Natural Research for Prostate and Breast Cancer

Among the biological differences between men and women come differences in disease risks, particularly regarding prostate and breast cancer. According to, about one in eight women (about 13%) will develop invasive breast cancer throughout their lifetime [1]. Likewise, reported about one in nine men (about 11%) will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime [2].

Timeline: How American Scientists Fueled the Chronic Sick Care Industry

Since the beginning of the 20th century, American Scientists, along with the early, developing medical establishment, have invented new, useful ways to fuel the chronic sick care industry. These initial actions have caused modern-day America to be the land of chronic illness, with high rated of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and dementia.

Is Trump Pro-GMO?

For a variety of health concerns, it is no longer clear which political party is the most pro-natural health. A very long time ago, the democratic party used to be pro informed medical consent regarding vaccinations, and we all know that stance has dramatically shifted towards the direction of medical-state totalitarianism, police-forced immunizations, and child abductions by the hand of child and family services.

Nanoparticle Additives in Food

It is no secret that processed foods are full of preservatives, emulsifiers, and artificial colors and flavors. These additives are included in food for a variety of reasons, including to slow or prevent spoilage, prevent oils and fats from going rancid, or to add synthetic vitamins and minerals to replace the natural ones lost during processing. These additives also improve taste, since these foods are processed so much, they would taste dull without them.

Are You Walking Enough?

Modern life seems to be characterized by sedimentary humans. Because of technological advances and how humankind has evolved, most people no longer have to spend all day plowing the fields, walking distances to work, or do any strenuous physical activity as part of their daily routine. While this may mean people have to exert less energy to produce more, being sedentary for long periods can cause health complications.

Additional Benefits of Vitamin C, Memory Support, Iron Absorption, Gout Prevention, Immune Function


Recently, I posted an article investigating vitamin C and its scientific association between chronic health and cardiovascular disease, so before reading this article, you can access that one by clicking here. I recommend reading that article before this one in that article we present some declarative facts about vitamin C as well as discuss its antioxidant properties.