminati?

Russian Americans


Has China Compromised Every Major Mainstream Media Entity?

In a War on Restaurants, Media Tout the Lockdown Narrative​

On Jewish Matters​

Judas Maccabeus​

Texe Marrs Ein Sof The Supreme God of the Kabbalah​

DHS Proposes Massive Expansion Of "Biometric Modality" Collection

Ex-Florida methhead gubernatorial candidate: Andrew Gillum says he identifies as bisexual

NYC Cancels Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade; Russia Recruits 55k Volunteers For COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

"I've Never Seen Anything Like This": Shippers Using West Coast Ports Can't Book Rail On BNSF And Union Pacific

Never Forget: Smoking Gun Intel Memo From 1990s Warned Of 'Frankenstein The CIA Created'​

What he really thinks: Trump mocks Christians, calls them "fools" and "schmucks"​

What Hath White Liberals Wrought?​

UN Forced To Admit Gates-Funded Vaccine Is Causing Polio Outbreak In Africa​

'The Wild West without a sheriff': ITV News witnesses a brazen display of militia power in Louisville​

Likud fumes over 'guillotine' at Tel Aviv anti-corruption rally​

Biden pushes gun control less than 24 hours after attempted assassination on deputies​

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for September 14 2020​

Justice Department internal watchdog is investigating Roger Stone's sentencing, say sources​

Tropical Atlantic churns out another record-setting storm with formation of Vicky​

Coronavirus Victoria: People who refuse to self-isolate could be detained under proposed Victorian law​

Following the communist guidelines: Donald Trump-appointed HHS spokesman claims Democrats are planning armed insurrection after election

Pro-life or Pro-choice? There should NOT be any Debate in the Church!​

Donald Trump-appointed HHS spokesman claims Democrats are planning armed insurrection after election​

Black passenger taken away by police after racial rant on plane in Sacramento​

Reconsidering the Presidential Election​

Trump health aide alleges broad conspiracies and warns of armed revolt​

Sunday, September 13, 2020

This is an excellent article: COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity

Dr. Fauci outs himself, sharing Atlantic Festival platform with Hillary, Pelosi, Stacey Abrams, and a Marxist BLM co-founder

Ernst Röhm, Maximilian Robespierre, and Democrat Party Stormtroopers

Facebook Under Fire For Keeping Antifa Page While Eliminating Far-Right Groups​

U.N. Chooses Teen Prostitution Advocate for Top Human Rights Post​

Jason Whitlock: 'Liberalism is the new KKK hood,' 'white liberals' are 'actual bigots'​

Two Los Angeles sheriff's deputies shot in an apparent 'ambush'​


Veterans Fortify the Ranks of Militias Aligned With Trump’s Views​

American Freedom And Prosperity Are Both Obliterated: From 9/11 To The COVID-19​

Multiple Overdoses Connected To Man Handing Out Free Heroin​

1933 anti-Nazi boycott​

The Gun-Toting, Millennial Restaurant Owner Trying to Ride the Covid Backlash to Congress​

UCLA, Stanford study finds for average 50-64 year old, chances of dying from COVID-19 are 1 in 19.1M​

About the DOD Military Resettlement Document, Feb., 2010 ​

Pelosi ridiculed from left and right after saying ‘angry Mother Earth’ caused California wildfires​

How To Steal An Election, Part 1: The Left's Plan​

Large Number Of Russian Warships Seen Deployed Between Syria & Cyprus​

DHS Proposes Massive Expansion Of "Biometric Modality" Collection​

Is This Proof Biden Is Using Teleprompters To Answer Questions?​

FDA Nears Approval of Injectable Biochip Implants for COVID Detection, Linked to Computers​

The FINAL Stand Against TYRANNY - How 2020 Became The WORST Year Ever​

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Nearly 100 earthquakes rattled Yellowstone in one day

Alcohol and your brain: study finds even moderate drinking is damaging​

Mosquitoes kill cattle and horses in Louisiana​

CIA Operation Mockingbird: QAnon spreads across globe, shadowing COVID-19

Judge rules Los Angeles can ban religious worship

Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media​

Watch! Ten Gov’t Technologies That Would Destroy A Citizen Rebellion Overnight​

Let the pandering begin: Joe Biden: Trump Has 'Put Israel in Danger,' Despite Peace with Arab States

Harvard Prof Uses 9/11 To Blame Trump For COVID Deaths

Pilot who witnessed infamous declassified UFO says object committed ‘act of war’ during encounter

Four Arrested for Arson on the West Coast, One a ‘Regular Attendee’ of Anti-Cop Rallies in Seattle

One Person Dead After Gunman Opens Fire in Indiana Mall

Joe Biden Appears to Reflect Teleprompter Text During TV Interview

Twitter Censors Another Trump Tweet Warning of Voter Fraud

Tom Cotton Leads Lawmakers Calling on DOJ to Investigate Netflix for ‘Peddling Child Pornography’

U.N. Chooses Teen Prostitution Advocate for Top Human Rights Post

Donald Trump Touts ‘Pro-American Immigration’ Strategy

Bokhari: Big Tech Can ‘Turn Down the Volume’ on Entire Movements

Five Arrested, Including Former Detective, in Child Sex Trafficking Sting

15 Migrants Arrested at Sea After 6-Hour Search off California Coast

40% of Parents Don’t Want LGBT Lessons for 6-Year-Olds, Pollsters Say They Must Be ‘Persuaded’

Pope Francis: Climate Change Is Causing ‘Poverty and Hunger’

Edward Snowden: There Has Been No Effort Made to Seek a Pardon from Trump

Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Donald Trump for Reelection

State Dept. Spox: ‘There Is No Military Solution to the End of the War in Afghanistan’

Clarence Page: Trump ‘Has a Tougher on Russia Record Than President Obama’

Brooks: Democrats Have Tried to ‘Get the Issue’ on COVID Relief Rather Than Solve Problem – GOP Wrongly Thinks It’s ‘Normal’ Circumstance

Rochester Black Lives Matter Protesters Reportedly Segregate Demonstrators by Race

Friday, September 11, 2020

Netflix Defends Cuties as Social Commentary on Sexualization of Girls

COVID Psychological Stress Being Applied to Break Resistance to Vaccine

Half Million People Evacuated in Oregon As Wildfires Spread, Arson Concerns Grow

DoD Confirms $10-$20 Billion COVID Bailout For Contractors After Trump Blasted Military-Industrial Complex​

Out Of The Memory Hole: The Dystopian Thread From 9/11 To The COVID Hysteria​

The Welfare State Did What Slavery Couldn't Do

US Aircraft Caught Spying On Chinese Missile Test Disguised As "Malaysian Plane"

Our System Is Crumbling Right In Front Of Our Eyes​

Biden spokesman refuses to discuss whether former VP used teleprompter to answer questions

Yikes: New York Times Estimates 90% of ‘Positive’ COVID Test Results Really Are Negative!

Collateral Damage: U.S. Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001 

Biden, Pence cross paths at NYC 9/11 ceremony​

NFL Kickoff 2020! Chiefs begin title defense vs. Texans in front of 17,000 socially distanced fans​

Donald Trump compares himself to Churchill keeping London calm during the Nazi bombing and FDR during the depression in new defense for not telling the truth about COVID

Jim Caviezel: Freedoms Are Not Taken Away by Communists, but Given Away by Our Surrender ​

Feminist book called I Hate Men sells out in France after government official attempted to ban it​

Planned 9/11 military flyover at 2500ft over NYC prompts outrage​

BLM protesters swarm Rochester restaurant, flip tables, throw chairs, chase away terrified customers

Suicides Among U.S. Kids and Young Adults Have Been Soaring ​

The Pharma Loaded U.S. Soldier Part 1: Taking Inventory of Risks ​

Developing, Mastering and Weaponizing new technology to control you​

Virus spiking in eastern Europe; Hungary drafts 'war plan' ​

White Jewish GWU professor is seen for the first time since controversy erupted​

Michigan will not soften coronavirus response until there is a vaccine, Gov Whitmer says

COVID-19 Vaccine Participant Develops Neurological Symptoms, AstraZeneca Pauses Trial

U.S. Mint Silver & Gold Eagle Sales Explode In August​

Hearing 'I love you' from their owner makes pups' heart rate skyrocket by 46 percent, study shows​

Joe Biden Says He’ll Keep U.S. Troops in the Middle East if Elected President

Andrew Napolitano sued by arson defendant who alleges ex-judge forced him to perform oral sex​

A Coup in the Making - Amazing Polly​

This article is a total fabrication, designed to build hatred against whites and policeWhite supremacists and militias have infiltrated police across US, report says

The Ted & Austin Broer Show - 05/27/2020

Thursday, September 10, 2020

World wildlife plummets more than two-thirds in 50 years: index

White House orders end to COVID-19 airport screenings for international travelers​

Citizens Stop Spanish Police From Arresting Woman For Not Wearing Mask​

The Global Police State Is Swiftly Rising ​

Anxiety, Depression and Suicide Are at All-Time Highs. Masks a major factor.​

What Possible Disruption Is Coming That Requires China To Start Massive Stockpiling Of All Possible Commodities​

This is obfuscation: Let’s Give Trump Some Credit—On Labor Day He Threw Down the Gauntlet to the Corrupt Military Brass

The Spirit Of Fear Has Conquered Our Country

Horowitz: The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?​

14% of Americans think a COVID vaccine will be widely available before election​

There is something very wrong with some in the top ranks of America’s military​

How To Develop Your Situational Awareness – Lessons From The Intelligence Servic​e

Probably another Mossad hit: Beirut Panics As Another Huge 'Mystery' Fire Engulfs The Port

"The Battle Is Coming" - Reality Vs Delusion​

ESPN to televise protesting players and singing of black national anthem

The communist/Rothschild Oscars’ new diversity and inclusion rules for Best Picture nominees

South Dakota Gov. Slams Sturgis 'Superspreader' Study: "It's Fiction, Not Science"​

The Democrats Are Fronting for the CIA Deep State’s Color Revolution​

Texans Leave Field, Chiefs Stand Arm-in-Arm for National Anthem, ‘Black National Anthem’

Pelosi: ‘Mother Earth Is Angry — She’s Telling Us with Hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, Fires in the West’

Obamas, Netflix Board Member Susan Rice Silent Amid ‘Cuties’ Firestorm

Republicans Surging in Heated Battle for Control of the Senate

Maine Democrat Rival to Susan Collins Blocked Ethics Investigation into Lawmaker’s Alleged Sex Misconduct

Andrew Cuomo Announces Fine for New York Maskless Subway Riders

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

COVID Dystopia Comes To Melbourne

The Persecution Of Christians Is Escalating Dramatically All Over The World

MKULTRA and the CIA's War on the Human Mind

Multi-Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price – We Will See A “Coup” In The U.S. As America Approaches Its “Weimar Moment”

The "Stalinist" Trial of Julian Assange​

The same FED who collapsed the-economy in 1929 Now Owns Nearly One Third of All US Mortgages​

Wildfires reduce towns to ashes as ‘unprecedented’ blazes fuelled by ‘heat dome’ and 14,000 lightning strikes ravage US​

To support the fake Q narrative: Pence to attend event hosted by QAnon backers

Nationwide Ammo Shortage as Americans Stock up amid Civil Unrest ​

A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human?​

Quebec City Says It Will Isolate "Uncooperative" Citizens In Secret Corona Facility​

As they throw passengers off for masks and put them on a no fly list: Airlines Beg For Bigger Bailouts Despite 'Optimistic' Headlines On US Air Travel Rebound

Whitney: Is BLM The Mask Behind Which The Oligarchs Operate?​

US Hemorrhaging $3 Billion Per Week From Tourism Crash​

There Is No Recovery

Central Banks Are Buying $1.4 Billion In Assets Every Hour: 20 Stunning Facts About The "Market" 

AstraZeneca Shares Plunge As COVID Vaccine Study Put On Hold Due To "Adverse Reaction"

UN says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine

Entire Rochester Police Command Resigns

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates: “Bill Gates Buys Media to Control the Messaging”

U.S. Marshals Rescued 72 Missing Children Across Indiana, Ohio, and Georgia in the Past Several Weeks​

Houston Health Department leading antibody testing survey to better understand the spread of COVID-19 in Houston​

1000s Of Cases But Zero Hospitalizations In Colleges: Good News But States Force Draconian Lockdowns​

Of course he is: NSA Chief Who Oversaw Sweeping Domestic Phone Surveillance Joins Amazon Board As Director

J.C. Penney Reaches $800 Million Rescue Deal With Landlords To Avoid Liquidation​

Tuesday, September 8, 2020



CDC advises parents to prepare for "sudden sleepover" for school children​

THE OPERATION TRUMP: Successful as Planned (Hindsight 2020​)

Exposure: The Electromagnetic Human Test by James Grundvig

Democrats Have Planned a Coup If Trump Wins Reelection

Is British “judge”  Vanessa Baraitser a CIA Operative?

The 1% blunder: How a simple but fatal math mistake by US Covid-19 experts caused the world to panic and order lockdowns

‘You thought it would stop at statues?’ Darwin exhibits at UK's Natural History Museum may be canceled for being ‘offensive’

Detroit Judge Bans Police From Using Tear Gas, Batons On BLM Protesters Even If Demonstrations Escalate

A Supercomputer's Covid-19 Analysis Yields a New Way to Understand the Virus

Trump’s DHS to label white supremacists as the “most persistent and lethal threat” to the US: report

Judge Warns Julian Assange to Shut Up After Shouts of ‘Nonsense’ at Extradition Hearing​

SECOND WAVE RIDER Female surfer dragged off Spanish beach in cuffs by hazmat-clad cops for ‘riding waves while infected with coronavirus’

'Morality pills' may be the US's best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic, according to one ethicist​

PIERS MORGAN: Trump is right, the 1619 Project promotes fake history​

Tylenol side effect: Acetaminophen makes people take greater risks, study suggests​

Rasmussen: 57% Likely U.S. Voters Agree with Trump on Need for ‘Patriotic Education’

Trump’s Growing Support Among Latinos Threatens Biden’s Path to Victory

Report: Joe Biden Promises Wall Street Donors the Status Quo in Private Calls

Obama-Appointed Judge Reopens ‘Visa Lottery’ During Coronavirus Crisis

Jerry Jones: Player Protests Are ‘Genuine Ask for Help’

Rochester Chief of Police, Other Top Cops Resign from Force: Criticism ‘Mischaracterization and Politicized’

Donald Trump: If Biden Wins, China Wins. It’s as Simple as That

Peter Schweizer: The Biden Campaign Is Hiding Kamala Harris–Here’s Why

MSNBC’s Wallace: Trump’s Obama Obsession ‘Some Sick 50 Shades of a Racist Pig Stuff’

Report: Left Mobilizes for ‘Mass Public Unrest,’ ‘Political Apocalypse’ Expected If Biden Loses

‘Sunset on Mars.’ Smoke from California fires gives national parks ‘apocalyptic’ glow

Labor Day weekend air travel hits nearly 6-month high, but holiday caps dismal summer season

JPMorgan says some employees have ‘fallen short’ as bank probes abuses of government relief funds

US budget deficit hits record $3 trillion: CBO

Monday, September 7, 2020

Why Is Israel Funding evangelicals?

The COVID-19 Scamdemic, Part 2: Enabling The Technocratic-Parasite-Class' "Great Reset"

Woman who died in February gets letter saying she’s positive for COVID-19

EXCLUSIVE: Militant Leftist Attempts to Kill Conservative Activist After Memorial for Trump Supporter Murdered By Portland Antifa (VIDEO)

Northeastern University Dismisses 11 Students for Attending Hotel Party

"Dead" Virus Cells Frequently Trigger "False Positives" In Most Common COVID Test, New Study Finds

Trump ends 'critical race theory' training for federal employees, calls it a 'sickness'

RPD body cam video shows what happened before and after Daniel Prude's encounter with police

Workers Reveal Disney Is Covering Up Its COVID Cases ​

Where’s Trumps pardon?: Julian Assange: WikiLeaks founder arrested over 18 new allegations as he appears in court to fight US extradition

Pandemic turns summer into European tourism's leanest season ​

Trump & Biden election campaigns mirror CIA-style psyops US used abroad seeking regime change​

CDC sends ‘urgent’ request for COVID vaccine plans by Nov. 1​

A Rogue Institution and a Clear and Present Danger to Liberty in America​

COVID 19 - The UK Scamdemic​

BREAKING NEWS: Explosion Rips Through Power Plant Near Atlanta​

Ohio Governor Calls Out Fauci Lies, Lifts HCQ Ban​

American Airlines faces backlash after allowing cabin crew to wear Black Lives Matter pins on duty​

Six Madrid cops hit woman's head on car as they arrest her for not wearing a mask​

Outrageous moment BLM protesters scream 'f**k the white people' at elderly outdoor diners​

Number of patients with pre-diabetes who develop the full disease halves in 20 years​

Another communist: Wealthy New York City College Student Accused of Rioting in Manhattan

The Truth Shall Be Revealed​

Ohio FEMA Camps – Still More Questions Than Answers​

United Nations Complains About A "Male-Dominated World" Thanks To "Millennia Of Patriarchy"​

Trump Demands Biden, Harris Apologize for ‘Reckless’ Vaccine Comments​

More than 700 airline passengers banned for refusing to wear masks​

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Hillary Clinton does not have to TESTIFY regarding her private email server

Lies and more lies: Tump Vows To Defund Planned Parenthood In Campaign Letter To ‘Pro-Life’ Voters

Covid-19 tests may be detecting traces of DEAD virus, giving ‘false positives’ and EXAGGERATING pandemic

DHS Says Americans Need to Start Prepping for up to six months without electricity!​

White Jewish GWU professor is seen for the first time since controversy erupted​

Turkey Escalates With Tanks & Armored Troop Carriers Deployed To Greek Border​

Armed Trump supporters gather near Churchill Downs ahead of Kentucky Derby protests​

The Creature From Jekyll Island – Legalized Plunder Called Banking​

Assaulting Police More Acceptable to Virginia Senators​

Myron Fagan exposes the Kabbalists/Bankers/CFR [1967]

Nurse Whistleblower: Hospitals Vaccinating Patients by Force Without Their Knowledge​

Protesters denounce Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's handling of coronavirus pandemic​

Blast Of Cold Air To Freeze Central US Next Week​

The mandatory vaccine mafia​

Using disinformation againTrump Says Schools Teaching NY Times' 1619 Project "Will Not Be Funded"

More Hegelian dialectic: Trump Tells Feds: Stop "Anti-American" Training On 'Critical Race Theory'

What did Otto Kahn say about controlling the world?

Tropical Storms To 'Crank' Up Next Week As Snow Threatens Central US​

Another lie: Rothschild cut out Elon Musk Has Now Earned Nearly $9 Billion In Compensation In Less Than 3 Years will all go to a foundation that is Rothschild controlled

Protesters cause diners to flee in panic as they 'shut down' a restaurant in Rochester​

Remember that the Rothschilds control the media - they are promoting this narrative which is probably true for maximizing hatred: Trump thought his supporters would think it's cool he 'slept with a porn star', Michael Cohen claims

Trump said Hispanics are 'like blacks' and 'too stupid to vote for Trump', Cohen claims in new book

Study finds 60% higher rates of COVID-19 among people with low levels of the 'sunshine vitamin'​

Data: 48 of America's 50 Largest Cities Hit By Black Lives Matter Riots​

Bokhari: Everything You Post Online Will Be Scanned by 'Hate Speech Algorithms'​

A Rogue Institution And A Clear & Present Danger To Liberty In America

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Rewriting the limits of presidential powers

Australian state of Victoria to deploy military as police face resistance to Covid-19 orders​

1 in 4 young people are reporting suicidal thoughts. Here's how to help

One man’s battle shows why covid-19 and obesity are a toxic mix

Inside America’s Secretive $2 Billion Research Hub Collecting Fingerprints From Facebook, Hacking Smartwatches And Fighting Covid-19​

"BLM" Rioters "Shut Down" Restaurants In Rochester, Smash Bank Windows In Manhattan, During Latest Night Of Mayhem​

'The Notion That US Debt Can Ever Be Paid Back is Ridiculous', Analyst Says

An Actual Plague Wouldn’t Have Required a Government Response​

Standing at a crossroads – Claudio Grass, Precious Metal Advisory In Switzerland​

Communist paid: Protesters cause diners to flee in panic as they 'shut down' a restaurant in Rochester

Why Are Moderna Executives Selling Stock While Developing A Coronavirus Vaccine?​

List of corporations that use tissue from aborted babies in their products​

DHS Braces For 'Potential EMP Attack' As Presidential Election Nears​

5 Reasons The Fed's New Policy Won't Create Inflation​

The Economy Continues To Unravel Despite All Stimulus Measures

COVID-19: Two-thirds in US won't take vaccine right away, poll shows

52% of young adults living with parents amid pandemic, report finds

Armed Trump supporters gather near Churchill Downs ahead of Kentucky Derby protests

Hair salon had to remove job ad for 'happy’ stylist because it is 'discriminatory' against unhappy people 

Only 1 in 10 medical treatments is backed by high quality evidence according to shocking report​

COVID Death Rates Dropped as Doctors Rejected Ventilators​

Friday, September 4, 2020

Think smartwatches, speakers, TVs and security cameras: Inside America's Secretive $2 Billion Research Hub Collecting Fingerprints from Facebook, Hacking Smartwatches, and Fighting COVID-19

Florida vaccination exemptions at all time high

Vaccine-derived polio spreads in Africa after defeat of wild virus

US Court Vindicates Snowden Leaks - Rules NSA Mass Surveillance "Illegal" & Officials Lied

Black Lives Matter Terrorist Charged with 19 felonies​

UN Forced to Admit Gates-funded Vaccine is Causing Polio Outbreak in Africa

Israel Is In Charge of FaceBook’s Censorship of American Free Speech

Facebook Hires an Israeli Censor

Weather Modification

Press in His Pocket: Bill Gates Buys Media to Control the Messaging​

The Persuasion Game: Manipulating Intention to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine

Injunction Lawsuit Against the University of California - Filed!

Dr. Fauci Says Coronavirus Vaccine Doses Will Be Manufactured 'Before We Even Know That the Vaccine Works'​


13 Australian doctors tell govt to end lockdowns: ‘They’re causing unprecedented negative…outcomes’

FDA Wants To Ban NAC Now That It Combats Covid-19​

Fauci Funded the Wuhan Coronavirus That Gave Us the Pandemic​

Tucker Carlson 9 1 20​

One Day After Zero Hedge, FT "Unmasks" SoftBank As Call-Buying "Nasdaq Whale"​

China To "Gradually" Sell 20% Of Its US Treasury Holdings, May Dump It All In Case Of "Military Conflict": State Media

Here Is Everything We Know About A COVID-19 Vaccine​

The Seven Reasons We Obey Authority​

Portland Antifa Member Who Shot Patriot-Prayer Man Was Killed By Police!​

The Seven Reasons We Obey Authority​

Virginia: Washington and Lee University Offers Class on 'How to Overthrow the State'​

Engineered Food Shortages and Famine to Justify 'Reset' of US Food System​

Spiro: As COVID-1984 Accelerates Bill Gates Blames ‘Freedom’ For Spread of the Virus​

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will move to deter "civil unrest" after election​

How Jerry Falwell Jr. mixed his personal finances with his university's​

Could religious exemptions trump a COVID-19 vaccine mandate? Well, that depends​

Here’s the truth: Central Banks Are Buying $1.4 Billion In Assets Every Hour: 20 Stunning Facts About The "Market"

Oil Industry Is Fading Away in Land of the World’s Richest Reserves​

America's Summer Exodus: Thousands Flee The Cities Every Day Because They Don't Feel Safe​

Jacked Up On Amphetamines? Pharmaceutical Professional Weighs In​

The New American Mobile ​

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Hydrogel Biosensor: Implantable Nanotech to be Used in COVID Vaccines?

Antibodies Don’t Equal Immunity: Busting the Antibody-Protection Paradigm

Fake Pandemic Re-Run: Similarities Between 1976 Swine Flu and 2020 COVID

Are the COVID Tests a Way to Surreptitiously Infect or Implant People?

CDC sends ‘urgent’ request for COVID vaccine plans by Nov. 1​

Fauci says coronavirus vaccine trials could be stopped early if they produce good results​

Debate rages over whether FDA should use emergency powers to clear a coronavirus vaccine early​

More Propaganda“We’re putting them on notice today!” – President Trump starts process of defunding lawless cities like New York, Portland

Which COVID-19 vaccines will be derived from aborted children’s cell lines? 

Jezebelic: BLM leaders call on the spirits of the dead ​

How to Explain to Your Kids Why Social Justice Warriors Hate Christians So Much​

What is Covid-19, SARS-2. How is it Tested? How is It Measured? The Fear Campaign Has No Scientific Basis​

Nearly 100 common drugs linked to increased risk of thinking and memory problems​

Rothschild central bank is the big call buyer: Speculation Emerges Over Identity Of Mystery Marketwide Call Buyer

Narrative Appears: Trump 'Wins' Big On Election Night, But Biden Will Eventually Win Due To Mail-In Ballots

"Infiltrated By Nazis..." - The Rise Of The New Normal 'Gleichschaltung​'

Sound Money Is Key To Defending Our Liberties​

Air Travel Bust Worsens As Carriers Need More Cash​

If true this is another insane act of war!: Maduro Claims Trump Personally Ordered His Murder, "Search" For Snipers Underway

Former Central Banker: "The World Is Heading Towards A New Monetary System That Incorporates Gold"​

Nolte: Washington Post Says Election Will Get Violent Unless Biden Wins​

Trump tells his supporters to vote by mail AND go to their polling venue to 'check their vote has been tabulated' then vote 'if it has not been counted' - day after suggesting people in North Carolina vote twice

Extensive Russian research project suggests you CANNOT get Covid-19 twice unless you have a serious underlying medical condition​

CDC Vindicates Dr. Bukacek, Indicts Itself​

Pfizer could score fast COVID-19 vaccine nod, thanks to Hahn's promise of October FDA review: analyst​

'Wrong direction': Survey shows dismal outlook for New York City ​

"We Should Be Concerned" - Fed Spooked By Biggest Market Crash Since March​

"Choose Your Own Apocalypse": Bullshitting Republicans Aren't Great, But Gaslighting Democrats Are Evil​

The plot thickens! Another GIANT crater appears in Siberia, making it vast Russian territory’s 17th mystery pit (PHOTOS,VIDEOS)

US Issued $4.5 Trillion (!) in New Debt Over the Past Year. Foreigners Bought Just 9% of That​

Joe Biden Meets with Blake Family -- Including Antisemitic, Racist Father​

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Joe Rogan's most controversial episodes are missing from Spotify

Pelosi used shuttered San Francisco hair salon for blow-out, owner calls it 'slap in the face'​

This is an excellent summary must listen: IS THERE AN OPERATION TRUMP?Successful as Planned (Hindsight 2020)

Peaceful Rallies Around the World to Champion Freedom​

Trump Leads Biden At The Bookies Amid Surge In Black Americans' Support​

RFK, Jr. and CHD Take Action on Safety Concerns over Moderna’s COVID Vaccine

One In Four Workers Say They Are Working Entirely From Home: Gallup

Australia Plunges Into First Recession In 29 Years Following Biggest GDP Drop On Record​

In Unprecedented Move, CDC Halts Most Rental Evictions Until End Of 2020​

Bill De Blasio Says NYC Indoor Dining May Not Happen Until June 2021​

The Real Reason The Oil Rally Has Fizzled Out

De Blasio hints indoor dining won't return in NYC until COVID-19 vaccine

Kirk Cousins is fine with getting coronavirus: 'If I die, I die'

Germany has evidence Putin critic Navalny was poisoned with Novichok

U.S. Perceptions of White-Black Relations Sink to New Low ​

College Students, Told to Report Covid Parties, Ask: To Snitch or Not to Snitch?​

Just a Rothschild cut-out: RED PLAN-IT Elon Musk to build ‘glorious’ Martian city with 1,000-starship fleet – but warns first visitors ‘will probably die’

Prager: The Lockdown Has Gone From a Mistake to a Crime

"It's Not Your Imagination. Something Is Very Wrong." ​


This is so stupidPeople Who Reject Face Masks More Likely To Be Sociopaths: Study

Total pansy communist: Portland Mayor Tells Neighbors He's Moving After Riot Outside His Condo

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Focus on the Covid-19 Death Rate​

Jared Taylor Explains How Brainwashing of Mentally and Emotionally Weak White People Has Succeeded in Dispossessing White Ethnicities of Confidence​

Anti-White Racism in America is Real​

Wake Up America. You’ve Been Conned. Only An Estimated 9,683 Covid-19 Only Deaths So Far In 2020, Not 180,000​

Israel Is In Charge of FaceBook’s Censorship of American Free Speech​

Does Western Civilization Have a Future, or Is It Already in Its Grave?​

Blithering idiotDemi Lovato Ashamed of Her 'Privilege': 'I Hated that I Shared the Same Skin Color as the People Accused of Committing Heinous Crimes'

I have been telling you this for years: People who drink just ONE bottle of beer or a small wine each day are 25% more likely to be obese

Chicago, Portland, Baltimore – The Things We've Warned About Are Now Starting To Happen Everywhere

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Your Neighbors Could Be Your Worst Nightmare in an Emergency:What is important to know is that when the needs of the neighbors are not able to be met, those needs will be attempted to be filled at your expense if you are the one with the supplies

Clackamas County And Washington County Sheriffs Say They Won't Send Officers To Help End Violence In Portland Per Governor Brown's Plan​

'Shoot On-Site': Chicago Gangs Form Pact To Execute Cops Who Draw Weapons On Suspects, Says FBI​

Ron DeSantis: We Will Never Lock Down Again​

More disinformation - Trump closed the churchesFranklin Graham warns socialist left will 'close the Church down': 'The storm is coming'

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for September 1 2020

Ron Paul On The "CDC Bombshell" - Only 6% Of 'COVID Deaths' From Only COVID

"This Is Real... There's Going To Be A F**king War In November" - Dem Operative Admits Voter Fraud

Do We Even Know What An “Evangelical Christian” Is Anymore?

AOC Tests Clout Against Pelosi, Kennedy Name in Massachusetts Primary

DOJ announces new oversight for surveillance applications of elected officials, campaign staff

Two women fight on jet bridge at LaGuardia Airport, wild video shows​

County Seizes Property From L.A. Church Challenging Coronavirus Restrictions

These Scientists Are Giving Themselves D.I.Y. Coronavirus Vaccines

Joe Biden raises at least $350 million in August smashing through previous records set by Obama as he outspends Donald Trump tenfold on TV ads

Texas weather reporter Kelly Plasker found dead after Facebook confession

‘The Comey Rule’ Review: Jeff Daniels-Led Event Series May Be Most Important Drama Of This Election Year

Los Angeles police fatally shoot Black man after suspected bike violation

Book: Pence told ‘to be on standby’ for Trump hospital visit

Trump denies 'mini-strokes' sent him to Walter Reed

Photos: Donald Trump Visits Burned-Out Business in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Trump Campaign Requests ‘Written Confirmation’ Basement Biden Will Participate in Presidential Debates

Polls: Support for President Trump Surges in Black Community

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Worried About ‘Race War,’ Blames ‘Leadership’ for Inciting Violence

AG Barr: Intel Suggested ‘Violent Instigators’ from CA/WA/IL Planned to Attack Kenosha Police

Actual CNN ‘Fact Check’ of Donald Trump Claims Portland Not Entirely Ablaze

Pelosi’s San Francisco: 70% Increase in Drug Overdoses Last Year, More than a Death a Day

ICE Arrested Over 2K Illegal Aliens Last Month, Including Killers, Rapists

Trump Campaign Prioritizes ‘Unborn Life,’ Religious Freedom for 2nd Term

Maskless Nancy Pelosi Goes to San Francisco Hair Salon Despite Coronavirus Restrictions

Biden Spending Heavily to Defend Battlegrounds Democrats Won in 2016

White House Denounces ‘Ludicrous’ Washington, D.C. Plan to Change or Remove Historical Monuments

Monday, August 31, 2020

Trump praises supporters amid deadly clashes with social justice demonstrators

Colleges vs. parties

US floats idea of early approval for eventual vaccine

More Than Half Of Those Arrested During 7 Days Of Kenosha Unrest Were From Out Of Town, Police Chief Says​

Coronavirus warning: Mass use of hand gels could CREATE unstoppable superbugs - expert

CDC Finds Only 6% Of Coronavirus Deaths Are Solely From COVID-19 ​

The DC’s Richie McGinniss Describes Shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin – Heard Shots Fired Before Kyle Rittenhouse Fired His Gun

Antifa and Black Lives Matter March Through Oakland Chanting ‘Death to America’

Insane Leftist Mob Goes After Rand Paul and Republicans in DC on the Final Night of the RNC

Virginia Senate approves changes to police assault law during special session

‘Rest in Peace Jay!’ Trump pays tribute to slain supporter shot dead amid Portland clashes, police still to release his identity

LA County Loses Court Battle with Grace Community Church -- So County Sends Eviction Notice to the Church on Sunday​

Seizing Iranian and Syrian oil is also wrong!Weaponising China’s export of medicines is wrong, immoral and should be denounced

Fleet of moving vehicles are seen in NYC's troubled Upper West Side, marking 'mass evacuation'

Tipping Point? Man Shot-Dead in Portland for Backing Trump​

One Author's Argument 'In Defense Of Looting'

In Defense of Kyle Rittenhouse

Will Hillary and the Dems Get the Civil War They Are Trying to Provoke?

Her Name Is Veronica Lee Baker: Four Black Teens Arrested in Murder of White 17-Year-Old In Raleigh, North Carolina

Black Man ‘Felt Compelled to Go Stab a White Male’ After Watching Anti-White Propaganda

Portland Protests Declared Riot But Is This Rooted In Racism?​

The West Is a Portrait of Degeneracy

Beyond belief stupid: Black Parolee Says Slavery Justifies His Rape and Brutal Beating of 20 Year Old White Woman

Are Bill Gates’ Vaccines Anti-fertility Vaccines?

WaPo Trashes Trump's New "Anti-Fauci" As Gottlieb Pans White House Push For "Herd Immunity"

A Staggering 50 People Shot, Including 2 Police, In Another Blood-Soaked Chicago Weekend 

The Last Time This Happened Was The Day The Dot-Com Bubble Burst

Elon Musk Surpasses Zuckerberg As The World's Third Richest Person With A $110BN Net Worth

Tallahassee Police Rule Man Who Pulled Pistol In Viral Protest Confrontation "Lawfully Defended Himself"​

Twisted Picture Of A Consumer Economy Running On Fumes Of Stimulus​

How Germany's Lockdowns Have Fostered Resentment & Violence Among The Nation's Youth​

'The Saker' Asks: Will Hillary & The Dems Get The Civil War They Are Trying To Provoke?​

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Pinterest Pays $89.5 Million To Abandon Upcoming Lease In San Francisco

Is COVID-19 The Trigger For A 'New World Order' Of Economic Stagnation & Social Destruction?​

The European towns declaring themselves to be LGBT-free zones: Brussels is impotent as politicians in Poland are whipping up hatred against a 'rainbow plague' they compare to the threat of Nazism

Massive explosion leaves giant 165ft deep crater in Arctic tundra after heatwave​

"This Dude is Shooting at Us!" - BLM Run For Their Lives After Milwaukee Homeowner Fires Warning Shots at Protesters *Update* BLM Militant Shot and Bleeding (VIDEO)​

Charlotte Black Lives Matter Rioters March Down the Street Chanting 'F-ck Your Jesus,' Cover Street Preacher With Silly String (VIDEOS)​

Texas mandates vaccines for all kids in public school, even if learning online​

Germany anti-coronavirus protest ends in chaos as hundreds storm Reichstag in Berlin​

This is probably a lockdown beta-test: Internet users across the world report problems with accessing websites in major global outage

Judgment is Coming for America

FDA Nears Approval of Injectable Biochip Implants for COVID Detection, Linked to Computers

Hardcore communist: Merkel Unrepentant on 2015 Migrant Crisis: I Would Do it Again

Nolte: Virginia Dems Declare Open Season on Law Enforcement ​

Drought, Windstorm Plunge Iowa's Corn Industry Into Chaos​

Cloward-Piven Strategy To Destroy America Resurgent Amid BLM/Antifa-Led Riots​

California Senate Passes Sen. Wiener's Legislation to End Discrimination Against LGBTQ Young People in Sex Offender Registry​

Will Hillary and the Dems get the civil war they are trying to provoke?​

Photos show devastation in riot-torn Kenosha as Trump prepares to visit​

Tales from America’s COVID college campuse​s

CDC Finds Only 6% Of Coronavirus Deaths Are Solely From COVID-19​

As Trump seeks reelection, a chapter closes on the religious right's Falwell era​

College Director: "Every White Person In This Country Is Racist"​

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Former pool attendant details alleged relationship with Becki and Jerry Falwell Jr.

WATCH: CNN Claims Kenosha Protests Are ‘Fiery But Mostly Peaceful’ As City Burns Behind Reporter

Robocop Is Here - New Police Helmet Scans For COVID-19 and Uses Facial Recognition

Scandal-ridden WHO ‘listening in’ on online conversations to counter ‘fake COVID-19 news’​

Here come the Covid Detention Centers

Halting Our Descent into Tyranny: Defeating the Global Elite’s Covid-19 Coup

California chicken plant is forced to shut down after EIGHT employees die from COVID-19​

The Monetary System is Behind the Power Curve. That’s Not Good. ​

Berlin police break-up protest for failing to socially-distance​

Riots break out in Sweden as 300 people gather to protest against far-Right activists​

Facebook Threatens to Censor Conservative Hodgetwins on Same Day NYT Laments Their Success​

Sheriff: Man Tries to Board School Bus, Enters Home, Gets Shot Dead​

Coronavirus US: Divorce rates rise 34% during pandemic​

"She Hasn't Done Her Job": Looting, Riots, & Mayoral Ineptitude Prompt Mass Exodus Of Chicago Residents​

Quantum D WAVETrump Administration To Invest $1 Billion In Quantum Computing, AI

Federal Court Rules In Favor Of Sarah Palin's Defamation Lawsuit Against The New York Times

This is an act of war: US Court Approves Sale Of Venezuela-Bound Gasoline From Stolen Ship

"Return Of The Dust Bowl? The "Megadrought" In The Southwest Is Really Starting To Escalate​

The COVID-19 Scamdemic, Part 1: The Hard Road To A New World Order​

On "Unconditional" Military Aid To Israel, Biden-Harris Far To The Right Even Of Bush Admin​

Violators Of New Zealand's New Mask Law Face Up To $700 Fine​

Excellent news: German Court Overturns Protest Ban - Tomorrow's Massive Anti-Lockdown March To Go-Ahead

Chicago Teachers Union "Endorses" Guillotine Built By Protesters Outside Jeff Bezos' House​

Americans Sense Something Is Wrong: Gun Sales Up 72% ​

MGM Resorts To Fire 18,000 Employees, A Quarter Of Its Workforce​

Herbalife Crashes After NY Prosectors File Criminal Charges Accusing It Of China Bribery Conspiracy​

"The Fed Has Become An Awful Echo Of The End-Days Of The Former Soviet Union"​

This Has To Be A Joke, Because If It's Not...​

Joe Biden Ad Blames Trump for Whitmer's Decision to Cancel Football

Friday, August 28, 2020

Chaos Erupts In DC After GOP Convention; Rand Paul And Wife Chased Down Street By BLM Protesters

Delta bans nearly 250 people from flying on its planes for refusing to wear masks​

Why Americans Are Looking for a Safe Haven from the Dollar​

'Empty Highways' - About 61 Million Americans Have Stopped Commuting In Post-Covid World 

Why is the ‘anti-vaxxer’ movement growing during a pandemic?​

Iowa's farmers double blast: First the derecho, now an extreme drough​t

World Rising Up Against the Lockdowns As Protests Mount​

Brits to be hit by flash floods and battered by thunderstorms as 'biblical' deluge continues​

Soros DA Diana Becton Requires Officers Consider Whether a Looter "Needed" Stolen Goods Before Charging​

Sheriff Judd giving update on early morning Lakeland shooting​

Lakeland homeowner shoots, kills 'out-of-control' intruder during break-in, deputies say ​

#BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Roberts is/was being blackmailed.​

12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic

The COVID-19 Vaccine. The Imposition of Compulsory Vaccination with a Biometric Health Passport?

Stanford Study Proves Covid-19 Was Overhyped. “Death Rate Is Likely Under 0.2%”

COVID-19 Coronavirus: The Crisis. “You Simulate and Then You Go Live”

Is the UN Preparing for the “Second Covid Lockdown”? Oppressive Measures Worldwide, Obedience and Acceptance…

“Collective Narcissism” and the “Dark Triad”: Those Who Protest against the “Official” Covid-19 Narrative are Categorized as “Psychopaths”. Is It A Witch Hunt?

LancetGate: “Scientific Corona Lies” and Big Pharma Corruption. Hydroxychloroquine versus Gilead’s Remdesivir

Must listen: Urgent Information About Your Future

CNN Doctor: Trump’s RNC Crowd ‘Concerning,’ but March on Washington ‘Very Important,’ Because Racism

Minneapolis: Rioter Chucks Trash Can Lid into Back of Officer’s Head

Chelsea Clinton: I Want ‘White Children of Privilege’ to ‘Erode that Privilege’ Over Time

Black Voices for Trump Helping to Clean Up BLM Chaos in Wisconsin

WATCH: FS1’s Shannon Sharpe: ‘The Hardest Job I’ve Ever Had Was Being Black’

Judge Refuses to Release Full Report on Kim Foxx’s Handling of Jussie Smollett Case

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Germany to end mandatory tests for travelers, bans protests

"Any Excuse To Riot" - Minneapolis Descends Into Chaos Over Police Shooting "Fake News"

Everything Changes After Kenosha... "Divided We Stand"

17 Facts That Prove The US Economy Is A Complete And Total Disaster-Zone At This Point​

Rand Paul Delivers Blistering Foreign Policy Attack: "Biden Will Choose War Again"​

Italian physicians warns of the horrors of mass COVID-19 vaccines

The CDC is being influenced by corporate and political interests

"I Don't Think There Should Be Any Debates" Says Pelosi, Calling Them An "Exercise In Skullduggery"

More Ignored Black on White Crime​

The Transformation of Europe as an Elite Project

Liberal Folly Will Have Unintended Consequences

Trump Pro and Con

Arrests Made After 'Suspicious Vehicles With Out-Of-State Plates' Stopped In Kenosha

2020 Nightmare: Armies Of Lawyers Ready To Fight A Long Legal Battle Over Election Results

Trump pops to 52%: ‘Best job approval rating on record,’ up with blacks, even Democrats

Mandatory Vaccinations Are On The Way

BREAKING: MASS LOOTING AND RIOTS in Minnesota after Shooting -- a Likely Public Suicide -- Chaos and Shots Fired in the Streets (VIDEO)

Delta bans nearly 250 people from flying on its planes for refusing to wear masks​

Chicagoans ponder moving away to escape downtown looting​

Germany Imposes Fine For All Non-Mask Wearers In New National Crackdown​

Chaos Erupts In DC After GOP Convention; Rand Paul And Wife Chased Down Street By BLM Protesters​

Capital One Cuts Credit Card Borrowing Limits As US Reduces Support For Unemployed Americans​

Liberty University graduate claims Jerry Falwell Jr.'s wife Becki climbed into bed and performed oral sex on him when he stayed at their home after band practice with their son in 2008

Videos capture damaging winds as iconic Lake Charles buildings are torn apart overnight

NBA star LeBron James emerges as potent political force ahead of November U.S. election

Athletes embrace the protest movement by stepping off the field and speaking up

Video shows activists in Kenosha arrested by officers who jumped out of unmarked vehicle

Biden, Harris criticize Trump response to unrest, pandemic

Teenager in Wisconsin shootings charged with six criminal counts -complaint

BUMMED OUT Melania Trump ‘refused to move to White House until the Obamas’ toilet had been ripped out & a new one installed’

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Police Requests To Access Your Smart Speaker Are Up 72% Since 2016

Shutdowns Spur Mental Health Crisis in US, Experts Say ​

Kushner’s Transactional Middle East Strategy Is Already Showing Strain- News that Trump’s son-in-law baked a sale of U.S weaponry into the UAE deal has been called a ‘betrayal’ by Israelis​

Columbia Journalism Review Explains How The Gates Foundation Manipulates The Media Narrative​

Growing underwater heat blob speeds demise of Arctic sea ice​

Permanent Economic Damage – Danielle DiMartino Booth

We Should Mourn For What Is Happening To America

COVID-19 vaccine Australia prompts small business calls for right to sack workers​

White Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter Exposed!

Debunking The Establishment's Desperate Plans To Discredit Gold​

Kabbalist/ Marxism Is Coming At Breathtaking Speed - Do This Before It's Too Late​

US Cargo Thefts Erupt As Violent Crime Spreads Across America​

​​​Hurricane Laura Upgraded To "Catastrophic" Category 4 With "Unsurvivable" Storm-Surge​

"This Isn't The Kenosha I Know" - Local Law Enforcement Believe Rioters Fueling Wisconsin Violence Travel From Chicago​

New Jersey Gym-Owners Outmaneuver Governor's Vendetta With "Political" Workaround​

Jerry Falwell Jr. to receive $10.5 million in compensation for resigning from Liberty University

Blood thinners reduce deaths among coronavirus patients, study finds

Teacher Complains That Virtual Classrooms Will Allow Parents to Witness Brainwashing​

RNC Speaker Cancelled After Boosting QAnon Conspiracy Theory About Jewish Plot to Enslave the World​

Tucker Carlson Goes Off Over Kenosha Violence ​

China fires missiles in South China Sea 'in warning to US' after plane entered no-fly zone

China says US U-2 spy plane disrupted its military exercises

MSNBC Has Seattle Mayor Durkan ‘Reality Check’ RNC on Crime

Gold Is Bigger Bubble Than Tech, Says $63 Billion Asset Manager

Armed Group Turns Out On The Third Night Of Protests In Kenosha

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic

New Photos Emerge of Falwell at Miami Nightclub​

DeJoy pushes back on criticism of changes to Postal Service, says he won't restore mail-sorting machines

Kenosha on edge after police shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin

Blackstone to acquire Ancestry.com for $4.7 billion

Video shows police shoot unarmed Black man in the back

"Capable Of Hitting Targets In Space": Russia Kicks Off Final Testing Of S-500 'Prometheus' System​

"This Is Insane": Kenosha Melts Down As Cars Smashed, Buildings Torched And Looters Run Wild In Second Night Of Unrest​

US Frozen Pork Supplies Plunge To Near Decade Low​

As Sweden's COVID-19 Measures Hint At Herd Immunity, US Experts Rethink Lockdown Strategies​

Riot Police Storm Paris Bar Over No Social Distancing​

Previewing Powell's J-Hole Jawbone: "Buy Gold In Case It All Goes Wrong..."​

Women Beaten By Spanish Cops For Not Properly Wearing Face Masks​

Send In The Clowns For The Circus Is In Town​

ISIS "Terrorist Attack" On Syrian Gas Pipeline Triggers Nationwide Blackout​

In Historic Reshuffling, Exxon, Pfizer & Raytheon Kicked Out Of Dow Jones Industrial Average, Replaced By Saleforce, Amgen & Honeywel​l

Peter Schiff: Main Street's Pain Is Wall Street's Gain​

No Lives Matter ​

1000 German Doctors say COVID-19 is 100% a Scam​

A New Campaign Ad Claims That “Trump Is The Most Pro-Gay President In American History”​

Assange ‘in a lot of pain’ says partner after prison visit

COVID Lawsuit Court Document

Judge Gives EPA One More Chance to Do Its Job and Halt Fluoridation of Drinking Water​

An FDA Whistleblower's Documents: Commerce, Corruption and Death​

The Dengue Vaccine: A Cautionary Tale​

Jacob Blake shooting: Civilians armed for third night of protests

CNN's Cuomo: Being Allowed to Protest and Being Allowed to Go to Church Have 'Nothing to Do with the Other'

Monday, August 24, 2020

Social distancing sign says "look away when passing people"

Myron Fagan exposes the Illuminati/CFR [1967]

Top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway to leave White House ​

Jerry Falwell Jr. says his wife had an affair with the Florida 'pool boy,' claims they were being blackmailed​

Holy Land 'on brink of war' as doomsday preacher says Bible prophecy 'happening'

"Get On With Your Lives!" - Oxford Professor Says "People Have Become Overly Frightened" Of COVID-19


American Civilization: Riots Reveal Barbarism Beneath a Thin Veneer​

Key Events In The Coming Week: All Eyes On Jackson Hole​

Airplane mode and prepaid SIMs: some Israelis dodge COVID-19 tracking

Jim Bakker gets PPP loans during legal fight on fraud claims ​

Hungry New Yorkers line up around the block for free food ​

Can Strong, Healthy Collagen Help Ward Off Cancer Proliferation?​

Documentary: 'Anarchy USA - In the Name of Civil Rights'​

“Forced Vaccination” is a Crime Against Humanity… There Is NO Difference Between “Forced Vaccination” Programs And What The NAZI Doctor’s Did In The WWII Death Camps

UN Food Chief Warms Against Famine of "Biblical Proportions" Due to COVID-19​

Business partner of Falwells says he had affair with the power couple​

Jerry Falwell Jr. is ‘helping’ another young, athletic man with loads of cash for some reason​

Rothschilds Blackstone to acquire Ancestry.com for $4.7 billion​

Did Trump sell us out?​

3-Time Felon JPMorgan Chase Wants to Burnish Its Image by Co-Branding with the U.S. Postal Service's 91 Percent Approval Rating​

How Did Washington Know Before It Happened That There Would Be A Covid Outbreak In China?​

Barbarians Are the Product of White Liberalism​

Where Is #MeToo when  All of Us Are About to Be Raped by Forced Vaccination?​

Swarm of 'armed anarchists' wielding axes and guns descend on Denver Police HQ and 'shoot fireworks at cops’​

Jerry Falwell resigns from Liberty University following allegations of sexual tryst​

Jerry Falwell Jr. needs to go, say Liberty University alumni and Christian pastors​

Pool boy says Jerry Falwell Jr. watched him have sex with his wife Becki​

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Glitzy Convention Conceals Emerging One-Party Tyranny, by Mike Whitney

We are Entering into a War Period – Catherine Austin Fitts​

Arrest Made In Viral Hate Crime Against 7-Year-Old With MAGA Hat​

What Americans Are (And Aren't ) Spending On During The Pandemic​

Biden: "I Would Shut Country Down If Recommended By Scientists"​

Belarus is being used as ‘trampoline’ to attack Russia, Lukashenko tells RT, amid post-election crisis​

Europe Braces for New Phase in Pandemic With Cases Surging​

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich tips President Trump for landslide victory over Biden in November​

Get ready for your mandatory ‘Morality and Compliance Pill’​

Coronavirus: Johnson & Johnson vaccine trial to test 60k people ​

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich tips President Trump for landslide victory over Biden in Novembe​

Instagram video by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.​

Portland BLM 'Revolutionaries' Bring Guillotine Into Suburbs Where They Burn American Flags, Fling Poo And Demand Shelter​

William Barr told Murdoch to 'muzzle' Fox News Trump critic, new book says

DOJ denies Brian Stelter book account about Barr pushing Murdoch to 'muzzle' Andrew Napolitano

Emails show businesses held sway over state reopening plans

'YOU'VE NOW GOT COVID' Police hunt masked suspect accused of giving strangers ‘COVID hugs’ at Walmart

Central Gulf Coast to feel Marco's wrath first as Laura looms

An ‘Apprentice’ producer and a TV-obsessed president: Inside the GOP’s convention scramble

Donald Trump and Barack Obama agreed on one thing in dueling Pa. visits: Win, or it’s the apocalypse

The St. Louis couple charged with waving guns at protesters have a long history of not backing down

Bears Are Going Extinct in Stock Market’s $13 Trillion Rebound

Dr. Nicole Saphier: Coronavirus hit health care workers hard, and this legislation would make it worse

Donald Trump Announces Approval for Convalescent Plasma to Treat Coronavirus

2020 Republican National Convention Speakers Announced

Left-Wing Protesters Intimidate Diners in Charlotte: ‘White Silence Equals Violence’

Nolte: Planned Parenthood Quietly Aborts Annual ‘Margaret Sanger Award’

WATCH: Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell Appears to Call Luka Doncic a ‘B*tch Ass White Boy’

Saturday, August 22, 2020

After Trump praise, Pence decries QAnon 'conspiracy theory'

Read the Fine Print, Part Two—Nearly 400 Adverse Reactions Listed in Vaccine Package Inserts​

The compromised communist: Pope Francis backs ‘universal’ COVID vaccination ‘for all’, WHO thrilled

“To Kill With Sword and With Famine and With Pestilence” the Four Horsemen of the

Virginia Plans Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations For All Residents​

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is "Agenda ID2020" - Global ResearchGlobal Research​

Iran sanctions: nearly all UN security council unites against 'unpleasant' US​

Gates-funded Program to Begin Tests on Biometric ID Vaccination Records in Africa​

As COVID-1984 Accelerates, Bill Gates Blames "Freedom" For Spread of the Virus

Pure propaganda!: Global COVID-19 Deaths Pass 800,000 As Rome Suffers Alarming Jump: Live Updates

Peasants are not allowed to make eye contact!Social Distancing Sign Says: "Look Away When Passing Other People"

Wikileaks Exposes Clinton Satanic Ritual, FBI Calls Hillary the Antichrist​

The Barbaric Product of American Indoctrination​

Vote Democrat and This Is What You Get

Cancel Culture Comes Home: the Forks Cafeteria in Wake Forest, North Carolina

Teacher Spying on Student During Virtual Class Sends Cops to Search 11-Year-Old's Home After Spotting a BB Guninks ​

The Myth of Systemic Racism:  In America, Reverse Discrimination is the Norm

A Mass Exodus Away From Big Cities On Both Coasts

Police stop RT interview with asylum seeker as we investigate the controversy of migrants living in hotels all around the UK​

Mass Looting in Chicago, My Neighborhood Under Siege​

Black Lives Matter holds rally in Chicago to support those arrested after looting, unrest​

Delusional Kabbalist vaccine loving Trump calls FDA part of 'deep state' & accuses drug administration of slow-walking vaccine tests until after election​

Tropical Storms Laura and Marco: Track the Storms

WHO warns a coronavirus vaccine alone will not end pandemic

Friday, August 21, 2020

Deutsche Bank Exec Who Oversaw Trump Loans Dies by Suicide

Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Banker at Deutsche & Citi Found Swinging From a Rope ​

Falwell’s use of yacht comes under scrutiny​

Tropical Depressions Thirteen and Fourteen: Track the Storms​

Thai kindergartners sealed in perspex boxes at playtime in fight against coronavirus

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for August 20 2020

Europe Battles Virus Spike With No Appetite for New Lockdowns ​

EXCLUSIVE: Allen West: Democrats Want To Do To Hispanics What They Did To Blacks​

2020 Is An Economic Nightmare - And Things Just Got Even Worse

Government demands $20,000 fine against church that held worship

Attack of the Corona Jezebels​

Covid-19 Pounds New York Real Estate Worse Than 9/11, Financial Crash​

Maine Governor Orders Restaurant Staff to Wear C19 Face Shields Upside Down on Collars Like Dog Cones!​

Texe Marrs The God of the Kabbalah

TEXE MARRS - The Kabbalah—Foundation for Satanism, Theosophy, Freemasonry

3 Ways Human Psychology is Being Exploited to Create an Obedient, Self-Policing Society​

How a False COVID-19 Narrative Was Created & Sustained for Six Months​

'Like Armageddon': Rotting food, dead animals and chaos at postal facilities amid cutbacks​

An Invisible Quantum Dot 'Tattoo' Could Be Used to ID Vaccinated Kids

"These Are Staggering Numbers": Spending By Unemployed Americans Plunges As Fiscal Stimulus Ends

'Morality Pill' A Cure For The Pandemic?​

The CIA Versus The Kennedys​

Used Vehicle Prices Explode To All Time Highs After Plunging Just Months Ago

Virtue Reversal: Goodyear Bends The Knee After Trump Sparks Boycott

The Covid-19 "Big Lie": Is This What You Want for Your Children?​

Thursday, August 20, 2020

750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes approved for release in Florida Keys

Democrat Party Platform: Ban Online Ammo Sales, License Gun Owners​

Sheriff Judd, we are so blessed to have you as our sheriff: Snapshots of what Portland looks like when the sun comes up

 All parts of one body​: 1 Corinthians 12 NIV

Romans 12:4

Australia's big four banks remove thousands of ATMs and close branches due to coronavirus​

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon arrested, accused of defrauding donors​

Rising stock market would be in the red without a handful of familiar names

The War On Landlords Has Begun

Sweden Refuses To Mandate Face Masks As Nordic Neighbors Expand Restrictions​

"The Pandemic Will Eventually Go Away... But The Debt Will Remain"

Germany Launches Universal Basic Income Experiment​

World Trade Plunged To 'Lowest Levels' On Record In June​

Mauritius Arrests Captain Of Japanese Oil Tanker That Ran Aground, Causing Massive Oil Spill​

This is excellent. We are being invaded with a 'new normal'We Are Being Invaded​

Lockdowns, Coronavirus, and Banks: Following the Money​

Tropical Storm could be come a hurricane near Florida

JetBlue Stands by Kicking Family off Flight over Maskless Two-Year-Old, Cites Updated Policy​

American Pravda: Racial Discrimination at Harvard​

A Kystallnacht For White Americans?​

When Teachers Call the Cops on Parents Whose Kids Skip Their Zoom Classes​

King Zionist Trump Demands Full Restoration of U.N. Sanctions Against Iran​

Brawl breaks out on American Airlines plane when passenger refuses to follow face-covering policy

American Airlines will drop flights to 15 US cities in October due to low demand amid the pandemic​

Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Banker at Deutsche & Citi Found Swinging From a Rope​

'Morality pills' may be the US's best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic, according to one ethicist​

US professor: ‘Psychoactive pill’ should be covertly administered to ensure lockdown complianc​e

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Coronavirus vaccine should be mandatory in Australia: PM

Florida airport Lakeland Linder evacuated after a live guided missil found in a shipping container​

The American people have been plunged into a strange world of persistent fear and relentless manipulation by scheming Elites who are resolutely committed to remaking society from the ground-up

Real-Life Cyborgs? Groundbreaking Material Can Merge AI with the Human Brain ​

The “Try-Hard” Club: Limp-Wristed Marxists Need Not Apply ​

CIA Social Isolation Torture Techniques Next Stage: Involuntary Quarantines in FEMA “Non-Congregate Shelters”

Must readClive Maund Technical Analysis​

Coronavirus: Do parts of London and NYC have herd immunity?​

Plandemic II: Indoctornation​

Prosecutors seek prison for ex-soldier they say is Satanist

How can Wall Street be so healthy when Main Street isn't?

Nearly 300 Pizza Huts to Close Down After Franchisee Declares Bankruptcy

Luciferase Chain Reaction to ID2020

Michigan College Will Digitally Track Students' Movements At All Times

Censorship Claims Another Victim: Honest-Journalism Giant, Del Bigtree’s "The Highwire”

France makes masks compulsory at work​

Only 7 States Have Signed Up For $300 Unemployment Stimulus As Businesses Warn They Won't Participate In Payroll Tax Plan​

Maund: Welcome To The Global Gulag...

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Is Pivot in Coronavirus Cases​

Your Brain, With a USB Port in It: Elon Musk’s Neuralink Vision Divides Experts

The swamp wasn't drained — it expanded​

Sweden's Tegnell: Wearing face masks may be 'very dangerous' ​

Can Russell Crowe and cut-price popcorn bring people back to U.S. movies?

Third Temple is Only Cure for Coronavirus, Says Israeli Rabbi ​

'Endless trip to hell': Israel jails hundreds of Palestinian boys a year. These are their testimonies​

UPDATE: The U.S. Mint Sells Another Million Silver Eagles In One Day​

The Total Collapse Of Businesses Is Shocking​

CIA Social Isolation Torture Techniques Next Stage: Involuntary ​

Facebook Bans Hundreds Of QAnon Groups, Pages And Instagram Accounts​

Dollar Has Best Day In 2 Months As Fed Sinks Stocks, Bonds, & Bullion​

Just 12 US Billionaires Now Own More Than $1 Trillion in Combined Wealth

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Dr. Ben Tapper Addressing Omaha City Council On Mask Mandate

Warnings of Fascism in America Grow​

Wall Street Banks Are Dangerously Evading U.S. Derivatives Rules by Making Trades at Foreign Subsidiaries​

Fed Chair Powell Had 4 Private Phone Calls with BlackRock’s CEO Since March as BlackRock Manages Upwards of $25 Million of Powell’s Personal Money and Lands 3 No-Bid Deals with the Fed​

Wall Street On Parade​

Catch and Kill: The Protection Racket Used by Trump, Weinstein, Epstein and Wall Street​

No jab, no job? NEJM says everyone needs to be vaccinated for coronavirus in order to go to work​

Meet the super-rich ‘biohackers’ turning into cyborgs with in-built armour and injecting teenagers’ BLOOD to stay young​

What You Probably Don’t Know about Karl Marx​

Elderly man cleaning a Chicago sidewalk is sucker punched in horrific unprovoked attack​


Defeat COVID-19 by requiring vaccination for all. It's not un-American, it's patriotic.

Melbourne: Authorities to Use Surveillance Drones to Catch People Not Wearing Masks

Queen Merkel rules out easing coronavirus rules as German cases spike​

Soros Warns Europe: "Beware The Leaders Within"​

Belarus In The Firing Line For A Color Revolution​

What Difference Does It Make?​

Iran Slams US "Pirates Of The Caribbean" But Insists Seized Tankers & Fuel Didn't Belong To Them​

Housing Crash 2.0: Mortgage Delinquencies Have Never Risen This Fast In US History​

Obama: 'I Make Love to Men Daily'

Russia on track to have one of its largest-ever grain harvests

Bill Clinton smiles while receiving neck massage from Jeffrey Epstein victim​

Sweden's Covid-19 expert comes under fire​

Exclusive—GOP Convention Speakers Include Nick Sandmann, Kristi Noem ​

Police to not carry guns. This is insanity. ​

The USPS Just Filed A Patent For A Blockchain-Based Secure-Voting System​

Compulsory vaccination for everyone is the only way to defeat COVID-19​

Obama's sex and drugs past laid bare in new biography

"They want this war. They want Trump to win....This War Can't Be Civil": Berkeley Columnist Calls For "Violent Resistance"

This will cause a massive revolution and rioting: US Election 2020: Trump says contest may have to be RERUN

It's Do-Or-Die, Deep State: Either Strangle The Stock Market Rally Now Or Cede The Election To Trump​

Interview on The Last American Vagabond: Fighting Modern Censorship​

Coronavirus: Do parts of London and NYC have herd immunity?​

Monday, August 17, 2020

This is an absolutely, must-listen'Do Not Trust The Medical Or The National Security Establishment!' With Guest Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

California Set To Pass The Nation's First Wealth Tax Targeting The Ultra Rich

Unbelievably stupid people!: Selling 1 Oz Gold Coin for $25 (when it's worth over $1,500)

Gold Prices Show There's a "Big Short" Going on in Official Currencies​

Cyborg: Human organs could soon merge with computers to monitor health​

North Koreans are ordered to hand over 'decadent and bourgeois' pet dogs for 'restaurant meat' as the country is rocked by food shortages

New Zealand To Put COVID-19 Patients Into Mandatory Quarantine Camps​


“Burn Hugo Down”: BLM & Antifa “Activists” Terrorize Small Minnesota Town in Broad Daylight

Exclusive: Antifa Stalks Owner Of Truck They Destroyed, Vandalizes His Home, Driver Potentially Facing Charges For His Self Defense

Bicyclist Stabbed After Argument Over Riding On Sidewalk Near Half Moon Bay; Suspect Arrested

Far-left group with ties to ‘Occupy’ movement plans 50-day White House ‘siege’ before election

Democratic Party sets rules for criticizing Biden's VP pick Kamala Harris

Michigan Rejects 846 Mailed Ballots ‘Because the Voter Was Dead’

Judge allows Los Angeles megachurch to hold indoor services despite health orders

Federal court strikes down California's ban on high-capacity magazines

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Declines Extra Federal Unemployment Aid

New ‘planetary quarantine’ report reviews risks of alien contamination of Earth​

Lockdowns, Coronavirus, and Banks: “Following the Money”. Devastating Economic and Social Impacts​

WOW: Legal Expert Tells Newsweek Kamala Harris Does Not Qualify For Vice Presidency​

The most revealing poll of all: gun sales​

Air Force Uses Reconnaissance Microrobots For Base Security Missions​

Shadow Gate: Watch The Banned Documentary Exposing "Deep State" From Arrested Journalist Millie Weaver ​

Viral Shadowgate Documentary Deleted By Facebook And YouTube After Film-Maker's Arrest​

What a king: Andrew Cuomo Allows New York Gyms to Reopen at 33% Capacity

WATCH: Portland Rioters Drag Man from Car and Beat Him Senseless ​

SEX TRAFFICKING: Is Peter Nygard the Canadian Jeffrey Epstein?​

Fashion tycoon Peter Nygard's sons accuse him of hiring sex worker girlfriend to rape them​

‘I Stand with Israel’: Kamala Harris in Her Own Words (FULL SPEECH)​

Kamala Harris’ Yiddish nickname shows closeness with her Jewish family ​

WATCH: Harris' Ridiculous Laughing Fit Over a Question About Her Previous Debate Answers​

Hard Hitting Interview: Cardi B Gets Joe Biden to Back Tax Hike to Pay for Free Health Insurance, College Tuition​

Sunday, August 16, 2020

THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump

Is A Euthanasia Program Underway In The US Under The Guise Of COVID-19?

Perishing For Lack of Knowledge

Can the American Military Prevent a Second Civil War? Divided loyalties within the armed forces could put the answer in doubt

Protests turn into battles as rallies across the US turn ugly

Turkey Hit By Bank Runs, Currency Panic As Locals Sell Their Cars And Houses To Buy Gold While Lira Implodes​

David Morgan – 1980 $50 Silver Equals $600 Today​

Kamala Devi Harris Jezebel Extraordinaire: Part 1 Mixed Religions​

How The Fed Controlled The Price Of Gold From 1982 Until 1995​

President Trump's Younger Brother Dies Of Unspecified Illness​

Israel Not Giving Up On Annexing West Bank, Netanyahu Says, After Historic UAE Deal​

Belarus President Moves Air Assault Brigade To Western Border In Response To NATO Drills; Says Russia Will Provide Security Assistance​

'Do Not Trust The Medical Or The National Security Establishment!' With Guest Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.​

Ohio Department of Health is prohibiting use of face shields as substitute for face coverings/masks​

Shocking moment right-wing Proud Boys group and Antifa protesters brawl during ugly clash in Michigan​

Protesters clash in Stone Mountain ​

First major Mediterranean cruise liner sets sail since pandemic ​

I call this Millie story BS. She’s a plant - total psy op: Conservative Journalist Arrested & Jailed Ahead Of 'ShadowGate' Documentary Release

Where perversion and filth know no bounds: Disney "Makes History" By Introducing Its First Bisexual Cartoon Character

Got Wood? Lumber Prices Explode To Record Highs Amid "Supply Chain Screw Ups"​

This woman is amazing. She should be president!: South Dakota declines $400 boost to unemployment aid because 80% of residents have their jobs back

Sharon Stone reveals her lupus-suffering sister Kelly has COVID-19 and blames 'non-mask wearers' for her infection... as she shares disturbing photo of her hospital room

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Declines Extra Federal Unemployment Aid​

80 Nights in Portland: Chant ‘Kill a Cop, Save a Life' ​

Protests turn into battles as rallies across the US turn ugly​

The Bad War: The Truth NEVER Taught About World War II​

Black Residents of Chicago’s Englewood Have More Sense than Whites Recruited by Antifa and BLM​

Millions Of Acres Of Crops In The Central U.S. Have Been Destroyed By A Series Of Historic Natural Disasters​

'Little Marco' Rubio sparks uproar over suggestion college footballers wear Antifa ‘uniforms’ so they can play during pandemic

Communist and probably a Kabbalist: Pope Francis Calls for ‘Justice’ in Belarus Following Rigged Election

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Why Exercise May Protect Against COVID-19 Complications

Thanks to mismanagement and chemtrails: Two Million Californians Go Dark and the Heat Is Just Beginning

Worst face masks: Bandanas, neck gaiters may be more harmful than no mask at all

Please readF. Tupper Saussy - Rulers Of Evil (1999)

The November Election Is About Race

No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public

Total new-age nonsense: Vatican Issues New Pontifical Academy Directive Blaming Humans For Covid-19, Say MOTHER EARTH Was Forced To Attack Us With Virus Because Of Our Sins

Horowitz: Exposing the maskerade: The questions every American should be asking about indefinite mask mandates​

An Exercise in Obedience: People Are Being Conditioned to Take the Mark of the Beast​

JAIL FAUCI: US Has Almost 30 Times More COVID-19 Deaths per Population than Third-World Countries that Promoted Early HCQ Use​

Lockdowns never again: Sweden was right, and we were wrong​

The two most dangerous men in the world?

Better Public Compliance Through Mass Drugging 

Globalist elites’ post-COVID vision for humanity is satanic, anti-human

Chicago Shuts Down Its Business District Overnight This Weekend Due To Continued Riots And Looting​

US Fails Utterly In Friday Night UN Security Council Vote On Extending Iran Arms Embargo​

"Ghost Town": Shocking Dystopian Video Of NYC Shows An Abandoned And Boarded Up 5th Avenue​

Tensions linger between Biden and Obama camps throughout 2020 primary campaign: report​

Tucker: Lockdowns are destroying America​

Maher says Biden's lead over Trump too slim: 'Hillary was ahead by more'​

Kamala Harris Blasted Jeffrey Epstein's Law Firm Then Quietly Took Their Money On Same Day​

Fauci dismisses Tucker Carlson's criticism but says it may inspire threats from 'crazies' ​

"Democrats Are Holding This Up!" - Trump Rages After Ordering Mnuchin To Send $3,400 To US Families​

James Woods earns hateful backlash after Trump retweet, calling him ‘last stand’ for America​

The Five Biggest Lies from the Sleepy Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Announcement Yesterday​

New York turning into Hellhole as hundreds of thousands flee the Democrat-run City​

Gerald Celente – “The Future That I See Is Hell On Earth”​

Taiwan Signs Deal For Large Batch Of US F-16 Jets As China Tensions On Brink​

Hezbollah "Will Not Remain Silent": Nasrallah Suggests Israeli Involvement In Beirut Port Blast

Buyer Beware: Gold ETFs Own No Gold

Friday, August 14, 2020

The Consequences of Wearing a Mask: A Scientific Review

The Consequences of Wearing a Mask: A Scientific Review

The Consequences of Wearing a Mask: A Scientific Review

Artificial Intelligence: Are we ready to cease control?

US Seizes Four Iranian Tankers, Now En Route to Houston​

Fed partnering with MIT to develop "hypothetical digital currency"​

The Second Rush of Groceries Hoarding (And What You Can Do About It)​

American Airlines is preparing to cut service to 30 small and mid-sized cities when federal aid package expires in October

Unmasking the Masks Agenda​

Kamala Harris Doesn't Think You Have The Right To Own A Gun ​

Lincoln’s Kind of ‘Soldier’​

New Study Links Brain Tumors to Power Lines Exposure​

This is insanity: Forced Isolation May Be the Only Way to Stop Resurgence of Virus

Putin Calls For Emergency Iran Summit To Decrease Tensions​

American Passports Are Useless Now ​

Black Lives Matter Mob Demands White People Give Up Their Homes​

Pentagon is forming new task force to investigate UFO sightings, defense officials say​

What They Don't Want You To See​

100,000 Pasta Boxes And Enough Peanut Butter To Make Nearly 3 Million Sandwiches ​

German parents face jail if they don’t confine COVID-suspected children in their own rooms​

Bill Gates and the Depopulation Agenda. Robert F. Kennedy Junior Calls for an Investigation​

Soros Dubs Trump 'Transitory Phenomenon', Claiming He 'Remains Very Dangerous'​

What You Will Find When You Follow The Money​

Sweden Hits COVID-19 "Triple Whammy": No Lockdowns, Low Deaths & Minimal Economic Damage​

The Attempted COVID Coup Of 2020​

To destroy their self-esteem and program them to fail mentally: Kindergartners To Learn About White Supremacy In PA School District

Donald Trump Accepts Raucous Endorsement from New York City Police Union

Donald Trump Donates Quarterly Salary to Repair National Monuments

Duke University Economist Calls for $12 Trillion in Slavery Reparations

Dr. Fauci: ‘No Reason Why We Shouldn’t Be Able to Vote, in Person or Otherwise’

Anthony Fauci: Tucker Carlson ‘Triggers Some of the Crazies in Society’

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Immunostimulatory Effects of Sunlight: More Than Just Vitamin D

Insane: Federal officials launch vaccine pilot program

Biden calls for mandate requiring all Americans to wear masks

Ghislaine Maxwell moans about conditions at 'hell-hole' Brooklyn jail

Israel and Hezbollah Trade Fire Across Lebanon Border

Kamala Harris’ Wikipedia Page Scrubbed - Prosecutorial Record Wiped Out​

World leaders meet to plot your demise. Please watch. It’s not a theory.​

CDC Admits To Remarkably Low Coronavirus Death Rate And The Beirut Explosion Exposed​

Hurricane-force storm in Iowa flattens 10 million acres of crops ​

Where's Trump: Planned Parenthood Gets More Than 600 Million Dollars A Year From The Federal Government

This Is Amerika: Where Fascism, Totalitarianism and Militarism Go Hand In Hand

10 Ways the Communist Manifesto has Infiltrated the USA

Report: U.S. Nuclear Research Lab Hosted Reeducation Camp For 'White Males'​

The Left Hates the Truth​

Trump hits back at Biden after call for national mask mandate: ‘Stop playing politics with the virus’​

Ghislaine Maxwell says she is being watched by strange prison guards, asks to be switched from her cell​

Ghislaine Maxwell's ex-assistant flees the UK amid Epstein probe ​

Donald Trump Donated to Kamala Harris’ Campaigns—Twice​

American Airlines is preparing to cut service to 30 small and mid-sized cities when federal aid package expires in October

Nasal spray could prevent people from catching the coronavirus, scientists claim​

PervertSumner Redstone leaves behind a private life more lurid than his films, writes TOM LEONARD​

 Coronavirus US: California church holds services for 7,000

$400K Security Fence to Be Installed at SD Gov. Kristi Noem's Residence ​

Gold Prices Show There's A "Big Short" Going On In Official Currencies​

Ron Paul: COVID-19 Is The New "Terrorism"​

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Hardcore communist: Gov. Cuomo adds 2 more states, Virgin Islands to NY travel advisory

Killer robots are now 'urgent threat to humanity' and should be BANNED, shock report warns

Trump's order to stop evictions is "toothless, at best," expert says ​

Invasion of the New Normals​

Letters From Melbourne, a ‘Ghost Town Police State’ Under Brutal Covid Lockdown​

It Looks Like The (NWO Pukes) are Going to Push This Plandemic Righ​t

New York City Police Use Pandemic To Create COVID-19 Checkpoints​

Three Israeli tanks cross border fence to enter Lebanese territory

Tupper Saussy Rulers of Evil

A number of telescopes, government agencies, shut down amid increased asteroid threat

Fed Will Not Fight Coming Inflation​

Lockdown Restrictions Are A Test To See How Much Tyranny Americans Will Accept ​

Dear 'Younger Generations', "Don't Live Your Life In A Bubble"​

Survey: Gun Control Support Down Double Digits from Last Year ​

Mysterious 'timber circles' in Portugal are from 4,500 years ago​

Portland's new DA will drop charges against HUNDREDS of protesters arrested over 76 nights of riots​

AIR SCARE US Air Force helicopter SHOT AT over Virginia, injuring crewman and forcing emergency landing

FRIENDLY ADVICE Sarah Palin tells Kamala Harris to ‘trust no one’ as she becomes third woman to appear on presidential ticket

College Football Postponements Jeopardize Fox, ESPN Ad Bonanza

Kanye West Is Polling at Just 2% With Black Voters

Support for a program to pay reparations to descendants of slaves is gaining momentum, but could come with a $12 trillion price tag

Putting on weight slows blood flow to the brain, increasing Alzheimer’s risk

CNN’s Jeff Zucker once feted Kamala Harris. Will that help or hurt in 2020?

Michigan man accused of sexually assaulting 96-year-old neighbor

Quake Swarm Under Salton Sea Increases Chances Of Bigger Earthquake Over Next 7 Days

George Soros bashes President Trump, explains why he no longer participates in this market bubble

Biden Sees Surge In Fundraising Following Harris Vice President Announcement

Biden leads Trump in 5 of 6 battleground states: poll

Biden is favored to win the election​

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Psychiatric Medicines Are Overprescribed and Should Not Be the First Choice

Israel and Hezbollah Trade Fire Across Lebanon Border ​

Lebanon: Israel violated Lebanese air space 29 times in 48 hours​

MLB Teams Explore Using Cameras to Detect Maskless Fans at Games ​

Lebanese government resigns as fury over deadly explosion deepens political crisis ​

Chicago goes into lockdown as bridges raised and freeway exits closed to restrict access to downtown​

"Financially Devastated" - 83% Of NYC Restaurants Unable To Pay July Rent​

Seattle police chief announces resignation after City Council vote to defund police​

Explosives expert claims Beirut blast was caused by burning military missiles - not ammonium nitrate​

The loneliness of social isolation can affect your brain and raise dementia risk in older adults​

Exposing The Spirit of Jezebel: 10 Characteristics of The Jezebel Spirit ​

Satanic Temple declares abortion 'religious ritual;' claims it provides 'spiritual comfort'​

Bill Gates predicts 700,000 victims from corona vaccination​

Ghislaine Maxwell moans about conditions at 'hell-hole' Brooklyn jail​

Restaurants in Italy are reopening ancient ‘wine windows’ used during the plague​

No, Americans Aren't Suddenly Flying Again, Despite What Airline-Stock-Pumpers Declare​

Luongo: Trump Won Re-Election This Weekend​

Gold, Silver, Bonds Hit As "Everything Duration"-Momo/Liquidity Trade Unwinds​

Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as his running mate​

Epstein's closest friends laugh and play-fight in newly-uncovered photos taken on 'pedophile island'​

Belarusian protesters commanded from abroad, including Poland, UK & Czech Republic​

Joe Biden Selects Kamala Harris as Running Mate

CNN Suggests Joe Biden Could ‘Step Aside’ for Kamala Harris

Joe Biden Reads from Script While Talking to Kamala Harris on Zoom

Kamala Harris: 4th Most Liberal Senator; Backed Green New Deal, ‘Medicare for All’

Monday, August 10, 2020

New flu shot requirement for UC students, faculty ahead of upcoming school year due to coronavirus pandemic

States have authority to fine or jail people who refuse coronavirus vaccine, attorney says​

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Advances Goal of Becoming Trusted, Long-Term Military Launch Provider​

It's Just A Precursor For What Is Actually Coming

The COVID-19 Vaccine. The Imposition of Compulsory Vaccination with a Biometric Health Passport? ​

watch now before it gets deleted COVID-19 vaccines

Bulgarian Pathology Association Says COVID-19 PCR Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless​

Epidemiologists say Face Masks do not Prevent Spread of Disease ​

Portland Mayor Accuses Rioters of 'Attempting To Commit Murder' ​

Profile Q & A – Governor Kristi Noem (R – South Dakota)

OPINION: Trump — The Most Pro-Gay President In American History?

Senate confirms fifth openly gay ambassador under Trump ​

US Congressman: Israel Uses America Like a Whore​

Flight from New York​

Yankees Rewrote Southern History and Libeled the South

Delingpole: Australian State Goes Full Coronafascist ​

Martenson: It's Time To Position For The Endgame​

$1,200 Stimulus Checks Not Included In Trump’s Executive Measures. Here Is What You’d Get​

Exclusive — President Donald Trump: ‘Obstructionist’ Nancy Pelosi ’Wasn’t Interested’ in Helping People in Need

Black Leaders Urge Biden to Pick African American Woman as Running Mate or Risk Losing

Rob Reiner: Trump Gettysburg Speech Would Be Tribute to ‘White Supremacy’

Paper: Chicago Prosecutor Kim Foxx Has Dropped 25,183 Felony Cases

Delta Bans 100 Passengers for Refusal to Wear Masks

WATCH: Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich Repeats False Claims While Memorializing Michael Brown

Catholic League: BLM One of the ‘Greatest Threats’ to Black Americans

Donald Trump Leaves Abruptly During Press Conference After Shooting Outside the White House

Chicago Looting Sparked by False Social Media Reports of Police Shooting of 15-Year-Old Boy

Jesse Jackson: Chicago Riot ‘Humiliating… Our Martyrs Cry Together in Shame’

Sunday, August 9, 2020

This is a must-read exposeThe Consequences of Wearing a Mask: A Scientific Review

World's Top Epidemiologists - Masks Don't Work!

Gingrich: We're Seeing the 'Dumbing Down of America for Three Generations' ​

Beirut explosion: Politician blames Hezbollah and government​

UFO Facts and Information ​

Powerful earthquake rattles Charlotte region and NC​

Teen Activist Who Rallied to Defund Police and Remove Police from Schools Is Shot Dead in Chicago​

Nolte: School and Church Closings, Anti-Police Movement Blow up U.S. Homicide Rate ​

Oprah Hosts White Guilt Session: ‘Whiteness Gives You an Advantage No Matter What’​

Gallup Poll: 80%+ Of Black Americans Disagree With ‘Abolish Police’ Agenda​

Antifa Sues Seattle Claiming Police Response Has Forced Them To Invest In Better Riot Gear​

3 Other Massive Explosions that Left Us Wondering When Tactical Nukes Will Make Their Debut

Seven Situations that Change Your Brain, For Better or Worse ​

A meaningless jester: Saudi Arabia Turns Off America’s Oil Taps Again

Once Marginalized, Homeschooling Hits the Mainstream​

Morocco's carriage horses suffer as COVID-19 bars tourists ​

Inside One Of Big Brother's 'Location Harvesting' Contractors, Which Tracks 'Hundreds Of Millions' Of Phones​

On path to new all-time record: Russia's forex reserves hit 12-year high​

The fundamental pillar of Globalisation: Vicious attempt to eliminate not only the world’s surplus poor but to depopulate the entire non-white world​

Trump storms out of press conference after reporter presses him on his false claim​

#WhiteHouseSiege - This Group Plans to "Occupy" the White House

BLM is a Marxist Movement - We must Stop those who Hate America!

Furious Democrats Faced With A Daunting Question: Will They Dare To Challenge Trump's Stimulus Orders​

A fake pandemic gets its gene-changing, nightmare vaccineWith 160 Vaccine Candidates In Development, Goldman Expects An Economic Boom Once At Least One Is Approved By The End Of 2020

No Payment, No Problem: Bizarre New World Of Consumer Debt

Saturday, August 8, 2020

What’s really going on with Amazon and Hollywood

Liberty U's Falwell takes leave after social media uproar ​

How a real estate deal launched the Falwell ‘pool boy’ story​

From levitation to super-strength – Christian exorcist on why 1973 classic is 'real'​

QAnon Is Running Amok, and the Time Has Come for Interventions​

Skyrocketing gun sales trigger US ammo shortage​

Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: This Is My Letter to America ​

Donald Trump to Suspend Payroll Tax Until End of 2020 ​

The 1958 ‘Psychological Warfare’ Plan Playing Out Before Us​

The Evil Plan to Remake America: Infect the People, Crash the Economy, Burn the Cities​

Mariah Carey’s sister claims she saw ‘babies STABBED in satanic rituals’ as she sues mum for ‘abusing her as a kid’​

Europe's Top Health Officials Say Masks Aren't Helpful in Beating COVID-19​

China and Russia ditch dollar in move toward 'financial alliance'​

Bullion Banks Have "No Way Out" From Big Gold Shorts​

Meet The RVs That Are Literally "Driving" Our Country's GDP​

"Any Inbound Missile Will Be Seen As Nuclear"​

The Bogus "Recovery", Stress, & Burnout​

It Is the Woke Freaks Who Are the Nazis​

After fake splash down: SpaceX and ULA win 2022 Pentagon rocket launch contracts

‘External interference through rocket, bomb or other act’ possible cause of Beirut blast – Lebanon’s president

Florida current is weaker now than at any point in the past century ​

Friday, August 7, 2020

The Good Life - Ted and Sharon Broer and Music by Savannah Broer

Farmageddon Continues As Bankruptcies Rise 8%

Missile Strike? Smoking Gun Video Raises Questions About Devastating Beirut Blast​

TikTok "Shocked" By Trump Ban, Insists Order "Undermines Trust In Rule Of Law"​

Trump Signs Executive Order Banning TikTok, WeChat In 45 Days​

Voting Fraud Is Real: The Electoral System Is Vulnerable​

White House Moves To De-List Chinese Companies From American Stock Exchanges​

US: Border tunnel appears to be 'most sophisticated'​

Iranian Media: Lebanon Blast ‘Resembles Israeli-Type Operations’ ​

Joe Biden APOLOGIZES for suggesting Latino American community is more diverse than African Americans​

Beirut explosion: Politician blames Hezbollah and government​

Trolls doll pulled from shelves after mother shares video of it making 'sexual sounds'​

President Trump Makes Cryptic Remark at Ohio Speech: "I Have a Lot of Enemies...This May Be the Last Time You'll See Me for a While"​

The Pentagon’s New UFO Disclosures: 75 Years of MK Ultra Psy Ops​

APPEAL FOR THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD to Catholics and all people of good will

Beirut blasts likely accidental – but Hezbollah activities at the port under scrutiny

Councils can BULLDOZE contaminated homes and crush cars as a last resort under new laws to stop second wave of coronavirus

New York sues to break up NRA, accuses it of corruption

Trump campaign sues state of Nevada over mail-in ballot law ahead of November election

Las Vegas: Over 223K Mail-In Ballots Bounced as ‘Undeliverable’ in Recent Primary Election

NYC begins registering travelers at COVID-19 checkpoints

Dr. Judy Mikovits Says That It’s Likely That Most Who Take The Vaccine Will Die…50 Million

SV40 - Wikipedia​

Donald Trump to Suspend Payroll Tax Until End of 2020

GRAPHIC: Video Shows Officers Shoot Alleged Hostage Taker

Seattle Police Chief Reacts to City Council Voting to Slash Pay Within SPD

Justin Bieber Baptism Photos with Wife Go Viral: ‘Confessing Our Love and Trust in Jesus’

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Sensible Prepper, Are We Responsible for the Unprepared?

Then they burned the Bibles ​

Netanyahu Warned the United Nations of Iranian Missile Stockpiles in Beirut Back in 2018​

"Greater Israel": The Zionist Plan for the Middle East​

Shock turns to anger following fatal blast in Beirut​

Falwell apologizes for unzipped pants photo: ‘I’m gonna try to be a good boy’

Jerry Falwell Jr. addresses yacht photos — but not most of the criticism prompted by them

Trump’s Bank Was Subpoenaed by N.Y. Prosecutors in Criminal Inquiry​

NY AG Letitia James to make ‘major’ announcement after Deutsche Bank turns over Trump finances​

Former Deutsche Bank Exec Connected to Trump Loans Dies by Suicide in Malibu​

When do you have enough guns and ammunition?? ​

Looks like Trump and Deutsch Bank got taken out of headlines: NY attorney general seeks to dissolve NRA

This is a total lie: Cancer diagnoses plummet during COVID-19, and experts fear that could mean worse disease later

‘More racist than ANYTHING Trump has ever said’: Joe Biden’s latest GAFFE about Black Americans is one of his worst yet (watch​)

Trump Withdraws Re-nomination of Veteran FCC Commissioner Due to 5G Controversy​

A Record Amount Of Physical Gold Was Just Delivered On COMEX, Here's Why​

Massive Beirut Explosion Sinks Nearby Cruise Ship​

Only 42% Say They Will Submit To COVID-19 Vaccine, New Poll Finds​

Russia-China "Dedollarization" Reaches "Breakthrough Moment" As Countries Ditch Greenback For Bilateral Trade​

US Colleges Are Split Between In-Person And "Hybrid" Learning Plans For The Fall Semester​

US Cruise Operators Halt Voyages Until Oct. 31 After 2 Ships Hit By Outbreaks Amid Restart​

Elon Musk's Neuralink Brain Chip Will Soon Allow Users to Take Charge of Moods and Emotions​

DNA from Denisovans can be found in humans today​

Bill de Blasio slams rich 'fairweather friends' who fled New York​

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Not the Great Emancipator: 10 Racist Quotes Abraham Lincoln Said About Black People

US Navy Seizes Iran-Bound Ship Carrying Pharmaceutical Supplies Off China: Fars​

Woman Throws Coffee In Man's Face For Not Wearing A Mask, Gets Boyfriend's Ass Beat​

The facts on masks. Really.

Deputies accused of being in secret societies cost L.A. County taxpayers $55 million, records show


ALERT: Ground Beef Recall Affects 38,000 Pounds Of Meat​

Yet another fire hits Iran as blaze breaks out in Tehran warehouses​

US Government And Yale Hold Trials On How Best To "Persuade" Americans To Take COVID-19 Vaccine​

'It's Like Hiroshima': Terrifying Seismic Shock From Blast Devastates Beirut​

Ron Paul: Europeans Are Waking Up To Government COVID Tyranny. Why Are Americans Still Asleep?​

We’ve spent a TRILLION dollars on statins to lower cholesterol, yet cardiovascular deaths have gone UP – it’s achieved nothing​

The Pentagon's New UFO Disclosures: 75 Years Of MK Ultra Psy Ops​

Another mercenary battalion deployed in Belarus to destabilize country​

While You Were Preoccupied......

Luciferase - Wikipedia

Luciferase Quantum Dot COVID-19 Vaccinations – The Bill and Melinda Gates Satanic Agenda (Video)​

Online virtual classes are now requiring immunizations for students to attend ​

Melbourne Police Smash Car Windows and Arrest Drivers Who Refuse to Give Personal Information​

Andrew Cuomo begs people to return to New York to save city​

I Started A Local Gun And Preparedness Club - And Leftists Tried To Interfere​

Beirut - Lebanon Explosion 14 Different Camera Angles: Footages of Massive Blast​

Video of bomb dropping on plant in Beirut ​

Stunning Satellite Images Of Beirut Blast Epicenter​

Watch: Massive Fire Engulfs Sprawling UAE Market In Flames​

Most theaters will remain permanently closed as DisneyPlusPlusPlus: Studio Will Charge 30 Bucks Extra Over Subscription Fee to Stream Long-Delayed “Mulan” Next Month​

Probably to make genome specific bio weapons: Ancestry.com includes DNA data of 18m members in $4.7bn deal

High school cheerleaders posed with Confederate flag T-shirt​

To try to intimidate and harass: YouTube star Jake Paul's LA home was raided by FBI after big party

Justice Department 'will pursue $13 BILLION in penalties against Purdue Pharma'

Arrested woman 'attacked liver transplant recipient' over mask​

Banning all travel is better at controlling a pandemic than reopening with quarantine​

Coronavirus US: Alaskan cruise line cancels trips after case​

Israel Denies Responsibility for Massive Blast in Beirut, Knesset TV Says

Houston mayor orders police to punish residents who refuse to wear masks with $250 fines​

CDC Director Admits Hospitals Have Monetary ‘Incentive’ to Inflate Coronavirus Death Count​

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Leftist Media Ignores Court Docs Alleging Bill Clinton Visited Epstein Island

Coca-Cola's work with scientists was a 'low point in history of public health'​

N-Acetylcysteine: A potential therapeutic agent for SARS-CoV-2

Escobar: The Heart Of The Matter In The South China Sea

Trump claims authority to issue order on mail-in votes

Dr. Judy Mikovits: Plague of Corruption​

Three Gorges Dam deformed but safe, say operators​

Pure propaganda: Watch the trainwreck Trump interview moment being compared to 'Spinal Tap' and 'Veep'

REPORT: Study Used by Dr. Fauci to Condemn Hydroxychloroquine Use Was Debunked! - But New England Journal of Medicine Will Not Publish This Lifesaving Update!​

The Pentagon’s New UFO Disclosures: 75 Years of MK Ultra Psy Ops — Strategic Culture​

Greg Mannarino: The Fed Is “Trying To Kill What’s Left Of The Middle Class… This Is All By Design”

Don’t follow Gematria!!! : Esoteric Numerology Based on the Hebrew Kabbalah​

Trump White House accelerating toward a dollar crisis

Beirut blast: Explosion rocks city with many injured​

U.S. National Security Alert: Military Investigations Reveal History of Vaccine Science Fraud By Leaders of White House COVID Task Force​

Here's a video of the Beirut explosion from a long distance away. It shifted the clouds. Turn your sound on and wait for the shockwave to hit.

The War on Cops is not about Racism​

Ruling Elite’s Pedophile Bloodlust for Children: From Antiquity to Today​

This looks like a mini nuke: Beirut "Like A War Zone": Terrifying Blast Shockwave Rips Through City

Gold Extends Gains, Stocks Slump After Perdue's Stimulus Talks Comments​

"V For Vendetta" - Was V's 2005 "Sermon" Warning Us Of COVID-19(84) Tyranny?​

Gold Soars To Record Highs, Stocks Erase Gains After Pelosi Warns 'No Deal This Week'​

Trump: ‘I don’t know why’ Facebook, Twitter shut down ‘frontline’ doctors promoting COVID cure​

This is a great movie: Sunset Boulevard at 70: we’re all Norma Desmond now

More fake news: Branson to beat Musk & Bezos in billionaire space race as he prepares to fly on Virgin Galactic ship next year

Why Gold $3000 Is Next: Bank Of America's Full 'Must Read' Client Call Transcript​

Insanely stupid: Illinois Rep Wants To Abolish History Classes As Racist

UNT Faculty Targeted For Saying Music Theory Isn't White Supremacist​

Gold prices surge midday Tuesday to reach an intraday record above $2,013; Silver jumps nearly 5%​

'Sobering' report shows hardening attitudes against media ​

Trump Says He May Act to Stop Evictions Amid Virus-Aid Talks ​

Gun Control Precedes Mass Murder Purges by governments killing 80+ million since 1900​

These precautions are such LIES!What Lockdown 2.0 Looks Like: Harsher Rules, Deeper Confusio​n

How The Billionaires Control American Elections​

5G Technology and induction of coronavirus i​n skin cells

Monday, August 3, 2020

Why gun sales are spiking among African-Americans

National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan​

People have been so spooked by the state-sanctioned Project Fear that they believe TENS OF MILLIONS have died from Covid-19​

Man Who Predicted The Global Collapse Just Warned A Nightmare Scenario Is Unfolding​


CIA Fabricated Russiagate ‘Evidence’, Says Former NSA Tech Chief​

You can now be fined, jailed, and assaulted for not wearing a mask

Half of CDC Coronavirus Test Kits Are Inaccurate, Study Finds

Survey: Funding Being Reduced For “Nearly Half” Of All Major City Police Departments In America​

Censoring HCQ- Azithromycin and Zinc as the Cure for Covid: What is REALLY Going On?​

Top Federal Reserve official says US needs another lockdown to save economy

COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging, Part 1

‘Do as they say’: Minneapolis police warn people to obey criminals for their own safety as violent crime surges amid BLM protests

A Record Amount Of Physical Gold Was Just Delivered On COMEX, Here's Why​

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic​

Singapore to make quarantined travellers wear electronic tags ​

Big Tech Is Making Sure People Don’t Hear About the Deadly Downsides of Vaccine​s

Lockdown Lunacy: Your Government-Ordered Depression Has Arrived​

Federal Government and Yale Are Holding Clinical Trials on How Best to 'Persuade' Americans to Take COVID-19 Vaccines​

Trump should be tried in International Court for this!: US Confirms American Company Has Signed Deal With 'Rebels' To Take Syria's Oil


Men's Wearhouse Files For Bankruptcy​

Shorts Crushed As Dollar Surges, Euro Tumbles In Violent Trend Reversal​

Vaccine Hunt: Is Injecting Human Volunteers With COVID-19 Ethical?​

Coca-Cola's work with scientists was a 'low point in history of public health'​

Leftist Media Ignores Court Docs Alleging Bill Clinton Visited Epstein Island​

Sunday, August 2, 2020

We hope you quit: Ellen DeGeneres is 'telling show executives she's had enough'

Donald Trump fails to draw a crowd as he lands in Florida

We Thought It Was Just a Respiratory Virus​

Face Mask Tyranny is Here​

Epstein Insider Hoffenberg Talks Wexner, Maxwell, Clinton, Trump​

"We're Screwed": The Worst Months For Both Renters And Landlords Still Lie Ahead​

Trump Admin Sidelines CDC To Give Pentagon ‘Unprecedented’ Role In Vaccine Distribution​

Trump badly miscalculated in Portland – and even he knows it​

Miami Police Setting Up ‘Mask Traps,’ Issuing $100 Fines to People Wearing Masks Improperly​

Over half of Brits want cops to be given powers to arrest face mask rule breakers ​

Head of the Snake - Wexner, Maxwell’s, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed​

Hurtigruten cruise line: 36 crew infected with COVID-19 in Norway

A Record Amount Of Physical Gold Was Just Delivered On COMEX, Here's Why

Bitcoin Hits 1 Year High Then Plummets After "Someone" Liquidates $1 Billion In Seconds To Hammer Price

"Individuals With A Cervix" - Women Reduced To Body-Parts Under Transgender Orthodoxy

Obese People Are Twice As Likely To Die From Covid 

The Consequences Of "Worthless Cash"

"Peaceful Riots"? Journalism Bows To The Woke Mob

America's Coin Shortage Is Getting Worse

Report: Group of Pac-12 Players Threatens to Boycott Season over Virus, Social Justice Concerns​

Brad Garrett, Lea Thompson Rip Ellen DeGeneres Apology: 'Common Knowledge' She Mistreated Staff​

Clinton Aide Advises Joe Biden: 'Whatever You Do, Don't Debate Trump'​

If you can be banned from Twitter for questioning transgenderism, why are accounts advocating pedophilia still on the site?​

Here Are the Major Cities Hit with Violent Protests and Riots over the Weekend ​

How Lincoln’s War Was Won​

Crash the Economy, Burn the Cities, Infect the People: The Evil Plan to Remake America​

The Case of Dred Scott​

Opinion - Vote Democrat... and Watch U.S. Burn​

Blood Money: The Civil War and the Federal Reserve​

HUGE-Former BLM leader spills the beans on who’s funding BLM and ANTIFA​

Wilford Brimley, actor who appeared in Cocoon before becoming Quaker Oats pitch man, dies at 85​

Did Bankers Foment the “Civil War”?

World Bank Offered Belarus $940 Million Coronavirus Loan But Only If They Locked Down and Destroyed Economy​

EEOC: Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Guidance ​

Frontline Doctor Dispels Coronavirus Fears​

Scientists Generate Electrical Field That Can Help Repair Fractured Bones ​


Netherlands Refuses To Mandate Face Masks; Sweden Says They Are ‘Pointless’​

EXPLOSIVE: Documents Released in Epstein Case Last Night Contain Redactions – THAT CAN BE UNREDACTED WHEN COPYING TO NOTEPAD​

Trump Admin Sidelines CDC To Give Pentagon ‘Unprecedented’ Role In Vaccine Distribution​

‘We don’t need someone distracted with Twitter’: Ilhan Omar fights off tough primary challenge​

This is a total lie - 1950s technology - nauseating: SpaceX capsule and NASA crew make 1st splashdown in 45 years

Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Coronavirus Response Is Pure State Terrorism Based on Propaganda

Jim Jordan Presses Dr. Fauci On COVID-19 Protest Hypocrisy

Nearly half of 258 surveyed police agencies' budgets cut: report​

Dr. Judy Mikovits Says That It's Likely That Most Who Take The Vaccine Will Die...50 Million

Bubble indemnity: Big Pharma firms will NOT be held accountable for side effects of Covid vaccine ​

CDC: 'Perverse Incentive' for Hospitals to Inflate Coronavirus Deaths ​

Escobar: The Heart Of The Matter In The South China Sea​

US Printed More Money in One Month Than in Two Centuries ​

US Africa Command Ordered To Leave Germany As Part Of Troop Draw Down Fallout​

US Takes Unprecedented Step Of Imposing Sanctions On Assad's Teenage Son​

Google Says New 'Contact Tracing' App To Launch In Coming Weeks​

You Can Now Be Fined, Jailed, & Assaulted For Not Wearing A Mask In America​

Serial liar Bill Clinton Has Again Denied Going To Epstein's Pedo Island

Atilis Gym owners break into their own business to let in customers, again violating N.J.‘s coronavirus orders​

Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago Sees 139 Percent Increase in Murder ​

Germany: Protesters Gather to Call for End of Coronavirus Restrictions ​

Bokhari: By Suppressing Medical Debate, It Is Twitter That Endangers Americans

Biden Eyes Major Foreign Policy Shifts if He Wins

Joe Biden Nears Final Decision on Running Mate

Donald Trump Demands Change: ‘Too Much Income Disparity’ After COVID-19

TikTok Says in U.S. ‘For the Long Run’ as Trump Ban Looms

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Sees 139 Percent Increase in Murder

Trump-Loving Grandmother Outs Alleged Portland ‘Bomber’ Grandson

Border Patrol Chief: Agents in Portland Faced ‘Direct and Immediate Threat of Being Burnt Alive’ for Two Months

Police: 150 Bullets Hit Eight Apartments, Seven Cars, and One Woman in Portland

Pennsylvania to Pay Mail-In Ballot Postage for November General Election

VIDEO: Texas Mom, Girlfriend Charged with Murder in Beating Death of 4-Year-Old

Friday, July 31, 2020

Mask Fatigue: Some North Texas Workers Claim Headaches, Shortness Of Breath And Anxiety

Ghislaine Maxwell had 'continuous' sex with young girls on Epstein island ​

Ghislaine Maxwell trained underage girls as sex slaves, documents allege

Bill Clinton flew to Jeffrey Epstein’s 'orgy island' with 'two young girls', bombshell Ghislaine Maxwell docs claim

Jeffrey Epstein told Ghislaine Maxwell she had 'done nothing wrong', unsealed court docs reveal​

Bill Clinton stayed in Jeffrey Epstein's villa on 'orgy island', court docs claim​

Mask Propaganda Intensifies As Political Puppets Declare "It's Not Your Right To Not Wear A Mask"​

The Anti-Mary: The Terrifying New Patroness of Abortion, Lilith ​

Massive mail delays hit the postal service under Donald Trump's new postmaster-General​

Here Are The Top Highlights From Ghislaine Maxwell's Unsealed Court Records​

One Nation Under House Arrest: How Do COVID-19 Mandates Impact Our Freedoms?​

Trump: Military Will Distribute Vaccine in a Very Powerful Manner​

"Rumors Of Structural Faults ​​​​​​​" - China's Three Gorges Dam Could Be Nearing collapse​

The Mask Of The Beast

Tucker: America is witnessing a brazen power grab

Who Is Sarah Kellen, Alleged ‘Recruiter’ for Jeffrey Epstein

Gold Goes TINA​

Breitbart Still Suspended From Twitter After Viral HCQ Video; Doctor Gets Axe Over Involvement​

White House Has Submitted 'Four Different Offers' On Stimulus Which Dems Have Ignored: Meadows​

A Quarter Of All Household Income In The US Now Comes From The Government​

"There Is No Proven Effectiveness" - Netherlands Refuses To Mandate Mask Wearing In Public​

We Thought It Was Just a Respiratory Virus​

IMAGINE THIS! "It's all FAKE SCIENCE" (Very few know about this)​

Police Confiscate Man's Firearm After Anonymous "Antifa" Members Accuse Him Of Being a "Racist"

We hope you quit: Ellen DeGeneres is 'telling show executives she's had enough'

Mission Accomplished: Fed Officially Blows The Biggest Ever Bubble​

You Can Now Be Fined, Jailed, & Assaulted For Not Wearing A Mask In America​

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell 'didn't want black girls'​

Donald Trump fails to draw a crowd as he lands in Florida

60% of Workers with COVID Refuse to Cooperate with Contact Tracing in Los Angeles

Donald Trump: 'We May Be Banning TikTok' ​

Thursday, July 30, 2020

US economy suffers worst quarter since the second world war as GDP shrinks by 32.9%

"Markets Are Nearing Their Limits": Futures Falls, European Markets Tumble After German GDP Crashes ​

In Unprecedented Move, Congress Proposes Taxpayer-Funded Bailout Of $550 Billion CMBS Industry​

The Big Lies: The EU Is Fixed, The Dollar Is Dying, & COVID Will Kill You​

Trump Sparks Firestorm With Suggestion To Delay Elections 'Until Vote Can Be Safe'

Aviation Flu? It Will Take Years For Passenger Numbers To Fully Recover

Luke 6 NIV

Herman Cain dies at 74 after monthlong fight with coronavirus

As I said on today’s show: Pentagon Has a 'Lot More' Classified UFO Videos, Says Ex Head of Secret Government Program

Crime Is Skyrocketing All Over America And Police Officers Are Committing Suicide​

Propaganda Already Starting For "Third Wave"​

Judge Orders Police to Hand Over Private Information About Gun Owners ​

California Pizza Kitchen Declares Bankruptc​y

Trader Joe's Reverses Course, Refuses To Kowtow To Outrage Mob​

Trump Jr. warns of mainstream media 'working for Democrats' to sell Biden as moderate​

Bye, boomer: the coming cull of workers over 50​

Ex Adult Videos Jenna Jameson: Hollywood Is Run By Pedophiles Who 'Sacrifice and Torture Children' ​

A mutilation of young lives: How the radical transgender bandwagon is wrecking girls’ bodies and destroying their mental health​

Rabobank: It Is Ironic That US "Tech Giants" Don't Actually Produce Anything​

Thousands of US troops to begin moving out of Germany within weeks​

52% white Americans oppose kneeling during national anthem​

Dementia rates could fall 40% if people live healthier lives

Germany's Economy Shrinks 34.7% — Worse Than U.S.

Israel supporters slam Seth Rogen over Jewish state remarks​

USDollar, Bond Yields Tumble After Greatest Economic Collapse Ever​

rna Archives​

Bill Gates Pushing for 7 Billion Mandatory Experimental Rna Injections That Re-program Human Cells to Produce Coronavirus Spike Proteins​

The COVID-Hysteria Campaign - The Ultimate Divide And Conquer Strategy​

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Fedcoin: A New Scheme for Tyranny and Poverty

Trump questions how Fauci has a high approval rating 'but nobody likes me'​

Cigarette Smoking Makes Comeback During Coronavirus Pandemic​

Nicotine: Facts, effects, and addiction ​

Voters Are Starting To Doubt Trump’s Reelection Chances​

FDA Director Peter Marks and the Ever-Shifting COVID Vaccine Narrative​

'Last Supper' Artwork of Feasting Netanyahu Irks Israeli Leader​

'Last Supper' artwork of feasting Netanyahu irks Israeli leader

Online virtual classes are now requiring immunizations for students to attend ​

The World Economic Forum (WEF) Knows Best – The Post-Covid “Great Global Reset”​

Martial Law Is Unacceptable Regardless Of The Circumstances ​

Chinese Banks Bar Clients From Buying Precious Metals​

Insane and Rothschild-controlledMasks Aren't Enough: Dr. Fauci Says People Should "Probably Use Eye Shields" To Protect Against COVID-19

Chinese Banks Urged To Switch From SWIFT And Drop USD In Anticipation Of US Sanctions

The "Government Put" Is A Tailwind For Gold​

Visualizing The World's Most Heavily Indebted Companies​

Snyder: We Are In The Process Of Completely Losing America​

All talk: President Trump Threatens Executive Orders To "Bring Fairness" To Big Tech

Israel Rolls Out Dystopian "Cyber Espionage Award" For US-Backed Digital Saboteurs​

Kennedy Jr. Warns Parents About Danger Of Using Largely-Untested COVID Vaccines On Kids​

The COVID-Hysteria Campaign - The Ultimate Divide And Conquer Strategy​

Gold's Record Price Is All About Currency Debasement​

Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy ​

Rep. Greg Steube Grills Google CEO Sundar Pichai over Deletion of America’s Frontline Doctors Video

Twitter Suspends PragerU, Prominent Conservatives, and Doctors for Commenting on HCQ

Trump: Fox News ‘Not Even Watchable,’ Unrecognizable from 4 Years Ago

Donald Trump: Congress ‘All Talk and No Action’ on Big Tech

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci both said years ago Trump would face a 'surprise global disease outbreak'

Notre Dame Withdraws as Host Site for First 2020 Presidential Debate ​

Twitter Censors Tim Tebow's Inspirational Bible Video ​

Google working on smart tattoos that turn skin into living touchpad​

"It Reeks Of Orwell" - The COVID Coup (& How To Unlock Ourselves)​

How A Society Unravels​

Gold Futures Hit $2000 After US Mint Reduces Bullion Coin Supplies​

Futures Slide As Gold Gets Monkeyhammered After Hitting $2,000​

ESPN Has Nearly $1 Billion In Ad Revenue Hanging In The Balance Of College Football Seaso​n

Why Marxist Organizations Like BLM Seek To Dismantle The "Western Nuclear Family"​

Stunning Apple Glass concept shows headset that puts a computer on your EYES – totally replacing the iPhone​

Russia Deploys S-400 to Arctic Only to Ensure National Security, Foreign Ministry Says​

Lightfoot ripped after blaming Chicago violence on "being inundated with guns from states that have virtually no gun control"

SCAMDEMIC: Bill Gates Confronted About Widespread Vaccine Side Effects​

Rep Matt Gaetz accuses Mark Zuckerberg of 'lying under oath' about Facebook censorship​

Dispatches from the War: Black Lives Matter; Trouble in covid vaccine paradise​

It’s Okay to Be White​

Black welfare-to-millionaire woman goes viral for condemning removal of Confederate monument​

Trump Enables the Establishment’s Entrapment of Him

Coronavirus: Patients treated with massive doses of Vitamin C

Use of Ascorbic Acid in Patients With COVID 19​

Vitamin C and COVID-19 Coronavirus​

Three Intravenous Vitamin C Research Studies Approved for Treating ​

Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Doctors' Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference​

William Barr’s Connection to Ruby Ridge​

Congressman Steve Cohen slams Bill Barr at hearing for ‘allowing’ Jeffrey Epstein ‘to conveniently commit suicide’​

OPINION: Bill Barr Needs To Answer For His Role In Ruby Ridge ​

GATES Partnered with MODERNA For a Vaccine in JANUARY: Moderna Only Produces Messenger RNA Vaccines Which Change the DNA in Every Cell in the Body​

Medical Journal Suggests Loss of Employment for Any Person Who Refuses to Take COVID-19 Vaccine​

“Nobody Needs to Die” – Frontline Doctors Storm D.C. Claiming “Thousands of Doctors” are Being Silenced on Facts and Treatments for COVID​

VISA announces global plans for crypto payments – will go global with major tokens​

Federal officers protecting Portland's courthouse 'fear for their lives' after 61 nights of unrest​

Communism Is A Cancer That Needs To Be Removed​

Prosecutors may have incriminating 'nude' videos of Ghislaine Maxwell​

Oldest US gun maker Remington files for bankruptcy for second time in two years​

Federal officers protecting Portland's courthouse 'fear for their lives' after 61 nights of unrest​

VISA announces global plans for crypto payments – will go global with major tokens​

'I happen to think it works.' Trump defends hydroxychloroquine after Twitter deletes his tweets​

Suffering concussion increases the risk of developing dementia by 72 per cent, research suggests​

Bill Barr accused of escalating tensions for 'campaign footage'​

Senators and Congressmen Who Hold Dual Citizenship

Monday, July 27, 2020

‘Virus is off today?’ THOUSANDS rally in Brooklyn for #BlackTransLivesMatter… as Cuomo threatens bars for Covid-19 rule violations

Another Round Of $1,200 Stimulus Checks Coming, Trump Officials Say ​

Sinclair pulls interview with ‘Plandemic’ conspiracy theorist after CNN-backed outrage campaign​

Greyerz – Brace For Collapsing Global Stock Markets And Skyrocketing Gold Prices​

They Keep Moving the COVID-19 Goalposts: Will the Next Step Be Masks to Protect From the Flu and the Common Cold?​

Gates of hell Rothschild cutout Bill Gates: It Will Take Multiple Vaccines To Kick COVID-19​

Why This Election Could be The Most Important Since the US Civil War​

Rage unmasked: How a piece of cloth has America going mad ​

Jobless Thursday​

Couple banned by Walmart after wearing Nazi flag face masks at Marshall, Minnesota store​

Video: Woman maces couple for not wearings masks in San Diego park

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Begins Late-Stage Trial; Hong Kong Imposes Toughest Restrictions Yet As "Third Wave" Worsens: Live Updates​

The Global Elite’s Coup Against Humanity. Fear and “Submissive Obedience”

Elite Privilege: Hypocrites Extraordinaire!​

Church Will Fight Ventura County Threat to Shut it Down​

One person injured and two arrested after shooting at protest in downtown Portland​

Black bear takes a nap in a woman's kiddie pool after wandering into her backyard in Virginia​

Rabobank: The Story Of The Crashing Dollar Is Very Exciting... And Desperately Inaccurate​

Hertz Has To Sell 182,000 Cars By 2021​

"Paralyzed By The Pandemic" - World's Largest Diamond Company Considers Restructuring​

Rutgers University Declares Grammar 'Racist'​

This is pure propaganda garbageThe Perils of White American Folk Religion

America's Major Cities Are Being Turned Into War Zones, And It's Not Going To End In November​

"I Need To Buy A Firearm": Radio Host Who Defended "Peaceful" Protesters Has Apartment Destroyed By Rioters​

The Uncertain Promise of a COVID Vaccine: What We're Not Being Told​

Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti, Atilis Gym owners who defied governor, arrested on contempt charges​

Mike Ditka says ahletes kneeling for anthem should leave U​S

Brilliant patriot: Republican politician promotes anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist

Watch–Doctor Dispels Coronavirus Fears: ‘99.8 Percent of People Get Through this with Little to No Progressive or Significant Disease’

Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti, Atilis Gym owners who defied governor, arrested on contempt charges​

The Untold Story of Christian Zionism's Rise to Power in the United States ​

Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s Mentor and the Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era ​

In Israel the Push to Destroy Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque Goes Mainstream ​

How Israel's Third Temple Movement Rebranded Theocracy as "Civil Rights" ​

Fed-up Americans begin fighting back: Motorist beats on BLM street-blocker, screams, ‘get the F out of my neighborhood’

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for July 27 2020​

Nolte: Crime Explosion Forces Minneapolis Residents to Form Militias ​

Vaccine Companies Partner with Mastercard to Merge Vaccines with Cashless Money System ​

No dancing, just listening: Berlin club Berghain reopens doors ​

Biometric digital health credentials for NHL and London theatre, Privacy International warns of risks​

Watch -- ER Doctor: 'We Are Not Overwhelming the Health Care System'​

Seattle ESPN Radio Host Who Told Trump to 'Chill' over Riots, Suddenly Wants a Gun​

Law Enforcement Today Spox: We're Looking at a ‘Mass Exodus’ of Police ​

Indiana Police Say They Won't Enforce Governor's Mask Order ​

Notre Dame Withdraws as Host Site for First 2020 Presidential Debate ​

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Living dangerously: 12% of adults STILL don't wash hands after using public bathroom

Cops declare Seattle protest a riot as youth detention center goes up in flames​


Walmart and retailers to serve customers refusing to wear masks​

The Obama Years Sowed the Seeds for the Current Societal Chaos

Half of CDC Coronavirus Test Kits Are Inaccurate, Study Finds

How the Pandemic Has Affected Mental Health​

Has China's Military Deeply Infiltrated US Medical Research?​

We are pulling out of the biggest Back the Blue rally in America ​

The Global Elite & The Coronavirus Coup D’état​

Russia flexes 'growing power' of its Navy with huge parade involving 200 warships in St Petersburg​

Millennials are Caught in the Two Recession Trap: Millennials Continue to be Punished by the Great Recession and now the Great Pandemic.​

All Roads Lead to Gold in a Credit Implosion​

Direct-write 3D printing and characterization of a GelMA-based biomaterial for intracorporeal tissue​

A Record 170 Tons Of Physical Gold Were Just Delivered On The COMEX: Here's Why​

One Bank Warns Buying Gold Is The Only Hedge Left For The "Great Debasement"​

Gold Versus The Financial System's "Hubristic Swindle"​

Why Central Bank Policies Are Fundamentally Destructive​

Fed Stimulus Has Created The "Cobra Effect"​

White House Slams SCOTUS Decision Putting Nevada Entertainment Ahead Of Churches​

Delta flight departing from Detroit has to turn around as 2 guests refuse to wear masks​

VIDEO: Man Allegedly Pepper Sprayed for Not Wearing Mask at Dog Park ​

Military 'medics' now transporting Arkansas residents deemed 'COVID-positive' to undisclosed isolation facility​

We Are On Our Own In The Post-Covid World: It's time to be our own heroes, because those in charge sure won't be

Anti-police protesters plan to march on the home of Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf​

Why Central Bank Policies Are Fundamentally Destructive​

Poll: Majority of Republicans favor requiring face masks in public​

Agricultural Warfare? People Are Receiving Mysterious Unsolicited Packages Of Seeds In The Mail From China​

"I Would Literally Do Any Other Job Right Now" - Workers Are Leaving The Restaurant Industry In Droves​

The Exodus Begins: Joe Rogan Is Leaving LA For Texas Because He Wants "A Little Bit More Freedom"​

Tucker Carlson Flips Out Over Matt Drudge Supposedly Becoming ‘Woke’ ​

MLB Season Opener Features Every Player Bending The Knee ​

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Yugoslavian Issues Warning To All Americans

Americans Are Buying Guns in Record Numbers. The Washington Post Isn't Pleased. ​

Is Big Tech Planning A Massive Purge To Coincide With The COVID Vaccine Release?​

The Coverup of the Contaminated Blood Supply and Vaccines​

Seattle police chief to residents and business owners: You’re on your own against violent protesters​

Nolte: Draft DNC Platform Declares Whites Too Rich, Privileged, and Evil​

The digital revolution provides government and corporations with unlimited and unaccountable ability to spy and control populations​

Artificial intelligence: AI 'too dangerous to release' STUNS experts - 'Mind blowing'​

This is a War Against Humanity, Implemented Through Complex Economic Instruments – A global fear campaign is sustained by the media. And now a so-called second wave is envisaged​

VIDEO: WHO Says 'There Will Be No Return To The Old Normal,' COVID-19 Will 'Get Worse And Worse And Worse​'

Two hurricanes are set to strike the US at the same time with Hawaii and Texas bracing for impact​

Amazon Met With Startups About Investing, Then Launched Competing Products​

Black militia members brandish guns demanding charges against cops linked to Breonna Taylor's death​

FAA: Check engines on 737s that could shut down mid-flight​

California Churches Defy Lockdown Order: Christ Is Head of the Church​

Dr. Fauci: Young People 'Part of the Problem' in Coronavirus Outbreak ​

Critics Taunt Dr. Anthony Fauci for Watching Baseball Game Without a Mask ​

Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings—Personal Protective and Environmental Measures

FAA: Check engines on 737s that could shut down mid-flight​

Amazon Met With Startups About Investing, Then Launched Competing Products​

Florida Paycheck Protection Program Loans

New bio-ink could be used to 3D-print body parts inside the patient

Federal Judge: 'There Is NO Pandemic Exception To The Constitution’ - Then Why Are Americans Going Along With It?​

Pierre Lassonde – The Upside In Gold Is Unlimited. It’s Going Far, Far Higher Than People Imagine​

Black militia members brandish guns demanding charges against cops linked to Breonna Taylor's death​

The View From Eastern Europe​

Louisville protests descend into chaos when armed protester accidentally shoots members of his group, injuring 3​

Pastor exposes Q as nonsense​Bible Prophecy Update

Military Tricare accidentally told 600,000+ people they've had coronavirus

Regis Philbin, Iconic TV Host, Dead at 88​

With Pentagon UFO unit in the spotlight, report mentions 'off-world vehicles not made on this earth'

Lies and More Damnable Lies

250,000 People Die From Medical Error in the US Every Year​

Friday, July 24, 2020


North Carolina professor found dead weeks after backlash

Donald Trump's demand for a payroll tax cut is dumped by the White House and Republicans​

'One-world government' just nutty talk until UN demands it ​

China tells US to close consulate in Chengdu in growing spat ​

How To Win A Gun Fight: 14 Military Gun Fight Tactics​

Europe panics as worst swarm of locusts in 70 years invades Sardinia, Italy in videos​

New COVID-19 mutation helps outbreaks spread quicker: expert ​

College Student Forced into 'Political Reeducation' For Photo with AR-15​

Pentagon's UFO hunting department was NOT disbanded in 2012 and could now give public reports​

Russian Navy second diesel-electric submarine Volkhov wraps up shipbuilders’ trials​

The Federal Coup to Overthrow the States and Nix the 10th Amendment Is Underway

Texas hospital turns away coronavirus patients likely to die

Lies and More Damnable Lies ​

Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance​

Beijing’s summer is more oppressive than usual, but most prefer the heat over the virus

One-punch killer Jamill Jones is let off with ZERO jail time in homicide of tourist in NYC​

Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings—Personal Protective and Environmental Measures

Pawns in the Game​

Forbes Warns of ‘Category 5 Economic Hurricane’ as Gold Nears Record​

We Are About To Find Out What An Economy Looks Like When You Throw Tens Of Millions Into Unemployment Overnight​

Federal agents and Portland protesters clash for 57th night​

Gold Eagle Sales Already 3X Last Year’s Total & U.S. Mint Still Struggling To Produce Silver Eagles​

As Gold Soars Near Record Highs, USDollar Tumbles To Six-Month Lows​

Major Hollywood Studio Orders "AI-Driven" Face-Mask Detection Robots​

"V-Shaped" Recovery? - NYC's Live Camera Feed & Real-Time Traffic Data Suggest Otherwise​

Giants Pitcher Sam Coonrod Refuses to Kneel for MLB's Black Lives Matter Moment: 'I'm a Christian'​

Thursday, July 23, 2020


They have to label the dissenters somehow: Narcissists and Psychopaths Are More Likely to Refuse to Wear Masks, Says New Research

Ghislaine Maxwell ‘has the goods’ on Trump and he was telling her ‘don’t talk’ by wishing her well, ex PR chief claims

Brilliant blame shifting: Nancy Pelosi Crosses The Line Again, Calls It ‘The Trump Virus’

Russia Bans Wi-Fi and Cell Phones in Primary Schools Citing Serious Health Concerns​

Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago: 10-Yr-Old Children Armed With Handguns are Carjacking Residents​

Earth-Sun ideal combination for intelligent life, once thought commonplace in the universe – now determined by science to be ‘extremely extremely’ rare​

Uber Announces Participating in Contact Tracing – They Will Turn You in to Health Authorities​

What are EMFs and How Do They Impact Chronic Illness?

Trump: I'd 'Absolutely' Be Willing to Be First to Take Coronavirus Vaccine

Moment 'killer' suspect casually exchanges words with his friend in a Dollar General before murder​

5G Induces Coronaviruses: Study Shows Millimeter Wave DNA Influence​

COVID-19 VACCINE “designed to make us into genetically modified organisms” says Dr. Carrie Madej​

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been moving toward divorce in recent weeks​

Top FBI Intelligence Analyst Child Predator Arrested and Fired: DOJ WILL NOT Publicly Identify the Pervert​

What Are 'Black Triangle' UFOs?​

Dr Carrie Madej warnings of Covid Vaccine ​

The Push For Economic Slavery​

Bill Gates warns multiple coronavirus vaccine doses likely to be needed and schools should stay closed for another YEAR

Russia has secretly tested anti-satellite weapon in SPACE, US Space Command says​

U.S. judge finds Cohen target of retaliation, releases from prison

Russia has secretly tested anti-satellite weapon in SPACE, US Space Command says ​

Catch and Kill: The Protection Racket Used by Trump, Weinstein, Epstein and Wall Street ​

Dodd-Frank Is 10 Years Old Today and the Fed Is Back to Bailing Out Wall Street ​

The Fed Rides to the Rescue of JPMorgan and Citi Again – This Time It’s Their Commercial Real Estate Mortgages​

Ben Swann: Why Face Masks DONT Work, According To SCIENCE

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Bid for Gag Order in Case Denied by Judge ​

Reports: Prosecutors tampered with St. Louis couple's gun to charge them ​

Head of the Snake - Wexner, Maxwell’s, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed​

Israeli Fighter Jet Intercepts Iranian Passenger Plane Over Syria, Nearly Causes Collision​

Epstein floodgates open as judge rules explosive Ghislaine Maxwell docs be unsealed​

Disney World's US parks face 100m drop in visitors in two years​

Donald Trump's demand for a payroll tax cut is dumped by the White House and Republicans​

Applause as woman kicked off plane for refusing to wear mask​

D.C. Mask Mandate Exempts Lawmakers and Government Employees

One-punch killer Jamill Jones is let off with ZERO jail time in homicide of tourist in NYC​

Mnuchin Says New Relief Bill Will Extend and Reduce Enhanced Unemployment Benefits​

Kiss Traditional College Goodbye, It’s Never Coming Back​

Twitter takes down 7,000 accounts linked to QAnon​

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

MIT releases deepfake video of 'Nixon' announcing NASA Apollo 11 disaster

Watch: BLM Activist Says White Men Are ‘the Common Enemy’ ​

15 People Wounded In Mass Shooting Outside Funeral In Auburn Gresham​

Betrayal From Within​

Google Makes All Top Conservative And Alt-Media Sites Disappear ​

Trump says he wishes accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell well and has ‘met her numerous times’​

The Real Unemployment Rate Is 21%... And Heading Higher​

As debt climbs to record $27 trillion, Congress says it's not time to turn off stimulus spending​

U.S. tells China to shut Houston consulate in move China calls 'unprecedented escalation'​

Almost 50 Chicago cops are injured after protesters throw fireworks and frozen bottles

Silver / Gold Price Ratio Reversal Sends Monster Bullish Message!​

Short Squeeze In Silver Continues As Price Spikes Near $23 In Trading On Japan’s TOCOM!​

Twitter Targets QAnon: Nukes 7,000 Accounts, Restricts 150,000 More ​

Will The Cultural Marxists Succeed In Cancelling The Biden-Trump Debates?​

A Nation Falling Apar​t

Fed Policy Simplified: Lower, Longer, And ZIRP Until Something (Or Everything) Breaks​


Forced masking of America paving the way for Bill Gates’ ‘Final Solution’ ​

Entangled Magazine - Tech Coalescence: Mark of the Beast

Photo Appears to Show Black Lives Matter Supporters Holding Down & Kneeling on Neck of Baby - Man Gets Arrested

US Strikes $2 Billion Deal To Buy COVID-19 Vaccine From Pfizer​

Houston Police Respond To Suspected Document Burning At Chinese Consulate​

Chicago mayor says Donald Trump WON'T send in federal force

US banks and financial institutions have been slowly severing ties with the gun industry​

Ever-Lower U.S. Bond Yields Are Driving Gold’s Relentless Rally ​

Donald Trump's message of support to Ghislaine Maxwell 'may have been secret code that he will PARDON her'​

Trump administration establishes $75 million quantum computing centers​

CDC Study Based on 14 Clinical Trials Shows Face Masks do Not Work!​

DC mayor issues order requiring masks outside home​

Seattle City Council Member Suggests Firing White Officers In Massive Reduction Of Police Department​

The Rabbit Hole - This is why Dr. Fauci is full of s***, he calls New York the model of how to fight covid-19​

Three Arrested, One with History of 230 Felonies, in FL Triple Murder Case​

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Report: Gunman Who Attacked Judge Esther Salas' Home Kills Himself

COVID-19 Outbreaks In US, Russia & India Show Promising Slowdown As China Imposes New Restrictions On Air Travel​

Another banker takeover: World's Largest Producer Of Small Gasoline Engines Files For Bankruptcy

Watch: Screeching Woman With Tape Measure Lectures Others For Not Social-Distancing​

OK, Karen!

Which countries have made wearing face masks compulsory?​

The Four Horsemen Of Disinflation: The Coming Rent-pocalypse​

World Recovery Running On Fumes As Virus Pandemic Reemerges​

Catholic Joe Biden wants MORE of Islam taught in America’s School​s

U.S. and China to Launch Mars Missions, Vying for Space Supremac​y

Biblical Swarms of Voracious Locusts Jump From Argentina to Brazil, Threatening Winter Crops – Devastating Plague Heading North With Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize Already Reporting Insects – Mexico and the U.S. Next?

Hollywood Satanists: What Anthony Bourdain said about ‘Friends’​

At Least 65 Shot, 10 Dead, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago​

Hundreds camp out in Oklahoma unemployment lines​

'We can't pull it off': Florida sheriff says he can't muster security for GOP convention

Missouri AG Seeks to Dismiss Charges Against St. Louis Couple Who Brandished Guns

Red Bull Fires "Woke" Diversity Directors Who Tried To Push For BLM Support​


Russian Jets Deployed To Southern Syria To Stop Active Israeli Attack: Report​

Leaked Docs Show DHS Is Afraid That Masks Will Make Facial Recognition Useless​

After Slamming Western Media "Hype", Chinese Officials Issue Highest Flood Alert As Three Gorges Dam Pushed To Limits​

U.S. and China to Launch Mars Missions, Vying for Space Supremacy​

Compromised capitulating: Trump Urges Americans To Wear Masks 'Whether They Like It Or Not', Says Outbreak "Will Probablt Get Worse Before It Gets Better"

Gold Soars, Euro Roars As Dollar Dumps And Stocks Slump​

Silver Is Soaring Again, Citi Sees $2000 Gold Imminent ​

Bahamas Bans American Tourists As Florida Becomes Epicenter Of Pandemic​

Communist BLM and Antifa Vandalize Pioneer Family Statue in Portland with Red Paint - Democrats Silent, Trash Federal Agents Instead​

Portland mothers again form 'Wall of Moms' after being tear gassed by federal officers​

China Orders Christians to Take Down Images of Jesus from Their Homes ​

Watch: BLM Activist Says White Men Are ‘the Common Enemy’ ​

Bankruptcies surging as coronavirus levels the U.S. economy​

Monday, July 20, 2020

Roger Stone appears to use racial slur in interview with black radio show host

There Is A Massive Shortage Of Physical Gold In The Futures Markets And LBMA System

The Essence of Evil: Sex with Children Has Become Big Business in America

EXCLUSIVE: Former NXIVM Members and Employees Describe Clinton-Connected Satanic Cult​

In Newsom's California, Even In-Home Church Gatherings Are Now Banned Due to Coronavirus​

Bill Gates Funded Program That Will Create Your Digital Identity Based On Your Vaccination History​

Demonstrations in Denver in support of and against the police descend into chaos​

The Terrifying Truth About The Elites Master Plan To Control Humanity: Will it Create a New Species and Destroy an Old One?​

Kanye West suggests vaccines are 'mark of the beast' in Forbes interview about his presidential ambitions​

China blows up dam on Yangtze river tributary to ease flooding​

Declassified Documents Reveal Key New York Times Russiagate Piece Was Complete Lies​

Mayor Eric Garcetti: Los Angeles is "on the brink" of a shutdown ​

Ricin & Bombs: Police Investigate Psychotic Death Threats Against Michael Savage​

Bank Of England Governor Signals Central Bank Digital Currency Is Coming​

We are at a breaking point: What will a modern civil war look like? ​

Portland riots see federal officers battle rioters​

Gunman Kills Son Of Federal Judge Recently Assigned To Epstein Case​

Silver Hits $20 For The First Time Since 2016... And Why It Will Go Much Higher​

Boeing Is Running Out Of Space To Park Its Newly-Built 787 Dreamliners Which Nobody Wants To Buy​

Europe Has Been Preparing A Global Gold Standard Since The 1970s​

What Lies Ahead?​

Are Anti-Mask Masks Legal?​

"They Just Take And Take" - AOC Aims To "Soak The Rich" With Proposed New York Wealth Tax​

Liberal Portland Protest Organizer Calls For the "Abolition of the United States As We Know It"​

‘Sickening, if true’: Ex-NY police chief says 27 cops reportedly assigned to protect BLM mural as violent crime soars​

White Professors Live In Fear​

Coronavirus-infected couple put under house arrest and forced to wear ankle monitors after refusing to stay home ​

OPUS 229 High BS Factor ​

Gardena shooting: Security guard charged with murder after fighting with customer over face mask rules​

Altering Human Genetics Through Vaccination, and Bill Gates as the Crazy​

As America's Economic Suffering Grows, The Calls For More Socialism Grow Louder ​

Pan American Silver Suspends Operations Of Its Silver Mines In Peru​

Fake. He was definately "suicided"Suspect Who Killed Son Of Epstein-Linked Judge Identified

Florida's Broward County Orders Residents To Enforce Mandatory Mask Rules At Home: Virus Updates

Delta passengers must undergo medical screening to fly without a mask​

Disney World bans eating and drinking while walking after guests break face mask rules​

Insanity run amuck!: Republican Congressman Proposes Legislation Forcing Declaration Of War On China If Taiwan Is Invaded

US Navy Readies Personnel-Tracking-Wearables To Ensure COVID Social-Distancing​

Beer Countess Who Flew Epstein's 'Lolita Express' 32 Times Quits Child Protection Charity​

Visualizing The Spiraling Opioid Epidemic In America​


The Astounding Physics of N95 Masks

The Muzzle Is a Badge of Subservience and Submission​

One month after statewide mask mandate, California's daily COVID case average has increased by 162%​

Trump says he wants to ‘help’ Portland, accuses local officials of allowing ‘anarchists & agitators’ to take control of the city​

Lincoln Was A Racist and the "Civil War" Was NOT About Slavery​

18,000 prisoners to be released by end of August, California Department of Corrections says​

St. Louis Couple Charged With Felony After Using Firearms To Ward Off Trespassing Protesters​

Electricity Demand Surges As 70 Million Americans Roast Under 'Heat Dome' ​

Ron Paul Exposes Big Holes In The COVID 'Spike' Narrative​

Sunday, July 19, 2020

PICS | Hundreds of bikers protest against farm murders

Africa to Become Testing Ground for "Trust Stamp" Vaccine Record and Payment System​

Terrifying footage shows dozens of uniformed gunmen of the Jalisco drug cartel in Mexico​

A few scenes from the aftermath here in Minneapolis. #GeorgeFloyd #minneapolisriots​

Brooklyn woman, 33, was fatally shot after she asked man to stop setting off fireworks​

Murder of three friends who were fishing may have been a targeted attack​

Nick Cannon hints that he's experienced suicidal thoughts after friend took his own life​

The Clown Cars Are Fully Loaded and Dr. Fauci’s Is Leading the Parade​

John 3:19 And this is the verdict: The Light has come into the world, but men loved the darkness rather than the Light, because their deeds were evil​

Galatians 1:8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be under a curse!​

The Infographics Show - Proof That 5G Is Going To Make Us All Sick

Remember the Red Guards before you cheer the woke mobs ​

Black bear approaches VERY CALM hikers who stand still before it wanders away in Mexico​

EDWARD JAY EPSTEIN investigates seemingly unsolvable mystery of how Jeffrey Epstein made his fortune​

38 Senators With Up to $13.4 Million in Pharmaceutical Stock Approve Drug Industry's Sweetheart Deal​

Roger Stone appears to use racial slur in interview with black radio show host​

Protester in Navy sweatshirt shrugs off baton beating and tear gas attack by federal cops​

China can eliminate US aircraft carriers at will: Paul Craig Roberts

Tell Them To Shove It – Or It Will Just Get Worse And Worse​

No to ‘scanning our intimate thoughts’: Top German court curbs sweeping police powers to access private user data​

Over 50 Million Americans Have Now Filed For First-Time Jobless Benefits Since Lockdowns Began​

Hardin Co. couple gets ankle monitors after COVID-19 quarrel with health dept.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Nothing Is More Valuable Than Jesus

Mayor of Portland to Trump: Get your troops out of the city ​

Sweden seizes book by Jewish comedian criticizing war-time collaboration​

Narcissists, Psychopaths, & Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage In "Virtuous Victim Signaling", Study Finds​

Arson suspected in blaze at 15th-century Nantes cathedral​

Covid-19: Phase 1 of the "Permanent Crisis"​

Fauci urges governments to be 'as forceful as possible' on mask rules

If We Don’t Fight For It, The Liberal World Order Is Going To Kill Our Way Of Life 

What Lies Ahead: Permanent Job Losses, Poverty in America, Financial and Political Instability​

BREAKING: Portland Antifa and BLM Launch Explosives at Federal Building While Barricading Agents Inside

Seattle City Council Member Suggests Firing White Officers In Massive Reduction Of Police Department​

Papa John founder says CEOs are ‘scared’ of the Left​

Notes on a KGB Officer’s Insights​

Trump says 'I don't agree' with CDC director's mask message ​

AA To Furlough 25k Employees, The Shutdown Through The Eyes Of The Recently Unemployed​

American Airlines says as many as 25,000 employees could be furloughed​

A Brief History of the Freedom of Speech in America

Balfour Declaration | History & Impact​

Why the Marxist Left Loves Lincoln​


Here’s What Everyone, Including Mary Trump, Gets Wrong About Donald Trump’s Failed Response to COVID-19 ​

The Central Bank of Israel Doesn’t Want You to Know What U.S. Stocks It Owns; Neither Does the SEC

(Shhh! Don’t Tell Wall Street that the Fed is Tightening.) Repo Loans Hit Zero; Fed Balance Sheet Shrinks by $248 Billion in a Month​

Ghislaine Maxwell, Wall Street’s Secrets and the U.S. Attorney’s Office​

Bubba Wallace Booed at NASCAR All-Star Open, Cheered After Crash​

Insane: Biden campaign staffer mocked cops as worse than 'pigs,' called for defunding police

CFR Members And Bilderberg Attendees Appointed By Donald Trump (Taken from the CFR membership and Bilderberg participant lists)​

Largest Voting Machine Vendor in US Admits Its Systems Had Remote-Access Software Installed ​

US Senator Feinstein Calls to Block COVID-19 Relief For States That Refuse to Apply Mask Mandate​

2 Thessalonians 2:4 - He will oppose and will exalt himself​

Friday, July 17, 2020

If Trump Won in ’16 by a Divine Hand, What Would a ’20 Loss Mean?

Long-distance couples must show coronavirus 'love contract' at Dutch border before reunitin​g

This would be an act of warUS threatens to cut off Chinese banks' access to dollars​

Hard-core communist'Delusional' de Blasio: Critics slam mayor for saying NYC is 'safer' and 'better' with FEWER people in jail as violent crime surges to the highest point in 25 years and more criminals are released on bail

This is insanity: Fatal police-involved shooting started with assault call over mask at Haliburton County grocery store: Ontario Provincial Police

Seattle City Council Member Suggests Firing White Officers In Massive Reduction Of Police Department

Trump Admin Exempts European, But Not Chinese, Students From Coronavirus Travel Restrictions​

Coronavirus can live on some masks for up to seven days, researcher says ​

‘We’ve seen this happening all over the country’: Statue of Jesus BEHEADED inside Florida church in alleged hate crime​

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls Kayleigh McEnany a 'Karen' for saying she is 'derelict'

California beachgoers say masks 'are killing us' as they refuse free face coverings ​

Red Bull exec criticized for BLM response shared 'racist' map​

SD Gov. Noem Says No Breakouts After Mt. Rushmore Event; Advises Govs to 'Trust Your People'​

The Housing Crisis Of 2020: Millions Of Americans Missed Their Last Rent Payments, And Tens Of Millions Could Soon Be Evicted

JPMorgan: "Central Banks Have Created A Collective Hallucination Where Valuations Are Entirely Fabricated"​

Recovery Narrative Falls Apart As Third Of Small Firms Cut Workers To Survive​

Questions Swirl Over Ghislaine Maxwell's Wealth, Suspected 'CFR Member' Husband​

Trump Backs Gates Vaccine and More​

Gates and Fauci Back Down on Vaccine Promises​

Trump: ‘No’ National Mask Mandate — ‘I Don’t Believe in That’

Florida Health Officer Lables Motorcycle Crash Victim a Coronavirus Death

Exclusive–Rand Paul: Persuasion Is the Hallmark of a Free Society

Kris Kobach: Even Talk of Amnesty Drives Up Illegal Immigration

Fact Check: ‘Redirecting’ Police Funding is the Same as ‘Defund the Police’

DACA Resumes: Judge Declares End to Trump Admin’s Rescission

Black Portland Cop Details Experience with BLM Protesters: ‘Same Tactics that Were Used Against My People’

WaPo/ABC Poll: Increasing Number of Americans Disapprove of Trump’s Coronavirus Response

SF Police Commission Orders Police Stations to Display Black Lives Matter Posters

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Real-Life Survivor of Hitler's Germany Tells Liberals They Remind Her of Nazis

Walmart and Sams Club to require all US customers to wear masks​

Minneapolis lets their city burn but uses cops and drones to spot nude beachgoers

Don't Talk to the Police​

Ships burn as fire hits Iranian port near nuclear power station​

Why BLM Yawns at Police-Shooting Statistics​


Asheville, North Carolina: Reparations for Black residents approved ​

California’s Indoor Religious Worship Suspended Indefinitely, State Health Department Says​

CDC Warns This Fall and Winter Will Likely Be ‘One of the Most Difficult Times We’ve Experienced in American Public Health’​

It Starts: Mortgage Delinquencies Suddenly Soar At Record Pace​

Global Fertility Decline Will See Population In Over 20 Countries Halved By 2100: Study​

Is The Federal Reserve Sowing Seeds Of Marxism?​

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Adverse Reactions In "More Than Half" Of Trial Participants​

Over A Third Of Americans Believe Biden Is Incapable Of Debating Trump​

Twitter hackers could swing elections, the stock market and potentially start a WAR, experts warn​

Former drug addict Cat Marnell reveals she has been 'Adderall-free' for two years​

Father charged 'for beating man found in room of daughter, 14'​

How social isolation transforms the brain: A particular neural chemical is overproduced during long-term social isolation, causing increased aggression and fear​

Corona Initiation Ritual – Black Magic Goes Mainstream​

Charlamagne tha God: Nick Cannon Firing Proves Jews 'Have the Power'​

NASCAR All-Star Race: Confederate flag banner flies over Bristol track ​

Decade of the Dollar at Imminent Risk as Uptrend Break Looms ​

Dinesh D’Souza: On the Toppling of Statues and Socialism’s Divisive Push in America​

California Governor Newsom Bans ALL In-Home Bible Fellowship, Church Services, Meetings, Singing, and Church Gatherings​

Soon, You Will Need To Wear A Mask To Enter Virtually Every Major Retail Store In America​

Peter Schiff Warns Joe Rogan: Americans' Biggest Problem Is "Thinking That Everything Is Free..."​

Unemployed Americans Spent More With $600 Weekly Boost Than Before Pandemic; That's About To Go Away​

Back To School? "No Thanks" Say Millions Of Newly Homeschooling Parents​

Must watch...truth about communism ​

The Evangelical Church Is Helping To Create Another Nation Of Slaves ​

Pictured: Leaked 'racist' map of the world 'according to Americans' shown at Red Bull conference that led to the firing of three execs who called for company to make a statement in support of BLM

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Coronavirus Travel Advisory: Passengers Arriving At NYC Airports Must Fill Out Health Form Or Face Up To $2,000 Fine

Quarantines for out-of-state visitors exceeds governors' emergency authority​

Anti-maskers put shops, businesses on edge​

22 States Now on Tri-State Quarantine List as Cuomo Ups Ante With New NY Emergency Order​

Think Gardasil and Soy: Researchers Warn Of “Jaw Dropping” Crash In Global Fertility Rate

Total insanity and reverse racism: Museum Curator Resigns After He Is Accused of Racism for Saying He Would Still Collect Art From White Men

A Country Without an Honest Media Is Lost​

Utah group organizes 'flash mobs' at grocery stores to oppose face masks​

White Female Rape Victims of Black Men Are Racists If They Complain​

Elect Democrats and Bring the Inner City to the Suburbs​

Joe Biden and Democrats Are Set to Abolish the Suburbs​

Many young men are shunning sex. Is it because feminism and #MeToo are constant reminders of the inferiority of male identity?​

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words​

Democrat Minnesota Governor Let Looters Burn Down Minneapolis and Wants Federal Taxpayers to Pay for it!​

‘Heinous and unprovoked’ stabbing spree on New York subway caught on VIDEO​

Busing Created White Racism​

The Making of an American Trav​

Disney World employees arrested in child pornography sting​

FDA investigates MicroGen DX lab as COVID-19 test results questioned​

The Concept of Woman Is Endangered​

Abby Martin Explains Afghanistan​

NYPD limits retirement applications amid 411% surge this week ​

Black Man Helped Beat White Woman, Engaged In Sexual Extortion, Then Got Her Fired From Her Job When Turned Down​



Atlanta’s Black Female Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Speaks Out​

The "Racist White Civilization" that Must Be Overthrow​n

Prince, Tom Petty, and many others  Died From Fentanyl While Under Doctor’s Supervision​

Minneapolis Reimagines Public Safety by Turning Parks Over to Criminals​

CDC Warns This Fall and Winter Will Likely Be ‘One of the Most Difficult Times We’ve Experienced in American Public Health’ ​

Don't Look Now, But This Airline Just Cancelled All International Flights Until March 2021 Due To COVID

There Are Nationwide Shortages Of Aluminum Cans, Soda, Flour, Canned Soup, Pasta And Rice

Dollar Destroyed by Year End

Peter Navarro: Dr. Anthony Fauci Was Wrong During Coronavirus Fight ​

Are Bankers Planning Bail-Ins Using Depositors' Money?

Trump may intervene in case of St. Louis couple wielding guns at protesters, Missouri governor said​

"The doctor reportedly told his colleagues, “I don’t know if he (Gates) had them vaccinated as adults, but I can tell you he point blank refused to vaccinate them as children.”- Why Didn't Bill Gates Vaccinate His Own Children

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for July 15 2020

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Federal Reserve's $3 trillion virus rescue inflates market bubbles

Bank of England Debating Digital Currency Creation, Bailey Says ​

‘Brave New World’ Arrives in the Future It Predicted​

Gavin Newsom Orders 30 Counties to Halt Indoor Activities, Close Bars​

RED NOVEMBER: How the Democratic Party Has Brought America to the Brink of Socialism​

Hotline to Report People Not Wearing Masks Created for Ohio County Residents​

Flashback: Believe it or not: Roger Stone finds Jesus​

Maska Don't Work: A review of science relevant to COVID-10 social policy

Judge demands information on Roger Stone’s commutation

America’s Jobless Are About to Lose Their $600-a-Week Lifeline ​

Elected Officials Openly Call For Socialism to Replace Capitalism, “Dismantling” The United States Political System and the Economy​

Coronavirus: Pandemic costs world's economy $3.8TRILLION​

Social Distancing Was Created By The CIA- Torture Technique ​

Passenger claims American Airlines flight attendant shook her ‘violently’, called police for using extra blanket​

Peter Thiel’s New Man In The Defense Department ​

COVID CHRONICLES: They’re Going to Starve Us and Freeze Us to Death​

BLM Supporters Celebrate Death of Mother Shot Dead For Saying “All Lives Matter”​

US Air Force F-16 Jet Crash in New Mexico Leaves Pilot Injured​

Churches Report Chicago Officials are Threatening to Bulldoze Their Facilities for Not Complying with COVID-19 Mandates​

Globalist Takeover from Within​

FOX 35 INVESTIGATES: Florida Department of Health says some labs have not reported negative COVID-19 results​

Michigan House Passes Human Microchipping Legislation​

Michigan House passes bill to make employee microchips voluntary​

Death Valley sets record for planet's hottest temperature in years — and the heat wave is forecast to spread​

In surprise move, Trump administration reverses course on barring many foreign students

Ghislaine Maxwell breaks down in tears as she's DENIED bail​

Benjamin Keough recently left drug and alcohol rehab​

FOX 35 Investigation Reveals Inflated Florida Coronavirus Numbers

Researchers Debate Infecting People With Coronavirus to Test Vaccines​

Joe Biden Promises 'Second Great Railroad Revolution'​

Senile dementia ridden: Biden Refuses to Take Questions for Second Time in Less than a Week

GOP Rep. Palmer: Goalposts Changing on Coronavirus 'to Keep People in a Constant State of Fear' ​

Joe Biden Quotes Mao Zedong; Senior Adviser Called Mao 'Favorite Political Philosopher' ​

Mark Kelly Pushing More Background Checks, Gun Seizures in Arizona ​

Pollak: The Unabashed Socialism of the 2020 Democratic Party Primary ​

Monday, July 13, 2020

'People Are Going To Be Shocked': Bannon Claims Wuhan Lab Employees Have Defected, Are Working With FBI

How High Can Gold Go In 2020?​

GM Cutting Third Shift At Missouri Plant After Workers Fail To Show Up Due To COVID Fears

Europe: Rape Victims Accused Of Racism

Constitutional Republic Versus Pure Democracy: How The US Election Process Has Changed​

Extreme "Heat Dome" To Fry US With Record Temperatures Up To 121F For Several Weeks

Hedge Fund CIO: Trump Is Now Left With Two Darker Options​

Sheriff Calls Gov. Inslee An "Idiot," Declares "No crisis should ever violate a citizen’s liberty or God-given rights"​

Africa to Become Testing Ground for "Trust Stamp" Vaccine Record and Payment System

Mass-Tracking COVI-PASS Immunity Passports Slated to Roll Out in 15 Countries

Black Lives Matter leader declares war on police: 'We pattern ourselves after the Nation of Islam"

Roger Stone to campaign for Donald Trump's re-election

John Travolta's wife Kelly Preston dies of breast cancer aged 57​

Donald Trump escalates war on Dr. Fauci by tweeting bizarre conspiracy​

CDC Mask Deception – Peggy Hall​

AOC defends rise in NYC crime saying people are 'stealing bread to feed their children'​

California closes churches, gyms for most residents as virus surges​

Customers, Employees Boycott Cambridge Whole Foods Over BLM Mask Ban​

Leave DACA alone, Trump told by business titans following SCOTUS ruling​

Tavistock: The Best Kept Secret in America ​

What 1960s Psychology Got Wrong About The Human Capacity For Evil​

How extreme isolation warps the mind​

John Travolta's wife Kelly Preston dies of breast cancer aged 57​

Joe Biden's Plan for America Is So Bad, It Must Be Viewed as a Political Trick

Inside the wicked saga of Jeffrey Epstein: the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell​

U.S. Troops Will Be Among the First to Get COVID-19 Vaccine ​

"It's Unlike Anything We've Seen" - Hong Kong Discovers COVID-19 Mutation That Makes Virus 30% More Infectious​

Mary Trump Free to Dish on Her Family and Tell-All Book, Judge Rules​

Sunday, July 12, 2020

"I Could Live With That": How The CIA Made Afghanistan Safe For The Opium Trade

Man crashes vehicle into Ocala church and sets it on fire with parishioners inside​

Montana Teacher's Union Chooses *Actual Communist* As New President

This is humor: Why You Should Never Watch RT

In Commuting Stone’s Sentence, Trump Goes Where Nixon Was Not Willing

Phoenix Mayor Lied About Morgues Bringing In 'Refrigerator Trucks' To Store Overflow COVID Bodies

For First Time Since The Great Depression, Americans Must Wait In Line For The Most Basic Essential Items

Trump: Something Big Will Happen With Venezuela & "We'll Be Very Much Involved"

Ex-Jewel Thief Claims Epstein And Ghislaine Maxwell 'Forced Him To Watch Pedo Videos Involving US Politicians'

Trump's defiant help for Stone adds to tumult in Washington

Facebook Files Patent for System That Hides Audio Clips in TV Ads to Trigger Phones to Record Background Noise

One Bank Admits The Markets Have Never Been More Broken, So Here's What Happens Next

Prepping For Upcoming Government-Induced Food Shortages

Young White Mother Killed By Black Lives Matter Mob for Allegedly Saying 'All Lives Matter,' National Media Fully Ignores

BREAKING: Local St. Charles Gun Store Announces Free AR15 to McCloskeys After Police Confiscate Their Rifle​

City of Toronto Bans Catholic Churches From Administering Holy Communion​

At a record pace due to geoengieerring the US hits tenth billion-dollar weather disaster of the year

Due to chemtrails: Relentless heat wave to bake the U.S. for "multiple weeks"

Why some physicists really think there's a 'mirror universe' hiding in space-time​

Portland Rioters Surround Car and Driver Shoots His Way Out ​

Two police officers have been shot to death while in the line of duty​

Must listen! David Goldberg (Disturbing Content)​

Oil Set To Plunge As OPEC Seeks To Boost Output By 2 Million Barrels​

It Takes 3 Weeks To 'Escape From Illinois' 

"It's A Full-Blown Crisis" - Superyacht Depression Rocks "Billionaire's Wharf"

"Tsunami" Of Evictions Could Make 28 Million Americans Homeless This Summer Alone​

LA Teachers Union Says Schools Can't Reopen Unless Charter Schools Get Shut-Down, Police Defunded

Why The Roger Stone Commutation Is Not As Controversial As The Outrage Mob Thinks

Increased Risk of Noninfluenza Respiratory Virus Infections Associated With Receipt of Inactivated Influenza Vaccine​

Thomas Sowell: 'Systemic Racism' Has 'No Meaning' ​

Thousands pour into ultra-liberal germ petri dish: Disney World for Grand Reopening After Coronavirus Shutdown

Trump Declares Himself “King of Israel,” the “Second Coming of God”​

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Dead Cat Receives Voter Registration Form by Mail; Would Have Voted 'DemoCAT,' Owner Says

California Will Release Up To 8,000 Prisoners Due To Coronavirus

States Starting to Crack Down on Coronavirus Rule Breakers

Police raid house of gun-toting St.Louis lawyer couple

Wearing a Mask is Just Advertising You're an Awful Person ​

Three armed men attempt home invasion on a gun collector, but the homeowner is ready​

Drumbeats of the Epocalypse: The Economic Death March Has Come to Town!​

Probe Launched After ‘MAGA’ Listed in US Army Handout as Sign of White Supremacist Sympathies​

Bill Gates and the Depopulation Agenda. Robert F. Kennedy Junior Calls for an Investigation ​

Elon Musk about to reveal huge news on AI brain chips that makes you a GENIUS – and let you mind control gadgets​

Forced Vaccination Plan Unveiled​


Chinese Virologist Flees Hong Kong, Accuses Beijing Of COVID-19 Cover-Up​

Seattle Officials Back Defunding Police By 50%, Mull 911 Overhaul​

Here's What 75 Preppers Learned During The Lockdown​

Colin Powell Stuns MSNBC Host: Rips "Almost Hysterical" Coverage Of Fake Russia Bounty Story​

Humans Are Better But Tyson Turns To Robots ​

Buchanan: The 'New Systemic Racism' That Is Coming​

Manhattan Rental Market Implodes: Median Rent Plunges Most Ever As Vacancies Hit Record High​

Federal Reserve Unhinged​

UK Commits "Highway Robbery" Of Venezuelan Gold, Says Academic​

Iran To Help Syria With Air Defense To Repel US, Israeli Attacks​

Chinese Banks Preparing For "Worst Case" Scenario: Being Cut Off From SWIFT, Hong Kong Bank Runs​

Doug Casey On COVID Brainwashing: "Look, Hysteria Is The Problem; Not The Flu Itself"​

"Something Big & Ugly Is Coming" - Game Over Spendin​g

Federal Reserve: Everything Is Fine, Just like In 2008 ​

Ivy League Cancels All Fall Sports On Pandemic Fears Through 2020​

Goya Foods CEO doubles down on Trump support amid growing boycott​

White woman filmed pulling gun on black family near restaurant says she thought 'I'm about to die'​

Trump: 'Something Will Be Happening with Venezuela' and America Will 'Be Very Much Involved'​

Trump says he'll sign order with 'road to citizenship' for DACA recipients​

A thread written by @tracybeanz: "THREAD: This is in Florida legislation. If you refuse treatment or vaccine, the state health department [...]"

Researchers Reconstruct 1918 Pandemic Influenza Virus; Effort Designed To Advance Preparedness​

Oregon county issues face mask order exempting non-white people

Maxwell, Epstein and the Control of Science since WW2 ​

Friday, July 10, 2020

Apple And Google Admit Ethereum App To Let Employees Prove They’ve Been Vaccinated

Michael Cohen Taken Back Into Custody After Being Seen At New York Restaurant​

Insanity runs amuck: Colorado town threatens jail time for residents refusing to wear masks

Trump rages at Supreme Court over tax records case, claims 'political prosecution' ​

Supreme Court Rules On Trump Financial Records In 2 Key Cases : NPR ​

Again being released for fear and to force multiple injections: Research is coalescing around the idea that coronavirus antibodies may last just a few months

The Supreme Court prepares for the Biden presidency ​

A Novel Approach to Treating COVID-19 Using Nutritional and Oxidative Therapies

Supreme Court says eastern half of Oklahoma is Native American land

De Blasio to ban all large gatherings in NYC except Black Lives Matter protests

SEATTLE: City Holds Training Session For White Employees On, “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness​

Why the Bill Gates global health empire promises more empire and less public health ​

Mail-In-Votes May Be 2020's Most Dangerous Plague ​

Record-breaking snowfall in the Andes - 13 feet in 2 weeks​

Jeffrey Epstein took 'young girl' on board Donald Trump's plane in 2000​

Patents Show How Your Nervous System Can Be Manipulated Through TV or Computer Screen​

Decades Old Florida Legislation: Vaccination or Treatment by "Any Means Necessary"​

As Clock Ticks, Trump Hints at Stone Pardon: ‘You Will See . . .'​

Satan's Pimps ​

Biden Promises to Rejoin WHO on 'First Day' as US President​

Utah Governor Declares State of Emergency Following Violent Protest ​

THREAD: This is in Florida legislation. If you refuse treatment or vaccine, the state health department has the authority to vaccinate you “By any means necessary”​.

High Court Rules Christian Adoption Charity Must Allow Same-Sex Carers​

Trump says he's 'looking at' Roger Stone pardon with prison deadline looming

The Delusion Of A Seamless Reopening Is About To Be Obliterated

Roger Stone says he believes Donald Trump will commute his jail term​

Trump commutes Roger Stone's sentence, days before prison term set to begin​

Thursday, July 9, 2020

This is total propagandaChurches Were Eager to Reopen. Now They Are a Major Source of Coronavirus Cases.

Facebook boots Roger Stone from Instagram in crackdown on 'inauthentic' activity​

Reopened Theme Parks Ban Screaming on Roller Coasters. Riders Are Howling​.

The unprecedented desert locust threat to food security and livelihoods persists in the Horn of Africa and is increasing in Southwest Asia​

Russia says Turkey tested its S-400s on US F-16 jets​

CDC admits COVID-19 ‘positive result’ just means you’ve previously contracted the “common cold”​

The Impacts of the Draconian Lockdowns: 1.1 Billion People At Risk of Starvation​

Gold Spikes To 9-Year High, Bonds Bid As Stocks Skid​

Tucker: Can the left lead a country they hate?​

Alleged 'White Supremacist' Who Drove Into BLM Protesters Is Black Man From Africa​

The Great Race Bait: Don't Fall For It Conservative America ​

Widow of Trump's friend says there's 'not a chance' that her late husband took Trump's SAT​

Coronavirus US: 32% of families missed July house payments​

Widow of Trump's friend says there's 'not a chance' that her late husband took Trump's SAT​

Roger Stone is thrown off Facebook and Instagram for using fake accounts run by far-right 'Proud Boys' to promote his posts - and Robert Mueller found the evidence

Coordinated plan? Catskill woman who threw Molotov cocktail at cop van blames 3 black strangers

Dr. Scott Jensen Accused by the State of Spreading Misinformation

Texas Adds “Probable” COVID Cases to Death Count – Very Bad Science

Police: Man Murdered 7-Year-Old Girl Three Hours After Release from Jail

Police search for as many as 3 suspects involved in fatal shooting of Secoriea Turner

Senate passes bill granting emergency powers to Hawaii health director

BLM Leaders QUITTING Due to Far Left and Antifa​

Mike Pence's Campaign Plans for 2020—And 2024​

Subway Bans Open Carry of Firearms in Restaurants Nationwide ​


People Think This War Can Be Avoided. I Got News For You, It Has Already Begun​

Worldwide Population Being Tortured in Deep State PsyOp​

Redacted FBI document hints at Israeli efforts to help Trump in 2016 campaign​

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Sheriff is not the mask police.

Monuments and statues are falling. But what comes next? ​

The Last American Vagabond ​

Fox News host calls Sen. Tammy Duckworth a 'moron' and claims she's using her military injuries to silence critics ​

Televangelists, Dallas megachurch that hosted Pence approved for millions in pandemic aid

Disney World Draws Excitement and Incredulity as Reopening Nears​

Arizona Is Awash in COVID-19 and Testing Is a ‘Shitshow’

Facebook boots Roger Stone from Instagram in crackdown on 'inauthentic' activity

Facebook suspends disinformation network tied to staff of Brazil's Bolsonaro

How many people saw ‘Hamilton’? For now, that’s a secret

Newsmax Whiffs in Nielsen Ratings Debut, Averages Just 21,000 Viewers in First Week

US Supreme Court to rule in Trump finances cases

Vatican Cardinal: Humanity Is Facing ‘Tsunami of Humanitarian Crises’

Rudy Giuliani called the NYPD on Sacha Baron Cohen over prank interview

Federal judge allows Roy Moore suit against ‘Borat’ actor Sacha Baron Cohen to go forward

Most Americans believe Russia targeted U.S. soldiers, want sanctions in response, Reuters/Ipsos poll shows

Russia says Turkey tested its S-400s on US F-16 jets

Ghislaine Maxwell Taps Broad Range of Legal Talent for Defense

Barry Diller Has No Time for Talk of a World Changed by Pandemic

Umatilla County politician speaks out after police say he wrote racist letter to himself

Trump campaign considers displaying statues at future rallies: Sources


Oregon man driving stolen vehicle crashes into woman driving stolen car: police

READY TO ROAST US to bake in ‘extreme’ 110F temperatures for a MONTH as experts warn of wave of heatstroke sweeping the country

Coast-to-Coast U.S. Heat Wave May Break Records, Hurt Crops

Goldman warns delayed election results this November similar to Bush-Gore could rock the market

How unpopular is Donald Trump?

Republicans split over whether to attend the convention

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Jeffrey Epstein took 'young girl' on board Donald Trump's plane in 2000

Bubba Wallace accuses Donald Trump of 'hate' after comments​

In upcoming book, the president's niece says he practices 'cheating as a way of life' ​

Team Biden Refuses To Release Results Of Cognitve Testing ​

Riverchase Galleria shooting: 2 teens charged with capital murder in Royta Giles’ death

Attorneys representing Virginia Giuffre ordered to destroy evidence

Pope Francis Dangerous Call For Interfaith Prayer, Each To His Own God​

Meet The Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm Using AI To Profile Americans & Guide US Lockdown Policy​

WATCH: National Guard troops arrive in Atlanta to protect state buildings​


Ten Questions You Need To Answer Before The Next Global Depression Sets In: 1.) FIRST AND FOREMOST IS HOW WILL I FEED MY FAMILY?​

US Mint Ups Coin Production To Circumvent Shortage​

Going to National Parks Is Racist, Declares ABC News ​

Gold Spikes To 9-Year High, Bonds Bid As Stocks Skid​

Wal-Mart Plans To Launch Its "Amazon Prime Killer" Later This Month​

Operation Warp Speed Awards Novavax $1.6 Billion For COVID Vaccine​

Donald Trump suffered 'child abuse' at the hands of his father, his niece claims in book​

Ilhan Omar Calls for 'Dismantling' of America's 'Economy and Political Systems'​

SD Gov. Noem on Statue, Monument Debate: ‘This Isn’t About Equality Anymore — This Is a Radical Rewriting of Our History’

CNN’s Lemon: The Way to Fix Mount Rushmore Is Add Obama

Tammy Duckworth Attacks Trump over Dubious Russia Bounty Claims

Report: Chief Justice John Roberts Hospitalized in June with Head Injury

George Soros-backed DA Charges Couple with ‘Hate Crime’ for Painting Over ‘Black Lives Matter’

Joe Biden Enlists Clinton/Obama Loyalist, Tom Steyer to Advise on Climate Change

Joe Biden Pledges to Rejoin WHO on ‘First Day as President’

Americans Defund Democrats in Statehouse Elections as Democrats Seek to Defund Police

Monday, July 6, 2020

LOCKDOWN LUNACY 2.0: Second wave? Not even close.

Second coronavirus wave 'won't be long in the making' says top cop as drinkers hit pubs and bars for Sunday session​

Vladimir Putin becomes Russia's president for life​

Allen West responds to statue destruction: 'History is not there for you to like or dislike'​

"We're In Your House. Let's Go." - Black Armed Protesters Challenge White Militia At Confederate Monument​

Stop Treating Israel as a State Above the Law and End Annexation​

Transgender model Munroe Bergdorf slams JK Rowling as 'dangerous'​

Johnstone: Seriously, Get The Hell Out Of Afghanistan​

No mention of the 1000 square miles of poppy under cultivation: Johnstone: Seriously, Get The Hell Out Of Afghanistan

Western Supermarkets Drop Coconut Goods Picked By Slave Monkeys​

Prins: "We're Living In A Permanent Distortion"​

Independence Day In The Midst Of Dictatorship​

"Concept Incubator" Envisages Babies Being Grown At Home In A Pod​

Here’s blatant propaganda: Trump's trouble branding Biden is forcing him into other culture wars

US Empire’s Interest in Afghanistan – It’s the Heroin, Stupid!, by Pepe Escobar

Exposed! Rabbi Tovia Singer slams Ward Simpson & GOD TV for targeting 9 million Jews for conversion

Dystopian Societies Derive From Displaced Ethics and Values​

Germany's Supercavitating Torpedoes: The Super Weapon the U.S. Navy Doesn't Have​

California Enters Deadly Wildfire Season With Over Half Of Inmate Firefighters Under COVID Lockdown​

Want to Kill the Economy Again? Keep Threatening More Lockdowns​

'We'll be living with masks for years': COVID-19 through the eyes of a pandemic expert​

College communities should sue to keep campuses closed during COVID-19.​

Mossad said to foil Iranian attacks on Israeli embassies in Europe, elsewhere​

VICE - China Is Warning About a Possible Bubonic Plague Outbreak Because That's How 2020 Is Going​

Slavery Rampant in Africa, Middle East; The West Wrongly Accuses Itself​

Georgia Governor Declares State Of Emergency, Deploys National Guard Amid Atlanta Chaos

Wall Street Soars While The Real Economy Slowly Dies

In Addition To Everything Else, Now "Bunny Ebola" Is Spreading Rapidly Across The US​

"Racist" College Researcher Ousted After Sharing Study Showing No Racial Bias In Police Shootings​

Trump Blames NASCAR's "Lowest Ratings Ever" On Flag Decision & Bubba Wallace "Hoax"​

80% Of NYC Restaurants Couldn't Afford June Rent​

Pro-Palestinian BLM Rallies in U.S. Call for 'Death to Israel, Death to America'​

Here Are The Thousands Of Investment Advisors And Portfolio Managers Who Received Government Bailouts

Bubba Wallace accuses Donald Trump of 'hate' after comments

Museum Says 'Dukes of Hazzard' Car with Confederate Flag Will Remain

Harvard Announces that All Courses Will Be Online for 2020-2021 Year ​

College Profs Push Back Against Universities Planning to Open for Fall Classes ​

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Watch: Young Americans Totally Ignorant Of What July 4th Represents

Farrakhan Accuses Fauci And Bill Gates Of Plotting To ‘Depopulate The Earth’ With Coronavirus Vaccine​

Predominantly Black armed protesters march through Confederate memorial park in Georgia​

Masks are putting people at each other's throats, especially in Palm Beach County ​

'She is definitely in danger': Friends of Ghislaine Maxwell fear for her safety if she talks​

Disney could be facing a lot more than a lost summe​r

In troubled times: Independence Day in a land of confusion ​

COVID Impact - 1.5 Billion Pound Potato Mountain Trapped In Supply Chain​

#DefundThePolice - The Real Strategy Behind The Hashtag​

Thousands of Americans gather for Fourth of July protests across the US​

Chicago erupts in July 4 gunfire -- with girl, 7, and boy, 14, among those killed​

St Louis Black Lives Matter protesters RETURN to home of McCloskey couple who previously pointed guns at gate crashers​

Living in a Permanent Distortion – Nomi Prins​

Michigan Passes Controversial Bill To Microchip Humans Voluntarily To Protect Their Privacy​

How coronavirus, BLM protests and a liberal mayor are doing what Bin Laden never could​

A Will To Overthrow The United States​

JPMorgan Concludes The World Is Drowning In Too Much Debt For Stocks To Go Down Again​

Remember What It Is To Be An American. And Let Freedom Reign Again​

Kanye West announces that he's running for president ... and Elon Musk says the rapper has his vote​

COVID Impact - 1.5 Billion Pound Potato Mountain Trapped In Supply Chain​

Who's afraid of Ghislaine Maxwell? Everyone on this list ​

'JFK to 9/11 - Everything Is A Rich Mans Trick'​

Aunt Jemima deemed 'racist,' label booted from store shelves ​

Attorneys representing Virginia Giuffre ordered to destroy evidence​

Greyerz – The World Monetary System Is About To Collapse​

BLM Darkest Secret Revealed—The MSM Won’t Say It Because They Know The Protestors Will Run!​

Black Lives Matter Archives - The Federalist​

“Don’t Let Them Vaccinate You”: Farrakhan Warns Africans That Dr. Fauci Is Trying To Kill Them

This is a lie - she never cried. The MSM is lying to promote the idea that she is suicidal when she is not; she is about to get her a new identity: Ghislaine Maxwell sobbed 'Why is this happening, how could this happen?' when she appeared in court, according to Virginia Roberts - as Duke of York's sex accuser says 'Prince Andrew should be panicking' after his old friend's arrest

Saturday, July 4, 2020

America’s Revolutionary Founders Would Be Anti-Government Extremists Today

Year Zero in America – Another Day in the Empire

White Michigan couple arrested after gun pulled on black family​

Black Florida Sheriff "I'll Deputize Gun Owners To Stop Godless BLM MOB" ​

Infant Deaths Decrease 30% During Lockdown, Coinciding with Sharp Drop in Vaccinations ​

Running: ibuprofen use is common – but many athletes are unaware of the risks ​

What Calvin Coolidge Said About The Declaration of Independence ​

Police: 2 women hit by car on Seattle highway amid protest

2 women hit by car on Seattle highway closed for protests

Report: Israeli cyberattack caused Iran nuclear site fire, F35s hit missile base​

Pubs open, gyms shut: England's health dilemma ​

Putin mocks U.S. embassy for flying rainbow flag ​

Kristi Noem Defends Nation's Founders Against Campaign to Eliminate Them ​

Ex-Russian Intel Officer Says COVID-19 is Part of the Depopulation Agenda

Magnesium for Bone Health ​

Walmart Transforming 160 Parking Lots Into Drive-In Movie Theaters​

Second wave of virus closures wallops California restaurants ​

Common Sense Tells You That If They Make You Wear A Mask, They Will Make You Take The Vaccine, And Make You Take The Digital Immunity Passport​

Life On The Far Side: The True War ​

Dozens shocked by the upcoming suicide of Ghislaine Maxwell​

Driver plows through Seattle protesters leaving one in life-threatening condition ​

Colin Kaepernick's Independence Day Message: 'We Reject Your Celebration of White Supremacy' ​

Justin Bieber Thanks Jesus For Forgiveness and Urges Fans to Embrace Christianity ​

Watch – Trump: Far-Left's 'Goal Is Not a Better America, Their Goal Is to End America' ​

Christian Church in Nigeria Reports 8,370 Dead at Hands of Boko Haram ​

Donald Trump: ‘We Only Kneel to Almighty God’ ​

Private jet from Colorado with five Americans on board is DENIED entry to Italy​

FBI agents smashed down door to Ghislaine Maxwell's US bolthole and hauled her off in handcuffs​

Children Have 0.00% Chance of Dying from COVID but are Harmed for Life by Social Distancing, Which has its Roots in CIA Torture Techniques​

The Young People Living With Parents in the Pandemic​

Far-Left Activists Dance On American Flag: ‘F*** The 4th Of July, F*** The American Flag’

"Things Don't Look Good In Las Vegas" - Nevada Suffered Biggest Economic Blowback From COVID-19

The Non-Physical Properties of Human DNA​

Is America Heading For Civil War? Of Course It Is... ​

Lt. Col. Maginnis: 'Progressives Hate' Christians, Will Do to Us What Nazis Did on Kristallnach​t

More than 700 cars wait in two-mile-long food bank line in Miami​

Want to Kill the Economy Again? Keep Threatening More Lockdowns​.

World’s Two Largest Silver Producers Mine Supply Cut Drastically In April​

China aims to control ports and shipping lanes in Europe and the Arctic ​

Friday, July 3, 2020

You, Will, Be Forced to Comply: New York COVID Compliance Authority Issue

Trump has 'gone awol' as president amid coronavirus pandemic, says ex-CIA directo​r

Trump touts business gains, warns of 1929-level economic 'crash' if he loses election​

Trump: Latest Jobs Numbers Prove US Economy Roaring Back​

NFL will play black national anthem prior to Week 1 games, report says

If You Don't Wear A Mask, You Might Be A Psychopath, Survey Finds

The trans ideology of less than 1% of the UK population has bullied the other 99%. Here’s why I, as a real woman, reject it​

Passengers’ trust in Boeing & FAA is broken, Allied Pilots Association spokesman tells RT’s Boom Bust​

Venezuela’s oil exports crash to 77-year low amid crushing US sanctions​

Judge strikes down Trump administration rule denying asylum to most migrants at southern border​

When Any Nation Can No Longer Judge Between Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, and Light and Darkness, Its People Are Reprobates​

Mystery ‘COVID-19 Exposure Logging’ function ‘appears in settings on iPhones and Android devices’​

Activists prepare to storm DC in Independence Day weekend protests​

What took place at the Iranian Natanz nuclear facility?​

Calls for removal of the world's largest Confederate Monument ​

World’s Two Largest Silver Producers Mine Supply Cut Drastically In April​

Jeffrey Epstein victims celebrate arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell​

New Hampshire county jail where Ghislaine Maxwell is​

Woman claims Ghislaine Maxwell ‘raped her 30 times from when she was 14 and abuse ended when Epstein got her pregnant’ ​

Mary Trump Says Family Can’t Gag Her Because Settlement Was a ‘Fraud’​

Fitness influencer shows off cellulite in unedited bikini photo​

Moment 72-year-old camper advances on a bison before being gored​

Cop who placed Elijah McClain in a deadly chokehold is fired​

White Michigan couple arrested after gun pulled on black family​

Powerful men are scared about what Ghislaine Maxwell will say ​

105 University of Washington students in frat houses test positive for coronavirus

National Parks Are Latest Target of Systemic Racism Claim in America ​

NY Subpoenas People for Refusing to Talk to Coronavirus Contact Tracers ​

Joe Biden's Claims of Cognitive Tests Unclear as Campaign Hides Results ​

CNN: Shootings, Murder Surge in Democrat-Controlled Cities ​

UK orders 65 mln injection devices from Becton Dickinson for vaccine program​

Thursday, July 2, 2020

BBC Tells Presenters and Guests Not to Wear Black Lives Matter Badges

Jeffrey Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested, Sources Say​

Ghislaine Maxwell is ARRESTED in New Hampshire​

West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station To Start Citing People Not Wearing Face Coverings​

John Adams - "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

The Masterplan To Control The World​

Fauci’s Remdesivir Costs $9 Per Dose, Will Be Sold at $3,000 Per Treatment

Joe Biden’s Claims of Cognitive Tests Unclear as Campaign Hides Results

Stacey Abrams: ‘COVID Is a Risk’ — We Are Pushing Vote from Home for November

Pelosi: ‘I Didn’t Know About’ Bounty Intel, Intel Community ‘Should Have Brought it to Us’

Top Health Officials: Lockdowns Disrupt Vaccinations, Leaving U.S. Children at Risk for Other Diseases

Texas Governor Contradicts Everything He Ever Said About Mandating Masks

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Issues Statewide Mask Requirement

Survey: 8-in-10 Police Officers Would Not Recommend Becoming a Cop

California governor: Wear masks, avoid July 4th gatherings

Report: NFL Expected to Play Black National Anthem Before Season Opening Games

Duckworth to Block Promotions for 1,123 Military Officers Unless Esper Promotes Vindman

Rand Paul: Who Benefits from Afghanistan ‘Bounty’ Leak?

Boeing to pull the plug on its 747 jumbo jet: Bloomberg News

US unemployment falls to 11%, but new shutdowns are underway

More Voters Rule Out Trump Than Biden

James Carville Says ‘Significant Chance’ Trump Drops Out of Race, Predicts McConnell Will Turn On Him

Biden surpasses Trump in June fundraising

CNN Reporter Bruna Macedo Mugged at Knifepoint During Live Report

Amid strong June job growth, signs U.S. recovery may be stumbling

Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook CEOs agree to testify before House committee

Inside the Mysterious Area 51: Aliens, UFOs, Conspiracies and More

For the forgotten men of 1st Platoon, Trump's pardon of an officer they helped convict of murder is a crushing betrayal

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Trump's own national security picks now believe him 'delusional' and 'a danger to' the United States

UFO-like cloud over New Mexico city brings intense lighting​

Meijer Stops Accepting Cash As Nationwide Coin Shortage Erupts​

China Caught Smuggling 10,800 Assault Weapons Parts Into Louisville By US Customs​

200 Arrested As Thousands Of Hong Kongers Protest New 'National Security' Law​

‘Potentially historic’ heat could hit much of U.S. in July​

A Massive Star Has Disappeared Without a Trace ​

Two Arrested In Connection With Provo Protest Shooting​

Soros-Funded Prosecutor Goes After St. Louis Man for Defending His Home

Black Lives Matter Protester Trying to Block Car Carrying Iowa Governor “Shocked” When Hit as Car Driven Right Through Him

Seattle mayor who defended CHOP is outraged after protesters showed up at her home​

Update: Both Victims of This Morning’s Shooting in CHAZ/CHOP Are Underage Black Teens, 16-Year-Old Dead, 14-Year-Old in Critical Condition

NY City Council approves slashing $1B from NYPD budget

A Tale of Two Drugs: Money vs. Medical Wisdom

SHARE THIS: 2021 You Have less than ONE YEAR.​

Seattle Police Dismantle CHOP After Protesters Threaten Mayor's $7 Million House​

New World Order: World's Ruling Class Puppets Start Pushing "The Great Reset"​

Reparations bill gains steam following death of George Floyd​

The COVID Crisis Supercharged The War On Cash, Part 2​

Goldman: Over 40% Of The US Has Reversed Or Placed Reopenings On Hold ​

Pilot Dies After Fiery F-16 Crash At South Carolina As Another Training Mission Goes Horribly Wrong​

"White Lives Don't Matter" Academic: "I Resist Urges To Kneecap White Men" ​

General Flynn To The 'Silent Majority': "Wake Up! America's At Risk Of Being Lost"​

Cocoa Futures Hit One Year Low As Pandemic Wrecks Global Consumption​

Apple to recloses 25 percent of its US stores after COVID-19 spike sweeps states across the country​

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Iran issues arrest warrant on Trump for killing of Qassem Soleimani

U.S. University Requiring Both Flu and COVID-19 Vaccines for Students to Enter Campus​

Coronavirus mutation has taken over the world. Scientists are trying to understand why.​

Americans Are Witnessing Mob Rule - How's That Working Out?​

Now They Are Trying To Tell Us That COVID-19 Is “10 Times More Infectious” Than It Was At The Beginning Of The Pandemic

Close To Half Of All Working Age Adults In The United States Do Not Have A Job Right Now​

JK Rowling DELETES tweet declaring her love for Stephen King​


JK Rowling DELETES tweet declaring her love for Stephen King​

LA City Council approves first step in replacing LAPD with community responders for non-violent calls​

"Extreme delays" for millions of taxpayers awaiting IRS refunds​

This Couldn't Possibly Happen. Could it?

Gold Climbs Above $1,800 for the First Time Since 2011 ​

Revolution USA: No Lives Matter ​

Gen. Michael Flynn: If we don't act, 2% of the people are about to control the other 98%​

Mary Trump’s Tell-All Book Temporarily Blocked in Court

Trump faces pressure over Russia bounties to kill US troops

‘We may all be moving to Canada soon,’ Schiff says at disinformation and election interference talk

Walmart to stop selling "All Lives Matter" T-shirts

Kanye West drops 'Wash Us in the Blood,' his first new music since Jesus Is King

St. Louis mayor blasted for revealing identity of protesters


Could Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth’s remarkable life story help make her Joe Biden’s pick for vice president?

As virus roars back, so do signs of a new round of layoffs

Americans are living in a big 'anger incubator.' Experts have tips for regulating our rage.

Miami heat! City sees hottest week on record after Saharan dust saps moisture from air

New strain of flu found in China has potential to become a pandemic, scientists warn

U.S. States Beg, Borrow and Cut to Close Massive Budget Gaps

As coronavirus grips red states, Trump falters and Biden steps up the attack

Biden says he can't wait to compare his 'cognitive capability' to Trump's​

As coronavirus grips red states, Trump falters and Biden steps up the attack​

Unemployment Payments by Treasury Hit Pandemic High in June​

Why the Supreme Court says Booking.com can trademark its name—and why it matters​

Monday, June 29, 2020


Most US travelers will be barred from EU when bloc reopens ​

Why Every Person In America Needs To Become A Prepper During The Second Half Of 2020​

Mysterious Lights Spotted Flashing in Houston Sky Leave People Startled​

Cuomo, de Blasio wrong to limit worship services, condone mass protests: federal judge​

Trump shares wanted poster for Andrew Jackson statue vandals​

Lethal Lockdowns: The WHO-CDC Global Genocid​e

Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies

Bill Gates says ‘final hurdle’ to distributing a Covid-19 vaccine will be convincing people to TAKE IT 

The Old America Is Dead. Where Do We Go From Here?​

China's secret space weapons could kill 90% of people on US mainland in 'first strike' EMP attack, report warns​

Millennials never recovered fully since the Great Recession and now Covid-19 is bringing a painful economic reckoning. Half of US households own no stock.​

COVID-19 Hype is Needed In Order to Justify “Virtual Debates” Between Biden and Trump – (Among Other Motives)…​

Portland, Oregon protesters set fire to police precinct, tear gas used​

Tucker Carlson: Trump may lose this election​

The Week It Went South for Trump​

God Save Us from the Woke Pastor​

BLM co-founder admits they’re “trained Marxists” who want Trump out of office​

Top 8 Black Slaveowners​

Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion clinic law ​

African-American professor finds more than 2 in 3 hate crimes are fake​

Redacted FBI document hints at Israeli efforts to help Trump in 2016 campaign​

Minn cops trained by Israeli police, who often use knee-on-neck restraint​

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 27, 2020, #255​

Skynet, the US top-secret program to track terrorists​


"He Just Floored It!" Detroit Police SUV Filmed Plowing Through Protesters​

Doctors Call For Reopening Schools Despite Coronavirus Crisis : Coronavirus Live Updates​

83 Tons Of Fake Gold Bars: Gold Market Rocked By Massive China Counterfeiting Scandal​

Boiling Point​

Ron Paul: The Media Is Lying About The "Second Wave"​

We Digitized The Mob, And There's No Place To Hide​

'We Were Facing An Angry Mob': Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple Tell Their Side Of The Story​

Kramer won't wear an AIDS ribbon or maybe a mask​

'We Were Facing An Angry Mob': Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple Tell Their Side Of The Story​

We Digitized The Mob, And There's No Place To Hide​

Las Vegas Icon Cirque Du Soleil Files For Bankruptcy​

41% Of Business Closures On Yelp Have Permanently Closed As V-Shaped Recovery Implodes ​

Modern Slavery And Woke Hypocrisy​

Bolton: Trump Wanted to Grant Persecuted White South African Farmers 'Asylum And Citizenship'​

More Adults Than Ever Live With Parents Or Grandparents​

Austria, Belgium Stand up to Beijing’s Forced Organ Harvesting Practices​

U.S. Supreme Court clears way for resumption of federal executions​

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Catherine Austin Fitts – We are Watching the Mother of All Debt Entrapments

Trump tweets video with 'white power' chant, then deletes it ​

Orange County Democrats condemn 'racist' comments by John Wayne, call for airport to drop his name​

Princeton Axing Woodrow Wilson’s Name From Public Policy School ​

Trump admits it: He's losing​

Israel cancels 'God TV's Evangelical Christian channel ​

Trader Joe's Customer Tells truth.....Over Face Masks ​

WEST: 'I'm Tired Of This BLM' - A 'Domestic Terrorist Organization' ​

Read the lyrics....Guns N' Roses Civil War​

LT. COL. ALLEN WEST: “Stand Up For the Rule of Law and Not Be Forced into Surrender to the Rule of the Mob”​


Again, What Were the Benefits of Locking Down?​

We are living in a world of continuous change “The New World Order Is Ruled By Powerful Global Corporations”​

History Shows Free Speech Is The Loser In Mob Action​

NYU prof: 'Hundreds, if not thousands' of universities will soon be 'walking dead'​

Black Lives Matter Launders MILLIONS To Biden Campaign ​

The Pandemic’s Economic Carnage Looks Worse Than Expected​

Trump admits it: He's losing

In 'God, guns and Trump' country, simmering doubts about the president

Working-class white women are turning on Trump

From sleepy to senile: Inside the Trump campaign's effort to rebrand Biden

Biden campaign targeting Trump evangelical voters in bid for November surprise

Cable News Networks to Team Up on Convention Coverage, Limiting Staff Exposure

Former MVP QB Cam Newton agrees to 1-year deal with Patriots

Patriots docked third-round pick, fined $1.1M for filming Bengals' sideline 

L’Oreal vows to remove ‘whitening’ from skin products in wake of racism protests​

Starbucks is the latest company to pause advertising across social media platforms

Coca-Cola pauses advertising on all social media platforms globally

Facebook Tightens Controls on Speech as Ad Boycott Grows

Zuckerberg once wanted to sanction Trump. Then Facebook wrote rules that accommodated him.

Sacha Baron Cohen Pulls Epic Prank on Far-Right Militia Event

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Why Every Person In America Needs To Become A Prepper During The Second Half Of 2020

Who Are These "Protesters"? They Are The Children That The Government Raised Up In The Public School System Now Being Used For Their Communist Agenda!​

Venezuelans take extraordinary steps to beat water shortage ​

Coca-Cola pauses advertising on all social media platforms globally ​

Most US travelers will be barred from EU when bloc reopens ​

8 American monuments celebrating anti-Semites​

Mysterious Lights Spotted Flashing in Houston Sky Leave People Startled​

‘Alien overlords’ or CGI? Strange lights purportedly spotted above Miami spark Twitter theories (VIDEO)​

Bloodthirsty John Bolton’s book on Trump is fueled by frustration that the president hasn’t led the US into a major war​

Pastors vow to ‘defend’ houses of worship, ‘not allow Christian heritage to be erased’​

Cuomo, de Blasio wrong to limit worship services, condone mass protests: federal judge​

Is AIPAC Finished?​

Florida Shatters Record For New Coronavirus Cases, Orders Bars To Close ​

Trump shares wanted poster for Andrew Jackson statue vandals​

Democrats in Orange County Want John Wayne’s Name Off Airport Over ‘Racist and Bigoted Statements’

DHS Admits 600,000 Foreign H-1B Workers in American Jobs

BLM Protesters Storm Beverly Hills Neighborhood: ‘Eat the Rich!’

NYT/Siena Polls: Trump Losing Ground with White Voters in Swing States, Not Gaining with Minorities

Historical Reenactor Refutes Mob: Emancipation Monument Figure ‘Is Rising, Looking Forward’

Delingpole: One Law for Black Lives Matter, Another for the Rest

Dads Launch ‘BBQ Chicken University’ Sports Camp for Neighborhood Kids

Report: Apple Caught China-Owned TikTok Spying on Millions of iPhone Users

Science Leaders Display Imported Lab Workers amid Jobless U.S. Graduates

WATCH: Louisiana Man’s Swim in Bass Pro Shops Fish Tank Goes Viral

Communist Officials Raid Christian Church in China, Beat Faithful

European Court Allows French Move to Strip Terrorists of Citizenship

Princeton Removes Woodrow Wilson’s Name from Public Policy School Due to ‘Racist Thinking’

Federal Judge Orders Release of Migrant Children Due to Coronavirus

Los Angeles Official: Those Not Wearing Masks Committing ‘Reckless Endangerment’

Friday, June 26, 2020

Why Gold Will Hit A Record High In The Second Half Of 2020

2020 Economic Predictions: This Series of Unfortunate Events Guarantees the Epocalypse​

Summer of Rage - Leftists and the Destruction of American History​

Three Gorges Dam on high alert after worst floods in 70 years in China - More than 400 million people at risk​

Forget The Mainstream Propaganda, We’re In A Full-Blown Global Depression And It’s Scary​

Most of Us Think That ANTIFA is Relatively New and Was Founded by Soros: What I Have Uncovered Will Shock You​

The Summer of Hate Meets the Age of Intolerance​

As 3 US Carriers Patrol Western Pacific, Chinese Analysts Warn US-China Stumbling Toward War​

It Finally Happened: Child Taken Due to COVID-19 ​

First Vaccinations Begin in Africa for COVID-19 Trial​

$3,000 gold price no longer target; it’s now $10,000 when Fed's assets collapse​

Census shows white decline, nonwhite majority among youngest ​

Illinois Gun Permit Applications Soar 500% As Frightened Liberals Embrace 2nd Amendment​

The world is putting America in quarantine ​

Mr.Trump Will Be Instrumental in Bringing the Antichrist to the World Stage​

Activists say Star Spangled Banner shouldn't be national anthem​

Who Are These "Protesters"? They Are The Children That The Government Raised Up In The Public School System Now Being Used For Their Communist Agenda!​

All Internet Search Engines Are Manipulating COVID-19/Coronavirus Report – See For Yourself​

Lethal Lockdowns: The WHO-CDC Global Genocide​

What defines us as Americans?​

Michael Flynn Planned to 'Audit' Intel Agencies Before FBI Prosecution ​

Concerns Over the Three Gorges Dam Grow, as China Begins Censoring News of the Floods ​

'Don't be a sheep': Sheriffs rebel against new statewide mask requirements​

Trump family say that 'no amount of money' can undo the damage of Mary Trump's book​

Are Streamers Muzzling Controversial Docs? ​

Incessant Fireworks Keeping Minneapolis Residents On Edge Amid Gun Violence Boom

Passion of the Christ 2 Resurrection screenwriter teases ‘mind-blowing sequel’ 

Greece woos tourists with pledge of 'maximum' virus safety ​

Cash4Covid – How hospitals are making money off the coronavirus​

Trump requests toppled Confederate statue in DC be restored​

RULERS OF EVIL: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies 

Thursday, June 25, 2020

George Floyd: High Masonic Ritual and The MARTYRDOM OF HIRAM ABIFF

East Brunswick, New Jersey: Three people found dead in swimming pool of house they just moved into​

Fed puts restrictions on bank dividends after test finds some banks could be stressed in pandemic

The Fed is cracking down on big banks to guard against risk posed to the financial system from the coronavirus pandemic

Botched Tests, $1,200 Checks for Dead Marred U.S. Virus Response

The Week It Went South for Trump

Fox News Poll Shows Biden Leading in 2016 Trump States of Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and TEXAS

Poll Shows Trump Dragging Down G.O.P. Senate Candidates

From Bolton to Mattis, Trump Faces Aides Turned Adversaries

Wait weeks to tally November’s votes? One ex-official says that ‘could be generous’

NYC Criminal Justice System ‘Imploding,' NYPD Boss Says as Homicides Hit 5-Year High

Bronx precinct commander quits, citing ‘no guidance’ on recent reforms

Incessant Fireworks Keeping Minneapolis Residents On Edge Amid Gun Violence Boom

Riverside County Residents Report Their Pets Died After Trying To Escape The Sound Of Illegal Fireworks

Lincoln Statue With Kneeling Black Man Becomes Target of Protests

Census shows white decline, nonwhite majority among youngest

For the first time, the majority of people under 16 in America are nonwhite and Hispanic​

Judge Tosses Trump Family Attempt to Block Mary Trump’s Tell-All

EXCLUSIVE: Trump family say that 'no amount of money' can undo the damage that will be done if the president's niece Mary Trump is allowed to publish her bombshell tell-all book

Noose and concern for Wallace 'was real': NASCAR president

Tom Brady AGAIN defies coronavirus rules to work out with teammates… and posts FDR quote about not ‘fearing’ COVID​

Supreme Court 2020: Major rulings on abortion, Trump's tax returns still to come

Native Americans protesting Trump trip to Mount Rushmore

U.S. Marshals told to prepare to help protect monuments nationwide as Trump targets people who vandalize structures during protests

Oregon lawmakers question plane flying over protests with ties to U.S. Marshals

P.A. system or ‘sonic weapon'? Cops’ use of military-grade speakers at Orlando protests prompts backlash

Wesnesday, June 24, 2020

Peaceful Flag Burning to Resist Police Sponsored by Antifa

EU May Bar American Travelers as It Reopens Borders, Citing Failures on Virus​

Appeals court orders judge to dismiss Flynn charges​

The decline of the U.S. dollar could happen at ‘warp speed’ in the era of coronavirus, warns prominent economist Stephen Roach​

UK: Muslim Stabs Three Random People, Cops Search for Motive​

Lost continent of Zealandia revealed in unprecedented detail in new maps of the ocean floor​

The Insanity Of The Political Left And The Balkanization Of The US ​

CASHLESS SOCIETY 2020: Bill Gates Goes Viral on Digital ID and Digital Currency​

Bush National Security Officials to Launch Group Backing Biden ​

Here Come The Bourgeoisie Bolsheviks- As With The Weather Underground, America’s Privileged Are Not Lashing Out At Their Own Self-Loathing​

Facebook Content Moderators Caught On Video Admitting To Targeting Conservatives, Trump Supporters for Censorship​

Lost continent of Zealandia revealed in unprecedented detail in new maps of the ocean floor​

Facebook Content Moderator: ‘If Someone’s Wearing MAGA Hat, I’m Going to Delete Them for Terrorism’​

David Wilkerson - The Lord Will Fight for You​

DC National Guard to provide unarmed security for monuments in DC​

Washington state to require face masks after county runs out of hospital beds​

CHD’s 5G and Wireless Harms Project: Monthly Summary, May 2020​

Trump campaigns on border wall progress. There's not much of it ​

Mel Gibson fired from film after Winona Ryder 'anti-semitic' claims ​

South Dakota Considers First State Bill To Outlaw All Vaccine AND Medical Mandates​

Judicial Watch Obtains Records Showing FDA Paid for ‘Fresh and Never Frozen’ Human Fetal Parts for Use In ‘Humanized Mice’ Creation​

Trump in Arizona: My border wall stopped the coronavirus​

Rapper Warns George Soros Is Using Black Lives Matter To 'Control' African Americans In Election Year​

NYT Poll: Joe Biden Holds 14-Point Lead over President Trump

GOP Sen. Braun: Expect a ‘Mass Exodus’ of People Going into Law Enforcement by Ending Qualified Immunity

3 Men Indicted on Murder Charges in Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Bodycam Footage Exists of Andrew Gillum Meth Orgy

The Normal Economy is Never Coming Back – The Pandemic Will Continue To Change The Economic And Financial Order Foreve​r

Netflix Kids Cartoon ‘Stretch Armstrong’ Shows People Lining Up To Take ‘Implantable Digital ID​

The Treason of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez​

Video: Agitators Point Guns at Drivers as Michigan Police Stand Down ​

Research Suggests White Slavery Was Much More Common ​

White Females Are Being Viciously Attacked – No One Coming to Their Defense, Media Silent​

Oregon county issues face mask order exempting non-white people ​

It Begins... White Allies Paint Whip Marks on their Backs and Carry "Cracker for Sale" Signs to Win Favor from Black Lives Matter Mob (VIDEO)​

Awesome breakdown of the endless leftist hypocrisy we are seeing right now!​

Transhumanism: The New Religion Of The Coming Technocracy​

Every Federal Reserve Board Member Is A Multi-Millionaire​

What Happens When A Mall Goes Dark?​

Bayer Pays $10BN To Settle Thousands Of Monsanto Glyphosate Lawsuits​

Ron Paul Warns "The Fed Is Getting Desperate"​

Tucker Carlson: The real reason mobs across the country are tearing down American monuments​

Officers clear protesters from outside White House, as ‘Defund the Police’ graffiti removed​

Seattle will move to dismantle 'CHOP' zone after shootings, mayor says

Trump's Rally SMASHES Ratings, Small Crowd Dwarfed By 12M Live Viewers

Porn Star Ron Jeremy Charged with Rape, Sexual Assault

Noam Chomsky: Trump Is the ‘Worst Criminal in Human History’

WATCH: Joe Biden Tweets His Own Misuse of Mask in ‘Hideaway’

Tom Cotton Launches Minnesota Ad Connecting Joe Biden to Leftist Mobs​

Pelosi: Dems Will Win House, Senate, WH — ‘The Great American Nightmare Will Be Over’

Rob Reiner: ‘A Vote for Trump Is a Vote for Death’

Monday, June 22, 2020

Baltimore City Police Confirm President Trump's Claim 68% Of All Homicides Unsolved In 2019

Media Begging For A "Second Wave"​

Fear mounts Trump may pressure FDA to rush Covid-19 vaccine by election​

Dear Junkies Addicted To Fed Smack: The Monkey On Your Back Is Now A Gorilla​

Sunshine diet everyone should be on: Vitamin D plays a vital role in fighting coronavirus​

Coronavirus Disease​

$340 Billion of the $454 Billion that Mnuchin Was to Turn Over to the Fed is Unaccounted For​

Report: Shootings Surge After NYPD Disbands Anti-Crime Unit ​

Food Confiscation: How to protect your food stores and production from government confiscation​

COVID-Crunch? Fed Begins Rationing Coins As Americans Horde Cash​

NPR Busted Framing Self-Defense Getaway From Gun-Toting 'Protesters' As Right-Wing Extremist Attack​

Is This The Lowest Point In Modern U.S. History? ​

Here we go again with this total nonsense: Atomic oversight group says Iran may be holding 'undeclared nuclear material and activities'

Luongo: The US Is In Civil War (And Why Berman's Firing Matters)​

30% Of Americans Didn't Make Their Housing Payment In June​

US New Home Sales Plunge To 10 Year Low As Exodus From Cities Accelerates​

Looking Forward to the End of Humanity​

Trump says niece "not allowed" to write book because of nondisclosure agreement​

NY Governor Cuomo says conservatives have no place in New York​

NPR Busted Framing Self-Defense Getaway From Gun-Toting 'Protesters' As Right-Wing Extremist Attack​

Cancelling America​

Research Suggests White Slavery Was Much More Common ​

Shaun King says Jesus images 'a form of white supremacy' that must go: 'They should all come down'​

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Trump comeback rally features empty seats, staff infections

Protesters tear down statues of Union general Ulysses S. Grant, national anthem lyricist Francis Scott Key​

The country is in deep trouble: Amid wave of cultural change, Trump tries to stir a backlash

A Sign of the Times ​

Nearly Half Of Americans Consider Selling Home As COVID Crushes Finances​

Catherine Austin Fitts – We are Watching the Mother of All Debt Entrapments​

Ulysses S. Grant — Racist​

"A Staggering Number": Over $18 Trillion In Global Stimulus In 2020, 21% Of World GDP​

Another 8-Year-Old 'Criminal Mastermind' Arrested​

"Silenced" - We Live In A Time When Our "Opinions Qualify As Crimes"​

"I, Who Hates Shorting, Just Shorted the Entire Stock Market. Here's Why"​

Lies, Damned Lies, & COVID-19​

One man dead and 11 others wounded in Minneapolis shooting after 'individuals on foot' opened fire​

This would make sense: Zoomers 'sabotaged Trump's Tulsa rally by reserving tickets by the hundreds'

Jeffrey Epstein's fugitive 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell 'is hiding out in luxury Paris'​

Deuteronomy 22:5 A woman must not wear men's clothing, and a man must not wear women's clothing, for whoever does these things is detestable to the LORD your God. ​

Twitter is ‘canceling’ Joe Rogan again after he said MSM ignores Joe Biden’s mental decline​

US cop stays calm as protesters blow smoke in his face & give him middle finger (VIDEO)​

American activist Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of European ethnic societies​

Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds To Reuters Fact Check on COVID-19 Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans​

Arctic records its hottest temperature EVER as mercury hits 100F in town of Verkhoyansk in Siberia​

The Ku Klux Klan​

Berlin politicians knowingly sent children to live with PEDOPHILES for decades, new report reveals​

An Eye-Witness’s Shocking Account of What’s REALLY Happening During the Seattle Riots

Sara A. Carter on Twitter: "I hope he’s arrested - wait where’s the police and why aren’t the neighbors filming doing anything about this? Horrible"

Tucker: Google tries to censor content it disagrees with​

Tulsa Fire Department says Trump rally attendance was about 6,200​

Germany struggles to impose local coronavirus infections ​

Bolton: Trump Gave Bibi Green Light For Preemptive Israeli Strike On Iran Nuclear Sites​

Read Here: John Bolton's Full White House Exposé Leaked Online​

Stockman: The Fed's Unleashed "Speculation And Malinvestment On A Biblical Scale"​

As Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Face Criminal Probes, Barr Fires Top Prosecutor; Tries to Replace Him with Banks’ Former Lawyer, Jay Clayton​

Wall Street Veterans Call Out the Fed for Creating a Dangerous Stock Market Bubble​

If the Fed Is Being Honest that Citigroup is Well Capitalized, Why Did It Need $3 Billion from the Fed’s Paycheck Protection Program?​

The Fed’s Paycheck Protection Program Gave a Tiny NJ Bank $5.3 Billion – 9 Percent of all the Money It’s Spent Thus Far​

Dirty Details Emerge as to Why Mnuchin Is Fighting Congress Over Releasing the Names of Recipients of PPP Loans​

The Federal Reserve Has Its Own Police and Is Part of a Vast Surveillance Center – Should You Worry?​

Wall Street Banks Tank One Day After Fed Chair Says They’re “a Source of Strength” ​

Documents Reveal That US Military Is Planning For A “Gen Z Bitcoin Rebellion” ​

George Soros conspiracy theories surge as protests sweep US ​

Dear Junkies Addicted To Fed Smack: The Monkey On Your Back Is Now A Gorilla​

'DEFUND NASCAR': Plane protesting ban on Confederate flag soars over Talladega​

AOC Praises Teens, Allies for Using Chinese App to Meddle in Election ​

Sunshine diet everyone should be on: Vitamin D plays a vital role in fighting coronavirus​

Stuttgart Riots: Hundreds of 'Youths' Loot Businesses and Injure Police ​

9 Dead, 56 Shot in Chicago Father’s Day Weekend Violence; Toddler Killed​

Saturday, June 20, 2020

What The Left Won’t Tell You About The Plight Of Black People And The Myth Of Systemic Racism

#FluorideTrial: Ruling Delayed As Judge Asks Defense and Plaintiffs to Discuss New Evidence​

BlackRock Is Heavily Invested In 3M (Masks) & The Rockefeller-Funded COVID Predictive Tracking Ring ​

Government Eyes Are Watching You: We Are All Prisoners Of The Surveillance State​

Georgia House seeks to disband police department after Arbery shooting ​

The Big Wobble Headlines: Quick Read​

Aborted Fetal Tissue in Vaccines: Babies Are Born ALIVE at 5-6 Months Old with Beating Hearts and No Anesthesia​

Buchanan: Can We Coexist With Asia's Communists?​

Nearly 3 out of 4 DC police officers ready to leave the force: Washington police union poll ​

In Friday Night Drama, US Attorney Geoffrey Berman Refuses To Step Down After Barr Asks For Resignation​

"Putin Wanted It": Dems Introduce Bill To Block Trump's Germany Troop Draw Down​

Prepping: 15 Things That Will Happen When The Economy Finally Collapses​

Major Cruise Lines 'Voluntarily Suspend' Trips Out Of US Ports Until Sept. 15​

Justice Department's attempt to block John Bolton's tell-all book is DENIED​

Soros-Affiliated Anti-Deportation Group Part of ‘Defund Police’ Movement ​

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: 'Our Goal Is to Get Trump Out' ​

NCAA Expands Ban, Joins Southeastern Conference in Targeting Confederate Flag ​

Joe Rogan: Left-Wing Media Have 'Completely Ignored' Biden in 'Cognitive Decline' ​

Eight Villages Evacuated as Turkey Attacks PKK Kurds in Iraq ​

Macy's employee beaten for allegedly using the n-word but company says it was 'unprovoked'​

200 PBS Stations to Air Documentary on Study — “Fire Did Not Cause Building 7’s Collapse on 9/11”​

Aldous Huxley interview-1958 (FULL) ​

DOJ Defends Idaho's Ban On Transgender Athletes From Competing In Women's Sports​

Donald Trump says 'thugs' in Tulsa stopped thousands attending his MAGA comeback rally, praises 'warriors' in the arena who ignored coronavirus fears, tears into Seattle 'anarchists' and calls Joe Biden's career 'four decades of calamity'

New Ford F-150 is expected to come equipped with a sleeper seat that reclines all the way back

Hawkins: National Reciprocity Needed Amid Nationwide Riots ​

Friday, June 19, 2020

Tucker: There are two versions of the law

'It may save your life': Facing virus surge, more U.S. states mandate masks

Power, water cut to Oxford MA gym defying coronavirus rules​

Dan Cathy, Chick-fil-A CEO, urges white people to find strangers, 'shine their shoes' over racism​

Whistleblower Claims Dangerous Design Flaws Abound In Boeing's New 777

Artificial breast milk start-up gets $3.5 million from Bill Gates-founded investment fund

Globalist-controlled minion: Anthony Fauci: Americans ‘Don't Believe Science and They Don't Believe Authority'

Seattle CHOP Leader Spills The Beans, Blows Narrative Says 'I'm Not Here to Peacefully Protest'

Coronavirus can still pass between face mask wearers — even when they're 4 feet apart: study

Americans Are Too "Idiotic To See How Enslaved They Are" Even As the Gates of Hell Open Up


People would be crushed by second coronavirus wave, psychologists say ​

VIDEO: #BLM Co-Founder Says 'We are Trained Marxists'​

Mayor celebrates BLM protests, then calls them 'domestic terrorism' when her home is vandalized

World has six months to avert climate crisis, says energy expert

'I live here, and these are my neighbors': Mayor Wheeler cleans up after Pearl District protesters

Atlanta: ONLY ONE Police Officer Showed Up to Work in Zone Six on Thursday Morning

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell Cheers Black Lives Matter… Except When They’re Outside Her House

Africa urges UN probe of US ‘systemic racism’, police violence

Politicians React to Google’s Demonetization Threat to the Federalist, ZeroHedge

Questions Raised After Revelation That Suspect In Assault On 92-Year-Old Has Been Arrested 101 Times

Mother of Trayvon Martin, Whose Death Sparked Black Lives Matter Movement Says, “WE NEED MORE POLICE”

Coronavirus Mortality Study Continues to Confirm Overall Mortality Not Much Different Than a Bad Seasonal Flu

Thursday, June 18, 2020

History: Forgotten True Story of The White Slaves of Barbary

Officer charged with murder for shooting Rayshard Brooks ​

Coronavirus Hoax: Members of Brazil’s Parliament Broke Into Hospital that Claimed to Have 5,000 Infected & 200 Dead from COVID19 – The Hospital Was EMPTY​

Does Trump Want to Fight for a Second Term? His Self-Sabotage Worries Aides​

Turkey Launches 'Largest Ever' Air & Ground Assault Into Northern Iraq​

David Wilkerson - Last Days Deception [Must Hear]​

Oxford Experts: 'There is No Scientific Evidence for COVID Two Metre Rule' ​

Communists, Antifa, and Fighting in the Streets ​

Globalists Reveal That The “Great Economic Reset” Is Coming In 2021 ​

It’s Communism, Stupid​

RFK, Jr. Discusses Aborted Fetal Tissue and Vaccines with Dr. Theresa Deisher

Portland protesters barricade streets and declare new ‘autonomous zone’ outside mayor’s residence (VIDEOS)

This is Ted - please read and vote for Pastor Baldwin as pastor of the year, as a favor to me. Thank youChuck Baldwin- Liberty Fellowship

Why Do Some Lives Matter More Than Others?

Covering derivatives: Conservatives: Feds Close to Spending More Than on Revolutionary, Civil War, WWI, II Combined

Some restaurant, bar customers aren't handling mask rules well ​

Perspectives on the Pandemic | The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse​

Who Controls the Gates Family?​

RFK, Jr. Discusses Aborted Fetal Tissue and Vaccines with Dr. Theresa Deisher​

Fed's Balance Sheet Posts Biggest Weekly Drop In 11 Years​

The Fed's Casino Is In Flames, But Please Continue Gambling​

Labor Recovery Stalls, Benefits Not Paid, Massive Unemployment Lines In Kentucky​

Young Americans Trust Colleges More Than Police, Military, & Churches; Survey Finds​

So stupid as His judge votes against him: "They Don't Like Me" - Trump Floored After Supreme Court Protects DACA, Suggests 2nd Amendment At Risk Without 'More Justices'

It All Comes Back To The Fed: The NWO Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats​

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

As Coronavirus Returns to Beijing, Schools Shut and Flights Are Halted

Google bans website ZeroHedge from its ad platform over comments on protest articles​

Majority Of Germans Refuse To Install Corona-Warn-App​

Norway Abandons COVID-Tracking App Over Privacy Fears​

Weaponization Of Food: Starvation To Manufacture Complianc​e

CHAZ Occupier Suggests "Rounding Up All The White People" Into Work Brigades​

No V-Shaped Recovery? Cargo Vessel Calls Plunge At Singapore Port To Three Decade Low​

Cancel the White Men — And What’s Left?​

I don’t agree with these statements: The Enemy Within: A Story of the Purge of American Intelligence

Twitter Takes Commands from Hard Left, Deplatforms @AmyMek for Telling the Truth About Islam​

Martin Armstrong: Is Defunding Police The Right Choice Or The Next Step In Revolution?​

If Only Our Christian Leaders Had The Fiery Devotion Of The Protesters ​

The suspect in the assault on a 92-year-old NYC woman is a registered sex offender arrested ‘more than 100 times’​

Evangelical pastors pander to radical Black Lives Matter​

It All Comes Back To The Federal Reserve: The New World Order Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats

John Bolton's Book on Trump: 11 Most Insane Revelations

Officer charged with murder for shooting Rayshard Brooks ​

Tucker Carlson Eclipses Competition As Ratings Go Through The Roof​

Tucker takes you inside America's newest neighbor: CHOP​

Torah Codes Reveal: Trump Wins Re-Election in 2020​

Pressure Builds on Trump Administration to Name PPP Borrowers

Trillions in Stimulus Go Unchecked With Watchdogs Kept Toothless

Strategic Allocation of Coin Inventories

Trump asked China's Xi to help him win reelection, according to Bolton book

Atlanta officer who shot dead Rayshard Brooks is charged with felony murder as it's revealed he kicked the father-of-four as he lay dying on the ground after putting two bullets in his back - and second cop charged has agreed to testify against him

CROSSING THE LINE North Korea ‘to mass troops near border’ and slams ‘mongrel dog’ South Korea after blowing up ’embassy’ building

Taiwan warns off intruding Chinese aircraft for fourth time in nine days

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Vaccine Ethics and Children: With COVID-19, Science Has Completely Lost Its Way

Poll: Americans are the unhappiest they've been in 50 years ​

Dollar crash is almost inevitable, Asia expert Stephen Roach warns ​

Trump Team Weighs $1 Trillion for 5G expansion....Infrastructure to Spur Economy ​

Coronavirus may sway regulators to allow casinos to say good-bye to cash ​

Beijing coronavirus outbreak: travel restricted to tackle 'extremely severe' situation​

Venezuela: Thieves, Fuel Shortages, Hunger, and the Black Market ​

The Inversion Agenda ​

Bracelets, Beacons, Barcodes: Wearables in the Global Response to COVID-19​

18 Atlanta Cops Quit, LAPD Can't Pay $40 Million Overtime As Police Morale Hits "Rock Bottom"​

Why Heterosexual Men Should Boycott Starbucks ​

Why Homosexual Marriage Matters For Straight Men ​

Professor: BLM part of cultural Marxist agenda, used to win an election - it doesn't help black people ​

Antifa Attacks Man With Skateboard — Gets Shot In Self Defense​

Report: Google Financially Blacklists ZeroHedge, Threatens the Federalist over Comment Sections​

US shoppers returned with vigor in May in partial rebound

Fed chair warns of 'significant uncertainty' around US recovery

Members of Congress took small-business loans — and the full extent is unknown

Warren’s outreach to black voters could help VP standing

Georgia Democrats set new primary turnout record, outpacing GOP voters​

How has the electorate changed since Trump? The gender gap is wider, research shows

‘The most acceptable white candidate’: Black support lifts Warren’s VP prospects

Inspectors general warn that Trump administration is blocking scrutiny of coronavirus rescue programs

Monday, June 15, 2020

Truck Drivers Say They Won't Deliver To Cities with Defunded Police Departments

New Yorkers survived the coronavirus. But will they stay for what comes next?

In Miami-Dade, dueling rallies in support of Black Lives Matter and President Trump

Elon Musk 'a year away from creating Six Million Dollar Man through implanted chips'​

An Insight Into How Globalists Think, Courtesy Of The Trilateral Commission​

Futures Tumble Below 3,000 After China Warns Of "High Virus Resurgence Risk"​

'Black Lives Matter' Painted on D.C. Street Leading to the White House with Mayor's Permission

BlackRock Authored the Bailout Plan Before There Was a Crisis – Now It’s Been Hired by three Central Banks to Implement the Plan

Manipulating The Masses: Edward Bernays & Why The System Needs Your Compliance

Who Speaks for the Riots' Victims?

The Communist Pedigree of the Clenched-fist Salute ​

Beijing locks areas down as new virus outbreak gathers pace ​

Symbolism of the Divided Land and the Acuity Flag, “The World’s Tallest Symbol of Freedom”​

America’s Social Unrest Is About to Get Much Worse, Congress Fears ​

How loneliness could be changing your brain and body​

Justices rule LGBT people protected from job discrimination ​

A Generation of Obama Brown Shirt Anarchists has Risen​

Chinese Scientist, Escorted Out Of Canadian Biolab, Sent Deadly Viruses To Wuhan​

The Pandemic Moonshot: Printing Money Until The Cows Come Home​

US Surgeon General Flip-Flops From "Stop Buying Masks" To Claiming "Masks Promote Freedom"

Neil '4th Turning' Howe: "Our System Is Near The Breaking Point"

New Age Religions....all based on the Kabbalah​

The Results of Supporting countries that deny Jesus

MASSIVE phone outages across US, major carriers affected ​

NYC Mayor Orders Army Of COVID-19 Contact-Tracers Not To Ask About BLM Protests Attendance​

An Eye-Witness’s Shocking Account of What’s REALLY Happening During the Seattle Riots​

Fauci: Steering the Pandemic Narrative Toward Vaccine “Solutions” Is Nothing New​

Vaccine Ethics and Children: With COVID-19, Science Has Completely Lost Its Way​

J.J. Watt Claims Anthem Protests 'Not About the Flag' ​

Police Force Advises Officers to 'Take The Knee' in Front of BLM Protests ​

Sunday, June 14, 2020

POLICE: Warlord Raz Reportedly Extorts Businesses, Collects ‘Protection’ Money in Seattle Autonomous Zone

VIDEO: Virginia Senator Told Police to Stand Down Before Statue Collapse Left Man in Critical Condition

Antifa Secret Funding Exposed by Project Veritas… Follow the Trail of Dark Money (VIDEO)​

Los Angeles: Homicides Soared 250%, Shootings 56%, During Protest Week

W.H.O. Walks Back Claim that Asymptomatic Coronavirus Spread Is ‘Very Rare’

Seattle protesters storm City Hall, demand mayor resign after driving police out of area, declaring autonomous zone

Biden's keepers must regret letting him out of his basement as he drifts off into incoherence and commits multiple gaffes in one public appearance​

Teacher Spying on Student During Virtual Class Sends Cops to Search 11-Year-Old's Home After Spotting a BB Gun​

Evangelical pastors pander to radical Black Lives Matte​r

Bikers for Trump Plan Punitive Expedition to Reconquer CHAZ for United States​

Federal Reserve's Desperate Act – Bill Holter​

Putin Says US Social Unrest Show "Deep-Seated Internal Crises"​

PICTURED: Atlanta cop Garrett Rolfe who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks outside of Wendy's​

Donald Trump vows to stop watching NFL and US Soccer games amid Black Lives Matter​

Wendy's Donated $500k to Black Causes, Pledged to Amplify 'Black Voices'​

Welcome to Legal Action Against 5G campaign against 5G rollout ​

#FluorideTrial: Scientist Says He Was Threatened Because of Fluoride Study ​

Judge Orders Cops To Return 1,800 lbs of Cannabis Oil And $620,000 To Cannabis Farm​

Atlanta officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks has been terminated​

The Inversion Agenda ​

Drive-by shooting in Atlanta neighborhood leaves 2 dead, 5 injured, police say​

How is Money Created? – Everything You Need to Know​

Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police - The New York Times​

A Brief History of Antifa: Part I ​

Coronavirus: An existing polio vaccine could help fight Covid-19 - CNN

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Treasury chief refusing to disclose recipients of virus aid

Removing A US President Without An Election​

COVID-19 Lockdowns Spark 41% Collapse In Black-Owned Businesses In America​

Tennessee governor warns protesters he won't tolerate a Nashville autonomous zone​

Some of Trump's Picks Have Troubling Links to Globalism, CFR​

CFR Members And Bilderberg Attendees Appointed By Donald Trump (Taken from the CFR membership and Bilderberg participant lists)​

Atlanta Police Fatally Shoot Black Man in the Back at Wendy's Drive-Thru​

Deconstructing Bill Gates’ Agenda ​

Next: Forced Vaccinations & "Digital Certificates" It's Coming, the Opposition Will Be Crushed, per Your Government

So Many Denied The Obvious

Education Is Offensive and Racist and so is America​

Trump arrives at West Point for annual commencement amid tensions with the Pentagon​

It Wasn’t Looters and Rioters Attacking America, It Was Trump​

The Real Racists​

Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now​

Do White People Have A Future?​

COURT DOCUMENTS: George Floyd Profile Reads Like A Career Criminal​

George Floyd and the Illusion of Racism​

Watch Joe Biden Mumble His Way Through Sentence Until He Admits 'I Don't Know'​

The Full List - Here Are The 269 Companies Who Are Supporting BLM & Antifa Riots​

What Is the Real Agenda Behind Defunding and Dismantling the Police?​

Already-Broke Colleges Being Bullied Into Hosting Costly "White Privilege" Workshops Amid Virus Crisi​s

White Atlanta cops shoot dead a 27-year-old black man as they give chase after wrestling with him

Joe Biden almost drops F-BOMB during passionate speech about President Trump

Friday, June 12, 2020

BOOM! Guess Who is Calling the Shots on Human Experimentation?

D Wave computer operates at same temperature: Quantum 'fifth state of matter' observed in space for first time

Evil Now Front and Center: Kansas Officials Signal Readiness For 2nd Lockdown Ahead Of November Election.​

'In Las Vegas, Casinos Are Open, But Churches Are Closed'​

They Are Telling Us That The 2nd Wave Of The Coronavirus Is Here, And The Stock Market Is Totally Freaking Out​

BLM Wants to Get Into Schools. Here’s What They Plan to Teach. ​

CNN's Angela Rye: Washington, Jefferson Statues "Need To Come Down"​

U.S. debt (to the Rothschild banks) surges to $55.9T amid jumps in corporate and government borrowing

Netflix Drops New Dave Chapelle Comedy Special on YouTube​

Mike O'Rourke: "The Market Is More Broken Today Than It Was On March 23rd, And It's Entirely Due To The Fed"​

"We Need To Act Now" - UN Warns World Faces Worst Food Crisis In 50 Years​

Catholic archbishop tells Trump protests and virus are a 'deep state' plot

Catholic archbishop tells Trump protests and virus are a 'deep state' plot

Catholic archbishop tells Trump protests and virus are a 'deep state' plot

Palm Beach County judge keeping Jeffrey Epstein transcripts hidden has ties to those threatened by their release​

Mike O'Rourke: "The Market Is More Broken Today Than It Was On March 23rd, And It's Entirely Due To The Fed"​

African American Reparation Bill Passes California Assembly​

Christianity Today calls for churches to pay reparations to black people: "Repentance is not enough"​

Trump’s Actions Rattle the Military World: ‘I Can’t Support the Man’ ​

Well done: Melania Trump was in no rush to move into the White House. That’s when she renegotiated her prenup, a new book says.

Anonymous Berkeley Professor Shreds BLM Injustice Narrative​

COVID Spreads To 60 Plants, Sparks Fear Of US Food Shortages As 2nd Wave Strikes​

Minneapolis City Council Votes To Replace Police Department With “Community-Led” Model​

Teen who went missing in 2009 'was gang-raped, shot, and thrown into an alligator pit'​

Engineering A Race War: Will This Be The American Police State's Reichstag Fire?​

The Fluoridation Trial: Science 4, EPA 0​

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Artist creates sand sculptures so real that people think they are alive

Tucker Carlson Loses Disney & Other Advertisers Over Black Lives Matter Stance​

Ray Ciccarelli, NASCAR Truck Series driver, to quit over Confederate flag ban​

Sen. Steve Huffman asks about 'colored population' hand washing ​

Antifa Releases List of Demands After Taking Over 6 Square Block Section in Seattle and Setting Up Armed Security Watch -- List Includes Reparations and Ending Police Dept.​

Democrat leaders in Seattle encourage Antifa-led violence, takeover of Capitol Hill​

NYC first lady Chirlane McCray says police-free city 'would be like a nirvana, a utopia,' but not anytime soon​

Chirlane McCray - Wikipedia​

Destroy EVERYTHING! Will culture police keen to purge historical racism turn to museums, galleries and libraries next?​

TV Networks Unplug 'Cops' After 31 Years Amid Nationwide Protests​

The Four Horsemen of America's Apocalypse​

London Police Warn Of "Perfect Storm" As Right Wing Groups Vow To Defend Statues From BLM​

Malkin: The Monumental Campaign to #CancelAmerica​

Civil War 2.0 Weather Report: The Tsunami Begins, But You Knew That – Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise​


‘You won’t need to abolish us – we won’t be around for it’: Why I and many of my colleagues are quitting as US police officers​

Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19 

George Floyd’s Family Asks UN To Help Disarm Police In the United States​

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for June 11 2020​

Catholic archbishop tells Trump protests and virus are a 'deep state' plot ​

When Obama Gave INTERPOL Protected Freedom on U.S. Soil Against American Citizens​

US Patent 6506148 B2 Confirms Human Nervous System Manipulation Through Your Computer & TV

Report: Antifa Seeks Armed Volunteers to Hold Seized Ground in Seattle

US B-52 Bomber 'Loses' Experimental Hypersonic Missile Over California

Two COVID Positive Hairstylists Served 140 People. Not One Customer Was Infected

Facebook Says Page Celebrating "Dead Cops" Doesn't Violate Its Community Standards​

Mnuchin Scrambles To Halt Stock Rout, Says Will "Pump" Another $1 Trillion Into Economy This Month​

More People See the Confederate Flag as a Sign of Southern Pride Than as a Symbol of Racism: Poll ​

Nation's top military officer apologizes for role in Trump photo op outside church: 'I should not have been there'​

Kabbalah Secrets Christians Need to Know: Edom ​

Rioters have given Trump a landslide re-election victory

Seattle "Autonomous Zone" Now Has A "Heavily-Armed" Warlord As Crime Spikes 300%

El-Erian Warns "Bad Things Happen" When Markets Front-Run The Economy

'Academics' Nationwide Urge #ShutDownSTEM Because Science Is "Weaponized Against Black People"

Venezuela on Brink of Famine With Fuel Too Scarce to Sow Crops

J.K. Rowling Rebukes Trans Activists Attempting to 'Police Speech'

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Heavy June snow: Snowplows deployed in Utah - A foot of snow in Idaho and Montana - And we are only two weeks away from the Summer Solstice!

L.A. Black Lives Matter Protest Draws 50k, YG Shoots Music Vid ​

Tom Arnold: Time to Get Rifles to 'Go Nose to Nose with Trump’s Gang of Misfit Tools'​

CNN Guest: Not Wanting To Be Raped And Robbed Is White Privilege ​

What Actually Happens When You Defund the Police? ​

As The Stock Market Soars, The Numbers Say That The Real Economy Is In The Midst Of A Historic Crash​

Black Georgia State Trooper to Protesters: I Only Kneel for God​

As Syria's Currency Plummets, US Mocks Economic Crisis: "Our Sanctions Contributed To The Collapse"​

25,000 More Store Closures Expected As Pandemic-Fueled "Retail Apocalypse" Rolls On​

First trailer for new Roy Cohn movie explores his closeted gay life and friendship with Trump​

What Actually Happens When You Defund the Police? ​

L.A. Black Lives Matter Protest Draws 50k, YG Shoots Music Vid ​

Birmingham Govt. Cuts Partnership with Diverse Megachurch Because Pastor 'Liked' Posts from Charlie Kirk​

Black Gun Ownership Soars As Nation's Inner Cities Burn​

Can We Survive Our Collective Stupidity?​

Tucker Carlson: "The Rise Of Left Wing Mobs In America"​

Alarming Study Finds US Public Pensions To Run Out Of Money By 2028​

Pandemic spike in public urination turns NYC into the Big Toilet ​

Leaders of both parties line up with looters against White American​s

Trump Says F--k It, Starts Planning New Mega-rallies​

Colorado Bill Would Require “Re-Education” Classes for Parents Who Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine​

Black Lives Matter Aims to 'Disrupt' Family Structure, Excludes Fathers ​

NASCAR bans Confederate flag at all events and properties ​

Orwell & Huxley's Warnings To The World​

UCLA Prof Suspended, Under Police Protection After Refusing To Exempt Black Students From Final Exam​

Harvard Prof Indicted For Lying About China Ties​

Kerik: If Black Lives Really Mattered, BLM, Antifa Would Be Marching All Over Chicago​

If You’re White and They’re Not, It’ll Always Be Your Fault ​

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Ideas Have Consequences

Violent, armed looters overrun Santa Monica Music Center: 'They took everything from us, and no one stopped them'​

A Crash in the Dollar Is Coming ​

Weimar 202​0

France: Post-Pandemic Disaster?​

Zoloft Shortage Strikes As Census Bureau Finds One Third Of Americans Now Show Signs Of Clinical Depression​

The Week America Lost Its Way​

"The Narrative Has Failed" - Ron Paul On The Incredible Disappearing Coronavirus​

"We Effectively Have A Zimbabwe Fed" - John Williams Warns "The System Is Bankrupt"​

The Week America Lost Its Way​

NYC Mayoral Candidate Who Hijacked a Plane Says He's Different Now ​

Missouri: Retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn, 77, Killed by Looters​

Candace Owens Shuts Down AOC’s Attack On Kayleigh McEnany: “You are stupid, incomprehensibly stupid”​

Liberty University Says It Finished Semester with Zero COVID Cases After Refusing To Close ​

As U.S. Cities Crumble, Demand For Rural And Suburban Properties Is Soaring

Minneapolis City Council President Defends Plan to Dismantle Police: Expecting Help Is 'Privilege'​

Candace Owens: This Is What’s REALLY Driving the Race Riots in America

The downsides of owning a smartphone


"You're 100% Full Of $hit, F**k You" - Chicago Alderman & Mayor Rage Over Looting On Leaked Audio​

With no public bathrooms, the Big Apple is now ‘the Big Toilet’

7 people shot within ten minutes in three separate incidents in Brooklyn

21 Shot, Six Fatally, over Weekend in Democrat-Controlled St. Louis

Chicago suffers deadliest day in 60 years with 18 murders in 24 hours

As Many as 25,000 U.S. Stores May Close in 2020, Mostly in Malls

A Crash in the Dollar Is Coming

Signs Stock Rally is Doomed to End After $21 Trillion Rebound

Monday, June 8, 2020

How Did the KKK Bogyman Grow So Large

People with a gloomy outlook could be more likely to get Alzheimer's disease, research suggests​

"You Are Finished!": Turkey's Growing War On Christians​

Media's 'Racial Injustice' Blind Spot: Over 30 Shot In Another Deadly Chicago Weekend​

Germany is not an independent countr​y

The Attack on White People Is an Attack on the Fragile Remains of Western Civilization​

Pandemic drives broadest economic collapse in 150 years: World Bank ​

A 'Biblical' Plague Of Locusts Has Put Millions On The Brink Of Famine: "We Have Never, Ever Seen What We Have In The Last Six Months"

Yelling ‘Allahu Akbar,’ Muslim terrorist stabs NYC police officer In the neck, shoots two others during Floyd rioting

Taking a knee not enough? VIDEO shows Massachusetts police chief LYING FACE DOWN at urging of BLM protesters​

Christian Woman Fired for Quoting Scripture in regard to Black Lives Matter​

Essential Body Armor for Troubling Times and TEOTWAWKI ​

The Left Needs To Learn A Hard Lesson: Burning Down Their Grocery Stores, Let Them All Starve; Torching Their Own Cities, Let Them All Burn​

"I Made A Mistake With The Words" - CrossFit CEO Apologizes For "Floyd-19" Tweet After Reebok Cut Ties​

Democrats Unveil Sweeping "Police Reform" Bill Ending "Qualified Immunity" For Cops

Fed Overnight Repos Continue To Rise As QE Shrinks

Rabobank: "There Is A LOT Of Anger Out There, And The Post-War Architecture Is Clearly Collapsing"​

California Dismisses National Guard After Week-Long "Occupation"; De Blasio Plans To Shift Funds From NYPD To "Youth & Social Services"​

As Economies Reopen, The US Dollar Faces This Triple Threat​

Governments Have Crippled The World's Economies, Revolution May Soon Follow ​

Joe Biden hits a milestone Hillary Clinton never did: 50% majority support​

US election 2020: Trump's chaos presidency has turned on him and other storylines this week​

Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey rejects city council's push to defund police, despite veto-proof majority​

Maxine Waters: I Do Not Approve Of the Word 'Rioting', It's Racist​

Lady G Is Outed By Gay Escorts​

From A Reader: A Look At AntiFa’s Field Organization

Who replaces the police? BLM activists call for officers to be replaced with social workers​

Minneapolis city council president defends disbanding the police​

Coronavirus: Psychopathic traits influence outbreak spread​

Now We'll See How the Snowflakes Handle the Barbarians ​

Minneapolis City Council President Defends Plan to Dismantle Police: Expecting Help Is 'Privilege'​

Nolte: A Ban on Cop Shows Isn't a Terrible Idea ​

Donald Trump Mocks Mitt Romney for Marching with Black Lives Matter ​

Is The Treasury About To Flood The US With $700 Billion Over The Next Three Weeks​

Sizing The Commercial Real Estate Bust​

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Thousands across the country continue George Floyd demonstrations for the 12th straight day

Former Killing Ground Becomes Shrine to Stalin’s Victims​

Trump’s Troop Plan Stuns Germany and Rocks Postwar Order ​

The Cracks In The Financial System Are Getting Bigger... Here's What It Could Mean For Gold​

'The Saker': The Systemic Collapse Of The US Society Has Begun​

Soros-Backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney Releases All Rioters and Looters from Jail Without Charges Following Monday's Mass Rioting​

When Hunger Crisis Unfolds, There Is No One Coming To Your Rescue-Get Over It And PREPARE With That Thought In Mind​

Project Veritas Releases Part 2 of #ExposeAntifa: NYC Antifa Members Train For Violence: "If You Get a Good Liver or Kidney Shot, It's Pretty Much Crippling Them" (VIDEO)​

Trump calls Colin Powell 'an overrated stiff' for joining Bush and Romney in snubbing re-election​

‘Singer Meredith Brooks Rips Garcetti: All My Artists Friends in LA Bought Guns ​

Trump demanded 10,000 troops be deployed to quell protests

White House wanted 10k active duty troops to quell protesters

Portland is the latest city to suspend the use of tear gas on protesters​

Rasmussen: Black Approval For Trump Surges To Over 40%

Donald Trump's former chief of staff John Kelly joins the generals' mutiny saying 'I agree' with Jim Mattis, warning 'the president is never a dictator' and questioning his 'character and ethics'

“Stop it! It’s Sick! It’s Demonic!” – Black Women Urge Guilty White Liberals to Stop Kneeling Before Black People (Video)​

"Antifa" Member Who Doxed Proud Boys and Nationalists Exposed as Criminal, Academic and Journalist

Florida Supreme Court blocks assault weapon ban from ballot

Coronavirus: Senate proposes up to $10K monthly for families ​

Lockdowns failed to alter the course of pandemic, JP Morgan study claims​

"Trump Derangement Syndrome": Is It Real?​

These people are insane!: Couples "Should Wear Masks During Sex" In COVID World, 'Experts' Advise

The Price Of Half The World's Staple Food Is Up 70% In 2020​

Census to list pagans for the first time​

J.K. Rowling Gets Backlash Over Anti-Trans Tweet​

'Vicious dogs,' 'ominous weapons,' 'a scared man’: Trump feud with Bowser escalates amid protests​

Students Demand Lax Grading For Black Students. University Agrees.​

Saturday, June 6, 2020

There Are Fates Worse Than Death!

UCF professor investigated for saying 'white Americans and white culture are under siege'​

Trump Has Flooded DC With Law Enforcement Officers Who Won’t Identify Themselves​

Pentagon disarms National Guard activated in D.C., sends active-duty forces home​

Aaron Russo - Rockefeller et Féminisme​

News Analysis: Racism, unrest, police brutality. Is America living 1968 all over again? Yes, and no ​

Pandemic, Economic Collapse, Full Societal Breakdown​

"Unreported Truths" - This Is The COVID-19 Book That Amazon 'Quarantined' ​

At fortified White House, Trump under verbal assault from military's top ranks​

How Mattis reached his breaking point and decided to speak out​

Ex-chief of staff Gen. John Kelly is latest to rip Trump as Esper orders troops to leave Washington​

The Fed Just Unleashed A Trillion In New Debt: Companies Took The Money And Spent It On Dividends While Firing Millions​

Chicago Mayor Begs Walmart, Other Looted Retailers Not To Abandon City​

"Extreme" Looters Are Using Absolutely Crazy Tactics Never Seen Before​

Buffalo Cops Who Shoved Martin Gugino Are Charged With Second-Degree Assault​

Demonstrators vow to sustain momentum until change happens ​

LOCKDOWN LUNACY: The Thinking Person's Guide​

Reminds me of the movie Aliens. Not allowed to use weapons: National Guard in Washington D.C. are told NOT to carry guns or ammunition

‘This Is A Sham’: Tucker Blasts Health Care Professionals Who Signed Letter Exempting George Floyd Protests From Coronavirus Restrictions

Again, partisan politics. It’s the Kabbalist bankers doing this!: Limbaugh: Next Four Months Will Be War Like You've Never Seen, Dems Will Try To Keep Economy Shut Down

'Remember no church!: Party Of Science' Chooses Feelings Over Facts In Flip-Flop Over Large Gatherings

Social Distancing is Still Mandatory Unless You are Looting, Rioting or Starting Fires​

To the Americans Who Are on Their Knees​

Mass Distraction And Fake "V-Shaped" Recovery Provide Cover For The Fed Induced Crash​

Retail Outlets Along I-95 Close Saturday As Looters Target The Suburbs​

12th Day Of Protests Underway As Millions March Across US; Chicago Police Find Suspicious Buckets Of Bricks Around City​

1200 Public Health Experts Advocate Mass Gatherings Because "White Supremacy" Is Bigger Threat Than COVID-19​

Mayor Ted Wheeler bars Portland police use of loud warning sounds, signals 30-day moratorium on tear gas for protests​

Trump orders big U.S. troop cut in Germany, official says​

Trump retweets interview where Candace Owens says she is 'sickened' that George Floyd is a martyr​

"Comedian" Thinks It Is Amusing To Masquerade As a BLM Member And Humiliate A White Woman to Get on Her Knees and Apologize For Her "White Privilege" (VIDEO)

Friday, June 5, 2020

The C.D.C. Waited ‘Its Entire Existence for This Moment.’ What Went Wrong?

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated—Part 10​

Esper orders hundreds of troops from 82nd Airborne home from D.C. area​

John Allen: Trump's threat to use military on protesters may mark 'beginning of the end of the American experiment' ​

INSANE Video from our @wusa9 SkyCam WOOOOOW #lightning #WashingtonMonument


Are we on the brink of revolution?

"THESE NUMBERS ARE INCREDIBLE" Trump Booms After Job Report Shock: May Payrolls Soars By 2.5 Million, Unemployment Rate Drops, Crushing Bearish Expectations​

Dangerous nano-particles contaminating many vaccines: groundbreaking study​

Universal vaccination passport has been in development since 2018, requires absolute compliance with endless list of vaccines

CNN Reaches a New Low: Now they are Attacking WHITE CHILDREN!​

Leftist leaders abandon social distancing mandates for Floyd protests, still restrict churches​

Stunning Announcement: All St. Louis Rioters Have Been Released from Jail ​

Fortress White House: Tall black fences go up around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave as protests continue​

Over a quarter of 18 to 25-year-olds are unaware that women should avoid alcohol in pregnancy​

Donald Trump hits out at Jim Mattis AGAIN with excoriating new tweet​

This is what 59 looks like

ACLU sues over police force on protesters near White House​

Donald Trump hits out at Jim Mattis AGAIN with excoriating new tweet​

Riots & Lockdown - 4th Generation Warfare​

Biden Has 'Deplorables' Moment; Says '10 to 15 Percent' Of Americans 'Not Very Good People'​

White House braces for protests, Pentagon sends troops home​

Trump strongly hints at pardon of political adviser Roger Stone, saying he should ‘sleep well at night’​

National Guard in Washington D.C. are told NOT to carry guns or ammunition​

George Soros-Funded Prosecutor Releases All St. Louis Rioters from Jail ​

Entire Buffalo Police Unit Resigns In Solidarity With Officers Suspended For Shoving Elderly Protester​

Minneapolis City Council Mulls Plan To "Abolish" Police Department, Ninth Night Of Demonstrations Largely Peaceful​

UCF professor investigated for saying 'white Americans and white culture are under siege'​

All Rioters, Arsonists, Looters in St. Louis Freed from Jail Without Charges ​

Thursday, June 4, 2020

"They're Getting The Sh*t Kicked Out Of Them": Antifa Attempt To Riot In California Suburb Goes Awry

Of course he did: George Floyd had coronavirus and died after cardiac arrest, police report claims

First a pandemic, then civil unrest: Gun sales spike again​

Ex-defense chief Mattis rips Trump for dividing Americans ​

The DOJ Has Launched An Investigation As More Evidence Emerges That Someone Is Orchestrating The Violent Riots​

About That Huge Rifle The Secret Service Sniper Was Carrying During Trump's Photo Op Walk​

Nuclear Detection Helicopter Flies Mission Around Washington D.C. Amid Unrest (Updated)​

Hugh Jackman criticized for sharing photo of a protester hugging a police officer​

Socialist rhetoric but some truth: Are we on the brink of revolution?

Prelude To Martial Law​

Undercover video shows Antifa teaching how to 'eye gouge'​

Project Veritas Infiltrates Violent Antifa Cell​

2 NYPD Cops Shot, 1 Stabbed In The Neck As 'Police Brutality' Riots Go Global; All 3 Expected To Survive​

Florida State's Marvin Wilson: Players Are 'Outraged' With Mike Norvell​

NYC Pushes $1.1 Billion Cut To NYPD Budget As Ninth Night Of Demonstrations Begins​

Note To Rioting Americans: A Guide To Safe & Profitable Looting ​

Gold Gains As Investors Dump Dollars, Bonds, & Stocks​

"We Still Expect To Be Paid" - America's Largest Mall Operator Sues Gap For $70M In Back-Rent​

US Exports, Imports Crater Most On Record As China Refuses To Comply With Trade Deal​

The Rock Calls Out Trump in Impassioned Speech: 'Where Are You?' ​

Cristobal Dumps Torrential Rains on Mexico; U.S. Gulf Coast Landfall Increasingly Likely​


Black gunman shoots elderly couple at Delaware Veterans Cemetery (May 2020)

Pence invites Trump activist who called George Floyd 'horrible' to meeting​

How residents armed with AR-15s and wearing bullet proof vests are defending businesses​

U.S. Exports and Imports Plunged in April as Pandemic Crushed Supply and Demand ​

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Televangelist Pat Robertson blasts Trump for his protest response

Trump Disapproval Higher Than Other Presidents At This Time ​

The Fast, Cheap and Scary Way to Cool the Planet

Louisville police chief fired after fatal shooting of David McAtee​

The Future of Shopping Is Here​

How Many Politicians Have Been Arrested Over The Last 6 Weeks FOR Violating The US Constitution?​

Fed Money Printing Keynesian Quackery ​

From Manhattan To The Bronx, NYC Looted Overnight​

Idaho Under Martial Law – Rights Suspended

Black Lives Matter leader declares war on police​

Civil Unrest Is Inevitable - Here's How It Will Be Exploited To Bring In Tyranny​

Civil Unrest Is Inevitable - Here's How It Will Be Exploited To Bring In Tyranny ​

Pallets of Bricks Are Being Delivered to Numerous US Cities - Evidence of Pre-Riot Organization!​

Minnesota AG Charges 3 More Officers In George Floyd's Killing As 2nd Night Of Protests Begins In Europe​

"NYPD is losing the city of New York": Police union boss says city leaders are telling cops to "stand down," asks Trump for help​

Defense Secretary Breaks With Trump, 'Does Not Support' Invoking Insurrection Act​

CEOs Of Looted Stores Pledge Solidarity With Protesters

US Transportation Dep’t to Suspend Chinese Passenger Carriers’ Flights to US on 16 June

All Races Suffer from Police Violence

The Russians Did It

Israelis Trained the Minnesota Cop How to Kill

INSURRECTION: Pallets of bricks are being pre-staged in flashpoint cities across the country

The Crisis Is Not Over Until It Is Over

More Bricks Appear In Advance Of Monday Demonstrations In Baltimore, Texas

Donald Trump Orders Up His Own Praetorian Guard, Including Black Hawk Helicopters and the 82nd Airborne with Bayonets​

Violent Protests Spread Across Europe, Virginia Gov Unveils Plan To Remove Statue Of Robert E Lee

"They're Getting The Sh*t Kicked Out Of Them": Antifa Attempt To Riot In California Suburb Goes Awry

Millions Of Higher-Paying Jobs Targeted As Next Wave Of COVID Layoffs Begins​

The Post-COVID Economy Will Be Very Different From The Pre-Pandemic Bubble Economy​

George Floyd left Texas prison to start new life in Minneapolis​

Tucker: What we're watching is class war disguised as race war​

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Multiple Dead/Injured As Rioters Target Cops After Trump's Threat Of Military Force Fails To Deter 7th Night Of Violence

California Faces "Financial Collapse" As It Moves To Allow Businesses To Walk Away From Commercial Leases​

This social contract is based on ChristianityThe Social Contract Between Government And People Is Unraveling

Military helicopters, vehicles, personnel in DC after Trump vows to "dominate the streets"​

Tucker Carlson Takes Off Kid Gloves, Rips Jared Kushner For Sabotaging Trump ​

"This Is The Perfect Environment For Gold To Take Center-Stage"​

We're Living the Founding Fathers' Nightmare: America Is Corrupt to the Core​

Shocking Evidence That Indicates That Somebody Is Trying To Orchestrate An Internal Uprising Inside The United States​

A Society On The Brink Of Complete And Utter Chaos: America is literally in the process of coming apart at the seams, and there will be a lot more rioting, looting, and civil unrest in the days ahead.

18,000 National Guard Troops Deployed Across US, Trump Slams "Lowlifes And Losers" For Riot Chaos​

America Is Literally Coming Apart At The Seams​

Schiff: It's "Game Over For The Fed"​

Note To Rioting Americans: Why Looting A Gun Store Isn't Such A Great Idea​

WATCH laughing looters clear out Chicago Nike store in UNDER A MINUTE​

Video: Looters Raid Luxury Stores in Manhattan ​

"Lowlifes" and "losers": yes, that will calm the riotersUS cities gird for more violence as Trump decries 'lowlifes' ​

Looters run wild in Bronx as video shows NYPD officer being beaten: 'Fordham is on fire'

George Floyd protests: Rioters target police across US; 4 shot in St. Louis, 1 in Vegas, Bronx hit-and-run caught on video

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for June 2 2020​

The American Revolution Was Fueled by Preaching​

Tensions Mar Paris Protest as Floyd Outrage Goes Global​

NYPD cracks down: ALL leave is canceled as cops enforce an 8pm curfew ahead of another night of carnage after failing to stop looters despite putting 8,000 on the street

82nd Airborne Division Arrives to DC Metro Area with Black Hawks and Chinooks

Chuck Schumer Calls for Probe into Treatment of Protesters Outside White House

Donald Trump Jr: Media ‘No Longer Concerned’ by ‘Deadly’ Gatherings in Coronavirus Era

Rioters Deface ‘Glory’ Monument to Black Civil War Soldiers in Boston

Charles Hurt: The Democrat Party Is Built on Racial Exploitation

Monday, June 1, 2020

Cops clash with protesters and cars are set on fire on sixth night of George Floyd protests

Trump took shelter in White House bunker as protests raged ​

We're Living The Founding Fathers' Nightmare: America Is Corrupt To The Core​

German Official Leaks Report Denouncing COVID-19 As "A Global False Alarm"​

As China Fumes Over Trump's "Gross Interference" In Hong Kong, Here Are 6 Things It Can Do In Retaliation​

Smith: Why The Public Should Rebel Against Forced Vaccinations​

Cops clash with protesters and cars are set on fire on sixth night of George Floyd protests​

Now We'll See How the Snowflakes Handle the Barbarians ​

The Antichrist Spirit Has Begun to Move, the Rule of Law Has Collapsed​

Watch Live: Riots Erupt From Coast To Coast; Curfews Imposed; Stores Looted; D.C. Activates National Guard​

RIOTS Are Coming to a City Near You: What to Do RIGHT NOW ​

"The Fed Did It" - Riots Across America Are About More Than George Floyd​

Outrage After Police Taser Morehouse and Spelman Couple On Live TV​

From Soft to Hard Fascism: “Get in Your House Right Now!”​

Anomalous weather in Washington: Almost 87,000 lightnings strike Washington State - or nearly 2/3 the annual average!​

CDC Reduces COVID-19 Fatality Rate to 0.26 Percent​

Gun sales surge 80% in May: research firm​

Trump Reportedly Calls Governors 'Fools,' 'Jerks' in Call ​

The George Floyd Protests – 20 Unanswered Questions​

Dangers of Wearing Masks in the Heat and Humidity​

Gilead Falls After Phase 3 Remdesivir 10-Day Trial Failed To Reach Significance​

Trump tells governors 'most of you are weak' on violent protesters and says: 'You have to dominate'​

WH: Insurrection Act One Possible Tool, Trump Focused on Nat'l Guard ​

Trump: "I Am Your President Of Law And Order"​

NYC Announces 11pm Curfew, Washington "Fully Activates" National Guard As Agents Stop Traffic Into Downtown DC​

Trump: "I Am Your President Of Law And Order"​

Minneapolis Has Officially Eliminated Single-Family Zoning​

Trump says he will deploy military if state officials can't contain protest violence​

Barr: Law enforcement must ‘dominate’ streets amid protests ​

Nothing Is Certain But Death, Taxes, And Police Infiltration Of US Protests​

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Minnesota Governor’s Daughter Hope Walz Was Tweeting Out Intel to Violent Looters and Rioters Just Like Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Isra Hirsi​

Chief Justice Roberts Sides with Liberals Over Keeping California Churches Shut Down During Pandemic​

Horowitz: The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?

Contact Tracing Is Scarier than You Imagined

Your “Immunity Passport” Future Begins To Materialize As Airlines Call For Digital ID Tracking Systems

Riots Spread to Major Cities Across the US

US on the Brink of Martial Law as Officials Use ‘Contact Tracing’ to Track Rioters

WATCH: Sheriff Says Armed Residents Should Blow Looters Out of House​

Trump says to send 'thousands' of troops, police to US capital's streets

Sunday, May 31, 2020

George Floyd protests: Trump blames 'radical left' for violence

Appeals for Calm as Sprawling Protests Threaten to Spiral Out of Control ​

White cop charged with murdering George Floyd is on 'suicide watch'​

Watch Live: Riots Erupt From Coast To Coast; Curfews Imposed; Stores Looted; D.C. Activates National Guard​

Here Are All The NYC Restaurants That Have Permanently Closed During The Coronavirus Crisis​

America: One Screen, Two Movies, Three Times The Trouble​

The Mysterious Missing Link - Anti-Malaria Drug & Zinc​

Minneapolis Riots Are Reminder That Police Don't Protect You Or Your Property​

The External Cost of One Minnesota Cop Is Very High​

George Floyd protests could fuel coronavirus second wave, officials warn​

Protests over police killings rage in dozens of US cities ​

Shocking moment Dallas rioters hurl ROCKS at 'store owner who tried to defend shop with a sword'​

Gone With the Wind: Pandemic Threatens to Reduce Movie Theaters to Rubble​

Minneapolis mayor says 'white supremacists,' 'out of state instigators' behind protests, but arrests show different story​

Cornel West: America Is A Failed Social Experiment, Neoliberal Wing Of Democratic Party Must Be Fought

Journalist is left blind in one eye after 'being shot with a rubber bullet' at Minneapolis protest​

Thousands of pigs are steamed to death at Iowa's largest pork producer​

WE CAN'T BREATHE: America Wakes To Stunning Carnage In Over 30 States As Tyranny And Anarchy Become Simultaneous For First Time In Our Nation's History​

Mississippi church fighting coronavirus restrictions burned to the ground ​

Your Family Survival Will Depend On A Long Term Plan Not On A Government Rescue—Tips for Long-Term Survival​

While Minneapolis Looting Is Denounced By Media, They Are Silent About The Looting Of The American People As Billionaires Reap Record Profits From Taxpayer-Funded Bailouts

Biometrics companies serving the Global South and a new ID2020 partner step up as world market changes​

Less Than Half Of Americans Plan To Get COVID Vaccine: AP Poll

US On The Brink Of Martial Law As Officials Implement Contact Tracing Methods To Track Rioters​

New Ad DESTROYS RINO Sen. Graham​

AI to choose your news? Microsoft to get rid of journalists & replace them with ROBOTS​

Law Enforcement Fire Tear Gas, Peppers Spray, Rubber Bullets at White House Protesters​

Trump designates 'Antifa as a terrorist organization​'

Mayors of riot-torn cities plead for end to violent demonstrations in wake of George Floyd killing​

Police deny viral video shows 'child soldiers fitted with riot shields and batons and rifles'​

Here’s straight propaganda: In a pandemic, no one wants to touch it. Why cash has become the new Typhoid Mary

Masks Are Here to Stay, Even After Covid Goes Away ​

This is a far left communist author: The inevitable long, hot summer

Russian space agency calls Trump's reaction to SpaceX launch... ​

Here Is The Stunning Chart That Blows Up All Of Modern Central Banking​

"It's A Setup": Mysterious Brick Piles Appear Throughout Major Protest Cities​

Female Athletes Fight To Keep Biological Men Out Of Their Sports​

All That Is Wrong With The US Healthcare System In One $18,415.00 Coronavirus Test​

#BLM protesters, police have showdown in Lakeland​

New Research Study Clarifies Health Outcomes in Vaccinated versus Unvaccinated Children​

The Risks vs. Benefits of Face Masks- Is There an Agenda?​

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Facts Vs. Fake. A Worldwide Lockdown of Everything

Trump announces US ‘terminating’ relationship with WHO

The next door neighbors of Derek Chavin are on video saying they had NO IDEA he was a cop.​

The Fear Is Real, Not Orchestrated​

George Floyd protests: Detroit man and Californian cop killed​

BUSTED! Protesters uncover false-flag set up, pile of bricks strategically placed on street near high-end Dallas shops ​

Former Merck Rep Says Mandatory Vaccination Is for Profit and Not Public Health​

The ‘New Normal Messiah’, Rev. Dr. Anthony Fauci ​

We’ll See China-Style Social Credit Systems Under the Guise of Immunity Passports and Contact Tracking Which Is Already Being​

There Will Be A Lot More Rioting, Looting And Civil Unrest As The U.S. Economy Continues To Crumble ​

8 INDUSTRY EXPERTS PICK THEIR MUST-HAVE SHTF GUN:Our panel of experts answers the age-old question ‘If you could only grab one gun when SHTF, what would it be?’​

This Is Crazy: W.H.O. Now Says Only Wear a Mask If You are Sick or Working with Sick -- Otherwise You Don't Need One ​

Chief Justice John Roberts Sides with Liberal Justices as Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Restrictions on Religious Services​

Biden Forgets He Isn’t President And Starts White House Transition Team​

The Meaning of Enmity​

First The Deflationary Deluge Of Assets Crashing, Then The Tsunami Of Inflation​

All Of The World's Money & Markets In One Visualization

George Floyd Worked Security At The Same Nightclub As The Officer Who Killed Him​

"The Largest Ever Physical Transfer Of Gold"​

America Descends Into Chaos Amid Nationwide Attacks "Designed To Destabilize Civil Society"​

Supreme Court Rules 5-4 To Uphold Pandemic Orders Limiting Church Service​

How The Federal Reserve Unilaterally, De-Facto Amended The US Constitution​

Vaccine Pioneer Admits Adding Cancer Causing Virus to Vaccines ​

WATCH: Looters ransack Louis Vuitton, police HQ and smash BANKS as Portland erupts in protest​

WATCH Russian jets chase US nuclear-capable bombers away from country’s borders​

Protests turn violent in Chicago as George Floyd demonstrations erupt across the nation​

George Floyd protests: Trump blames 'radical left' for violence​

Friday, May 29, 2020

Lines of cops in riot gear defend the house of the officer accused of killing George Floyd

Van Jones 'Haven't Seen Black People This Upset in 20 Years' ​

CNN crew released from police custody after they were arrested live on air in Minneapolis​

Purging Christian Higher Education​

Driver ‘ploughs into George Floyd protesters’ and police station set ABLAZE on third night of fury across US​

Church burns to the ground in Mississippi after pastor challenges coronavirus restrictions

CDC Does not Require Wearing Masks – Because There is no Reason to.

OMG! Feckless Clown Dr. Fauci NOW SAYS Staying Closed Too Long Could Cause “Irreparable Damage” — AFTER USING JUNK MODEL TO DESTROY ECONOMY!

Trump Signs Executive Order Taking Action On Social Media Bias: ‘We Can’t Let This Continue To Happen’

National Guard Activated to Respond to Minneapolis Violence

Denver Riot Out of Control: Protester Run Over After Jumping on Woman’s Car, Gun Shots Fired Towards Capitol (VIDEO)


Officer Charged With Killing George Floyd Arrested, Governor Apologizes For "Abject Failure" In Response To Unrest​

Trump pulls US out of WHO, calls out China as deceitful and more in press conference ​

There Will Be A Lot More Rioting, Looting And Civil Unrest As The U.S. Economy Continues To Crumble​

The race to read your brain​

Moderna Vaccine White Paper - "DNA Vaccines Have a Risk of Permanently Changing a Person’s DNA"​

Former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin In Custody, Charged With Murder In George Floyd’s Death – WCCO​

"It Felt Like An Earthquake": SpaceX Prototype Starship Blows Up In Massive Explosion Day Ahead Of Manned Launch​

As Minneapolis Burns, Armed Citizens Deter Rioters & Looters Without Firing A Shot​

Trump Anti-Twitter Order '95% Political Theater' According To Stanford Lawyer​

-51.2%! Atlanta Fed Now Expects Staggering Collapse In Q2 GDP​

Minnesota Governor Apologizes To CNN Journalist, Crew Arrested While Covering Riots

US Gov't Now Flying MQ-9 Reaper Drone Over Minneapolis As Riots Worsen

George Floyd Worked Security At The Same Nightclub As The Officer Who Killed Him​

US Spending Crashes By Most Ever Despite $3 Trillion Government Handout-Driven Income Surge​

"Perfect Storm" Of Auto Thefts Sweeps US During COVID Lockdowns​

You Can Now Get Fired For Refusing To Wear A Mask At Work​

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Communist China's flag raised above Boston City Hall Plaza, Philly; supported by elected officials

Protester falls off moving police car in downtown Los Angeles during rally over George Floyd's death

Protesters descend on the streets of Minneapolis for a second night over the death of George Floyd​

American Airlines CEO quells U.S. bankruptcy talk, says demand improving​

Australian researchers see virus design manipulation

GOP Alaska legislator compares coronavirus screening sticker to Nazi Germany's Star of David​

Washington gov: Those who don’t cooperate with ‘contact tracers’ and tests not allowed to leave home​

Stuck on Stupid

"Minneapolis Is Burning" - Buildings Torched, Stores Looted, Protests Over George Floyd Intensify​

NSA's Social Network Mapping is More Vast, Omnipresent, & Horrifying Than Snowden Revealed​

Looting, fires rock Minneapolis after man dies in custody ​

Trump retweets video declaring 'the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat'​

Trump Says Executive Order Will Strip "Liability Shield" From Social Media Companies​

Over 40 Million Jobless In 10 Weeks - "Nobody Ever Imagined It Would Get This Bad So Fast"​

Pending Home Sales Plummet 35% YoY - Biggest Drop Ever As Buyers Forfeit Deposits​

The Collapse In US Durables Goods Orders Accelerates In April​

Blain: "There Is Nothing Normal About What Is Happening"​

India is in the middle of a heatwave, a cyclone, a global pandemic, and the worst locust plague in years: Collapse ahead?​

COVID-19 Vaccines: Continuing the Long History of Medical Experimentation on Children

New Research Study Clarifies Health Outcomes in Vaccinated versus Unvaccinated Children

One in Every 16 Irish Boys has Autism: Crisis Worse than COVID-19 and Nobody Cares​

Trump To Sign Social Media Executive Order On Thursday After 'Fact-Check', Political Bias Exposed​

MSNBC Reporter: Nobody's Wearing Masks -- Passerby: Including the Cameraman ​

Blain: "There Is Nothing Normal About What Is Happening"​

Looting, fires rock Minneapolis after man dies in custody ​

Protesters descend on the streets of Minneapolis for a second night over the death of George Floyd​

Constitutional Scholar Says Trump Is Carrying Out The Globalist Agenda​

Their Lives Mattered Too: Before George Floyd, Cops Killed 400 Others in First 5 Months of 2020​

Donald Trump claims anti-conservative bias on social media is 'greatest threat to free speech'​

Trump tweets out 'cowboys for Trump' head saying 'the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat'

COVID-19 Fact Sheet - Face Masks

YouTube censors epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski for opposing lockdown ​

Where Did My World Go?​

Whoever Is Elected, War Is the Policy​

Led to our destruction by “our leaders”​

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

More People Are Taking Drugs for Anxiety and Insomnia, and Doctors Are Worried

"Everything About This Is Insane" - Begging Big Tech To Be Arbiters Of Truth Will Ultimately Backfire​

From Trolling To Fleecing: Creator Of 'Q' Hoax Explains Its Scary Evolution ​

"This Ship Is Sinking" - The Economy Is Holed Below The Waterline

Whoever Controls The Narrative, Controls The World

The Face Mask: A Powerful Symbol of COVID Oppression​

Suddenly Everything is Too Big to Fail – John Rubino​

Black Magic: Satanists Rule the World Not Politicians, Bankers ​

Trump threatens to shutter social media companies after Twitter warning​

‘No Mask, No Service’ Signs Pop Up As Businesses Begin To Slowly Reopen​

He had a severe reaction to Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. He's still a believer​

Trump Threatens To "Close Down" Twitter, Other Social Media To Stop Them From 'Rigging' 2020 Vote​

The Coronavirus Vaccine Uncensored​

Protest Theaters' Streaming of Hail Satan? Film​

Experts Surprised as New Home Sales Rise in April ​

United Nations New World Order Economic Paradigm Project Creates 'International Day Of Happiness' Calls For 'Global Citizens' To Celebrate​

How Far Will the 'Romans 13' Crowd Go to Submit to Government? ​

Coronavirus Bracelets Are Ready to Snitch on Workers ​

Advancing Time: Retail Store Closures Have Huge Impact On Communities

UNNWO | United Nations New Economic Paradigm

Facts Vs. Fake. A Worldwide Lockdown of Everything​

This Video Reveals How Hot Dogs Are Mass Produced And It Is Gross​

Rabobank: "A Few Months Ago, Any One Of These Stories Would Have Been Front-Page News And Market-Moving"​

Boeing Slashes 6,770 US Workers, Sees No Recovery In Air Travel For "Years"​

Rabobank: "A Few Months Ago, Any One Of These Stories Would Have Been Front-Page News And Market-Moving" ​

Dr. Rashid Buttar Hosts A Doctor's COVID-19 Roundtable - 100 Voices Strong​

Amtrak Seeks Billion Dollar Bailout, Prepares To Slash 20% Of Workforce As Ridership Crashes​

Disney World to reopen in July with ‘high-energy squads’ roaming park to make sure people wear masks​

Germany clamps down on SINGING over coronavirus fears​

$150 Billion In PPP Funds Untapped As Small Business Demand "Just Dried Up"​

Watch: TV Stations Caught 'Shamelessly' Passing Off Amazon-Scripted Propaganda As News​

"Fiscal Firehose": Japan Approves Record 117 Trillion Stimulus Package​

Yuan Crashes To Record Lows, Stocks Tank As Chinese Megacap Delistings Loom​

Police Around The World Place Orders For High-Tech Surveillance Helmets That Scan for COVID-19 Fevers​

Germany clamps down on SINGING over coronavirus fears​

Trump To Sign Social Media Executive Order On Thursday After 'Fact-Check', Political Bias Exposed​

House Votes To Send New China Sanctions Bill To Trump's Desk​

MSNBC Reporter: Nobody's Wearing Masks -- Passerby: Including the Cameraman

Berlin: Violation of the minimum distance may no longer be punished with a fine

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

From Trolling To Fleecing: Creator Of 'Q' Hoax Explains Its Scary Evolution

More People Are Taking Drugs for Anxiety and Insomnia, and Doctors Are Worried​

Branson’s Virgin Orbit Fails in Attempted Rocket Launch From 747 ​

German government takes controls at Lufthansa with bailout

"This Ship Is Sinking" - The Economy Is Holed Below The Waterline

"Like It Was Designed To Infect Humans": COVID-19 'Cell Culture' Theory Gains Steam​

Mapped: The State Of Facial Recognition Around The World​

JPMorgan: The Surge In Gold Is A Sign Of Eroding Confidence In Central Bank-Generated Money​

Why Didn't The 1958 & 1918 Pandemics Destroy The Economy? Hint: It's The Lockdowns​

Bayer Shares Jump On "Progress" In 'Roundup' Settlement Talks​

Horowitz: The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?​

British Airways 'will lay-off thousands of cabin crew then re-hire them on HALF PAY'​

Dershowitz: 'Anti-vaxxers' misusing the Bible​

Pictures show crowds packed together and waiting in line amid huge delays at Charlotte airport​

Netanyahu: We Have 'Historic Opportunity' to Annex West Bank in July​

Australian Perth Mint Silver & Gold Bullion Sales Surge In April​

COVI-PASS Health Passport

Liberty: Use It or Lose It

"Everything About This Is Insane" - Begging Big Tech To Be Arbiters Of Truth Will Ultimately Backfire​

JPMorgan's Dimon Admits "Fed Liquidity Is Propping Up Stocks"​

An Economy That Cannot Allow Stocks To Decline Is Too Fragile To Survive​

"A Moment Of Truth For The Euro": ECB Preparing To Run QE Without Bundesbank​

The Farce and Diabolical Agenda of A “Universal Lockdown”​

Virginia to Mandate Masks After Northam Caught Taking Selfie w/o Mask ​

Dershowitz: 'Israel Should Be Ashamed' for Putting Netanyahu on Trial ​

Dr. Judy Mikovits says 50 million will die in U.S. from COVID Vaccine​

This Is Still Happening: Jared Kushner

USA Plan: Militarized Control of Population. The "National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan"​

CNN's Cupp: Trump Is 'Not Healthy' -- 'He Is Not Well' at the Worst Possible Time​

Lockdowns Made No Difference to Virus Course, Infection Rates Went Down When They Were Ended ​

Ex-Trumpist Ann Coulter Trashed Online as She Rips 'Disloyal Actual Retard' Trump in Twitter Rant ​

Your “Immunity Passport” Future Begins To Materialize As Airlines Call For Digital ID Tracking Systems​

Mastercard joins ID2020 Alliance​

Monday, May 25, 2020

Johnson & Johnson is discontinuing its talc-based baby powder in the US and Canada

Ann Coulter Turns on ‘Disloyal Actual Retard’ Trump in Twitter Rant ​

Ann Coulter sounds off on 'blithering idiot' Trump for attacks on 'gentleman' Sessions ​

The Fed Is Now The Proud Owner Of Bankrupt Hertz Bonds​

Greece Charges Turkey With 'Land Invasion' After Troops Cross River, Raise Turkish Flag​

"Nothing Can Justify This Destruction Of People's Lives"​

Nuremberg Code Establishes the Principle of Informed Consent​

Meet Bill Gates​

Pinkerton: Stand with the Chinese People Against Their Communist Regime

California Issues Guidelines for Church Reopenings

Illegal Alien Charged with Sexually Assaulting Three Underage Girls

Exclusive — Mike Pence on Social Media Censorship of Conservatives: ‘We’re Just Not Going to Tolerate It’

Fashion Notes: Melania Trump Observes Memorial Day in Luxurious Gucci Coat

MSNBC’s Dr. Vin Gupta: Make Masks Mandatory, ‘I Shouldn’t Have to Breathe Exhaled COVID-19’

CNN’s Cupp: Trump Is ‘Not Healthy’ — ‘He Is Not Well’ at the Worst Possible Time

Fmr Dem Rep. Edwards: Trump ‘Looks More Incompetent and More Incoherent’

WATCH: Steelers’ Alejandro Villanueva on the Meaning of Memorial Day

Scholla: Lenny Dykstra Fires Back at Author After Critical Piece

Massachusetts Drive-in Movie Theater Sells Out on Memorial Day for ‘Jurassic Park’

Clean Up America and Register Voters Tour Continues in Democrat-Controlled Philadelphia

Dem Sen. Peters: Trump’s Objections to Vote-by-Mail ‘Outrageous,’ ‘Hypocrisy’

For Economy, Worst of Coronavirus Shutdowns May Be Over

The ‘Liberal Leaning’ Media Has Passed Its Tipping Point

Memorial Day offers contrasts as Biden and Trump salute war dead with and without masks

Protesters in downtown LA rally demand reopening of California businesses

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Constitutional Scholar: "Trump Is Carrying Out The Globalist Agenda"

I guess castration is the answer: Testosterone could be behind higher coronavirus death rates among men

US Industrial Production Plunges By Most In Over 100 Years

Harvard Prof. Slams Christianity’s ‘Malignant’ Belief in Afterlife ​

Mandatory Vaccines? The Supreme Court Said Yes! But Wait, There's More

[BREAKING VIDEO REPORT] $660 Million Spent on 30+ Field Hospitals​

Could wearing a mask for long periods be detrimental to health?​

The Official Narrative: 'Lockdown' You Will Obey​

Silicon Valley Tech Giants Caught Providing Services To Blacklisted Chinese Security Firms

The Pied Piper is Changing His Tune!

The Modern-Day Cult of Corona: The Imposition of a “Multilayer Control Grid”. The “Lock Step” Future of Humanity?

Majority of Democrats Want Mandatory Outdoor Face Masks

Analysis From J.P. Morgan Shows Lockdowns Don’t Help

Bankruptcy Tsunami Begins: Thousands Of Default Notices Are "Flying Out The Door" 

Corona Crisis Control - Digital Identification Für Alle

Tech for Contact Tracing Will Be Included in Latest iPhone Update—Whether You Like It or Not ​

‘Up to a Dozen’ COVID-19 Variants in the United States ​

The Great Potato Famine: History And All The Things You Need To Know

US Navy shows off high-energy LASER WEAPON and shoots down a drone during its first ever at-sea test​

EU Planning "Vaccination Passport" Since 2018; Report​

Hong Kong Erupts: Tear Gas Deployed As Thousands Fill Streets To Oppose China's National Security Law​

The Economic "Reopening" Is A Fake Out ​

This is pure manipulation propaganda!: Exclusive — Mike Pence: ‘Nobody Wants to Reopen This Country More than President Donald Trump

Hong Kong Erupts: Tear Gas Deployed As Thousands Fill Streets To Oppose China's National Security Law​

Google Drive takes down user’s personal copy of Judy Mikovits' Plandemic after it was flagged by The Washington Post​

500 doctors tell Donald Trump to end the coronavirus shutdown, say it will cause more deaths​

Millennials are facing another once-in-a-generation economic disaster​

The Next Recession Will Destroy Millennials​

Buchanan: What Does Winning Mean In A Forever War? 

Vaccine Trial Catastrophe: Moderna Vaccine has 20% ‘Serious’ Injury Rate in High Dose Group

Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?​

18 Million Jobs At Risk Of Permanent Loss: What Happens To Small Businesses When The Bailout Money Is Spent​

Guccifer 2.0's Hidden Agenda​

Bill Gates Father Ran Planned Parenthood, His Mother Created Microsoft, Together They Trained Their Son To Spread The Gospel Of Eugenics​

Wuhan Lab Chief Says Virus Escape Theory "Pure Fabrication"​

"Land Of The "Free"? Stashing Gold May Be Illegal Soon​

It Doesn't Matter What You Think, Reality Is What It Is​

Something's Wrong: A Debt-Financed Recession​

It Doesn't Matter What You Think, Reality Is What It Is​

U.S. Unemployment Reaches 14.7 Percent – Chart from Great Depression Shows Risks Ahead

Fed Chair Powell Promises “Transparency,” then Draws the Dark Curtain Tighter ​

Taxpayers Are on the Hook for 98 Percent of the Fed’s $6.98 Trillion Balance Sheet ​

Evidence Suggests U.S. Financial Crisis Started on August 14, 2019 ​

The Fed Hasn’t Spent a Dime Yet for Main Street Versus $735 Billion for Wall Street ​

BlackRock Begins Buying Junk Bond ETFs for the Fed Today: It’s Already at Work for the Central Bank of Israel ​

The Blackmailing Of Woodrow Wilson And The Rise Of Louis Brandeis​

Dark History of the Exchange Stabilization Fund​

Evidence Suggests U.S. Financial Crisis Started on August 14, 2019

You May Not Understand This Now, But You Need To Get Prepared For The Food Shortages That Are Coming

Those Who Planned The Enslavement Of Mankind Of Mankind Warn Of "A Dark Winter" For Us

Professor: Colleges Using Coronavirus as Excuse to Cut Sports Programs

Bill Gates Partners With DARPA & Department of Defense For New DNA Nanotech COVID19 Vaccine!​

Central Banks Are Destroying What Was Left Of Free Markets​

Opting Out, American Style​

NO PROBLEM: Georgia, Florida and Texas All Perfectly Fine After Re-Opening Economies​

Italian Government Recruits 60,000 Informants to Spy on Neighbors

New York Times on Memorial Day Weekend: 'Why Does the U.S. Military Celebrate White Supremacy?'

Netanyahu Attends Trial Opening: 'Attempted Political Coup' ​

"Shocking": Americans Flood Beaches, Trampling Social Distancing Rules​

Netanyahu lashes out at 'ludicrous' graft charges as trial begins

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Hertz Dumps Fleet Of Corvettes While Trying To Avoid Bankruptcy

Spotify Technology SA Stock quote​

Donald Trump Says U.S. Won’t Close Again, Even If Second Wave Occurs​

Jeff Sessions stands up to former boss Trump on Twitter ​

PA Yanks Sports Bar's Liquor License for Alleged Lockdown Violation ​

The Path To Monetary Collapse​

California doctors say they've seen more deaths from suicide than coronavirus since lockdowns ​

The Economic "Reopening" Is A Fake Out​

Poor Countries Borrowed Billions Using Their Oil As Collateral And Are Now Struggling To Pay​

Earth's Magnetic Field Mysteriously Weakening In Specific Locations, Throwing Off Satellites And Spacecraft​

Mammoth hailstone obliterates roof in Burkburnett Texas​


How a Japanese cult tested nerve gas on sheep at an Australian Outback property before fatal attack​

Why an Economy Can't Work without Market Prices​

The Drones Were Ready for This Moment ​

“It’s Time For A Rewrite”: Genetic Code of The Planet Under Attack​

Mastercard will not send staff back to offices without coronavirus vaccine​

OMG! Feckless Clown Dr. Fauci NOW SAYS Staying Closed Too Long Could Cause "Irreparable Damage" -- AFTER USING JUNK MODEL TO DESTROY ECONOMY!​

WE NEED BETTER EXPERTS: CDC Admits Coronavirus Mortality Ratio is Similar to 1957-58 Flu Pandemic Where No Lockdown Was Needed​

Expert: Colleges Should Ensure that Students Can Enroll in Classes to Find a Good Job​

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Extends Safer-at-Home Order to June 12 ​

US Supreme Court Has Ruled that Forced Vaccines Are Constitutional ​

George Soros Views The COVID-19 Plandemic As A ‘Revolutionary Moment’ Where ‘Everything Is Up For Grabs’ Says Radical Change Needed​


US Industrial Production Plunges By Most In Over 100 Years​

Friday, May 22, 2020

Spain Finally Eases Lockdown In Madrid, GM Delays Plan To Ramp Up US Production: Live Updates

Welcome to the Fourth Reich ​

H.R. 6666 a devil of a COVID-19 government surveillance plot​

Lawless Times, This Is What the Globalists Wanted and Now Tribulation Will Playout, Martial Law "Hell on Earth"

The sky of Beijing turns into complete darkness during the afternoon

Universities try to block Congress from accessing documents detailing their ties to China​

Oil Industry Collapse And Negative Rates Lead To Another Stock Market Crash​

New Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows coronavirus conspiracy theories spreading on the right may hamper vaccine efforts​

Trump did wear a mask at the Ford plant, and somebody took a picture ​

"The Latest Stage In Our Descent To The Bottom": Deutsche Bank Asks Top Managers To Skip Month's Salary In Act Of "Solidarity"​

Trump Declares Houses Of Worship Essential, Says Governors Must Allow Services Or 'I Will Overrule Them'​

Central Banks Are Buying $2.4 Billion In Assets Every Hour As Their Balance Sheets Eclipse $20 Trillion​

US To Launch Massive COVID Vaccine Test, Involves Over 100,000 "Volunteers"​

COVID-19 Lawsuits Begin​

Hertz Dumps Fleet Of Corvettes While Trying To Avoid Bankruptcy​

Global COVID-19 Risk Ranges Up To $82 Trillion​

Auto Registrations In Europe Plunge 76% In April, The Largest Drop On Record​

How The British Empire Created And Killed George Orwell​

How Fear, Groupthink Drove Unnecessary Global Lockdowns​

Paying for priority? US forks out over $1.2 billion for 300 MILLION doses of University of Oxford’s Covid-19 vaccine

Exclusive — Pence Excoriates Biden’s ‘Offensive and Racist’ Comments

Nolte: 'You Ain't Black' and Joe Biden's 10 Other Acts of Racism ​

Physicians: ‘Forcing Healthy Americans to Quarantine Inflicted Devastating Harm’ ​

Hong Kong Economy Collapses over Chinese Takeover ​

Thursday, May 21, 2020

"It's Junk!" - Illinois' Borrowing Costs 5 Times Higher Than AAA-Rated States

U.S. Birthrates Fall to Record Low​

Ford Temporarily Shuts Down Two Plants Just Days After Reopening After Workers Test Positive For COVID-19​

Phone Calls Between Biden And Ukraine's Poroshenko Leaked; Details $1 Billion "Quid Pro Quo" To Fire Burisma Prosecutor​

The Case of General Michael Flynn: The Use of Law as a Political Weapon

Trump’s Vaccine Czar Has Vast Ties to Drug Industry, Posing Possible Conflicts​

With cuts at Vice, Quartz, BuzzFeed, even media's savviest digital players are hurting​

Millions of Americans Skip Credit-Card and Car Payments​

Terry Michael’s research into Tony Fauci

Michigan protesters launch 'Operation Haircut' over lockdown​

Florida Panhandle Beach Named Top in U.S. by ‘Dr. Beach’​

Chile virus cases soar as soldiers deploy following unrest ​

570 Workers Test Positive For COVID At Tyson Plant In North Carolina​

F-35 fighter jet crashes at Florida's Eglin Air Force base – 2nd fighter jet crash in 4 days​

Fauci And Birx: Lock Them Up!​

COVID Showdowns Brewing Across Illinois As Angry Residents, Sheriffs Reject Lockdown​

A Timeline—Pandemic and Erosion of Freedoms Have Been Decades in the Making

This is how you stop Weimar: The Destruction Of Demand

Quarter Of Americans Have No Interest In Taking COVID Vaccine

Brainwashing & The New Vocabulary: 12 Words & Phrases We Never Want To Hear Again​

Trump To Void 'Open Skies' Treaty With Russia On Friday​

Existing Home Sales Continue Collapse To 9-Year Lows​

Trump in Private: I Wish I Could Run Against Hillary Clinton Again ​

Is QAnon the newest American religion? ​

Victoria's Secret Closing 250 Stores After Company Suffers a $275.2 Million Quarterly Loss​

OPERATION COVID-19 Following Alinsky’s Communist Takeover Plan “Rules for Radicals”​

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Phone Calls Between Biden And Ukraine's Poroshenko Leaked; Details $1 Billion "Quid Pro Quo" To Fire Burisma Prosecutor

Two southern churches forced to reclose after leaders, congregants get coronavirus​

Scientists Discover the Area of the Brain Where Pain Could be 'Turned Off'

Small Alabama City Says It’s Broke, Files for Bankruptcy ​

"Disinfecting Tunnels" Are Headed To Supermarkets In Post-COVID World​

Migrant Youths Riot In Paris Again, Attack Police With Fireworks​

US Cities Will Lose $360 Billion From The COVID-19 Lockdow​n

"Thousands Are Starving" - Protesters Demanding Food Clash With Police In Santiago​

"This Is Despotism, Plain & Simple" - Of Power-Drunk Politicians & Sociopathic Oligarchs​

The COVID-19 "Dark Winter" PsyOp: Question Everything...

New Zealand Gun-Crime Rates Soar Following Gun-Bans​

Snyder: Fear Of COVID-19 Has Absolutely Destroyed America's Future​

"They Don't Want To Come Back To Work" - Restaurant Blames CARES Act For Labor Shortage​

"Toto, We Ain't In 'Flatten The Curve'-Land Anymore..."​

Midwest is hit by flooding as Chicago River burst its banks and Michigan residents are evacuated​

Johnson & Johnson is discontinuing its talc-based baby powder in the US and Canada​

Social Distancing Is State-Mandated Humiliation ​

Study Trump cited in his latest attack on WHO does NOT EXIST, says editor-in-chief of prestigious medical journal​


Oregon Gov Says Closed County Residents Can't Shop in Open Ones ​

Bill Gates Explains that the Covid Vaccine will Use Experimental Technology and Permanently Alter Your DNA ​

Big Brother COVID-19 "Contact Tracing" Involves Clintons, Soros ​

Pier 1 Imports to close all 540 stores after 58 years ​

How Bill Gates Controls Global Messaging and Censorship​

F-35 fighter jet crashes at Florida's Eglin Air Force base – 2nd fighter jet crash in 4 days​

It’s Time to Step Into the Arena​

The Elitists Are Going to Make Your Life a Living Hell Until You Submit to the New World Order via the (Coronavirus) Equals Tribulations​

As Sex Offenders Roam Free in CA, Gov Proposes Permanently Slashing Prison Population​

The Conman Elites That Want To “Save Us” From The Coronavirus ​


Audio of John Kerry, Joe Biden and Ukraine President Talking about Firing Top Law Man in Exchange for $1 Billion​


China's Newest COVID-19 Outbreak Shows Virus May Be Mutating​

"Somebody Is Dumping Everything": Mystery Investor Pukes $333M In Real Estate ETF In Dark Pool Trade​

"Polite Deflection Will No Longer Cut It" - US Pressures Israel To Sever Economic Ties With China​

Bond Bubble Insanity: $1 Trillion In IG Issuance In 2020; $1.1 Trillion In Downgrades​

Facebook Evicts PragerU from Normal Public Visibility, Claiming 'Repeated Sharing of False News'​

Ford plant temporarily shuts day after reopening when workers test positive for coronavirus​

White House now predict swift economic recovery, despite warnings that major problems could persist​

There are little to no precautions in place: Demanding Answers: Flights From Countries Hard Hit By Coronavirus Still Coming, So Are Precautions In Place?

Ford Temporarily Shuts Down Two Plants Just Days After Reopening After Workers Test Positive For COVID-19​

U.S. Birthrates Fall to Record Low​

20 years after withdrawal, Israel, Hezbollah brace for war

Americans, Go Back To Work Before You Lose Your Country and Your Lives

Forgotten Moments From the History of Vaccines; Yes, History Matters

The Farce and Diabolical Agenda of a ‘Universal Lockdown’

"It's Junk!" - Illinois' Borrowing Costs 5 Times Higher Than AAA-Rated States

Drive-In Movie Theaters Explode in Florida as Two More Open in Miami

Whooping Cough Vaccine in Pregnancy

"Somebody Is Dumping Everything": Mystery Investor Pukes $333M In Real Estate ETF In Dark Pool Trade

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Israel threatens to shut down new TV channel for preaching 'gospel of Jesus'

Get Ready to Stand in Line for a Long Time Once Lockdown Ends ​

Alan Dershowitz: State has right to 'plunge a needle into your arm'

Mark Cuban: ‘It's time to face the fact that PPP didn't work’

Israel threatens to shut down new TV channel for preaching 'gospel of Jesus' ​

Trump 'surprised' Barr sees no criminal probe into Obama, Biden

Why is Microsoft (Bill Gates) helming the JEDI?

The Absurd Ways Businesses Are Enforcing Social Distancing ​

On Viral Attacks by Benevolent Benefactors​

Scientists Are Printing Living “Xenobots” out of Biological Cells ​

Reaching the Singularity May be Humanity’s Greatest and Last Accomplishment​

SELCO: Types Of Real Survivalists —The Slaves And Servants Were The Most Common​

"You've Got 30 Days": Trump Torches Tedros In Scathing Letter Slamming "Deadly" Failures​

Instead of Accusing China of Trade Deficit 'Trump Should Be Blaming US Corporations', Economist Says​

Truth in America R.I.P. ​

The Cost of Big Pharma’s Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Paid in Lives and in Billions of Dollars​

Phone Calls Between Biden And Ukraine's Poroshenko Leaked; Details $1 Billion "Quid Pro Quo" To Fire Burisma Prosecutor​

House Dems Tell Supreme Court That They Are Preparing For A New Impeachment​

Acting DNI Grenell Declassifies Susan Rice Email on January 2017 WH Meeting

Blue State Governors Struggling to Enforce Draconian Lockdown Orders

Key Michigan Court Sides with Gretchen Whitmer over Emergency Powers

New Black Panther Party Launches Boycott of ‘Chinese Merchants’ to Protest Racism

VIDEO: Massive Street Party Takes Place in Brooklyn

WATCH: Megan Rapinoe: ‘We Have a White Nationalist – I Think – in the White House’

Pro-Migration Group Tells Trump: H-1B Visa Workers Don’t Hurt Jobs, Wages

Virus Survey Reveals Most, Least Free States: South Dakota Best, Illinois Worst

State Media Implies U.S. Had Coronavirus Samples Before China

Donald Trump: We’re Going After Virginia and ‘Crazy Governor’ Ralph Northam

Monday, May 18, 2020

Authoritarians Using Coronavirus Fear to Destroy America

Truth about Zionism - Scofield Reference Bible Documentary Film​

Trump Rips 60 Minutes, Norah O'Donnell For Whistleblower Interview ​

Technofascism: Digital Book Burning in a Totalitarian Age​

100 Million Chinese Back Under Lockdown As Americans, Europeans Flock To Parks & Beaches​

"There Will Be Consequences" - Did The Fed Over-React To A "Natural Disaster"?​

Oil Soars, Prompt WTI Contango Disappears As Chinese Oil Demand "Almost Back To Pre-Crisis Levels"​

'Tidal Wave' Of Delinquent Mortgages Set To Surpass Great Recession​

"We Print It Digitally": Futures, Gold Soar After Powell Vows "Lot More We Can Do"​

Can't Make This Up: Beijing Begins Construction Of A P-3 Biolab​

'GOD TV' spat exposes tensions between Israel, evangelicals ​

A Record Fleet Of 117 Tankers Is Bringing Super Cheap Crude To China​

A Silver Lining​

South Jersey gym reopens in defiance of governor's order, owners cited​

Installer Discovers Circuit Board In New 5G Tower Labeled "COV-19"​

End Times events unfolding in front of our eyes: Apocalyptic sandstorm in Egypt, biblical locust plague in Iran and gigantic hail in Mexico​

Google Erases the Existence of Those Who Speak Unwelcome Truths​

Hell-On Earth, We Have Come To The End Of Reality Now It's "Tribulation"​

How We Learned To Love Big Brother

Trump says he's been taking hydroxychloroquine for a 'few weeks'

Trump Admits To Taking Hydroxychloroquine With Zinc As Preventative Measure​

Told you: Trump 'surprised' Barr sees no criminal probe into Obama, Biden

The US is Dramatically Overcounting Coronavirus Deaths ​

Scientific American: Flu Deaths Are 'Substantially' Overestimated to 'Encourage Vaccination' ​

BUSTED: Contact Tracing Data May Be Sent To WHO And Law Enforcement, Used To Quarantine People

9/11 saw much of our privacy swept aside. Coronavirus could end it altogether

Billionaire MAGA Fan Peter Thiel Has Had It With Trump’s COVID-19 Response ​

The National Debt Clock Is Flashing A Major Red Alert​!

'Madness': Cops called on NJ father for taking kids to empty park amid coronavirus​

JCPenney to Close 242 Stores After Filing for Bankruptcy ​

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Feds warn of attacks related to bogus COVID-19 conspiracy theory

More lies: Exclusive: Second more deadly wave of coronavirus 'to hit Europe this winter'

Israel swears in unity govt, PM insists on West Bank annexation

UFO sighting: Thousands witness mysterious lights over Brazil amid UFO crash claims

Fury in Germany with thousands protest across country over lockdown measures​

One Third Of Jail Inmates Nationwide Set Free in Unprecedented Coronavirus Jailbreak​

How We Learned To Love Big Brother​

How The Police State Uses Crises To Expand Lockdown Powers (Video)​

UFO 'Bigger Than Earth' Flying Past the Sun 'Spotted' by NASA Observation Mission ​

In Times of Crisis, We Need Freedom More Than Ever​

The School Closures Are a Big Threat to the Power of Public Schools

The AK-47 vs AR-15: Which Rifle is Better When SHTF?

Scientific American: Flu Deaths Are 'Substantially' Overestimated to 'Encourage Vaccination'​

Italian Politician Demand Bill Gates Arrest For Crimes Against Humanity​

Washington police officer on leave after video post about not enforcing ‘tyrannical’ coronavirus measures​

Chinese Ambassador To Israel Found Dead In Home, Sparking Avalanche Of Rumors Amid Tensions With US​

FDA Halts Bill Gates-Backed COVID-19 Testing Program​

China Has Jailed Hundreds Of People For Questioning Official COVID-19 Narrative, Report​

Has warm spring suppressed UK's outbreak? Coronavirus fell after sunniest April on record​

100 Chicago Churches to Hold In-Person Services Sunday ​

Told you: Trump Confirms Considering Restoring Funds to the W.H.O.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on the coronavirus-ravaged economy

Silicon Valley’s Next Big Office Idea: Work From Anywhere

No New Yorkers allowed! Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announces plans to ease ban on vacation rentals across the state - but visitors from the Big Apple won't be able to book

Europe’s broken tourism industry struggles to save the summer

Saturday, May 16, 2020

It Wasn't The "Virus" That Crashed The Economy, It Was The People Who Obeyed

US begins 'warp speed' vaccine push as studies ramp up ​

Orlando Is Reopening. Persuading Tourists to Come Back Is Harder.​

People flock to NYC-area bars, beaches as ‘quarantine fatigue’ intensifies

Palm Beach County reopened without meeting federal guidelines, investigation shows

Florida to Host First Drive-In Music Festival

Obama criticizes nation’s leaders for bungled handling of coronavirus pandemic

Biden: ‘Trump Was Praising’ China and ‘Now He’s Trying to Play This China Card’

Trump’s emergency powers worry some senators, legal experts

The pre-election number: Trump's team reportedly fears the most is the COVID-19 'body count'​

LAPD wants to give rapid-result coronavirus tests to everyone it arrests

Navajo Nation residents to be under strictest lockdown yet

Stores Stress Over How to Handle a Customer Who Won’t Wear a Mask

'I died three times,' says dad after beating coronavirus in intensive care coma

Showers and spitting off limits as MLB eyes safe return to games: report

Fury in Germany as thousands join protests across country over lockdown measures and a vaccine plan by Bill Gates as Angela Merkel's popularity falls

Alarm in Germany as 'corona demos' take off

Mock tombstone placed at Merkel's electoral office

Scuffles as dozens of protesters including Jeremy Corbyn’s brother whinge about coronavirus lockdown in Hyde Park​

Exclusive: MLB proposes medical and safety protocols to players in 67-page document

Soccer kicks off in Germany as first major sports league reopens amid pandemic

11 firefighters injured, multiple buildings set on fire after explosion in downtown L.A.

Digital Overload: Average Adult Will Spend 34 Years Of Their Life Staring At Screens

Alaska legislator compares pandemic safety measures at Capitol to Nazi treatment of Jews

Why American life went on as normal during the killer pandemic of 1969

New Zealand is ready for its close-up as most of film industry remains sidelined by COVID-19

"Poison Pills" Make Comeback at Hollywood Firms Bracing for Hostile Takeovers

At the Drive-In: Thrills, Chills, Popcorn and Hand Sanitizer

‘Without All The Bells And Whistles’: Las Vegas Casinos, Hotels Prepare To Reopen

Opinion: Dud stock picks, bad industry bets, vast underperformance — it’s the end of the Warren Buffett era

Coronavirus and a savage memoir could kill off Anna Wintour’s career

Nikki Haley: ‘The Gov’t Ended Up Helping a Lot of People They Shouldn’t Have’ in COVID-19 Stimulus Bills

Friday, May 15, 2020

Regular Americans Are STANDING UP To Tyrannical Cops

WAKE-UP, Donald! Your Malpracticing Doctors Are The Real Killers​

Trump says he would mobilize military to distribute coronavirus vaccine when it's ready​

Mom Arrested After Confrontation With NYPD Officers Over Face Mas​k

Scientists ask Health Secretary to evaluate role of gut microbiome in coronavirus​

Retail spending plunged a record 16.4% in April - 4% more than economists predicted​

This is disinformation speculation: US coronavirus crisis could be over by the end of JULY, experts predict

Male coronavirus patients with low testosterone levels are MORE likely to die from COVID-19​

NHS coronavirus contact tracing app risks sidelining millions of people who don't have a mobile​

Andrew Cuomo Under Fire for Directive Requiring Nursing Homes to Accept Coronavirus Patients

Benjamin Netanyahu suggests microchipping kids, slammed by experts

Seattle Cop Prepares To Be Fired After Refusing To Remove Viral Video Reminding Officers Not To Obey 'Tyrannical Orders'

The Brave New World of Bill Gates and Big Telecom

New Prosecutor Appointed In Ahmaud Arbery Shooting As New Video Is Released

HATE HOAX: Black Man 'Created Fake Profile' Of White Trump Supporter to Issue Threats Against Pro-Arbery Protesters

Canada Sends $790 Million to Bill Gates Organization to Push Global Vaccination

Delaware man fatally shoots elderly Maryland couple at cemetery, police say

Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Democrat Governor’s Coronavirus Lockdown Order

Contact Tracing Group Funded By Soros and Gates, Has Chelsea Clinton on Board

Mike Bloomberg Puts Up $10M to Develop Regional COVID-19 Contact-Tracing Effort

Out Of Touch | Kevin James Short Film

WA Gov. Jay Inslee: You can’t leave home for groceries if you refuse COVID-19 test​

1 Million Students At California Universities To Stay Home Next Fall As Campuses Go 'Online Only'​

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Texas Sees Record Jump In COVID-19 Deaths 2 Weeks Into Reopening

Ag Nightmare Could Result In "Corn Mountain" As Prices Collapse

World's Largest Shipper Warns Of Collapsing Volumes, Dashes Hope For V-Shaped Recovery

Wave of COVID-19 bankruptcies poses next threat to US economy ​

AI The Plan To Invade Humanity​

Israel considers shutting down evangelical Christian God TV's channel ​

Port of Seattle police officer's post about not enforcing stay-home orders goes viral

Vitamin D determines severity in COVID-19 so government advice needs to change

Trump mobilizing U.S. military to deliver coronavirus vaccine

Anti-Lockdown Protesters Swarm Michigan Capital, Governor Receives Death Threats​

Introducing the BFS Prefilled Syringe.

The Collapse Of Main Street And Local Tax Revenues Cannot Be Reversed​

Has President Trump Figured Out That Anthony Fauci Is A Con Man?​

Three Reminders From The Bill Of Rights​

The Real Killer Is COVID-Lockdown-Driven Unemployment​

US-Backed Forces Seize Syrian Commercial Bank In Oil-Rich Northeast Province​

Burundi Becomes 2nd African Nation To Expel WHO​

Hertz Cancels 90% Of New Car Purchases, Further Pressuring Already Desperate Automakers​

'A colossal mistake': Former NY Times reporter urges walk back from coronavirus 'lockdown' strategy​

Proof-Donald Trump Is Preparing For Every American To Be Force Vaccinated TWICE ​

HR 6666 and Patent 060606: Luciferian Contact Tracing ​

$2,000 A Month Stimulus Check? Andrew Yang Proposed $1,000 A Month—Forever​

Lindsey Graham Rejects Trump’s Call for Obama to Testify: ‘I Don’t Think That’s a Good Idea’

Report: Amb. Marie Yovanovitch Knew More About Burisma than She Admitted to Impeachment Inquiry

Maxine Waters: Heartless Trump Wants Economy Reopened So He Can Hold ‘White Power Pep Rallies’

White House: No Plans to Give Power to Nancy Pelosi if Both Mike Pence and Donald Trump Get Coronavirus

MSNBC’s Wallace: ‘Obamagate’ Is the ‘Political Version of the Tooth Fairy’

Alyssa Milano: Trump Purposely Trying to Get People Killed By Coronavirus

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Coronavirus US: LA stay-at-home orders continue to August

Vitamin D Deficiency Is Associated with COVID-19 Severity and Mortality​

Is Congress Going to Bankrupt the Mom and Pop Landlord with This Bill? ​

Port of Seattle police officer's post about not enforcing stay-home orders goes viral ​

BUSTED: Contact Tracing Data May Be Sent To WHO And Law Enforcement, Used To Quarantine People

Whistleblower Nails Fauci, Rothschilds, Highlands Group, DARPA, DoD, Pirbright, Goldman Sachs, US Navy, US Air Force, US Army, CIA in Worldwide Bioterror​


COVID19: The Big Pharma players behind UK Government lockdown​

BUSTED: Contact Tracing Data May Be Sent To WHO And Law Enforcement, Used To Quarantine People​

Tucker: Inside the Democrats' $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill​

A Third Of Americans Will Remain In Quarantine Even If Instructed To Get Back To Normal Life And Work​

Prager: The Worldwide Lockdown May Be The Greatest Policy Mistake In History​

WA Governor To Residents: COVID-Test-Deniers Will Not Be Allowed To Leave Home To Get Groceries​

"Eat A Waffle, Go To Jail..." - Authoritarians Using COVID-19 Fear To Destroy America​

MI Gov. Whitmer: Racist, Misogynistic Lockdown Protesters 'Calling for Violence'​

Airline Group Sees Virus Hurting Travel for at Least Five Years

DC extends stay-at-home order to June 8


Biden, Comey, Clapper tried to ‘unmask’ Flynn during Russia probe: report

Federal Judge Orders Arguments on Whether Michael Flynn Should Be Jailed for Perjury

Donald Trump has met his match with Howard Stern in battle of provocateurs

Howard Stern says President Trump ‘HATES’ his own supporters and it would be ‘extremely patriotic’ for him to step down​

Joe Biden's running mate list is shorter than you might think -- for now, at least

Biden plans to stay home, testing limits of virtual campaign

On the campaign trail, vulnerable Senate Republicans tout accomplishments, sidestep Trump mentions in ads

Loud sex, thunderous dancing: how coronavirus strains neighborly ties

NYC attorney to likes of Lady Gaga, Elton John hacked, files held for $21M ransom

Ransomware Attack Shuts Down Rock and Roll’s Largest Law Firm, Hackers Grab 756 GIGABYTES of Stars’ Info​

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

NIH Director Talks Vaccines, Virus Mutation and Clinical Trials

As nations reopen, warning emerges about virus tracing voids ​

Benjamin Netanyahu suggests microchipping kids, slammed by experts​

Peter Schiff: These Jobs Aren't Coming Back​

"Perfect Storm" - Cord-Cutting Erupts In Pandemic As Pay-TV Crumbles

Declassified Doc Exposes FBI Spy Saying Israeli Mossad Spies Need To Be F**king Kicked Out Of USA, Executed

Snyder: It's Much Worse Than You Are Being Told​

New Orleans Uses Prison Labor After Garbagemen Go On Strike​

Luxury Real Estate Suffers Price Declines, Suffocated By Social Distancing And Lockdowns​

Carnival Cruise Bookings Surge 600% After August Relaunch Announcemen​t

New World Order Acolyte Melinda Gates Appears On TODAY Show Pushing Hard For A Global Vaccine While Wearing An Upside-Down Cros​s

Special forces veteran and Police Officer Greg Anderson 

You'll Still Be Homeschooling Your Kids This Fall, Dr. Fauci Says

Simon & Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy dies of heart attack age 71​

'You're Not The End All': Rand Paul Slams Fauci In Heated Exchange Over Lockdowns​

Hiding that he’s not a billionaire: Supreme Court Begins Hearing On Trump's Financial Records

Militia Mobilizes to Block Arrest of 77-Year-Old Michigan Barber Who Reopened ​

Whooping Cough Vaccine in Pregnancy​

House Democrats unveil $3 trillion coronavirus relief package​

Fears of megadrought as Missouri River driest since 800AD​

Seattle Cop Prepares To Be Fired After Refusing To Remove Viral Video Reminding Officers Not To Obey 'Tyrannical Orders'​

"The Financial System Will Have To Be Reset": How The World's Most Powerful And Influential People See The World After The Pandemic​

Los Angeles County Will 'Slowly Lift Restrictions over the Next 3 Months' ​

Core Inflation Falls to Lowest Level Ever While Food Prices Soar Most Since 1974 ​

U.N. Officials: Coronavirus Lockdowns Could Trigger Famine in Dozens of Countries ​

Mega Church Pastor Says Churches Will Hold In-Person Services Sunday ​

U.N. Officials: Coronavirus Lockdowns Could Trigger Famine in Dozens of Countries ​

Monday, May 11, 2020


Positive For COVID-19 & All Their Contacts And Quarantine Them (Video) ​

ANALYSIS-As U.S. meat workers fall sick and supplies dwindle, exports to China soar

"Your Every Move Will Be Watched": Post-COVID Offices To Resemble China's Social Credit System​

Fed's Q2 GDP Estimate At -34.90%... So What Now?​

Key Events In The Coming Week: Things Finally Slow Down​

Montenegro Advertises Itself As "Corona-Free" Vacation Destination 

Plandemic Part 1 ​

iPhone Sales Crash 77% In April, Hammered By COVID-19 Lockdowns​

Wisconsin Christian News

Factories Close for Good as Coronavirus Cuts Demand

The Fed Is Fueling A Revolt That It Cannot Control

HR 6666: Illinois Democrat Introduces $100 Billion Contact Tracing Bill

Mobile Phone Activity From Wuhan Lab Suggests 'Possible Shutdown' In October Due To 'Hazardous Event'

'Seeking Immediate Liquidity' - Overleveraged Airbnb Hosts Rush To Dump Homes, Warns Redfin CEO​

Watch as 3,500 Uber employees are told they are being laid off over a three-minute ZOOM call​

With The World Distracted By COVID-19, A Series Of Large Earthquakes Is Rocking "The Ring Of Fire"​

Gladiator's savage off screen battles: TOM LEONARD examines what went on behind the scenes​

Germany’s Das Bild Says ‘Lockdown Was a Huge Mistake’ ​

Mnuchin: 'Permanent Economic Damage' if Country Doesn't Reopen

Caught on camera: Fight breaks out at Target after customers refuse to wear facial covering

"We Sent Them Samples Of A Goat, A Papaya & A Pheasant": Tanzanian President Catches WHO In Epic Lie

White House Directs Officials to Wear Masks at All Times Inside the West Wing

Virus among White House staffers has reporters reassessing their risks

Congress Weighs Coronavirus Aid for Local Newspapers, Broadcasters

Couple arrested for hate crime in Brooklyn, allegedly blaming spread of COVID-19 on Jews: Police

Buffett-Backed Solar Project Near Vegas Wins Trump Blessing

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Italian Leader Slams False COVID-19 Numbers '25K Did Not Die, It's A Way To Impose A Dictatorship'


China flexes its military muscle: Beijing exploits Covid crisis to assert control of South China Sea

J.C. Penney 'will file for bankruptcy and plans to permanently close around 200 of its stores'

Michigan Hospital Workers Say CBS and Hospital Admin Faked COVID Patients for Sensational News Segment

The Enslavement Of Infinite Money ​

UN Chief Calls for Social Media To Censor 'Racist, Misogynist,' Ageist, and 'Harmful' Memes​

Man Who Predicted The Global Collapse Just Warned Investors They Should Now Prepare For The Collapse Of The World Financial System​

Trump asking justices to bar demands for taxes, bank records ​

A COVID State Of Mind - America's Mental Health Suffers As Anti-Anxiety Drug Prescriptions Soar​

The Future Of The Economy May Depend On An Ancient Doctrine Of The Past​

Here Is The Real April Jobs Report: 42 Million Unemployed, 25.5% Unemployment Rate

One Bank Explains Why QE No Longer Stimulates The Economy And Only Leads To Higher Stock Prices

Former JPMorgan Economist: We Are Heading Towards A Weimar Republic Inflation Setup

Some 5,000 People Waiting Out COVID-19 In Frozen, Virus-Free Antarctica​

Tony Blair: 'Our Teams Are Embedded in Governments Across the World' ​

Corona virus 'bailout' scam is $6 trillion giveaway to Wall Street

Unemployment Is Really 35.7%​

Televangelist Jim Bakker, 80, suffers a stroke and is taking a 'sabbatical' from his TV show​

U.S. next week to start purchasing $3 billion worth of farm goods​

Pence Self-Isolating After Aide Tests Positive for Coronavirus

US is risking a second coronavirus wave and a depression, economist Mark Zandi warns

U.S. to Accuse China of Trying to Hack Vaccine Data, as Virus Redirects Cyberattacks

UFC 249 ushers in fan-free, mask-filled era of sports

UFC Bans Fighters From Criticizing its Safety Protocols

Benjamin Netanyahu suggests microchipping kids, slammed by experts

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Fearing covid-19, older people alter their living wills

J.C. Penney 'will file for bankruptcy and plans to permanently close around 200 of its stores'​

The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket​

The Coronavirus Response: The Goal Is Control of All Humanity​

Obama lashes out at Trump in call with supporters ​

Donald Trump’s legacy is truth decay​

The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free ​

Depressionary Economy Versus A Bull Market - Both Can't Be Right!​

Illinois Governor: No Religious Services for More than 50 Until Vaccine

UK Education Office Argues Christians Should Limit Their Beliefs to Church ​

Rose McGowan: Hollywood Is a 'Cult' I Should Have Left Sooner ​

South Dakota governor gives Native American tribes 48 hours to remove checkpoints on highways​

UK Education Office Argues Christians Should Limit Their Beliefs to Church​

The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free ​

Start at 56 minutes: Frank Abagnale: "Catch Me If You Can"

GBI reviewing additional video footage in Ahmaud Arbery case

Racist films himself wearing SWASTIKA mask at grocery store in 'protest over lockdown' just days after man wore a KKK hood to shop in same California town

New York Police Department Expects Post-Pandemic Crime Surge

Company Layoffs Accelerate as Recovery Appears Elusive

Almost HALF of all Catholic churches in the US were given small business loans as part of coronavirus emergency funding​

"Snow in Central Park! In May!": Rare snowfall ties 1977 record, National Weather Service says

Snow and Cold in May: A ‘Nerve-Racking’ Time for Growers

South Florida prepares for unique hurricane season

The one Republican Senate candidate willing to call out Donald Trump

Empty Las Vegas Strip counts losses as locals venture out

Dean Martin could make return to Las Vegas in hologram form next year – daughter

Friday, May 8, 2020

Ventura County California health department "We'll be moving people (from their homes)"

Businesses Struggle to Lure Workers Away From Unemployment​

Alabama cop caught on video body-slamming maskless woman in Walmart ​

Rogue tourists arrested as Hawaii tries to curb virus spread ​

Automakers In Chaos As Broke Rental Car Companies Stop Placing Orders For Vehicles​

Vitamin D levels may impact COVID-19 mortality rates, study claims

1996 Court Filing Corroborates Biden Accuser's Claim She Was Harassed​

"Everything Has Been Cancelled": Class 8 Heavy Duty Truck Orders Crash To 25 Year Low In April​

Arrests Made in Shooting Death of Ahmaud Arbery ​

Governments may see immunity passports as a way of reopening societies, but they’re a plunge towards totalitarianism​

Lawsuit Filed Challenging NYC Mayor De Blasio's Suspension Of First Amendment​

The hunger pandemic reminds of the movie the Hunger Games, as it is premised on similar circumstances of a dominant few commanding who can eat and who will die ​

H.R.6666 - COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act​

Evidence that Vitamin D Supplementation Could Reduce Risk of Influenza and COVID-19 Infections and Deaths.

Surviving 2020, Part 3: Plans A, B, And C​

Microsoft, the ID2020 Alliance, universal digital identification and you​

Truck Drivers Suffer Largest Job Loss On Record After April Bloodbath Leaves 88,300 Unemployed​

Kushner’s Screwed Up His COVID-19 Jobs—Now He’s Got an Even Bigger One​

The US was sick long before coronavirus​

U.S. Financial System “Monitor” Failed to Flash Warning as Fed Pumped $6 Trillion Emergency Liquidity into Wall Street ​

Fed Chair Powell Has Upwards of $11.6 Million Invested with BlackRock, the Firm that Will Manage a $750 Billion Corporate Bond Bailout Program for the Fed

The New York Fed Is Exercising Powers Never Bestowed on It by any Law ​

California: Gavin Newsom Orders Vote-by-Mail for November Election

Trump Campaign Slams California’s Vote-by-Mail Order: ‘Wide-Open Opportunity for Fraud’  

Tom Fitton: Michael Flynn Got Justice Because He had Lawyers Willing to Push Back Against DOJ, FBI

Schiff: Trump, Barr ‘Can’t Gaslight History’ — Flynn Was a ‘Prime Counterterrorism Risk’

Mark Levin Celebrates Vindication of ‘The Broadcast That Will Go Down in History’

Attorney Benjamin Crump Wants Man Who Filmed Ahmaud Arbery’s Death Arrested

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Virginians can now be jailed for a year for attending church services with 10 people

Coronavirus survivors banned from joining the military ​

AP Exclusive: Admin shelves CDC guide to reopening country

Plandemic Documentary The Hidden Agenda Behind Co-vi-8d 19

Police Are Complicit In Politicians' Disregard For The Rule Of Law ​

While Pandemic Destroys Lives, The Surveillance State Celebrates​

Shocking video shows white cop repeatedly beating a black man 'for not social distancing'​

The Counsel of the Ungodly

Fauci knew about HCQ in 2005 -- nobody needed to die

Health Workers Call for Caution Over 5G Roll-out​

This only proves that stupid has no bottom: Trump White House ‘drafting legal blueprint for moon mining’ as part of new deal called Artemis Accords

According To A Shocking New Survey, 52% Of Small Businesses “Expect To Be Out Of Business Within Six Months”​

New York City owes Samaritan's Purse its gratitude, not anti-Christian bigotry ​

CASHLESS SOCIETY 2020: Bill Gates Goes Viral on Digital ID and Digital Currency ​

THIS IS IT! THIS is What They're HIDING!! [Pt. 1]

Two teenage McDonald's staff shot 'by women who opened fire' after being told dining area was closed

OKC police: Woman arrested after shooting at McDonald's workers who said lobby was closed​

Suspicion and Skepticism are Vaccines for Deception​

First U.S. Space Force commercial released: 'Maybe your purpose isn't on this planet'​

He Is "An Innocent Man" - Trump Happy After DoJ Drops All Charges Against General Flynn​

It Begins: For The First Time Ever, Futures Price "Fatal" Negative US Rates Starting Dec 2020​

Jailed Salon Owner Freed By TX Supreme Court; Rakes In $500K From GoFundMe Donations

YouTube Deletes Viral Video Claiming Dr. Fauci Spewing 'Absolute Propaganda' About COVID-19

Everyone Knows The Gov't Wants A "Controlled" Weimar​

Dallas salon owner who refused to close her store during the pandemic WALKS FREE from prison​

When Governments Switched Their Story from "Flatten the Curve" to "Lockdown until Vaccine"​

Hungary Govt Takes Aim at 'Biased' Freedom House Democracy Reports ​

Next Phases of Operation Coronavirus: Resurgence and Bioterror Attack? ​

Israel threatens to shut down new TV channel for preaching 'gospel of Jesus'​

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Texas AG tells judge to free Dallas woman 'unjustly jailed' for operating hair salon

The Trayvon Hoax – Witness Fraud to Divide America

UN Chief Says Pandemic Must Be Used To Deindustrialize West, Transition To Green Energy

Democrats Slammed Over Biden-Kavanaugh Double Standard

Trump grants 'Operation Warp Speed' a blank check to develop vaccine, source says

US Universities Creating Social Credit Coronavirus Surveillance System

Virginia sees jump in COVID-19 testing

I’m Calling You Out Raab, Whitty & Co; Association of Chief Police Officers [ACPO], BMA + NHS

"Biblical" Wave Of Bankruptcies Is About To Flood The US​

Thousands Donate To GoFundMe For Jailed Salon Owner Who Stood Up To Judge In Viral Video​

Nearly 1.5 Million More Tuberculosis Deaths Expected Due To Coronavirus Lockdowns​

American Pravda: Mossad Assassinations​

Fed Is Propping Up Companies It Had Warned Banks Not to Touch ​

America Has Become "The Land Of The Snitches" During This Coronavirus Pandemic​

66% of New York coronavirus hospitalizations are people staying at HOME ​

Texas Attorney General: Jailing Salon Owner Was a 'Shameful Abuse' ​

World Record Smashed? Supercell Thunderstorm Pelted City With ‘Gargantuan’ Hail ​

Trump executive order didn't stop meat plant closures. Seven more shut in the past week. ​

AP Courtside: Who flushed? Phone arguments’ unresolved issue

That Awkward Moment When a Toilet Flushes During Supreme Court Oral Arguments

The American meat shortage is pushing prices to unprecedented heights — here's how it could affect your grocery bill

Hispanics are almost twice as likely as whites to lose their jobs amid coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus In Pittsburgh: Researcher Killed In Apparent Murder-Suicide Was Close To ‘Making Very Significant Findings’ Related To COVID-19, Pitt Says

Why Empty Planes Keep Flying Through the Pandemic

Eerie Emptiness Of ERs Worries Doctors: Where Are The Heart Attacks And Strokes?

Was Sundance a "First Petri Dish" of Coronavirus in the States?

Trump White House ‘drafting legal blueprint for moon mining’ as part of new deal called Artemis Accords​

Dramatic moment Venezuelan army foils 'amateur' coup attempt led by Green Beret with his two Special Forces buddies - and 'backed by shadowy US billionaires' - as they set out to assassinate President Maduro with '300 hungry, untrained men'

US Special Forces hostage Luke Denman, 34, is paraded on Venezuelan TV, admits to plot to capture Maduro and holds up coup contract, as Pompeo denies US involvement and says if he'd been 'directly' involved it would have 'gone differently'

As coronavirus kills another Amazon worker, the company’s response is adding to employees’ fears

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Hertz Prepares for Bankruptcy If Lenders Don’t Cut a Deal

Limit on meat purchases in supermarkets causing consumers to head to farms, butchers

For imperiled airlines, it keeps getting worse

Hertz Prepares for Bankruptcy If Lenders Don’t Cut a Deal ​

Mnuchin: 'Too hard to tell' when international travel will resume

PRAGER: Our Dress Rehearsal For A Police State​

The History of the House of Rothschild (1743-2006)​

Tempers Are Flaring Over Lockdown, Masks, and Money: Is All-Out Civil Unrest About to Erupt?​

USC Creating COVID-19 Surveillance System That Will Score Citizens ​

Chinese Officials Attack Christians in Church ​

SAVAGE: 'I Will Refuse to Take' Rushed COVID Vaccine, It Will Be 'Ineffective and Dangerous'​

50 Tips From the Great Depression (The Great Depression was one of the most traumatic events in American history)​

Russian radar system discovered near Israeli border: media ​

900 Missouri residents who ‘snitched’ on lockdown rule-breakers fear retaliation after details leaked online​

Buffalo Springfield - Stop Children What's That Sound ​

20-Year-Old Prophecy of War Between China and America Igniting WW3 Begins to Take Shape​

Flu Vaccine Increases Coronavirus Risk 36% Says Military Study ​

Rotting food. Hungry masses. Chaotic supply chains. Coronavirus upends the U.S. food system​

Lawmaker Refuses to Wear Mask, Says Faces Are God's 'Likeness' ​

FBI: April 2020 Sets Record for Firearm Background Checks ​

Ron Paul: The Fed Is Far More Lethal Than COVID-19​

Elvis Was King, Ike Was President, & 116,000 Americans Died In A Pandemic​

The UK Is Now Home To The Deadliest COVID-19 Outbreak In Europe​

US Trade Deficit Widens On Record Crash In Exports​

U.S. Treasury Expects to Borrow $4.5 Trillion in Fiscal Year as Stimulus Spending Soars​

Chicago Fed economists see 'U-Cov' jobless rate as high as 34%

Christian news: Benedict ‘doing best to sabotage Francis’ amid gay marriage-Antichrist row​

Consumer debt hits new record of $14.3 trillion ​

US: Hospitals Get Paid $13K to List Patients as COVID-19 and $39K to Put Them on a Ventilator​

Tyson expects to keep slowing meat production as coronavirus sickens workers and tanks income​

Dr. Judy Mikovits Talks About Corona Virus and the Plague of Corruption ​

Coronavirus researcher on verge of 'significant findings' killed in murder-suicide: reports​

Behind the rogue and botched attack to kidnap Venezuela's Maduro

Are You Ready To Meet the Babies In Your Next Vaccines?

This Legal Immigrant in Michigan Wants WORK, Not a Handout During COVID-19 Crisis​

SC cops release new details in fatal alligator attack​

Airbnb To Lay Off 1,900 Employees As Tourism Industry Collapses​

One-third of Americans say they WON'T get vaccinated against the coronavirus, new survey finds​

Is Israel a Dependable Ally or a Mortal Enemy​?

Ecuador’s Correa is latest example of Latin America’s right-wing using courts to smash adversaries, hold power​

Monday, May 4, 2020

Lockdown Turns Nation’s Highways into Speedways

53% More New Porsche Registrations Despite Corona Crisis, As Competition Suffers Heavy Losses​

Redacted FBI document hints at Israeli efforts to help Trump in 2016 campaign

Global Stocks Tumble On Renewed US-China Tensions; US Airlines Plunge On Buffett Exit​

Watch: Video Of NYPD Officer Brutalizing Bystander During 'Social Distancing' Arrest Sparks Outrage​

Aldous Huxley in 1958 - Pharmacology and Propaganda Will Make The Masses Love Their Slavery ​

Redacted FBI document hints at Israeli efforts to help Trump in 2016 campaign​

Trump’s ‘Operation Warp Speed’ Aims to Rush Coronavirus Vaccine

The last time the government sought a 'warp speed' vaccine, it was a fiasco

Action Request Transmittal Office of Child Welfare Programs

Coronavirus: China fears US 'armed confrontation' and backlash​

China Warns Of Possible Armed Conflict With US Over Coronavirus Backlash​


Another Piece on How Feminism Has Ruined Men​

"Ordinary Americans Are Going To Get Super-Pissed..."​

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for May 4 2020

Mnuchin: 'Too hard to tell' when international travel will resume ​

Here's Why The US Economy Would Continue To Crash Even If All Lockdowns Were Lifted Immediately

Despite China's "Reopening", Global Smartphone Market Suffers Record Crash In Shipments​

WATCH: California Police Officers At Anti-Lockdown Protest Appear To STAND DOWN After Marine Vet With Megaphone Challenges Their Integrity​

Oregon DHS Announces Plan to Confiscate Children if Foster Parents Test Positive for Coronavirus and Deemed Unable to Provide for Them​

PRAGER: Our Dress Rehearsal For A Police State​

US Manufacturers New Orders Crash BY Most Ever (And April Will Be Worse)​

More than 100,000 are without power and an off-duty firefighter is killed in Tennessee storms​

Exclusive–Jeff Sessions: Why Bring Foreign Workers to U.S. When 30,000,000 Americans Are Jobless?

Bloomberg News: Import More Migrants Because Americans Can’t Get It Done

NBC News Chairman Andy Lack Stepping Down

Men Accused of Raping Children Among 830 Inmates Freed in Massachusetts

Exclusive: Rep. Jim Banks to Introduce Bill to Stop China’s ‘Predatory’ Acquisitions of American Companies

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Dr. Tenpenny: This is The Biggest Scam Ever Perpetrated on The Human Race

Macau Gaming Revenues Down 97% As Travel Restrictions Take Toll​

Fear & Loathing Of The COVID-19 Economy: COVID-19 Authoritarianism Is The New Normal​

Nolte: They Said Lockdowns Were About Flattening the Curve. They Lied.​

NYPD Dispatches 1,000 Cops To Stop New Yorkers From Barbecuing On Saturday​

Start at 25 minutes: Is this Coronavirus a Sign of the End of the World?

Why do they keep warning about a “second wave” of Covid-19?​

Trump rips George W. Bush after he calls for unity amid coronavirus outbreak

Angry Undergrads Are Suing Colleges for Billions in Refunds 


"Go Buy Guns First" - John McAfee Warns Governments "Are Deceiving You" About Virus​

Newsom Says California Went From Surplus To 'Tens Of Billions In Deficit' In Weeks, Won't Get By Without Federal Help​

Massachusetts Walmart store sees more than 80 employees test positive for coronavirus​

Communist Democrats in 3 States Push Laws to Force Private Property Owners to Allow Homeless to Live Their Property​

Hungry seagulls kill pigeons and rats as lockdown deprives them of food in Rome, Italy

Battered global tourism industry makes reopening plans ​


Indifference To Illegality Of Illinois' Stay-At-Home Order Is Frightening​

Facing meat shortages, some Americans turn to hunting during pandemic

David Stockman On The Three Nations Of COVID, & A Windbag Named Fauci​

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer slams 'outrageous' Capitol protesters​

Missourians who tipped off county about lockdown rule-breakers fear retaliation after detail release​

MUST READ: 15 Questions for Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Before They Completely Annihilate the US Economy​

Saturday, May 2, 2020

9 Simulations, Drills and Laws that Planned and Prepared for the Coronavirus

On the origin and continuing evolution of SARS-CoV-2

Fiercest Economic Collapse in History is Best Month for Stock Market ​

Elon Musk Changes Twitter Avatar to Game That Predicted Globalist Takeover ​

US: Maduro Pays Iran In Gold For Oil Services​

DARPA research lab designing ‘game changer’ rapid coronavirus blood test repurposed from BIOWEAPONS detection project​

Medical Tyranny: Trump Pivots To Mandatory Vaccinations Under Operation "Warp Speed"​

Auschwitz Museum condemns Nazi slogan at 'Re-open Illinois' protest​

White House blocking Fauci from testifying before Congress about coronavirus response​

Michael Cohen's early prison release over coronavirus concerns was rescinded​

How to watch live as Game of Thrones star attempts deadlift world record ​

Austrian Cops May Intervene if They See People Kissing​

Venezuela's Gold Vaults Empty As Iran Takes Bullion For Oil Services Rendered​

Michael Cohen's expected early release from minimum security prison is HALTED as Donald Trump tries to stop longtime fixer from writing a tell-all book

For Some Trump Voters, Coronavirus Was The Last Straw​

COVID Is a Neocon Biowar Attack on China - Unpacking Ron Unz's Bombshell Article (FTN Podcast, Audio + Transcript)​

What’s in the archives? Panicked Biden tries to dodge search for sexual assault claims proof in bizarre Morning Joe interview​

Nolte: Tara Reade Is Joe Biden's Eighth Accuser

ABC's Hostin: Biden Doesn't Have to Do Anything -- 'Trump Is Self-Imploding'​

Macau Gaming Revenues Down 97% As Travel Restrictions Take Tol​l

Israeli Historian Discovers '6 Million' Holocaust Figure Was Invented at Zionist Conference In 1944, by Eric Striker​

Michigan Pilot Gives an ‘F U’ Flyover to Democrat Gov. Whitmer over Coronavirus Lockdown

Joe Biden Forgets Word for ‘Coronavirus’, Loses Train of Thought

AP Admits Not Reporting, Deleting Tara Reade 2019 Interview Detailing Charges Against Joe Biden

Peter Schweizer: Joe Biden ‘Absolutely’ Should Release ‘The Biden Papers’

VIDEO: California Cafe Defies Shelter-in-Place Orders, Opens for Dine-In Service

Ortiz: Virus Restitution from China Should Go to Small Businesses

Gang of 19 Kids Allegedly Stole 46 Cars over Two Months

Brooks: We Should ‘Hear Out’ Reade Allegations, ‘But Not Take Them as Prima Facie Truth’

Friday, May 1, 2020

Here’s the spin or the narrative your supposed to believe: What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine

Why We Don't Know Which Businesses Are Getting COVID-19 Aid

Coronavirus pandemic likely to last two years, report says 

Air travel will never be the same after coronavirus

"No Place For Such Weapons In Canada" - Trudeau Announces Ban On Assault-Style Rifles​

Government Is On The Hook To Forgive Hundreds Of Billions In PPP Loans, Has No Idea How They'll Do It

"They're All High On Fed Fairy Dust..."

"F**k Trump Supporters" - Rutgers Prof Blames White Conservatives For Using Virus To Kill Black People​

Futures Tumble, Dollar Surges After Trump Threatens To Restart China Trade War​

Association Of American Physicians Says 'Trump-Touted' Drug Has 90% Chance Of Helping COVID-19 Patients

Dozens Of Patients In Wuhan Have Developed 'Chronic' Coronavirus Infections

UK Headed For "Deep Recession" As Manufacturing Activity Sees Record Slump In April​

Time For A Gap Year: Harvard Tells Students Prepare For Likelihood Of Online Only Fall Courses​

Today, @POTUS announced he’s "in charge" of 'Operation Warp-Speed' to get a vaccine for COVID-19 by January​

Trump Seeks Push to Speed Coronavirus Vaccine, Despite Safety Concerns

Trump Coronavirus Vaccine: 'Operation Warp Speed' Project News

Congressman warns national debt could reach $30 trillion by end of September​

America's meat crisis laid bare as shelves sit empty across the country​

Medical Tyranny: Trump Pivots To Mandatory Vaccinations Under Operation "Warp Speed"​

About One-Fifth Of All The Jobs In The U.S. Are Already Gone, And This Economic Depression Is Just 6 Weeks Old ​

Is the Threatened Food Supply Chain a Government Takeover in Disguise?​

The Sacrifical Ritual Removal of Our Children​

Collapse Survivor: “There Was Little Room For Error… Either You Learn Fast Or End Up Dead”​

McDonalds Starts To Ration Meat Amid Supply Chain "Concerns"​

Coronavirus US: Anti-lockdown protests across the country​

SUVs Are Being Parked In The Middle Of The Ocean As Auto Inventory Crisis Deepens​

"Cash Mountain" Hits A Record $4.7 Trillion​

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Food Lines a Mile Long in America’s Second-Wealthiest State

"Complete Collapse" - Virus Lockdowns Smash German Jobs, Lead To Record Drop In Eurozone Economy​

As Mortality Rate Spikes, Bankers In UK Won't Return To 'The City' Any Time Soon

Here are a few funny tips about the Coronavirus

Gold Surges 8.5% in April as Central Banks Create Infinite Amounts of Currency For Bail-outs and Government Spending​

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China​

Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Appeared in 2010 Documentary to Advocate ‘Tracking Bracelets’ For Vaccine Refusniks​

US Consumer Spending Collapses By Record, Worse Annual Drop Than Peak Of Lehman Crisis​

New WHO Guidelines Encourage European Kids Under 4 Be Taught "Masturbation" & "Gender Identity"

Bill de Blasio apologizes for shutting down Jewish orthodox funeral attended by hundreds in Brooklyn​

6 Central Banks & The Ponzi Scheme That Will Bankrupt The World

Meat plant workers will REFUSE to go to work over Trump's executive order to keep plants open

Coffee County DA says he won't prosecute people who violate Gov. Lee's executive order​

Here are a few funny tips about the Coronavirus ​

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China


Holy Holy Holy by Savannah Broer

Jesus Take The Wheel by Savannah Broer

O Holy Night by Savannah Broer

Silent Night by Savannah Broer

Something In The Water by Savannah Broer

Aspirin Linked to Blinding Eye Disease ​

Aspartame: A Chronicle of Crim​e

Why Are More Younger Adults Developing Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

Dr Fauci’s DARKEST SECRET Surfaces as His Predictive Model Crushes Trump Economy

New Vehicle Sales Continue Downward Slide in April, Edmunds Forecasts​

All Of The Coronavirus Models Were Wrong​

New Flynn Documents Show FBI Discussed Perjury Trap to 'Get Him Fired' ​

Unemployment Tops Thirty Million - Numbers Not seen Since the Great Depression

Full Interview: Edward Snowden On Trump, Privacy, And Threats To Democracy

Internet Speech Will Never Go Back to Normal​

The Crisis Won't Stop Until The Globalists Are Removed From Power ​

Survey: An Estimated 28 Million Americans Are Changing Education Plans ​

Will It Take Food Shortages to End Support for the Shutdown?​

$6.66 Trillion​

In "Decision He'll Come To Regret," Judge Allows Warrantless Aerial Surveillance Of Baltimore​

California Closes All State Beaches And Parks After Crowds Ignore Social Distancing​

Armed vigilantes appear outside Texas businesses to 'protect their constitutional right to open'​

Hundreds of demonstrators protest Michigan's stay-at-home orders​

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

DARPA Is Making Insects That Can Deliver Bioweapons, Scientists Claim

Georgia kicks off chilling door-to-door COVID-19 blood collections​

Producers Warn America Is Facing Protein Shortage in Coronavirus Era ​

US Government Report Concludes Wuhan Lab 'Most Likely Source' Of COVID-19 Outbreak

Boeing Burns Through A Record $4.7BN In Cash As Revenue Crashes 26%, Will Fire 10% Of Workers

Iran Breaks Through US-Led Blockade To Deliver Record Amount Of Oil To Syria​

Rabobank: The Next Phase Of The Crisis - Food Shortages In Staples Such As Rice, Sugar, Corn And Eggs​

"Holy God. We’re About To Lose Everything" - Pandemic Crushes Overleveraged Airbnb Superhosts​

Consequences Imminent: The Dam Threatens To Burst

Swine Flu 1976

Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Appeared in 2010 Documentary to Advocate ‘Tracking Bracelets’ For Vaccine Refusniks

Microsoft Patent Describes Tracking Brain Activity to Mine Cryptocurrency

Oxford University: Tests Show Our Vaccine May Be Ready By September


Hertz Bankruptcy Imminent After Massive Layoffs, Missed Lease Payment​

The World's Oldest Gold Trader Is Closing​

Pending Home Sales Plummet By Record In March, Lowest Level Since 2011​

With Superfluous Demand In Free-Fall, What's The Upside Of Re-Opening A Small Business?​

Why Illinois Is Broke: 109,881 Public Employees With $100,000+ Paychecks Cost Taxpayers $14B​

Germany faces having to bring BACK strict coronavirus lockdowns as cases surge just days after easing them​

Pending Home Sales Plummet By Record In March, Lowest Level Since 2011​

U.S. Marriage Rate Plunges to Lowest Level on Record​

AMC Theaters Drop Universal Films as ‘Trolls’ Fight Explodes ​

In California, New York And Other Big States, The Multi-Stage “Reopenings” Will Take Many Months To Fully Play Out​

The COVID-19 “Economic Holocaust” … Bankrupting the Nation. “The Shut-In Economy”​

Why Is The Elitist Establishment So Obsessed With Meat? ​

How Generals Fueled 1918 Flu Pandemic to Win Their World War- Just like today, brass and bureaucrats ignored warnings, and sent troops overseas despite the consequences 

Costco to return to normal hours, require face masks starting Monday ​

JPMorgan: "If There Is Any Good News In This Report, Don't Believe It"​

"It's A Weapon For The US" - China Official Renews Calls To Dethrone The Dollar​

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Physical Gold Premiums Soar To Highest Since Crimean Conflict As Congressman Questions COMEX

YouTube Censors Viral Video Of California Doctors Criticizing "Stay-At-Home" Order​

Stone Says Special Counsel Recommended 'no jail time' If He Turned On Trump. He Refused To Lie.​

1-In-3 Americans Have Suffered A Layoff, Job Loss, Cut In Hours Or Income Due To COVID: Gallup​

Breaking: JetBlue becomes first US airline to require passenger face coverings​

Muslim Call To Prayer To Be Blasted Over Major U.S. City Five Times A Day

Mnuchin Says Relief Loans Over $2 Million Will Be Audited ​

Germany's economy is set for its worst year since WWII​

The witch Hillary Clinton is back: Coronavirus 'Would Be a Terrible Crisis to Waste'; Need 'Universal Health Care'

Kyle Bass "Surprised" By Market's April Rebound, Says US Economy "Has A Very Long Grind Back"​

Trump to Invoke Defense Production Act at Meat Plants

Yellowstone's iconic hotels likely to stay closed when park opens​

"We Are Moving Into The End-Game": 27 Tankers Anchored Off California, Hundreds Off Singapore As Oil Industry Shuts Down​

Is America Turning Into a Communist Country? What We Are Going to do When They Come For Our Freedom Of Speech And Our Freedom to Bear Arms?​

Coronavirus hype biggest political hoax in history​

Trump orders meat processing plants to stay open​

Tara Reade: Hillary Clinton ‘Enabling a Sexual Predator’ by Endorsing Biden

Hollywood Celebrities Freak Over Mike Pence Not Wearing Mask During Mayo Clinic Visit

Joe Biden: Halt Deportations of Illegal Aliens During Coronavirus Crisis

Tara Reade Urges Joe Biden to Release Private Senate Papers

Charles Hurt: Fake News, Real Transparency at White House Press Briefings

WaPo Poll: 65 Percent of Americans Want All Immigration to U.S. Halted

Unvetted: Michelle Obama Hosted Former Terrorist Bill Ayers

Kirsten Gillibrand Says She Stands By Biden Amid Sexual Assault Scandal

Democrat Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz Praises Trump Administration as Pence Visits Mayo Clinic

Reporter Apologizes to Donald Trump After Dr. Birx Fact Checks Testing Numbers

Poll: Joe Biden’s Basement Presidential Campaign Earning Voter Approval, 44% to Trump’s 38%

Lawsuit Demands China Pay $200 Billion to Nigeria in Coronavirus Damages

Monday, April 27, 2020

Can [femenizing men with] Estrogen and Other Sex Hormones Help Men Survive Covid-19?

Richard Branson races to find Virgin Atlantic buyer ​

How Fed Intervention Saved Carnival​

Tony Spell shows off ankle monitor as he preaches in defiance of Louisiana stay-at-home order​

Trump seethes on Twitter about 'fake' news coverage of his work habits​

"We Are Moving Into The End-Game": 27 Tankers Anchored Off California, Hundreds Off Singapore As Oil Industry Shuts Down​

US Beefs Up Gunship Presence In Gulf Ready To Back Trump's Iran 'Red Line'​

TED's Not Dead Because Jay Don't Pay, Just Like Ben Couldn't The​n

After Decades Of Brainwashing, MSM & Governments Are Losing Control Of The People​

"Driving The Gringos In The White House Crazy": Iran & Venezuela Deepen Sanctions-Busting Cooperation

Scientists Find More Evidence Novel Coronavirus Can Travel On Air Pollution Particles​

Murder, Burglary Soars in New York City During Coronavirus Lockdown ​

German Govt Prepares Law Creating Legal Right to Work from Home ​

Vladimir Kvachkov, Oberst des GRU a.D. über die aktuelle Weltsituation vom 23.03.2020​

“Divine Right” on the Collapse of Star Trek

Maryland Officials ‘Weaponize’ COVID-19 Restrictions to Suppress First Amendment Rights of Protesters

This Pandemic Is Over. Let's Stop the Economic Suicide, and Get Back to Work​

'I just can't do this.' Frustrated parents giving up on home school​

No Banks, No Public Facilities, No Food And Rampaging Gangs of Desperate People—The Last Days Before The Financial Collapse​

While one curve bends, the unemployment curve surges: 26.5 million Americans have filed for unemployment insurance as we inch closer to Great Depression figures.​

Report: Fox News Severs Ties with Diamond & Silk ​

National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan​

'I just can't do this.' Frustrated parents giving up on home school​

Russia limits grain exports to avoid domestic price spikes amid global coronavirus crisis​

This Is A Power-Grab The Likes Of Which We Haven't Seen Since 9/11

The Crash Has Only Just Begun​

CNBC's Jim Cramer Rips Bailout for Carnival Cruise Lines ​

Pentagon formally releases 3 Navy videos showing "unidentified aerial phenomena" ​

Undercover Cops Arrest 2 Women for Operating Home Beauty Businesses In Violation of Coronavirus Lockdown Order​

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Leftist elites are using corona crisis to accomplish the ‘change’ promised by Obama, Hillary Clinton

China's next power grab – with the help of Western elites​

Pope Issues Disturbing New Age Pronouncements During Earth Day Address ​

The Seven-Step Path from Pandemic to Totalitarianism​

"The Ripple-Effects Of The Government Lockdown Are Only Starting To Take Shape..."​

California Bans 'Gatherings' On State Properties After Protests Surge Against Newsom's 'Stay-At-Home' Orders​

​​​​​​​At Least 10 Meatpacking Plants Close In Weeks Across America Stoking Food Shortage Fears​

A Handful Of Cops Are Standing Up to Tyranny WITH The People ​

Chinese medical team dispatched to North Korea to advise on Kim Jong-un's care​

Trump says briefings not worth his time after disinfectant gaffe ​

'I want my life back': Germans protest against lockdown ​

Venezuela Announces Price Controls as Food Shortages Worsen ​

"They've Got To Feed Their Children" - Cash-Strapped Businesses Reopen In Georgia As 16 States Join Push To End Lockdowns​

Pope Francis Invites Freakish Circus With Scantily-Clad Women Doing Sexually Charged Dances To Perform In Reptile Shaped Vatican Hall ​

How The "West Point Mafia" Runs Washington​

UPDATE: North Las Vegas drive-in movie theater closes just a day after reopening​

Coronavirus death toll hard to track: 1 in 3 death certificates wrong. ​

US meat plants became coronavirus hot spots as worker illnesses spiked as they maintain food supply​

More than 1 million KEGS of beer are sitting in empty stadiums, bars and restaurants across the US​

American Farms Cull Millions Of Chickens Amid Virus-Related Staff Shortages At Processing Plants​

The COVID-19 Crisis Is Driving The EU To The Brink​

DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields. - PubMed​

Making sense of a stock market just 16% off its high while a pandemic costs 26 million jobs ​

Wave Of Repos Imminent As Subprime Auto-Buyers Miss Payments​

Man Who Predicted The Global Collapse Just Warned The Destiny Of The World Is Now In The Hands Of 6 Entities​

AOC: Illegal Immigrants Detained By ICE "Have Not Committed a Crime" ​

Barrack Says Real Estate in ‘Chaos’ as Laws Waived on Rent, Debt​

‘Let me go to work!’ Hundreds of protesters demand removal of fence on Polish-German border amid Covid-19 lockdown​

Tony Spell shows off ankle monitor as he preaches in defiance of Louisiana stay-at-home order​

China shuts gyms and swimming pools while country battles second wave of coronavirus​

“Divine Right” on the Collapse of Star Trek​

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD Crushes Dr. Fauci Exposes Birx, Clintons, Bill Gates, And The W.H.O.

U.S. government gave $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab that experimented on coronavirus source bats​

The white liberal-left have taught hatred of white people for years and now we reap what they sowed for us​

U.S. government gave $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab that experimented on coronavirus source bats​

US Attorney General is escalating rhetoric aimed at China​

Google to Censor Discussions of 4G/5G Wireless Health Effects

FCC Chair Commits to Enhancing WiFi/5G During Pandemic Despite Warnings From Experts ​

Swedish Scientists Predict 'Tragedy', 'Unnecessary Deaths' as COVID-19 Triage Starts​

RFK, Jr. on Bill Gates' atrocious history as the world's vaccine "Messiah"​

As the Fed Has Nationalized the Bond Market and Soon the Stock Market, Why Not Nationalize the Corporations Whose Bonds & Stocks the Fed Owns

Diana Johnstone’s Followup to My “A New World Is Being Born:  What Will It Be?​"

How Capitalism Really Works​

Is Bill Gates the Worst Tyrant of Them All? ​

“The CDC is actually a vaccine company.” — Robert F. Kennedy Jr.​

Did Washington Deliver the N95 Masks Denied to US Doctors and Nurses to Israel?​

Coronavirus Reinfection

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Some Headlines on What Works and Why Vaccinations Probably Won’t

President tightens grip on federal watchdogs

Commander Opposes Secret Pentagon Plan to Wipe Out Iraqi Militia​

Stop Thinking!!! The Russians & Chinese Are Your Enemy​

Mortgage Market Meltdown: Even The Wealthiest Loan Applicants Are Now Being Turned Down By Lenders​

We Have Never Seen An Economic Collapse Quite Like This, And It Is Largely A Self-Inflicted Wound

The Truth About Neighbors, Coworkers, & Friends in Survival Situations

Watch: John Pilger's "The Coming War On China"

Donald Trump WALKS OUT of coronavirus briefing after his disinfectant disaster​

Crowd of THOUSANDS swarm Wisconsin State Capitol in one of the largest anti-lockdown protests yet​

Smithfield Foods closes ANOTHER meat packing plant in Illinois​

Dallas salon owner ordered to close after reopening against stay-at-home orders​

You searched for China apocalypse​

Duncan Lemp's Parents Threatened With Jail For Protesting His Killing​

Hawaii to Visitors: We’ll Pay You to Leave ​

Millions of Credit-Card Customers Can’t Pay Their Bills. Lenders Are Bracing for Impact.​

Protesters drive through Las Vegas demanding the Strip be re-opened​

New clip emerges of Joe Biden assault accuser Tara Reade's mother phoning into Larry King in 1993​

Hog-Culling Next As Meatpacking Plants Shutter Operations Stoking Food Shortage Fears In Weeks​

No, This Is Not Another 1929, 1973, 1987, 2000, Or 2008​

Will Coronavirus Wreck The Classic Car Market?​

Surprise Cruise Ship Outbreak In Nagasaki Exposes Staggering Negligence​

Dallas salon owner ordered to close after reopening against stay-at-home orders​

Millions of Credit-Card Customers Can’t Pay Their Bills. Lenders Are Bracing for Impact.​

Pope Francis Invites Freakish Circus With Scantily-Clad Women Doing Sexually Charged Dances To Perform In Reptile Shaped Vatican Hall​

Ann Coulter: Trump and China: a Love Story ​

Friday, April 24, 2020

This ER Doctor Just NUKED Fauci's Pandemic Fraud

Obama launches another veiled attack on Trump: There is no 'coherent national plan' on coronavirus​

US factory orders plunge 14.4% as economy grinds to halt ​

The Data Is In... Stop The Panic & End The Total Isolation​

There Are More Flights Leaving Montana Than JFK as Coronavirus Slows Travel​

The Remarkable Doctor A. Fauci

Watch: Mother Arrested At Playground, Bundy & Neighbors Protest Outside Arresting Officer’s Home

SARS 2003: fraud, and the credibility of the World Health Organization ​

Who Funds the WHO? Bill Gates Donates Additional $150 Million After Trump Suspends US Payments

Watch the moment a coronavirus lockdown protester tells health-care workers to ‘go to China’

Almost Every Hospitalized Coronavirus Patient Has Another Underlying Health Issue, According to a Study of New York Patients

Mandated Vaccinations, What You Will Need to Say “NO!”

Coronavirus: Poachers kill more animals as tourism to Africa plummets ​

Federal Reserve Fighting Inflation in the 1970s and Restraining the Housing Market. Today the Federal Reserve is Juicing the Housing Market Trying to Cause Inflation. Researching the 1970s and 1980s Mortgage Markets and how 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates went from 7.25 Percent to 17.5 Percent in one Decade.​

CDC’s failed coronavirus tests were tainted with coronavirus, feds confirm​

A Conservative Resurrection?​

Germany’s War by John Wear, Chapter 10: Crimes Committed by Germany During World War II​

Wall Street feasts on death - World Socialist Web Site ​

Is 5G Safe or Dangerous? - Get the Facts! ​

American Pravda: Our Coronavirus Catastrophe as Biowarfare Blowback?​

What If?​

NIH lifts ban on "gain of function" research on deadly viruses

Dr Judy Mikovits PHD Fired, Jailed and Broke For Proof of Vaccine Injuries

Vaccines: Understand the Dangers and Make Better Decisions

Coronavirus: Are 'live-saving' ventilators actually dangerous?​

Her Name is Andrea Camps: Two Black Males Murder 18-Year White High School Senior in "Botched Sneaker Deal"​

COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Virus: HIV-Discoverer Says "Could Only Have Been Created In A Lab"

Flu Misinformation and Coronavirus Fears: My Letter to Dr. Sanjay Gupta​

U.S. Government’s $3.7 Million Grant to Wuhan Lab at Center of Coronavirus Outbreak ​

Effects of chloroquine on viral infections: an old drug against today's diseases​

Are We Brewing a New Feudalism?​

Respected Views on Harmful to Health Vaccines

9/11 Truth: Under Lockdown for Nearly Two Decades

Bill & Melinda Gates Are the Worse Threat Faced by Human Health and Human Freedom 

The New York Times has gone completely insane

Bill Gates: A Record of Death and Mayhem in the Third World​

Bioweapon research is illegal. Many charge that the US is engaged in it.

What Are Fauci & Gates Up To?​

Airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2: The world should face the reality​

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates' Vaccine Agenda In Scathing Report​

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Victoria Dumped: PE Firm Sycamore Seeks To Scrap L Brands LBO

TAIWAN: No Lockdowns, No Closed Businesses, Non-WHO Member, and Relatively Unaffected by COVID-19​

Under Trump, coronavirus scientists can speak - as long as they toe the line​

German shoppers not rushing back as stores reopen ​

Trump reverses course, says it's 'too soon' for Georgia Gov. Kemp to reopen state​

Coronavirus Made America's Biggest Banks Even Bigger​

Roger Stone: Praying for a Pardon With 'Full Faith in Jesus'​

Amazon Scooped Up Data From Its Own Sellers to Launch Competing Products​

Traffic light for bathroom break is new normal in coronavirus Ital​y

Shocking New Data Show 90% Of COVID-19 Patients On Ventilators Won't Survive​

Tucker Carlson Slams Lockdowns As "Largest And Most Expensive Experiment In Human History"​

GM And Ford Are One Step Closer To Losing Billions On Used Car Price Plunge​

CBDC: The Overarching Goal Behind The Digitisation Of Money?

Cluster Of Coronavirus Cases Reported Aboard Italian Cruise Ship Docked In Nagasak​

Skynet Is Near - Google Scientists Create Artificial Intelligence That Evolves On Its Own​

"Mr.President, Open The Economy Now" - Martin Armstrong Warns "There's Another Agenda Going On"​

Corona Endgame: Forced Vaccinations And Total Control And Surveillance Over Our Lives​

The Dark Secrets Behind The Pope’s Audience Hall (It’s a Giant Reptilian)​

A Handful Of Cops Are Standing Up to Tyranny WITH The People ​

Renowned Microbiologist Claims Wuhan Lab 'Did Absolutely Crazy Things' With Coronavirus​

Eight Meatpacking Plants Close In Weeks Across America Stoking Food Shortage Fears

IRGC Fires Back At Trump: Iran Will "Destroy" US Ships That Come Near​

Blackstone's Distressed-Debt Fund Suffers Record Loss On Energy Investments​

US New Home Sales Have Never Dropped This Much In March... Ever​

Pandemic sparks famines of biblical proportions across the world​

Major U.S. credit-card issuers begin lowering customer spending limits​

Pandemic And Economic Collapse: The Next 60 Days ​

Will You Be Corona Vaxxed? – Trump and Gates Say Yes!​

Americans Are Paying a Tragic Price for Allowing Five Banks to Control the U.S. Economy​

US warships will be DESTROYED if they threaten ANY Iranian vessel – Iran’s Revolutionary Guards chief​

Wikileaks dumps all of their files online ​

The Big Wobble : The first case of highly pathogenic avian influenza to occur in the United States since 2017 killed a flock of 34,160 commercial turkeys in South Carolina​

Wear face masks, stay out of the elevators: safety measures as House votes on bailout package​

How big banks including Chase and Citi helped richest clients get millions in pandemic aid​

Joni Ernst: Eliminate U.S. Taxpayer Funding of Chinese Wet Markets ​

Most NYC Virus Patients Had Underlying Health Issues, Study Shows ​

Eight Meatpacking Plants Close In Weeks Across America Stoking Food Shortage Fear​

The Six Rothchild...: The Six Megabanks have not skipped a beat when it comes to committing fraud, market manipulation, and other abuses against their clients, investors, and the financial markets themselves.

Delaware medical supplier says FEMA seized 400,000 N95 masks; now he's out millions of dollars

There Are More Flights Leaving Montana Than JFK as Coronavirus Slows Travel​

Multi-millionaire felon...: Televangelist says he may have to file for bankruptcy

Donald Trump suggests bizarre treatments for coronavirus including injections

The future of successful coronavirus response: Mass testing at work and in church and self-administered tests​

'I took an oath to uphold the United States Constitution': South Dakota governor defends rejecting coronavirus lockdown​

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Says It Is Repaying Federal Small-Business Loan ​

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Weapons Expert Mark Steele: 5G Is A Weapons System Designed To Kill

Mike Krieger: "The Whole System Is Breaking Down Under Its Own Weight"​

USS America aircraft carrier steams to intercept Chinese ships in disputed waters near Malaysia​

Celente & Mannarino on: Our Economic Future

Email Addresses And Passwords From WHO, NIH, Wuhan Lab, And Gates Foundation Dumped On 4chan

Oil Stored At Sea Accelerates To Jaw-Dropping 250 Million Barrels

Food-Shortage Fears Well-Founded? Tyson Closes Nation's Largest Pork Plant Over COVID Concerns​

Oil Rallies As Trump Orders Navy To "Shoot Down And Destroy" Iranian Gunboats​

"Fed Can't Print Gold": BofA Calls Gold "Ultimate Store Of Value", Raises Price Target To $3,000​

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for April 21 2020​

When You Worship The State, Don't Be Mad When They Sacrifice You... & Your Kids​

Connecticut cops are testing a 'pandemic drone' to monitor people's temperatures and detect sneezing and coughing

Pandemic Exposes Liberalism’s Free Market, Open Borders Road to National Suicide​

Here We GoCorrupt WHO Warns People to Get Used to "A New Way of Living" with Continued Lockdowns

Mr. President: Open the Economy Now – Martin Armstron​g

Google Scientists Creating Artificial Intelligence That Evolves on Its Own ​

The UN Is Now Admitting That This Coronavirus Pandemic Could Spark Famines Of "Biblical Proportions" ​

Kyle Bass: "The Saudis Are Sending Us A 50 Million Barrel Oil Bomb"

Victoria Dumped: PE Firm Sycamore Seeks To Scrap L Brands LBO​

Based on Stanford study, there’s no reason California…or the Nation…had to shut down​

USNS Comfort Leaves NYC After Being Unused While NY State Issues Guidelines To NYCEMS To Not Resuscitate Cardiac Arrest Individuals​

At least 2 dead as tornadoes strike southern Plains

'Pandemic drone' test flights are monitoring social distancing

In the Netherlands, the Dance Festivals Have Gone Dark

Kudlow: Businesses shouldn't be held liable if employees, customers contract coronavirus

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Coronavirus Leading To Dangerous Medication Shortages, Who Really Decides When America Reopens?

Iowa Sends National Guard Troops to Defend Meat Plants From Virus ​

Second night of riots as Paris locals react with fury over 'racist' police attacks during lockdown​

Donald Trump bans immigration into the U.S. with executive order​

Oil price crashes into negative for the first time in history as demand dries up​

What's Next For Oil As Prices Go Negative?​

Joe Biden Would Pick Michelle Obama As Running Mate 'In A Heartbeat'​

Futures, Oil Plunge As Crude Contagion Spreads To All Markets​

"The Hit Is Huge": Colleges Brace For 'Fatal' Blow Of Next Fall As Face-To-Face Instruction Uncertain​

"Pathetic Number Of Loans" - Democrats Complain SBA Rescue Loan Program Was Unevenly Distributed​

Coronavirus has mutated into at least 30 different strains study finds​

Opinion: You should avoid shares of these banks with too much oil and gas exposure

As airline bailout begins, Trump urges aid for U.S. oil and gas industry

Is Amnesia a Symptom of Covid-19?​

Brutal Hot Mic at Trump CV Briefing

Fear explodes across Europe as thousands of birds fall dead from the sky videos​

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for April 21 2020

The Millennium Report

Coronavirus updates: Gov. Newsom says the worst may not be over for California

N.J. Reports Record New Deaths, Expects Hospital Shift South

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Says Stay-At-Home Order Could Go Into June; Gov. Pritzker Has Not Given Specifics About Reopening

AP: Publicly traded firms get $365M in small-business loans

Harvard says to keep stimulus grant after Trump vows it will be returned

Oil-Price Crash Deepens, Weighs on Global Markets

Conspiracy theorists burn 5G towers claiming link to virus

U.S. Adversaries Are Accelerating, Coordinating Coronavirus Disinformation, Report Says

Monday, April 20, 2020

Coronavirus and the smell of Saul Alinsky

Report: Americans At World Health Organization Told Trump Administration About Coronavirus ‘Late Last Year’​

How Sweden Is Fighting Coronavirus​

Piers Morgan says his friend President Trump is 'failing the American people'​

The next 45 days are the ‘most critical period in U.S. financial history,’ says stock-market expert who profited in 1987 and 2008 crises​

While you were Distracted and Sleeping, They are Coming to Take it Away!​

Revolutionary Times and Systemic Collapse – “The System Cannot Handle It”​

Killed By The Coronavirus Lockdowns: 1000s Of U.S. Businesses That Were Shut Down Will Be Closed Permanently​

Trump says governors have gotten carried away with lockdown orders​

The next 45 days are the ‘most critical period in U.S. financial history,’ says stock-market expert who profited in 1987 and 2008 crises​

Meat Prices Suddenly Surge As Food Processing Plants Shut Down, With 1000s Of Tons Left To Spoil

Mike Huckabee Sues Florida Sheriff For Threatening “Social Distancing” Arrest On Private Beach

United Nations Shuts Down Free Press at Salt Lake Conference​

Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus by 36% (and Other Supporting Studies)

Protests Against Quarantines Are Appearing Globally but Downplayed by the Media

Wisconsin Sheriff Says He Will Not Enforce Stay-at-Home Order, Cites Constitutional Rights

“Have You Accidentally Killed Someone Today?” Oregon PSAs Shame People Into Staying Home Amid COVID-19 Outbreak (VIDEO)

Washington’s field hospital to be dismantled before ever treating a patient

Las Vegas Mayor Blasts ‘Total Insanity’ of Shutdown: ‘Being Closed Is Killing Us Already’

Here’s what Sharyl Attkisson told me about the 2009 “pandemic”​

We’re not going back to normal

Massie Was Right: Delaware Chicken Plant Forcing Growers to 'Depopulate' Up to 2 Million Birds

The Truth About Fauci​

What will you Choose… Freedom and Everlasting Life… Or a Micro-Chipped Vaccine and the Lake of Fire?

The Real Reason a Harvard Prof Wants to Ban Homeschooling ​

Coronavirus US: 20m tests a day needed before lockdown lifted​

Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee won't extend coronavirus stay-at-home order ​

Here Is The Full Explanation Behind Today's Unprecedented Negative Oil Price

Here's The Next Problem: Where Do 100 Million Oil Barrels Get Delivered... And What Happens Next Month?

The Market Is Breaking... Everywhere​

Furor....: Fauci: No Recovery Possible If Virus Isn't "Under Control"

Futures Plunge As WTI Crashes By Most On Record, Tumbling To $11 Per Barrel​

Here Is The Full Explanation Behind Today's Unprecedented Negative Oil Pric​e

Wisconsin Christian News ​

Lutherans Publish New Version of Bible Without the Word ‘Israel’ in It​

Orwellian Lockstep and a Loaded Syringe​

End the Lockdown - NOW! Enter: Self-Respect and Anger ​

Central Bankers Can’t Save Us This Time ​

Instead of Draining the Swamp, the Swamp Is Draining the U.S. Treasury via the New York Fed​

Americans Are Paying a Tragic Price for Allowing Five Banks to Control the U.S. Economy​

Here Are the Contracts Showing How $4.5 Trillion in Stimulus Was Outsourced to Wall Street ​

American Workers Get a 4-Month Safety Net; Wall Street Gets a 4 to 5-Year Bailout ​

Icahn Called BlackRock “An Extremely Dangerous Company”; the Fed Has Chosen It to Manage Its Corporate Bond Bailout Programs​

"What If The Lockdown Was A Giant Mistake?": Ron Paul Rages "They Shouldn't Be Able To Get Away With This"​

Anti-lockdown protesters gather in North Dakota and Pennsylvania to protest stay at home orders​

Oil Prices: Futures contract expiring Tuesday goes negative in bizarre move ​

States Burn Through Cash for Unemployment Payments

Sunday, April 19, 2020

24 Hour Fitness weighs bankruptcy amid coronavirus pandemic

Anti-anxiety medication prescriptions have spiked 34% during the coronavirus pandemi​c

Nearly half of people in their forties show frailty indicators, study says​

Long-term mental health PTSD effects of Covid-19 pandemic, explained ​

Amazon Is Poised to Emerge From the Pandemic Stronger Than Ever ​

It's Not Just Toilet Paper, Seed Shortages Spread As Locked-Down Americans Turn To Growing Their Own Food​

The Destructive Force Of Bank Credit​

"Under Siege" - Social Unrest Unfolds As Frustrated Americans Demand Reopening Of Economy​

Von Greyerz: A Hyperinflationary Depression Has Always Been The Inevitable Endgame​

US Builds Up Naval Forces In Caribbean In Pressure Campaign Against Maduro​

Insolvent Illinois Begs Congress For Pension Bailout​

"What's Next... A Train To Dachau?" - Snitching On Social-Distance-Deniers Sparks Outrage Across America​

Germany: Still Too Much Free Speech, Says European Commission Against Racism & Intolerance​

Is China Is Preparing to Start a War with America?​


COVID-19 & The QAnon Psyop​

Appeals Court Chills First Amendment Activity by Allowing Cops to Retaliate Against Nonviolent Protesters​

Americans were already $14 trillion in debt before the COVID-19 outbreak​

Insanity runs rampant as eugenics: Gates Foundation Says We'll Need to Work Together to Vaccinate 7 Billion People

What Constitution? New Jersey Woman Charged for Organizing a Peaceful Protest Against the NJ Governor's Stay at Home Orders ​

Getting Out Of Dodge: After Exiting Loans And Hiking Mortgage Standards, JPMorgan Stops Accepting HELOCs​

Mile-Long Food Bank Car Lines Between Luxury Hotels in Miami ​

Platinum: The Rich Man's Gold​

Now They Want You to Turn in Your Neighbors, Snitches Get Rewards! Representatives Acting Like The Nazi’s SS - How Long are Americans Going to Tolerate This?​

Megadrought emerging in western U.S. could be the worst in 1,200​

Another Dust Bowl storm will devastate the US West Coast and nobody is prepared​

Duh!!!: Can Vitamin D help fight against the coronavirus?

China's disappeared: What happened to those who dared to speak up about coronavirus?​

Trump wonders if states will enforce social distancing on Muslims during Ramadan​

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses​

Amid COVID-19, Deep State Moves in for the Kill Against Churches ​

USPS Halting International Services In 72 Countries ​

The 3 Craziest UFO, Odd Creature and Unexplained Happenings From Utah's Secretive Skinwalker Ranch​

WTI Crashes To 19 Year Low As Trading Reopens; S&P Futures Slide

Meat Prices Suddenly Surge As Food Processing Plants Shut Down, With 1000s Of Tons Left To Spoil

Saturday, April 18, 2020

5g from the guy who quit installing it

Facebook 'Fact Checker' Worked At Wuhan Biolab; Ruled Out Virus-Leak While 'Debunking' Articles​

Follow The Money​

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 18, 2020, #245

Bloomberg Businessweek: Carnival executives knew they had a virus problem, but kept the party going​

Exclusive — Gov. Greg Abbott on Reopening: ‘Texas Is the Economic Engine of America’

Donald Trump: Yes, It Is Appropriate to Defend 2nd Amendment During Coronavirus Pandemic

Donald Trump Challenges China, Iran Coronavirus Mortality Numbers

Ohio ‘Open Up America’ Protester: Not Fair Governor, Government Workers Get Paid, Not the People

California Study Shows 50 Times More People Than Projected Have Had Coronavirus, Now Immune

Rob Reiner Says Trump ‘Will Lose in a Landslide Because Americans Will be Voting for Their Lives’

Leftist Students Win Majority of Federal Truman Scholarships for Third Consecutive Year

Britain Reports 888 Daily Coronavirus Deaths, Queen Cancels 94th Birthday Celebrations

WATCH: ‘Who Are They Going to Believe?’ – UK Cop Threatens to ‘Make Something Up’ to Arrest Man

Colorado Saloon’s Staff Receives $4,000 Tip During Coronavirus Slowdown

Governors feel heat to reopen from protesters, president

The coronavirus is leading to dangerous shortages of key medications

Wild animals are reclaiming cities and streets during coronavirus lockdown

Daytime Drama! How Soon Will Soaps Run Out of New Episodes?

Coronavirus crisis hastens the collapse of local newspapers. Here's why it matters

Why does Trump want higher oil prices?

LA OUT OF WORK More than HALF of Los Angeles workers are now unemployed just one month into coronavirus lockdowns

Texas Protest Reflects Spreading Frustration With Coronavirus Closings

The Seas as the Ultimate Coronavirus Isolation? Not. So. Fast.

Gas prices fall below 90 cents a gallon at one Wisconsin gas station

Workers rights group says more than HALF of Amazon's US warehouses have had a coronavirus infection and predicts 'exponential growth' of cases by the end of April

FREED 'TO KILL' Inmate mistakenly released over coronavirus fears who ‘killed a day later’ had arrest history of 35 charges, cops admit

Friday, April 17, 2020

201 Event :The Planned Coronavirus Pandemic

SD Gov. Kristi Noem says people across US have 'given up liberties for a little bit of security'​

Parishioner of controversial pastor Tony Spell dies from coronavirus​

Montanans Plan Rally in Helena to Demand Lockdown End Now​

MSSA Warns Gov. Bullock Montanans Will Not Comply With Hunting Bans​

T.L. Davis: Dangerous Distinction​

THE END OF NEW YORK: Mayor deBlasio Says New York City Will Not Reopen Until July or August AT THE EARLIEST! ​

This Is The Worst Employment Collapse In U.S. History By A Very Wide Margin ​

Pope Francis pushes for universal basic income​

Scientists Discover Alarming Coronavirus Mutation That Could Render Vaccine Useless​

Canadian Meat Industry Warns Of "Immediate And Drastic" Impact To Supply​

Wholesale Gasoline Hits 12 Cents A Gallon In Midwest​

AOC Says Christianity Should Be Ignored As “Superstitious Nonsense”​

Baltimore PD Wants to Use Drones to Enforce Social Distancing ​

Beaches in Florida will start reopening THIS EVENING​

Overcapacity / Oversupply Everywhere: Massive Deflation Dead Ahead​

US "Leading" Economic Indicators Crash By Most In Over 60 Years​

Michael Cohen Gets Early Prison Release Due To COVID-19​

CARES Act Funding for Hospitals Pays as High as $300,000 Per COVID-19 Diagnosis​

Four Michigan Sheriffs Defy Governor Whitmer for 'Overstepping Her Executive Authority' ​

Danger: DNA Vaccines Incorporate Synthetic Genes into the Recipient’s Own DNA ​

COVID-19 Reportedly Killed 31,000 Americans, But Drop in Flu Deaths Is Ignored ​

West Virginia AG: Coronavirus Does Not Erase 2nd Amendment Rights ​

Here’s why Bill Gates wants indemnity… Are you willing to take the risk​?

Coronavirus vaccine researchers using tissue of aborted babies

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Chinese-owned Smithfield Foods shutters two more meat processing plants in Missouri and Wisconsin

Trump threatens to adjourn both chambers of Congress

Thousands protest at Michigan state Capitol against state's stay-at-home orders​

22 Million Jobless Claims In 1 Month: Last 4 Weeks Erase All Jobs Created Since The Great Recession​

Wall Street feasts on federal coronavirus aid while Main Street starves ​

They Don't Want You To Know The Truth Or Be Exposed To Differing Opinions​

Here Is Rothschilds: Goldman's Vision Of What Reopening The Economy Will Look Like

Baltimore PD Wants to Use Drones to Enforce Social Distancing ​

States Now Openly Violating The U.S. Constitution - Welcome To The New America Where Legal Protests Are Now "Non-Essential" Activities And Free Speech Is Forbidden ​

EXCLUSIVE: Robert F Kennedy Jr. Drops Bombshells on Dr. Fauci For Medical Cover Ups and Fraud; Fauci "Poisoned an Entire Generation of Americans"​

This video will change you deeply! The shocking truth about today's reality!​

Satanist Madonna Announces She Is Joining The Gates Foundation COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator Program To Vaccinate Every Human Being On Earth​

They Don't Want You To Know The Truth Or Be Exposed To Differing Opinions​

22 Million Jobless Claims In 1 Month: Last 4 Weeks Erase All Jobs Created Since The Great Recession​

U.S. government gave $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab that experimented on coronavirus source bats​

When The American Economy Reopens, It Will Be Inside Of A Vast Permanent Network Of Digital Surveillance, Contact Tracing And Tracking​

Suicided? CDC Flu Shot Whistleblower Body Found in Chattahoochee River in Atlanta​

Baltimore PD Wants to Use Drones to Enforce Social Distancing ​

Chris Whalen Exposes The Real Bank Earnings Armageddon​

First JC Penney, Now Neiman Marcus Set To File For Bankruptcy​

This Is A "Cataclysmic" Problem For FANGs: Diller Warns Of Record Crash In Ad Spend

Guayaquil Mayor Goes To Extreme Lengths To Stop Rescue Flights​

Supermarkets Adjust Meat Sections as Coronavirus Cuts Supply​

Over 50 Cell Towers Vandalized in UK Due to 5G Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories​

Rothschild media says: Iranian vessels come dangerously close to U.S. military

Airline conducts COVID-19 blood tests on passengers ​

Hundreds of mystery objects pass ISS in strange video to spark conspiracy frenzy​

Are We Brewing a New Feudalism?​

Supermarkets Adjust Meat Sections as Coronavirus Cuts Supply​

Modern Educayshun​

Anti-Lockdown Protests Break Out Across Midwest​

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

5 Hard-Hitting Facts Proving Donald Trump Has Become Just Like Hillary Clinton

White House Leaks Draft Plan To Reopen American Economy​

Now They Are Telling Us That Life In America Will Definitely Not Be Returning To Normal "For The Foreseeable Future"​

Deep Economic Suffering Has Erupted All Over America, But Guess Who The Federal Reserve Is Helping?​

WW3 May Be Brewing While We're Distracted​

US puts on a show of force with 'elephant walk' of B-52 bombers in Guam​

COVID-19 & The War On Cash: What Is Behind The Push For A Cashless Society?​

Tax provisions found buried in coronavirus relief act by Republicans will go to millionaires​

Donald Trump says individual governors will decide on when to reopen economy

Airline shares rocket up to 11% as major carriers agree to $25 billion coronavirus payroll bailout 

Republican activist Candace Owens fumes after being ‘stopped by cops for not wearing a coronavirus mask in Wholefoods’​

Money Is Losing Its Meaning ​

This is so stupid: Trump Announces List of Nearly 200 Advisers to Help Reopen US Economy

"An Unpleasant Truth": Used Auto Market On Verge Of Collapse That Could Cost Companies Billions​

Coronavirus Ravages the Lungs. It Also Affects the Brain​.

Coronavirus: Old and obese 'at more risk' than cancer patients​

Concrete safe room protects Mississippi family from tornado​

Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings Are Just Another Chance For Him To Break Your Brain ​


COVID-19 & the War on Cash: What Is Behind the Push for a Cashless Society?​

Coronavirus economy plans are clear: No return to normal in 2020​

Microsoft Releases (and Deletes) an Ad With Elite Occultist Marina Abramovic​

Rockefeller Pandemic and COVID-19: Human Microchipping Scheme ​

Aaron Russo talks Rockefeller Elite (12 Minutes) ​

Furious Crowd Gathers At Capitol To Protest Stay Home Order

German Lawyer Who Criticized Lockdown Arrested, Taken to Psych Ward​

Cuomo orders New Yorkers to wear face masks in public​

South Dakota's Republican governor Kristi Noem STILL refuses to order lockdown despite its Chinese-owned Smithfield meatpacking plant becoming the top coronavirus hotspot in America and cases trebling to more than 1,000 in a week

No, We Are Not “All In This Together”...

Lockdown-Backlash Begins: Angry Crowd Surrounds Capitol, Demands Michigan Governor Reopen Economy

Far Worse To Come: COVID-19 Collapse Of State & Local Governments

WTI Extends Losses Below $20 After Record Surge In Crude Inventories​

US Industrial Production Crashes By Most Since End Of World War II​

Trump Authorizing Governors to Reopen States, Warns They’ll be ‘Held Accountable’​

Fauci Says US Could Return to ‘Real Degree of Normality’ By November Election​

Rand Paul Warns Trump: Federal Government Not The ‘Ultimate Regulator Of Our Lives’​

Michigan citizens protest over coronavirus stay-home order ​

Michigan citizens protest over coronavirus stay-home order ​

Tverberg: Why Economies Won't Be Able To Recover After Shutdowns​

"Major Blow To US": Large Group Of US-Backed Fighters 'Defect' To Assad Forces​

US Mint Halts All Production Over Virus Fears As Gold & Silver Coin Demand Nears Record Highs​

Peter Schiff: Nobody Should Be Bailed Out!​

Love these guys?: Thousands protest at Michigan state Capitol against state's stay-at-home orders

Two Democratic congressman propose $2,000-a-month for every American​

China Gleeful That 4 US Carriers Hampered By COVID-19, Boasts PLA Navy "Not Impacted"​

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

CONNECTED: Bill Gates & Marina Abramović - Microsoft going all in on the side of "Satan." Truly incredible, that they would promote SPIRIT COOKING satanist Marina Abramovic

Coronavirus stay-at-home orders stir protests nationwide amid fears of economic collapse​

Trump claims 'total' authority, over govs, to reopen economy ​

Cuomo warns of constitutional crisis 'like you haven't seen in decades' if Trump tries to reopen New York​

America Is Returning to 1781

5G Zombies Trailer Wants to Prove Those Crazy Conspiracy Theories Are Right

Trump: I’m Not Pressuring Governors to Open if They Are Not Ready

Donald Trump: ‘Scariest Day of My Life’ When I Was Told We Were Short on Ventilators

Trump Selects Advisors to Lead Committee on Reopening Sports

President Trump Announces Reopening of Some States as Soon as April

Mia Farrow Attacks Trump: Defunding The WHO Will Cost Lives. We Should Give More

Scalise Calls on Pelosi, Schumer to Not ‘Play Games’ with Next Coronavirus Relief Package

Jenna Ellis: ‘Flip-flop Joe’ Carries on Bernie’s Radical Socialist Legacy

Pence: We Expect FDA Approval on New Antibody Test ‘in a Matter of Days’ – Could Create More Than 20 Million Tests a Month

McDonald’s Mandates ‘Diversity Training’ for Chinese Branch that Banned Black Customers

Warren Leads Effort to Add Union Influence, Whistle Blower Protections in Coronavirus Relief Bill

Michigan: Angry Residents to Swarm Capitol in ‘Operation Gridlock’

President's name to be printed on relief checks

Trump’s ‘I alone can fix it’ view and state powers collide

Wall Street feasts on federal coronavirus aid while Main Street starves

Jeff Bezos Gains $24 Billion While World’s Rich Reap Bailout Rewards

McDonald's apologises after China store bans black people

Rita Wilson Shares How She and Tom Hanks Contracted Coronavirus, "Extreme" Chloroquine Side Effects

Why this screenshot of CNBC’s ‘Mad Money’ host Jim Cramer is ‘everything that is wrong with America’

Coronavirus pushes annual deficit forecasts toward $4 trillion

Trump set to preside over record spending, deficits as coronavirus costs explode

Monday, April 13, 2020

Florida pastor, others flout stay-home orders on Easter

Small chloroquine study stopped after irregular heart beats detected in subjects​

More communist propaganda: America faces what feels like a Darwinian moment on coronavirus

Fauci Admits US Was "Given Incorrect Information From The Start"

May Marks A "Make It Or Break It" Month For US Auto Suppliers

Trump retweets #FireFauci hashtag as he hits back at the head of the CDC

Dow Dumps 800 Points From Sunday Open - Erases Fed "All-In" Spike

Media caught red-handed using dummy doll at Elmhurst ICU, selling simulation to general public as COVID-19 crisis

Who's getting these hundreds of billions in the government aid? For now, the public may be in the dark. 

Fauci Admits US Was "Given Incorrect Information From The Start"

Official: Postal Service Could 'Collapse' in Wake of Coronavirus Pandemic

Roger Stone says the idea Bill Gates created coronavirus to microchip people 'is open for debate'​

One of America's largest pork processing plants has joined a long list of meat factory to close

Builders In 'Denial'

Why The Price Of Silver Could Skyrocket

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates' Vaccine Agenda In Scathing Report

Communist: Pope Francis Proposes ‘Universal Wage’ After Coronavirus Lockdowns

 Former Joe Biden Aide: 'Woman' (probably Michelle).....Running Mate Could Be Transgender; 'Everything's Possible'

Pope Francis Says Pandemic Is ‘Nature’s Response’ to Climate Crisis

The United States Meat Industry at a Glance

Coronavirus US: Macy's, Gap and Kohl's struggle to survive​

AG Barr ‘very concerned’ about ‘personal liberty’ after Gates proposes digital vaccine certificates​

This is How an Economy Dies -How the Failed Coronavirus Stimulus is Leading to the Fastest, Deepest Economic Disaster in Modern History​

Singing stops in Italy as fear and social unrest mount​

Coronavirus economy plans are clear: No return to normal in 2020​


Letter to President Trump – Send it Everywhere You Can

The Road To Perdition Is Paved With Evil Intentions, Part 1: The Fed's Pimping Of Asset Bubbles Exposed​

White House Press Corps Demanded Trump Shut Down Economy; Now Question His Authority to Reopen It​


Sunday, April 12, 2020

Dr. Shiva: We Are at War. #FireFauci. End the Shutdown.

The Project for a New American Century and the Age of Bioweapons: 20 Years of Psychological Terror​

Black doctor handcuffed by police while unloading supplies for homeless from van outside own home​

Empty pews, empty collection baskets: coronavirus hits U.S. church finances

"Papers, Please!" Fauci Agrees Gates' "COVID Immunity Card" Idea "Has Merit" ​

Vaccines for Bill Gates are a strategic philanthropy that gives him and Rothschilds dictatorial control over global health policy

‘The Strangest Easter’: Coronavirus Clamps Down on Services Across the World​

Florida's nightmare: a hurricane during the pandemic ​

China Virus Hype Caused Biggest Economic Crisis in US History​

Snowden: Governments Using Pandemic To Build "Architecture Of Oppression" Surveillance​

Vaccine-induced Toxicity​

“The CDC is actually a vaccine company.”  — Robert F. Kennedy Jr.​

A Failure of Leadershi​p

A New World Is Being Born:  What Will It Be?​

We Are Threatened By More Than Coronavirus: The Deadly Consequences of Wokeness and Identity Politics​

America celebrates Easter during coronavirus pandemic, as death toll surpasses 20,500​

The Epocalypse is Different This Time, Yet Much as Predicted​

Top Catholic exorcist says possessed victims 'have eyes as black as a shark's'​


Watch: Police Tell Pastor "Your Rights Are Suspended" While Busting Up 'Drive-In' Church Service​

Deutsche Bank: "There Is No Such Thing As A Free Market Anymore"​

When Money Died​

They Are Rolling Out The Architecture Of Oppression Now Because They Fear The People​

Hundreds line up outside Bowery Mission in New York for Easter Sunday lunch​

Lowes HR director quits 'effective immediately netting $2.5m' after selling off $1.4m in shares​

Thank You Satanic Elite - For Proving Me Right​

When The World Stopped - Stunning Scenes From A Global Lockdown

Weimar America, Here We Come! Virus Hysteria Adds $10 Trillion To The National Debt

They Are Rolling Out The Architecture Of Oppression Now Because They Fear The People

This is a must watch!: JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick -Francis Richard Conolly

Federal Reserve Notes Are Now “Backed” by Junk Bonds​

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Trump Launches Full-Frontal Attack on WHO

Near half of severe COVID-19 cases had neurological symptoms ​

Fourth of July events being canceled due to pandemic​

This is not vetted: New asteroid disaster movie trailer has suddenly been removed from the web

Comet ATLAS 2020: Comet Y4 breaking up as it approaches the Sun

Newfound Comet ATLAS is getting really bright, really fast​

Medical Tyranny 2020​

Apple and Google to adapt phones for virus infection tracking​

Horrifying video shows a black man DRAGGED off a Philadelphia bus by cops for not wearing a mask​

Pictured: Police intercept private jet full of billionaires trying to get to south of France villa​

Canada: Police to Make Home Visits to Check Quarantine Compliance​

Hunger crisis hits lockdown Britain as 1.5million say they go without eating all day​

A 2017 Pentagon Memo Foretold Today's Pandemic With Creepy Accuracy​

They Shut Down America To Slow Down The Coronavirus, But In The Process They Killed The Economy ​

32 police officers break up 1-year-old girl's birthday party

This is a must watch videoOUT OF SHADOWS OFFICIAL​

JPMorgan Predicts GDP Will Completely Crater, Forecasts a Staggering 40 Percent Second Quarter Drop

90% of Coronavirus Hospitalized Patients Have Underlying Conditions ​

KY Governor Announces State Will Track Easter Worshipers ​

Queen Elizabeth: ‘Easter Isn’t Cancelled’, Take ‘New Hope’ from ‘Risen Christ’

Coronavirus Crisis: Refugee Agencies Lobby for Mass Immigration to U.S.

Sanders: Ensuring Everyone Can Vote with Paper Ballot a ‘Very, Very High Priority’ in Next Coronavirus Bill

Sharp Drop in Demand Leads Farmers to Toss Milk, Break Eggs in Coronavirus Era

Andrew Cuomo on Replacing Joe Biden on the Ballot: ‘I’m Not Going to Washington’

GOP Sen. Cassidy: There Has to Be a Balance Between Physical Health, Financial Health

Hayward: WHO, International Bodies Must Be Purged of Chinese Communist Influence

Friday, April 10, 2020

Over 30% Of US Renters Didn't Pay April Apartment Rent

Coronavirus pandemic creates a new criminal class in America​

How To Protect Yourself From Long Term Pandemic Lockdown ​

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: Bill Gate’s “Obsession With Vaccines… Fueled By Messianic Conviction… To Save The World With Technology & God-Like Willingness To Experiment With Lives Of Lesser Humans”

EU ministers agree half a trillion euro coronavirus rescue plan​

Walmart, Costco, Target are banned from selling 'non-essential' items such as clothing and electronics in parts of the US​

Wall Street Has Now Morphed Into A Full Blown Soviet Sausage Factory​

UK Cops Threaten To Search Shopping Baskets To Catch "Lockdown" Violators​

9/11 Truth: Under Lockdown For Nearly Two Decades​

Six THOUSAND families line up in their cars for hours at a food bank in San Antonio​

Dramatic moment robber is wrestled to ground by Chicago homeowner who shoots another suspect dead​

"We Can't Give Our Product Away" - Farmers Toss Thousands Of Acres Of Fruits, Veggies As Sales Plummet​

Israel Continues Building Massive Wall Along Lebanese Border Despite COVID-19 Lockdown​

The Project For A New American Century & The Age Of Bioweapons: 20 Years Of Psychological Terror​

Ron Paul calls on Trump to fire Fauci because 'he's trying to have total control over the people'​

Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination​

COVID-19 and Vitamin D: Could We Be Missing Something Simple?​

PERU EXTENDS LOCK-DOWN ALONG WITH MEXICO: An Estimated 40% Of Global Silver Mine Supply Now Offline​

US banks prepare to seize energy assets as shale boom goes bust​



World Is "Sleepwalking Into Surveillance State" As COVID-19 Crackdowns Escalate​

Fears for food supply chain as Tyson meat packing plant in Iowa is closed due to coronavirus cluster ​

Are We Entering A New Era Of State Nullification? (It’s the governors versus Washington, as America wages fifty different wars against a virus that knows no borders.)

Instead of prepping for coronavirus, Trump partied, golfed, held fundraisers ​

Rods from God

LA County extends stay-at-home order, business-closure orders to May 15

Pope Francis Invites Political Leaders To Sign ‘Global Pact’

The terrifying reports about how lockdown ends - there will be NO return to normal

Divorce rates jumping in corona-quarantined couples

The Corporate Propaganda Antidote

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Responds to Bill Gates' Statements on a Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccine ​

Carnival's Unconscionable Negligence Made "The Ruby Princess" A Floating Death Trap

Surgeon General: Some Places May Be Ready to Reopen on May 1 ​

WATCH: Bill Gates Lets You Know That Mass Gatherings Will be Cancelled Until You Take the New Vaccine ​

Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks' Wife Said She Worships Satan and In Time, "We'll see it [her] way."​

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates' Vaccine Dictatorship Plan - cites Gates' twisted 'Messiah Complex'​

Florida Gov. DeSantis mulls reopening schools: Coronavirus 'doesn't seem to threaten' kids​

Anthony Fauci Says Government Is Discussing Immunity Cards For Coronavirus Survivers ​

GOP Sen. Kennedy: Americans 'Have Demonstrated a Lot of Common Decency' – 'They're Not Going to Stay Home Much Longer' ​

D.C. Mayor Shuts Down ‘Non-Essential’ Farmers and Fish Markets ​

'Let the Death Angel Pass Over' — Donald Trump Hosts White House Easter Blessing ​

Slash Oil Output Or Else! Senate Bill Would Remove US Troops From Saudi Arabia In 30 Days​

Model shows spike in coronavirus case in summer if lockdown is lifted​

Food banks buckle under demand and warn they will run out as millions of Americans go hungry​

High unemployment will continue through the end of next year, warn economists​

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Kushner’s team seeks national coronavirus surveillance system

Around a Third of Renters Didn’t Pay April Rent As Pandemic Hits Housing ​

Haywire Immune Response Eyed In Coronavirus Deaths, Treatment​

China is the biggest threat to America and poses a 'very serious threat', says Bill Barr​

Resistance Building To Coronavirus 'House Arrest' Orders...It's About Time!​

Coronavirus pandemic pushes US and China closer to cold wa​

250-year-old U.S. Easter tradition's horns silenced by coronavirus pandemic​

A Shocking 17 Million Americans Have Filed For Unemployment In Past 3 Week​

Supreme weirdo globalistBill Gates Crosses The Digital Rubicon, Says "Mass Gatherings" May Not Return Without Global Vaccine

Public Fears, Anger Over 5G-Virus Conspiracy-Theories "Shouldn't Be Underestimated"​

NBA Wants Players To Cut Salaries In Half To Offset $1.2BN In Lost Revenue​

Americans Not Making Their Mortgage Payments Soar By 1064% In One Month​

US Treasury Cash Balance Hits Record $750 Billion After Historic Flood Of Bill Issuance​

Coronavirus primarily spread to New York from Europe and was sweeping through city by mid-February​

Prager: Coronavirus Reveals Holes in ‘Godless and Religionless Life’ ​

Graham: There Will Not Be Funding for W.H.O. in Next Appropriations Bill

The Rothschilds Own Israel - and Direct its Genocidal Policy

And They Gave Their Power Unto The Beast ​

Hebrews 10:25​

Fed Is Seizing Control of the Entire U.S. Bond Market ​

Gold Soars Along With Everything Else As Fed Ends Capital Markets As We Know Them​

The Elites Are Already Prepared For The Coming Collapse Of The Dollar Bubble​

The Fed And The Treasury Have Now Merged​

Mississippi: Police Raid Church Drive-In Service, Issue $500 Tickets To Entire Congregation​

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Lets Get Them All! Gates Birx Fauci Soros all of them

More People Died Of Suicide Last Week In Tennessee Than COVID-19​

Coronavirus Cases Pass 1.4 Million As Scientists Discover Reinfection Risk For Patients Much Higher Than Expected​

Pat Buchanan Crushes Kissinger's 'New World Order' Plea​

ICU nurse is suspended after she bought $12,000 of 'unauthorized' PPE using GoFundMe donations​

Denver Doctor Prescribing Controversial Hydroxychloroquine To Patients Says Symptoms Reversed ‘In A Day Or Two’​