Fluoride, Teeth, and the Atomic Bomb by Chris Bryson & Joel Griffiths

Introduction: The following article was commissioned by the Christian Science Monitor in the spring of 1997. Despite much favorable comment from editors, and full documentation, the story remains unpublished by the Monitor. By any yardstick, this report was an award-winning scoop for any national paper. The report offers a glimpse into the history of fluoride, a bio-accumulative toxic that Americans ingest every day. The authors, Griffiths and Bryson, spent more than a year on research.

Your heart depends on this nutrient. Dont use the cheap, maybe toxic Chinese version!

Several weeks ago I received an email asking about the different types of Co- Enzyme Q10 on the market. The email was about pricing and the best type of Q10 available on the market today. Well, this is an interesting yet complicated topic. There have been great strides made in the formulation of Q10 in the past ten years.

Aspirin can make you go blind. I warned you of this over 15 years ago. Must Read All New

This article is from the one I wrote last year warning of the dangers of aspirin. But I fealt it should be sent out again for those that missed it.

If you have been attending my seminars or reading my material for the past 33years you will know I warned you about aspirin over 15 years ago. Aspirin is too good of a blood thinner and allows the blood vessels behind the eyes to bleed, detaching the retina. It’s interesting but for the past 33 years I have been one of the first if not the first to break stories.

Urgent! FDA is setting up to ban an essential B vitamin. Must read!

Once Again, we have the FDA telling us what kind of vitamins we should be able to consume.

The FDA has just released a new 109-proposed rule on the revision of nutrition and supplement labels.

The FDA wants to reserve the natural form for monopoly drug companies, leaving only the synthetic form for supplements.

Is salt the spice of life or the poison of the century?


We all know what regular white salt looks like—and we mistakenly think it is real salt when it is not. The fact is that refined white salt, such as commercial table salt is bad, very bad stuff. Unrefined natural salt on the other hand is good, very good stuff providing many health benefits.

Gallbladder fast

3-Day Liver - Gallbladder Fast Cleanse


Drink 1 gallon of pure unfiltered organic apple juice with water each day for three days. Nothing else. You can add in as much water as needed to help with hunger. ( The apple juice MUST be unfiltered wtih full pulp. If the juice looks pure golden yellow, you have the wrong one.)