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Does Pepsi use aborted human fetuses in product development? This is sick but a need to know!

I have for years warned my readers about the danger and the side effects of the use of chemicals in the food and beverage industry.

However, this one has even surprised me.
Back in 2011, The Children of God for Life first broke a news release concerning the alliance between PepsiCo and Senomyx.

It was revealed that PepsiCo was using aborted human fetal cells in the development of Pepsi products.

I mean, really, aborted human fetal cells?

How sleeping pills can kill you!!

Sadly, folks don't realize how dangerous sleeping pills really are! In this email I will tell you the truth about their death rates and how to sleep like a baby without them. Quite frankly, I have never been a fan of games of chance. Russian roulette has never nor never will it be something that could possibly interest me. The problem is, many folks are playing that game at night when they take a sleeping pill. One night you may not wake up again. Isn't that special?

This Chemical in our food can Chemically Castrate Men and Boys!

Dear friends, Most of you know that I try not to get preachy on my emails but today I need to preach a little. I rarely quote the scriptures ,but today I am going to use a verse out of Hosea. I usually try to stick with just the scientific facts, but this email including its factual content is probably going to be a wake up call for a few of you. I hope you find it as informative as I found it necessary to write. In the ancient writing of Hosea the prophet says "My People perish for a lack of knowledge." If you read further it goes on to say that the people rejected the knowledge.

Exciting news! Our HGH Stimulate has been improved.

Dear Friends,

I have exciting news for you. Many of you have called up and made suggestions on how we can improve the HGH Stimulate. Well here at Health masters we value your opinions.

You wanted a smaller container with the same serving size: Done.

We have almost cut the container size in half! Many of you wanted to be able to fit the can in your luggage: Done.

Many of you have requested that we make the product easier to mix (more soluble): Done.

Finally many of you wanted the taste to be more flavorful: Done. The product taste great.

This is a Brain Poison! Please Don't ingest It.

If you’ve read my newsletter for any length of time, you know I’m not a fan of fluoride. It was originally used in Nazi concentration camps to make the inmates servile and infertile. It has always been interesting to me that our government after seizing the medical records of the Nazis started putting it in our drinking water in 1946. I’ve insisted for years that it is a poison. And putting it in our drinking water is slowly poisoning all of us.

How Much Cell Phone, Wi-Fi, And IPad Poisonous Radiation Can We Take?

How Much Cell Phone, Wi-Fi, And IPad Poisonous Radiation Can We Take?

 Physicist  Barrie Trower does not think that our exposure to the microwave and radio frequencies being emitted by our wireless devices has been adequately tested for safety.  I agree.

Are we so in love with the incredible convenience of this technology that we will only discover that it isn't worth the convenience when it is too late?

Here are some highlights of what is covered in these videos.